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Good thing we have got a lot of talented modders creating all sorts of ADE for the game when Tecmo has all but abandoned the PC platform.

I forgot to include the little silly comic I moved the post for Kasumi's AssCalibur from LL over here. I've attached it to the original post here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (updated 01/28/16) | Page 2 | Undertow for those of you who might be interested in reading Genfu and his quest for the legendary weapon.


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Not sure what came over me, but I spent several hours tonight on fixing panties by redoing the whole weight/vertex position reassignment to make it completely clipping-free.

I think this has become an unhealthy obsession lol. Time to put her in my dungeon mod archive and move on.

I have a feeling most people would prefer her bottomless, lol.


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I also like any Marie... (You may have already figured that out...).

I might be in the minority, but I prefer panties to bottomless. I had no idea that so much work went into them! For what it's worth, it's greatly appreciated! I adore that costume!


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I also like any Marie... (You may have already figured that out...).

I might be in the minority, but I prefer panties to bottomless. I had no idea that so much work went into them! For what it's worth, it's greatly appreciated! I adore that costume!
Hahaha you bad! you like panties.....lol! I don't like them if it give immyC hard time. So no panties better. See thro maybe.


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The Kasumi short shirt/skirt outfit looks amazing!! Gonna try it, but figured I'd ask: does it have transparency for when wet (water/sweat)?


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Word on the street is that there is a new tool that can allow anyone to transform any character to any other character with a few clicks. It really got me thinking today.

I decided to try my hands on writing my own version of the character transformation tool and, to my amazement, after about two hours of hardcore coding, that it kind of works.

Got some kinks to iron out but the processing time is much much shorter compared to that other version. A conversion typically takes less than a second with 12 threads on my PC. I can post it if anyone wants to try this very early beta version.

Ayane to Kokoro
Leifang to Marie
Marie to Christie
Marie to Hitomi

For a complex costume like Marie COS001 (which has over 30k vertices), it only takes about 0.8 seconds with 12 threads.

Sneak peak


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2 hours?!?! Lol, your brain works differently to mine. Soooo differently.

Most of the time was spent figuring out how to increase performance. I think our approaches are very different in that the end results look similar, but there are differences that some people with an eye for detail can see.

Made a bit more improvement to the transformer tool and fitted my own Fapping Force outfit for Marie on Nyotengu.
post-781013-0-06666000-1453605297.jpg MarieFappingForceToNyotengu.jpg

The conversion only takes a few seconds, but it is still not perfect. I think it's working well enough, at least for me, to mess with the different outfits, lol. I still need to figure out some details.
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After a few hours of hardcore coding, I think I have a relatively stable beta release of my character transformer tool that is good enough for most cases.

Please be warned that this is still a very early beta release as I have just started working on this yesterday, but after some quick tests, the tool appears to be stable enough for a few TMC files I tested. The most obvious benefit is the speed at which conversions can be made using my tool. Most TMC can be converted in less than 10 seconds, and the result is what I deem as "good enough" :p to be used in the game.

The tool should be simple enough to use. First, load the TMC you wish to transform to another character, the application will try to guess what TMC it is for, but you should always double check just in case. Next, verify the From and To drop down boxes are the correct value.

You will notice that there is a "Smoothness" dropdown box. The higher the value, the more samples the application takes per vertex to enhance the smoothness. Based on my tests, I found 10 to be a very good value to leave the setting at, but you can try different values and see how you like the results.

As stated above, this is an early beta version and there will be bugs and, in some cases, extreme whackiness. I welcome any bug report, but I am not sure if I will have time to address each one of them. I think this kind of tool is very convenient for some basic body swaps. However, for modders with a bit more knowledge and skills, nothing can replace the manual process of costume transfer. The amount of effort that goes into such task is tremendous, and the end result is always going to be better than what a tool can automate.

I have attached a few sample TMCs that I quickly put together using this tool as my test cases
Sample pack can be downloaded here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (updated 02/08/16 - character transformer tool v0.0.9) | Page 5 | Undertow

I think most of you who regularly browse these forums know that I spent a very long time porting this costume to Marie. Well, I did it in less than 10 seconds with my new tool.. so yeah.. I died a little on the inside when I tested this

characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie (2).jpg
characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie (3).jpg characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie (4).jpg characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie (1).jpg

characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie_hula (1).jpg characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie_hula (2).jpg characterTransformerToolTest_KasumiToMarie_hula (3).jpg

Please note that the following set is not included in the samples.

