1. N

    TERA Elin Uncensor?

    I've been looking for a patch to undo the elin censorship, but I haven't been able to find an uncensor patch that works on the 64bit client. Surely the files aren't just lost forever? Does it exist? If not, couldn't someone remake it?
  2. S

    Tera Online: How to import to Blender now when the game files are no longer available for download?

    Hello I would like to have the models+animations from Tera Online in Blender. I have came across several guides but (to no one's surprise) they all require you to have the game installed. (I am on PC/Windows.) Would anyone have any suggestions please? Am I out of luck now? Cheers
  3. Tori3

    Tera Online Graphic Enhancement Using Gshade

    TERA Online X Gshade Enhance the graphic quality of Tera online using Gshade!! No Gshade With Gshade Installation : Download Gshade here > Chose Tera.exe inside \Client\Binaries Use this parameter for Tera online Alternatively you can add preset to your installation, but this is more...
  4. E

    Korean Tera OBT Client?

    Does anyone of you have a link to download Korean Tera OBT Client?
  5. B

    Tera online Remastered 2012 to 2022 Well be missed

    I well miss Tera is a Beautiful game online and all the steam for the game is shut down and can not buy it any more even Accounts are shut down. I hope one day they can work on bring the game back some day. I love the character Elin
  6. Angry Catster

    Tera 64bit Human, Aman, High elf and Castanic Nude mods

    These mods are for 64 bit TERA only! No underwear High Poly version Changes Linen Underwear (and it's variations with this icon ) for Human, Aman, High elf and Castanic to naked body. High poly version has models with much more polygons and AI-upscaled textures. Might affect performance, but...
  7. Tori3

    [TERA ONLINE] Remastered Elin Nude Mod, Costume, Skin Texture, With Added Geometry Details, Elin Thread

    ~TERA ONLINE LEWD NUDE MOD~ ~ELIN THREAD~ ♡~ σ(≧ε≦σ) If you like my mods you can donate here : :smile: Any donation is appreciated and will help me keep making Tera mods :smile: ▼ My CONTACT ▼ My Twitter | My Pixiv | My Baraag >!Commission Open!< DM me via Discord for more details...
  8. K

    Wanted - Uncensored Like KTERA

    Hello Can someone get Uncensored Patch like Korean Tera Version? Please i think a lot of people want that too for it i hope someone can help with that
  9. G

    [TERA] De-censor Elin recent files

    Hello! It seems that the old "De-Censor Elin v2.0" patch makes armors from lvl65+ invisible, so I wanted to ask if anyone has the most recent files from KTERA to fix this. I only use the de-censor for the robes, because apparently Steam only censored those, as the heavy/light armor remains...
  10. irisluna

    Hiya, i'm IrisLuna. but you can call me Luna.

    I'm a bit lost in this particular site as it's format is a bit, well different. I'm a returning player in Tera, and it's changed a LOT in the time I've been gone, especially in the mods that did/didn't work I've never constructed a mod before but I am interested to learn the in's and outs of...
  11. irisluna

    Returning player, can't lewd elins now?

    Hey, I'm a returning player from VoT. well guess fey forest now. all my lewds have gone poof, and many new things have made it a lot more confusing. re-started with a fresh install, again, and hoping for a reminder on how to lewd just the basic (no gear) elins across all classes also hoping to...
  12. pwnography.qq

    TERA - High elf grilled after captured by Lokians

    One of my older XPS scenes that I created when I was really into TERA. I thought of a scene as to what would happen to my poor high elf sorcerer when she loses to a gang of Lokian mobs. Enjoy!
  13. K

    Need help with broken skin texture In a tera mod

    OK so, as the title says, i have this mod that's supposed to replace Castanic Female's black Cocktail Dress with a new costume that is only in ktera as of right now (the new wedding dresses) But, for some reason, the skin on the body is completely different from my castanic's face skin tone. So...
  14. Tera OC (Tattooed)

    Tera OC (Tattooed) 1.0

    Custom outfit for an original character based on the Tera MMO. Includes full-body tattoos.
  15. Tera OC Costume

    Tera OC Costume 1.0

    Custom outfit for an original character based on the Tera MMO
  16. Exia Stockings 2

    Exia Stockings 2 1.0

    Leggings and sleeves based on the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG
  17. Exia Stockings 1

    Exia Stockings 1 1.0

    Leggings and sleeves based on the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG
  18. Exia Dynamic Hair - Red

    Exia Dynamic Hair - Red 1.0

    Hairstyle designed to match the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG
  19. Exia Dynamic Hair - Brown

    Exia Dynamic Hair - Brown 1.0

    Hairstyle designed to match the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG
  20. Exia Coat

    Exia Coat Size 95

    Coat based on the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG


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