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Nov 14, 2012
Quickly put together a nude mod for Raidou - He seems to be missing from the male nude pack, and I think he's too cool a character to be ignored. He also has one of the most kick-ass background tracks!

This is based on MrMojo's texture and materials found in this thread http://www.loverslab...te-4/?p=1273091, so credits go to the awesome people that made the male nude mods.

It's far from perfect as there are still some issues with it, but I think it's playable enough now for me.

Replace his default COS004 with Ink Reshuffle for quick and painless installation.

Sneak Peak At the Extreme Edition of nude Raidou


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Nov 14, 2012
Genfu Nude - Official release

Genfu's many uses


Quick installation tip - use Ink Reshuffle to replace his existing DLCU_005 costume
Texture by SaafRats


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Nov 14, 2012
It was time to release a companion outfit that was meant to complement Ayane's playful kitty tail that I released ages ago here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash | Undertow

It seems only fitting to release this outfit to coincide with the release of nude Genfu as she is shown in Genfu's Far East Adventure

Feast your eyes on the legendary AssCalibur



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Nov 14, 2012
The time has come for another round of my old mod release. I have been trying to find time to clean up some of my old mods.

This time it's an outfit for Kokoro to test the waters. She appears to be one of the least modded characters (actually it seems to me that only Kasumi and Marie are popular, lol)

A while ago, transparency effect on clothing was the next big thing, and I made this outfit as part of an experiment to make transparent clothing as form fitting as possible to try and push the boundaries of what I know can be done with DOA5 modding. After a bit of research and re-writing of my own tool set, I readjusted the weight distribution on her breasts and neck tie so that they move in a synchronous manner with the shirt as demonstrated in some of the shots below.

Here I present: Kokoro see-through police - Special Breast Pin Edition.

Please be warned that minor clipping issues can still be observed, but according to my ever diligent beta tester Siframe, all are within acceptable margin.


To install - the easiest way is to use Archive Tool to replace her DLCU_020's ---C,--P, TMC and TMCL files in DLC# 358140. If you don't know how to use archive tool or have no such DLC, you will have to repack it into your own DLC. Please do not spam this thread with "how to" install questions as I will not be providing such support. There are plenty of resources on this board should you have any questions in regards to installation.




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Nov 14, 2012
I was about to port my tutorial and tool over but a certain website is down for maintenance again :frown:

I think this latest update should cover all mods I've made public thus far on both sites.


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Nov 14, 2012
I've actually prepared an updated version of XmasInJuly around August last year, but I never got to actually release it. I was hoping to release the updated pack before Xmas but unfortunately I had been so busy I completely forgot about it.

Well, better late than never they say, so here it is -
XmasInJuly_V3 (2).jpg
XmasInJuly_V3 (1).jpg
XmasInJuly_V3 (3).jpg
XmasInJuly_V3 (4).jpg
XmasInJuly_V3 (5).jpg
XmasInJuly_V3 (6).jpg

Improvements include but not limited to
- Better positioning of bells
- Some minor physics adjustments for girls with rolled up tops such as Hitomi and Marie

Please be warned that there are many flaws/oddities in this pack as this is one of the early mods I made as I was (still am) learning how to mod the game.

Installation - use Ink Reshuffle to replace girls' DLCU_021 in 358140 DLC (Marie is #014).


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Apr 16, 2012
Excellent. I know it's basically the same stuff as you posted on LoversLab, but still I look forward to more of your superlative mods.


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Apr 25, 2015
Pretty sure I've said so already but your Lei Fang mods are fantastic. I especially like the loose open top one so I want to thank you for that again as well as your continued work on giving us eye candy mods.


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Nov 14, 2012
Time has come for another round of mod release - today it's an outfit for one of the least modded characters of all time - Nyotengu

I've decided to do a bit of experiment today by taking wardrobe malfunction to another level!

Here is Nyotengu in her very ordinary looking towel outfit
NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (6).jpg

NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (9).jpg

Of course it's not very interesting to look at unless she goes bottomless to spice things up a bit. Seriously, though, why wear panties when she is already all wrapped up in a towel?!
NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (7).jpg NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (8).jpg
Things begin to get interesting if she loses the fight....
She has been stripped off her towel for a humiliating defeat
NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (4).jpg NyotenguDLCU_004_OOPS (5).jpg

Video of this in action for better visualization
Or here for those that have baidu account

This was a very quick experiment, and I hope you guys like it. To install - use Archive Tool to replace her DLCU004 in DLC# 358141


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Nov 14, 2012
Here are some screenies of my earlier attempt at this new wardrobe malfunction experiment.