Version 0.3.0+ Simplified workflow -
1. Load or Drag & Drop a TMC (with corresponding TMCL in the same folder with the same name)
2. Verify that the "From" and "To" characters are correct. The tool automatically sets the "From" for you when a TMC is loaded.
3. Select the desired smoothness setting (more on smoothness in the tutorial link above). For the most part, default 30 works rather well.
4. Hit Transform button - results will be output to the same folder with <original TMC file name>_to_<toCharacterName>_<TransformationSettingsIndicators>_SF<number>

UPDATE 07/15/16
Version 0.3.1 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_3_1.zip

SaafRats LOD Honoka reference model Honoka_LOD_Reference.zip
- To install, unzip and drop the TMC into UserDefined folder under the transformer tool directory.
Timmy LOD ref test pack V3(03/06/16) Timmy_LOD_TestPack_v3.zip

Please head here for a quick how to use custom pack guide [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/05/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.3) | Page 9 | Undertow

Note on Smoothness:
Regular smoothness mode:
- The default 30 smoothness is what I consider the "most optimal" outcome - a fast approximation transformation. It typically yields good result for most transformations.
- For transformation between two very differently shaped ladies (ie. Anyone to Marie), if you would like to retain more Marie shape, please try a lower Smoothness value. The lower the Smoothness, the more resemblance to the "From" character the final outcome will bear, and vice versa. So if you use higher smoothness value for, say Ayane to Marie transformation, Marie's breasts will appear a bit fuller (which can be a bonus to some :bush:)
- Higher Smoothnes does not always mean it is better, but it does help smooth out the rough edges. I encourage you to try many different values and see what you like best.
More detailed explanation can be found here http://www.loverslab...lena/?p=1466416

Adaptive smoothness mode:
This mode has been added in an attempt to address the deformation problem when transforming between two very differently shaped ladies (eg. Ayane to Marie). Since the tool attempts to conform to the "target" shape as faithfully as possible, there might be deformations and some other whackiness when transforming from, for instance Ayane, to Marie. In these cases, I recommend using regular mode and see if you like the result, or adjust the adaptive smoothness upward or downward a bit at a time and see how it turns out. As with regular smoothness mode, I encourage you to try many different values and see what you like best.

The regular mode I think is the best for pretty much any transformation. It adjusts the proportion of the entire model to approximate the form of the "target" model with high efficiency. Adaptive is good for when you want to keep, say, Honoka's large pair or Marie's petite boobs and can deal with some slight deformations, otherwise, I recommend using default mode which appears to be the most problem free.

Note on Bone/Collision transfer
The tool has the ability to automatically transfer bone and collision for you, but if you run into issues in game such as auto eject to desktop when you select the transformed costume, try the transformation again with "Skeleton Patcher" (thanks to Harry Palmer) checked and "Auto Bone transfer" + "auto collision transfer" unchecked. Use the skeleton patcher to patch up the bone structure and the model should be good to go. Some earlier player made mods (including my own xmas in july pack) can be problematic with the auto bone/collision transfer, so I've included this option as a backup measure.

See what's new in 0.3.1 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/5099...updated-reference-models-bug-fixes/?p=1613849
See what's new in 0.3.0 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/5099...30-with-added-convenience-features/?p=1610859
See what's new in 0.2.9 http://www.loverslab...v028/?p=1600967
See what's new in 0.2.8 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (04/01/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.7) | Page 9 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.7 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/23/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.6) | Page 9 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.6 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/17/16 - converter 0.4.5 & transformer 0.2.5) | Page 9 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.5 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 9 | Undertow

See what's new in 0.2.4c [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/25/16 - transformer 0.2.4b &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 8 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.4b [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/25/16 - transformer 0.2.4a &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 8 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.4a
[DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/24/16 - transformer 0.2.4 &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 8 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.4 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/23/16 - transformer 0.2.3a &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 8 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.3 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/21/16 - transformer 0.2.2 &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 8 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.2 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/20/16 - transformer 0.2.1 &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 7 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.1 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/19/16 - transformer 0.2.0a &converter 0.4.0a)) | Page 7 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.2.0a [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/18/16 - transformer 0.2.0 &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 7 | Undertow
See What's new in 0.2.0 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/14/16 - transformer 0.1.7 &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 7 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.1.7 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/13/16 - transformer 0.1.6b &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 7 | Undertow
See what's fixed in 0.1.6b [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/12/16 - transformer 0.1.6a &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 6 | Undertow
There's an issue with the collision code - I recommend doing transformation without enabling "Auto Collision Transfer" for the time being until I work out a fix.
See what "Smoothness" value means [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/12/16 - transformer 0.1.6 &converter 0.3.9d)) | Page 6 | Undertow
See what's new in 0.1.6
[DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/11/16 - transformer 0.1.4 &converter 0.3.9d)) | Page 6 | Undertow
Difference between 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (updated 02/10/16 - character transformer tool v0.1.2) | Page 5 | Undertow

