purple hair

  1. sclover13

    Miko Kubota [Glitch Techs] 1.0

    Dynamic Hair for Miko Kubota (aka ME_KO) from Glitch Techs. Other Resources designed with Miko/ME_KO character in mind: -- Thick As Freakness Body Mod -- Glitch Techs Miko's Bedroom Background All dynamic hair parts are toggle-enabled. If all are removed you can use short-haired Miko version...
  2. C

    Sherry Blendy Static Hair (No Earring) 1

    Based on Sherry Blendy Static Hair by @Mineur.
  3. Masterdragon

    Project Melody hair (dynamic) 1.0.0

    Melody from Project Melody (VR Streamer) Only the back of her hair is dynamic. Requested by @AniG
  4. Masterdragon

    Nitocris hair (Semi-Dynamic) 1.0.1

    Semi dynamic hair (meaning it moves, but only a little), for Nitocris from the Fate series. Caster version. Tried to make the the pigtails more dynamic, but then they look like they broke cause I couldn't get the rotation points to look smooth. PS: Yes, the is that long. Requested by @Hank East
  5. T

    Yuri Leclerc Static Hair (Academy Phase) 2020-04-19

    Static hair for Yuri (Academy phase). I ripped it from a CG, so sorry if it's a bit messy!
  6. T

    Ouma Kokichi Static Hair 2020-04-09

    Static hair for Ouma Kokichi.
  7. Hank East

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Bernadetta 1.1

    Code and mods used:
  8. Perdition

    Folded Ponytail 1.1

    Static hair mod with a folded ponytail.
  9. Perdition

    Anko Hair No Headband 2019-04-20

    Based on @sclover13's 'Anko Static Hairstyle' mod, this mod removes the headband.
  10. Perdition

    Helmetless Widowmaker Dynamic Hair 1 + 1

    Based on @stuntcock's 'Widowmaker Dynamic Hair' mod, this mod adjusts the static hair and removes the helmet. Also has an Alternate version with messier hair.
  11. Perdition

    Earless Morgana Hair 2019-04-01

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'LOL - Morgana Hair' mod, this mod removes the ears as well as other adjustments.
  12. FauxNom

    Shion (Kijin) Static Hair 2019-03-06

    First attempt at making static hair mods.
  13. Perdition

    Femme Static Hair 1.2

    Original static hair mod of a shiny purple hair style. Wouldn't mind some feedback on this one since it's my first original hair mod.
  14. R

    Kyoka Jiro (My Hero) hair 2.0

    Jiro with and without her face marks as well as her movie hair (mostly guessed at this since I haven't seen :O ) With Marks Movie Hair (flower not included; that can be found here by @SyntaxTerror )
  15. R

    Midnight (My Hero) hair 2.0

    I'm surprised at the lack of my hero. Here's a crappy Midnight hair I whipped up if anyone else wants it. I got lazy with the color balance so I just set it in the game: H:0 S:75 L:166 C:100 Hair without Mask here:
  16. Perdition

    Blair Earless Hair 2018-11-18

    Based on @Anoon's static hair mod 'Blair', this mod removes the ears.
  17. SyntaxTerror

    Wicke Static Hair 1.0

    Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. The glasses can be toggled by Shift-clicking them (works best with sby's moreclothing if used with the Loader)...
  18. ds14048

    Motoko Hard Disk V2 1.0

    Motoko Hard Disk V2 Updated with Motoko V2.1 1.1 Dynamic Hair. mod types, body, bottom, top, armwear, cuffs, collar. hair types, top, dynamic back, dynamic over and costume. This mod is breast slider adjustable. More pics can be found here. Loader Imports ds14048
  19. ds14048

    Motoko Hard Disk V1 1.0

    Motoko Hard Disk V1 mod types, body, bottom, top, armwear, cuffs, collar. hair types, under, top, back and costume. This mod is breast slider adjustable. The headgear can be removed with shift click. More pics can be found here...
  20. ds14048

    Motoko Static 2018-06-19

    Motoko Static Hair