Nyotengu in her DLCU028
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (2).jpg
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (3).jpg
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (4).jpg
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (5).jpg

However, she sometimes decides to strip in the middle of the fight...
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (6).jpg
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (7).jpg
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (8).jpg

I admit this Bayonetta like transformation mid-fight is very angry dick inducing

Her humiliating defeat
Nyotengu_DLCU028_EXPOSED_OOPS_BETA (1).jpg

Maybe I will try to fix this one up and release it as well. I am beginning to like Nyotengu now. I think she is extremely hot for her age


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Nov 14, 2012
Time for another round of mod release. I made this when this pack was first released as a test to try the new "cut out" look which I think looks quite nice on this style of skin tight outfits.

It's a simple edit of Marie's fighting force outfit, and it is from a series of outfits which SaafRats dubbed Fapping Force that I found quite appropriate for a name :)

Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (6).jpg

Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (9).jpg

Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (1).jpg
Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (2).jpg
Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (7).jpg
Marie_Fapping_force_DLCU019 (8).jpg

To install - use Archive Tool to swap out her DLCU_019 in DLC#403060, or you can simply pack it up with DLC tool with your desired slot#. I have included a version with panties and one without (I have a feeling one is going to be much more popular than the other)

UPDATE: Attached the preview file for character select which can be installed the same way with Archive Tool. Replace the --P file.


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Nov 14, 2012
I forgot to attach the preview --P file for swapping yesterday for the Marie Fapping Force mod. It's now updated for those of you who are interested in the complete experience with matching character select preview icons.


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Nov 14, 2012
I will be moving my old posts on tools and tutorials over from LL. They have already been quite dated, but I think those of you who are interested in seeing how my mods are conceived/created will find those posts to be interesting reads.

I have also started making Undertow Club and 3DM exclusive posts due to a disagreement with one of LL site's moderators' policy on mod sharing.


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Nov 14, 2012
Through strong encouragement from Saaf, I have decided to release my tool that I've been using to make mods for quite a while now. It first started back in May this year after reading Harry's "How to edit vertex data" tutorial on GVZ (http://www.gamevixen...onverting-2155/) as a project to inject xbox 360 models into PC models, and slowly evolved into a fully functional converter.

I thought my tool was quite useless due to the recent rapid advancements of DOA5 modding tools, but Saaf has been finding uses for it and has been reassuring me that it still has a niche to fill in today's DOA5 modding scene and is an "indispensable resource". In Saaf's extensive testing, he also found that my converter works for *all* DOA5 models (not sure if he exaggerated to make me feel better
) We've thought long and hard about releasing this tool as it would mean giving up a few of our remaining edges, lol. DigitalCookie has been another one of my beta tester, and he's been able to leverage some of its functionality to create a few very interesting mods which I will show you guys in a bit.

Jokes aside, the tool I am presenting today is my Advanced OBJ<->TMC converter. I drew inspiration from Harry's idea and he has helped me a great deal in creating it (along with all the nice folks at Xentax - lilstormcloud, protocolX27 etc). It supports every functionality that an OBJ format can support, so it allows import and export of vertex XYZ, normal vectors and UVs.

Another feature I added (originally made for 360 to PC conversion) is the ability to smooth seams. The original 360 max script by mariocart64n allows injection of texture and vertices, but it does not inject normal vectors back into the model. When the model is converted into OBJ format, there will be visible seams.

For example:

Normally not being able to inject normal vectors is not an issue, but when a model is altered in a way where normal information needs to be updated to reflect accurate lighting, this becomes a bit of an issue. A good example is Lactose Overdose (boob enlargement), Lactose Underdose and special "accidental" mods made by DigitalCookie such as this one

The enlarged belly requires normal vectors to be updated, otherwise, it will appear flat from the front side of the model. DigitalCookie was able to leverage the copy normal vector and smooth seam functionality to create this model.

If using with Blender, I think the "keep vertex order" must be selected per Harry's tool thread. I have not used Blender (or even know how to use it), but I think this will work.

As with Harry's converter, no vertices can be added or removed. It is sadly one of the many limitations of the OBJ format. This application is highly parallel and a background worker along with multiple worker threads are employed to provide real time status update, increased processing speed and a responsive non-locking UI.