Tips & Tutorials
- Updated tutorial for V0.2.5+ [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 9 | Undertow
- A simple workaround for issues with certain body accessories that exhibit strange physics [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/18/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.6) | Page 9 | Undertow
- What does "Auto Transfer Collision" do? [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/06/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.3) | Page 6 | Undertow
- A quick tutorial on how to deal with dark spots after transformation [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/26/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.0a) | Page 8 | Undertow
- A simple trick to make character's breasts larger with my transformer [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/18/16 - transformer 0.2.0 &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 7 | Undertow
- A suite of Texture and DLC related tools made by SF234 of Xentax can be found here MediaFire
- A set of Honoka texture can be found Honoka body textures.7z - Courtesy of SaafRats
- A few tips to help speed things up [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/13/16 - transformer 0.1.6b &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 6 | Undertow
- Tutorial on how to use the tool [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (updated 02/07/16 - character transformer tool) | Page 4 | Undertow
- For more information on skeleton patcher and replace skin mtrcol tools, please refer to [DOA5LR] Harry Palmer's Tools and Tips - Adult Gaming

If you are having issue with the latest version, here are some old versions you can try
Version 0.3.0 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_3_0.zip
Version 0.2.9 http://www.mediafire...ool_V_0_2_9.zip
Version 0.2.7 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_7.zip
Version 0.2.6 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_6.zip

Version 0.2.5 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_5.zip
Version 0.2.3a(release) DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_3a_release.zip
Version 0.2.2 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_2.zip
Version 0.2.1 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_1.zip
Version 0.2.0a DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_2_0a.zip
Version 0.1.7 DOA5LRCharacterTransformerTool_V_0_1_7.zip

Tutorial has been updated as well to cover the new stuff.

Change Log
- Fixed some oddities in regards to transformation between certain characters

- Added Naotora support - big thanks to Harry for providing a complete set of reference files minus Honoka which is still based on Saaf and I's early nude model.

- Fixed a globalization issue in number parsing that is preventing countries with non-US/UK standard number format to have errors in bone transformation.

- Corrected some file saving issues that existed in previous versions. Especially with regards to handling of file with dots in file names.
- Corrected an issue with adaptive smoothness mode where the breast area would have strange clipping if pieces of clothing sit very close to breasts.
- Corrected the midsection normal vector anomalies when transforming from characters such as Lisa and Christie to Honoka at a high SF value. This fix should also provide general enhancements to normal vector handling across all transformations.

- Corrected incorrect normal vectors around mid section after transforming to Honoka with a very high SF value.

- Corrected some abnormal normal vectors around reference Honoka model. Transformations to and from Honoka should yeild better results now.

- Corrected an issue where the top of the butt crack would have their normal vectors overly smoothed in adaptive mode

- Further enhanced adaptive smoothness mode to correct some odd normal vectors around chest area (especially apparent on large girls such as Helena/Lisa to Marie transformation)
- Slightly tweaked the adaptive smoothness mode to increase the performance by a little bit
- Added new start-up message to advise users to use either the built-in bone/collision transfer or a third party tool.

- Fixed an issue where opening user defined files would cause the program to halt
- Added the ability to set bone and collision for user defined files

- Added a new functionality to approximate some accessory positions so they appear less detached.
- General code refactoring
- Tool window is now minimizable, however, if you choose to maximize the tool window, the controls are not resized to fit

- Enhanced the adaptive smoothness algorithm to greatly improve its performance
- Further tweaked the adaptive smoothness to improve overall quality
- Made the smoothness combobox less tedius to scroll by grouping values between 50 and 100 in increments of 5 instead of 1.

