1. Ayane - Dead or Alive - Static Hair

    Ayane - Dead or Alive - Static Hair 1.0

    Ayane from the D.O.A (Dead or Alive) videogame series
  2. Nodern03

    Kasumi Versus Raidou (Concept, Pre-production, pilot)

    Rendered with Blender Cycles, 4K resolution, 3,000 samples. Render Time: 2 hours 29 minutes *** *Urghk.. Cough..cough...* Kasumi slowly stood up, her breathing erratic, her lungs spasming from the violent punch she received. "What's wrong, Kasumi?" Raidou taunted. "Having a bad tummyache?"...
  3. Nodern03

    Kasumi - Cornered

    **Short Story** With a sudden jerk, Kasumi awoke in the night. Heart beating wildly, she looked around her. The diner waitress was missing, the lights were dimmed, and she was alone. "I was drugged!", she realised. Disoriented, she stood up, dizzy and nauseous, and stumbled towards to the door...
  4. Kasumi nude-suit

    Kasumi nude-suit 1.0

    Download this nudemod for Dead or Alive 5 to see Kasumi in sexy straps.
  5. Marie Rose nudemod

    Marie Rose nudemod 1.0

    This nudemod for Dead or Alive 5 makes Marie Rose’s blue suit almost fully disappear.
  6. Ayane nudemod

    Ayane nudemod 1.0

    This nudemod for Dead or Alive 5 reveals the major part of Ayane’s breasts and her lower body.
  7. Momiji Topless

    Momiji Topless 1.0

    Download this nudemod for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to make Momiji topless.
  8. Honoka "Angelnoka" mod

    Honoka "Angelnoka" mod 2

    Updated with HLOD body meshes. 3 variations available.
  9. Honoka topless mod

    Honoka topless mod 2.01

    Updated version of the old topless mod for Honoka
  10. Honoka pasties mod pack

    Honoka pasties mod pack 2.0

    Updated version of the old pasties mod. Now including 6 variations
  11. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] (SaafRats) A small collection of mods for Honoka... and Naotora

    UPDATE: All packs here: This had to happen. I had promised this long time ago, so it's time to publish some of stuff. HONOKA PASTIES MOD 2.0 Updated version of the old good pasties mod I've made with timmyc almost one...
  12. [DOA5 LR] H-LOD nude mod

    [DOA5 LR] H-LOD nude mod 1.9

    A curvy body nude mod for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
  13. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body) - COMPLETE EDITION

    This is H-LOD, a curvy body nude mod for all DOA5 girls, made with custom meshes and textures. LAST UPDATE (03/03/19): Now all variants are included in a single pack (base nude mod, bushy variant and cel shading option Available for every official (female) character, along all their body...
  14. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] Honoka Topless & Flower Pasties mods

    [DOA5LR] Honoka Topless & Flower Pasties mods Attention lactose addicts, Honoka has come to show you her big melons eyes! UPDATE: New fixed version available: Honoka topless is available in two flavors: Normal version DLC (yellow bikini) (pink bikini) both using costume slot #29 Lactose...
  15. lpgtigakilo.pemusnahmasal

    Doa5 lr nude mod plus costume

    [ doa 5 lr ] dead or alive 5 last round nude mod plus costumes update !!!
  16. Kasihel

    DOALR: Helena Goddess Swimsuit Topless (DLC)

    New DLC is out, so here is a mod for best girl. File is packaged for uMod. To install, drag and drop zip (don't extract it) into uMod window. You can disable the skirt texture in uMod if you want it to be visible.

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