Key features of the application

Automated Normal Vector Management
The tool allows the transfer of normal vectors between TMC and OBJ. It is very useful when you want to edit a model in an editor such as 3ds Max that allows the normal vectors to be updated in real time. Once exported from 3ds max, the correct normal vectors can then be injected back into TMC.

By checking the check box circled in the above screenshot, the normal vectors can be imported and exported from TMC into OBJ and vice versa. This functionality should work as long as normal vectors can be exported from your editing software into OBJ format.

Without correctly updating normal vectors, drastic alternation to a model would result in incorrect lighting/shadow as shown below

The enlarged belly appears flat from the front/side without accurate shadow and lighting. Notice that the enlarged breasts also lack accurate shadow and lighting

If the model is edited in an editing software that allows real time update of normal vectors as the model is altered, using this tool, the normal vector changes can be accurately reflected in TMC as show below

With proper normal vectors, the enlarge belly and breasts now look more "3D" with accurate shadow and lighting
These models are from some of my earliest experimental mods (the "curiosity" pack) back in June when I researched for ways to update normal vectors. The result enabled Saaf and I to bring to life flower pasties Honoka, topless Honoka and then most recently the full nude Honoka.

Seam Smoothing

This feature was written originally to support the import of 360 model into PC as described above, since there are visible seams. However, it's come to my attention that some models after going through Blender can exhibit the same symptom. Normally, the seam smoothing is not used since simply copying normal vectors between TMC and OBJ is the best approach, but when you have broken model with seams, this can come in handy.

For the seam smoothing, as I detailed in my first post under the "for the technically inclined" section (which is probably ignored by most
), I take the approach of averaging the normal vectors of overlapping vertices. This approach works completely fine for most seams. However, it completely breaks butt cracks. For butt cracks, even though vertices are on top of one another, their normal vectors point in almost the direct opposite ways, so taking average of these would result in messed up looking butt cracks as shown below

To combat this problem, I take into account the angle of intersection between two faces before deciding whether or not to average the normal vectors. I have included a control to allow finer grained adjustment of the angle. The smaller the angle, the more parallel the two faces need to be in order to have their normal vectors averaged, and vice versa.

Depending on the model you are working with, some work fine with 0.80, but others might require the value to be lowered by quite a bit. I've found that as long as the number is reasonably high (~0.55), the butt crack area will remain mostly unaffected except for the very top of the butt crack. Some times finger nail corruption can be observed as shown below -
This is a very interesting problem and happens mostly with Harry's RNM. I can't seem to find a way around this, but thankfully finger nail normal vectors are hard to see in action.


[Geek Talk Warning]
This seam smoothing operation takes quite a bit of time to process with a single thread (1 CPU). While testing this feature when it was first written, it became immediately apparent that I had to find a way to increase performance. Therefore,I had decided to increase its processing speed by allowing the application to utilize modern multi-core CPUs to parallelize the workload. This resulted in a dramatic increase in processing speed. A good example is Marie's COS001 which has over 30k vertices. With a single thread, the application would take over 2 minutes to smooth seams(it's 30,000 ^2 operations - almost 1 billion comparisons), but utilizing all cores I have on my system, the processing time is cut down to just over 20 seconds - a huge time saver since modding DOA5 takes enough time as is without tool overhead
All threads are synchronized in harmony.

UV Editing
Originally I added in this functionality for the sake of completion, since it is one of the features that OBJ supports, and I wanted to figure out how to deal with converting UV coordinates between TMC and OBJ which can be another post in itself

However, as Saaf and I were working on various nude models, it became apparent that some UVs can become corrupted when the model has gone through certain process in Blender. This is when we realized that the tool would come in handy in repairing broken UVs. The tool allows import/export of any of the UV1 ~ 4 for editing. If an object has sub meshes that lack, for instance, UV 4, UV1 is used instead in the export process. During import, however, object that does not have the selected UV will not have their UV updated.

The circled option in the screenshot above is for the UV import and export functionality. It allows the import and export of the selected UV between OBJ and TMC.