- Fixed an issue where transformation would leave gap in the model with adaptive smoothness enabled

- Further enhanced the algorithm used in "Adaptive Smoothness" to improve the overall quality of transformation.
- Increased the maximum Smoothness to 300, but anything past 100, the tool will automatically enable Adaptive Mode.
- Modified the checkboxes for Skeleton Patcher and Replace Skin MtrCol so they can be used during the transformation process.
- Modified the smoothness Combo box to make it easier to select higher values.
- Modified the character select Combo Box to automatically adjust width if the user has long user defined file names

- Fix an issue where a file could be dropped onto the tool window and the "Transform" button would be available again.

- Modified the transformation logic to further enhance the smoothness of transformed models. This is especially apparent on Marie's breasts.
- The "From" dropdown box auto-select is a little smarter now.

Known Issue
- After transformation, some accessories may not appear attached to the character - mainly earrings and pendants.

- Quality of life - the From and To dropdown boxes are now sorted.
- Fixed the "Auto Transfer Collision" check box. Now that it actually does what it says, not the other way around.

- Max smoothness is now 100.
Known issues
- Bug in collision code - I recommend trying xformation without "Auto Transfer Collision" checked.

- Now support user defined TMCs. As long as it conforms to the format as provided in the folder "Kasumi_UserDefinedSample.TMC", it should simply work by dropping it into the "UserDefined" folder. The custom TMC will show up on the list as "UD_<name>".
- Fixed the issue with some accessories being displaced after transformation. There's no need to use Reset Object Rotation tool now.
- The default character selection for the "From" field now defaults to the top selection if the tool cannot figure out who the TMC belongs to.
- Added the option to have separate controls for bone and collision transfer by popular demand. The bone stuff is tricky, but the collision bit works most of the time.


- Objects can sometimes appear detached from the main model after transformation. This issue has been addressed.

V0.1.4 beta
- Modified yet again the transformation logic in hopes to remove the weird bulge that results from transformation between drasitcally different shapes such as anyone to Honoka and Marie
Known issues
- Rotated objects don't end up in the correct spot after xformation. A workaround can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/11/16 - transformer 0.1.4 &converter 0.3.9d)) | Page 6 | Undertow

DigitalCookie has discovered an issue with rotated objects that can look displaced after transformation. Good thing is that most people are going to be using this on modded costumes which, more often than not, already have the rotation reset (I think it covers most use cases, everyone likes some nakedness, lol). I can look into fixing it, but in the mean time, such errors can be corrected by resetting the object rotation with Harry's tool and manually edit those displaced objects in an editor.

You can use my OBJ<-> TMC conversion tool to do these types of simple edits (usually involves just moving the whole object closer to the body where it should be attached.)

Such object rotation after transformation It is usually a problem with official unmodded costumes. Especially on accessories. I will attempt to find a solution to address these type of issues.

- The tool no longer creates a TMCL file if one already exists - this saves a bit of time if texture has already been swapped
- Modified the transformation algorithm to achieve better results in most cases
- Hi Polygon models should now be (kind of) supported

- Strange finger sticking out has been fixed with the built-in bone and collision transfer feature

- Drag and drop file support
- Smoother surface after transformation
- Automatic bone/collision transfer

- Added time saving measures to launch Skeleton Patcher and/or Skin MtrCol Replacer for you within the tool.

- Some issue with bone transfer for some costumes

Resolved Issues:
- All of the models I have tested so far no longer exhibit oddities such as stray vertices and weird shapes
- Corrected an issue with V0.0.6 where normal vectors are not correctly applied to some parts of the model.
- Performance enhancement with multi-threading

Known Issues:
- Some times the finger can have messed up weight (sticking way out)

- Initial Release

Special Thanks
To my friends for their great support, SaafRats, siframe, DigitalCookie, DOA5LSR, IshidaCorp, Guachalover23 and many others here.

Special Acknowledgement to Harry Palmer for a set of reference files.
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Can't help but see this as an awesome opportunity for the less experienced modders, kinda like when electronic music came along and people could make music without spending ten years learning an instrument... and all of a sudden we had music like we'd never heard cos it was made by people that didn't know the rulebook. I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with this.


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Tutorial on how to utilize my Character Transformer Tool
Updated for V0_1_4
Rotated objects don't end up in the correct spot after xformation. A workaround can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/11/16 - transformer 0.1.4 &converter 0.3.9d)) | Page 6 | Undertow

Updated Tutorial 02/10/16 for V0_1_2+

I have added a few controls to the tool.


First of all, there are some new controls.