Once UV is exported, it can be edited in your editing software of choice. In our example, we use 3ds max
Output when UV 1 is selected
Output when UV 4 is selected

This allowed us to repair the dirt UV of our Honoka LOD mods
Before the UV map was repaired, it was the same as the body texture UV, which is incorrect
Saaf was able to fix it by doing what he described as "photoshop" like operation (lol Saaf would have to elaborate I think as I am not sure what exactly he did)

It also allows fine adjustments of UV
Some anomalies Saaf found in Honoka LOD's UV maps
Before repair
post-781013-0-61280800-1444501114.png post-781013-0-61411400-1444501115.png
After repair
post-781013-0-60074000-1444501112.png post-781013-0-64954600-1444501113.png

Normal Vector Post Processing Support
Since Version 0.4.3, the tool now sports complete support for post processing normal vector management which allows an easy way to update normal vectors to their correct values. A set of TMC Post Processing controls have been added which can be used individually and independent of any of the TMC<->OBJ functionalities to repair/update normal vectors and seams. Please refer to the updated quick how to guide for more information.

Tangent Vector Post Processing Support

Since Version 0.4.9, the tool now supports recomputation of tangent vectors that could be damaged during certain process such as editing in Blender.

What's new in 0.5.1 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/5099...mputation-updated-transformer-v028/?p=1600967
What's new in 0.5.0 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/5099...mputation-updated-transformer-v028/?p=1544890
What's new in 0.4.9 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (04/13/16 - converter 0.4.8 & transformer 0.2.8)
What's new in 0.4.8 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (04/04/16 - converter 0.4.7 & transformer 0.2.8)
What's new in 0.4.7 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (04/01/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.7) | Page 9 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.6 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/18/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.6) | Page 9 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.5 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 9 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.4 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 9 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.3 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/28/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.2) | Page 8 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.2 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/28/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.2) | Page 8 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.1 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/28/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.1) | Page 8 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.0b [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/19/16 - transformer 0.2.0a &converter 0.4.0)) | Page 7 | Undertow
What's new in 0.4.0 [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (02/12/16 - transformer 0.1.6 &converter 0.3.9d)) | Page 6 | Undertow

Old versions
Change Log
- Added an option to use special handling to tangent vector calculation logic to rotate the vectors for private area due to the common nude mesh's normal mapping alignment. This new mode RH (Rotation Handling) is recommended for all all nude meshes

- Added preliminary support to recalculate tangents for accurate normal mapping. This is useful in restoring tangents that can be destroyed in certain processes

- Fixed an error in the neck ring back-up and restoration logic
- Added preliminary support to correct male cast neck rings

- Added support to correct Naotora's neck vertices

- Modified the "recompute normal vector" post processing functionality neck ring normal vector back up to only back up possible neck vertices with a bounding box.
- The auto neck ring normal vector back up and restoration is no longer performed if "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices.." is enabled.

- Modified the way "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices for.." to be less aggressive in that it only attempts to repair the very top ring of the neck instead of all three rings.
- Modified "Recompute Normal Vectors" functionality so that it backs up the original top ring of neck vertices' normal and position vectors and puts them back after recalculating all normal vectors.
- Quality of life improvement - the neck repair drop down box is now sorted. The automatic selection is based on character name in your TMC file, so it helps to name your TMC with your character name.

- Fixed an issue where seam smoothing could incorrectly over smooth seams on overlapping vertices that are not actually seams which can result in odd shading
- General quality of life improvement and more informative messaging to reduce spam
- The "IMPORT" button becomes enabled if once a TMC has been loaded and any of the TMC Post Processing controls is checked.
- Updated tooltips for various controls
- Automatic Neck Vertices correction fix for Honoka

- Fixed transformed object import issues where they would not be in their correct positions
- Added support to export and import the entire TMC as one object

- Corrected the seam smoothing functionality where finger nail normals would be corrupted with a low value for the radin dropdown box.

- Corrected most of the conversion issues in regards to indexing problem for unreferenced vertices. The tool now looks at the actual vertex buffer in the TMC instead of the reported vertices based on the object information, which could be zero'd out if objects are removed using popular TMC modding tools.

- Fixed a few bugs in my TMC parser. now most of the user created TMC can be loaded and converted correctly
- Fixed a number of conversion errors that turns TMC into starfish (bad index problem)

- Added support to correctly convert back and forth objects that have been transformed for editing (ie. most ribbons on swimsuits are like this)
- Reogranized the UI
- Added support to automatically fix the normal and vertex positions of the neck vertex rings.

- Support drag & drop operation. The tool window accepts either OBJ or TMC file format.
- Recompute normal vectors functionality actually works now!
- Removed the Smooth Seam only within same group. It is now the default since it makes no sense to smooth seams across different object groups.
- General house keeping stuff to clean up useless code

Q&A - In this section I hope to address commonly asked questions about how to utilize the tool

Q: Is this tool made to only work with 3DS MAX?