The three new controls:
-Transfer Bone and Collision
The tool now attempts to automatically set the bone and collision structure, but it is not always reliable, so I have left it as a toggleable option after getting some feedbacks.

Launch After Transformation options
- Skeleton Patcher
The tool will automatically open Harry's skeleton patcher. If you have problem with auto bone settings, uncheck the bone setting and use this one.
- Replace Skin MtrCol
Since I am too lazy to include code to do the skin stuff, I made an option for the tool to open it for you and do the skin thing.

Loading the file can now be done via the "Load TMC File" button or just dragging and dropping the TMC onto the tool itself.

The tool now includes an option to launch Harry's Skin MtrCol replacer for you if you check the "Replace Skin MtrCol" checkbox before hitting "Transform"

Select the newly created file by identifying it using the naming convention <original file name>_<fromCharacter>_to_<toCharacter>_SF_<smoothness value>_<AutoBoneXfer if transfer bone and collision is checked>
For instance
Select the appropriate character

Don't forget to close the app so the tool can continue;

The tool now includes an option to automatically adjust the skeletal and collision structure with the new "Transfer Bone and Collision" checkbox. If the model does not load in the game:
-A: If it ejects you to the desktop, it is usually caused by bad bone in this case.
-B: If you run into infinite loading problem, you should look at the size of your texture first, it could be the culprit.)

In case A, you can try to transform without the "Transfer Bone and Collision" checked. Instead, you can choose to have the tool launch skeleton patcher for you.

The usual interface will appear for you to set skeleton.

The rest of the tutorial still applies if you need more info.

Tutorial V0.0.9
character_transformer_tool_tutorial_01.png character_transformer_tool_tutorial_02.png
Open the TMC you wish to transform by using the "Load TMC File" button and select the file.

Don't forget to verify that the app has set the correct "From" value. It is a bit of a guess work, so double check to be sure. Select your desired character to transform to using the "To" drop down box.

Tutorial Update 02/08/16
I encourage you to experiment with different "smoothness" values. The value determines how many neighboring vertices are used to smooth out the current vertex. Transformation done using different values are saved as different file names, so you can easily compare results and determine the best value for your model. I have found that values between 5 to 10 seem to yield the best result, but every model is different, so play with it and see what you like best.

After hitting the "Transform" button, the files should be ready in a few seconds.
This is what the TMC looks like before transformation.
Once the process is completed, this is what the TMC looks like in Noesis. We are not done yet as we have to adjust the skeletal structure, skin material and texture.

To adjust skeleton, we will use Harry's wonderful Skeleton Patcher
Select the transformed TMC on the left, pick any TMC that is of your "To" character - in this test case, mine is Marie, so I picked Marie.tmc.

Once the skeleton is set, we need to also change the skin property using another one of Harry's wonderful tools - Replace Skin MtrCol
Load the transformed TMC and select the skin material to change to.


Finally, use the texture tool from SF234 and identify the skin texture and skin normal texture and replace them with the correct ones.

And we're done! In just a few seconds, we have transformed a costume for Ayane to Marie!

This is what the final outcome looks like in game -
sample_result_naughtyTail (1).jpg
sample_result_naughtyTail (2).jpg
sample_result_naughtyTail (3).jpg
sample_result_naughtyTail (4).jpg
sample_result_naughtyTail (5).jpg

I have included the Marie "Naughty Tail" outfit sample should you be interested.


  • AYANE_COS_011_EXPOSED_V6_Ayane_to_Marie_SF_10.zip
    4.1 MB · Views: 725
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I sense a disturbance in the Force... a very HARD disturbance... (sorry had to)
This is truly Awesome, I see myself doing a lot with this wonderful Tool.

I hope I haven't set your expectations too high as there is a fair share of problems with this early release, but I think it's good enough t for people to transform some costumes and commence the Fappening :bush:


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Porting stuff to some of the least modded characters has become much less painful. I think Helena looks exceptionally hot in her maid's (Marie) outfits. :bush:

HelenaMarieStriker (1).jpg

Leifang outfits suit her pretty well as well. Very elegant.
TransformerHelenaTests (1).jpg

TransformerHelenaTests (5).jpg

TransformerHelenaTests (15).jpg

Kokoro_halloweeen_helena (1).jpg

I've found a few issues along the way, but nothing major that a bit of simple edits can't fix. I think I might have to take some time to sit down and do some serious debugging.
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