A: Not just 3DS MAX. This converter outputs TMC model in OBJ format. As long as your editing software of choice allows import and export of OBJ format with normal vectors and texture UVs intact, it will work. Be sure to select "Keep Vertex Order" when using Blender as the order of vertices and the total number are important in the conversion between OBJ and TMC.

However, some people might find the ability to edit meshes with fully automated management of normal vectors and UV modification in 3DS MAX a welcome change of pace in the current DOA5 modding scene.

Q: I run into an error when I attempt to execute the app. Something about "DOA5ObjTmcConverter.vshost.exe" has stopped working.

A: This app requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 installed - https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=48130

Please note that .Net Framework 4.6 comes pre-installed on Windows 10.

Q: When I should use the seam smoothing functionality? Why should it be used?

A: The seam smoothing is for models that have visible seams from having overlapping vertices. This functionality can smooth these seams out while not reducing the overall number of vertices in a model. This allows for easy management of models that have the same structure with the same number of vertices (i.e. Harry's RNM) for one OBJ file works across all of the girls in the same "weight class." People have found creative use of this functionality - For example: DigitalCookie "attached" some other body parts to create an "accidental marie" as pictured below and smoothed the seams out using the "smooth seam" functionality

I normally recommend using just "copy normal vector" to and fro TMC as it allows the normal vectors to be correctly updated after the model has been edited in an editing software. Both Blender and 3DS MAX have the ability to update normal vectors in real time as meshes are being modified, and these changes can be easily injected back into TMC from OBJ using this tool.

Q: Does this converter deal with "fragmented vertices" as seen in Harry's early versions of nude models?

A: Yes, the tool can deal with fragmented vertices. These vertices are grouped together at the very end and will appear in editing software as an object that (usually) sits in the middle of the model. In fact, most of my mods are based on the first edition of Harry's Refined RNM that contains fragmented vertices.
Q: What does the new "Only Smooth Within the Same Group" checkbox do?

A: In most cases, this should remain checked if Seam Smoothing is required. Often times different mesh groups (objects) can have overlapping vertices but have different normal vectors, if smoothed all together, it could cause some issues.

Any feedback and/or bug reports are appreciated!

Special acknowledgement to Harry Palmer, ProtocolX27, Lilstormcloud, SaafRats and DigitalCookie for making this possible

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Nov 14, 2012
I'd like to present a simple tutorial here on how to deal with seam issues.

Link to the original tool post
[DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash | Page 2 | Undertow

Sometimes a model that has undergone certain process can end up looking like this

I will demonstrate how easy it is to utilize my tool to remove these ugly seams/connections/lines.

First of all, the tool works best if you follow a "good file naming convention" to not use .(dot) in it (as the tool was written in a certain way to not handle dots in file names very well - my laziness at fault
). For example, rename file names such as LEIFANG_DLC_004_V1.2.TMC to LEIFANG_DLC_004_V1_2.TMC (Saaf LOVES using dots in file names which caused all sorts of havoc.. lol!)

Using Noesis, you can identify the object you need to export by using the data viewer. Whatever mesh object you select will be highlighted on the model.
Once the object name is identified, open my converter and select the mesh group with the same or similar name

It is always a good idea to make a back up copy of your TMC/L files before attempting this.

Select the TMC and choose "EXPORT TMC to OBJ" to export the model

You will see an OBJ file in the same directory as your TMC. Follow the steps below to import it.


Before you hit IMPORT OBJ to TMC, be sure to check "Smooth Seam" and select a value from the drop down box. The default 0.80 works pretty well in most cases.

However, in this particular case, I had to lower it to 0.60 to remove seams on her hands

A quick sanity check to make sure finger nail normal vectors are not corrupted.

Lowering the value to around 0.60 will still retain nice butt crack normal vectors except that the very top of the butt crack appears "smoothed" as pictured below
Be careful not to go overboard with the value, or it will look messed up (with a low value such as 0.400)
Fine tune the radian value in the drop down box until you are satisified with the result. The application creates a (tmc_objename)_BACK.TMC file for you, so you can easily roll back the change by deleting the TMC and renamining this _BACK.TMC.

Alternatively, you can keep the tool open and keep retrying with a different radian value until you are happy. As long as you don't close the tool or reload the TMC file, the original unaltered TMC is still loaded in memory. This is a great way to retry to save time.

The model is now completely seamless, and the whole process only takes a few seconds


Tutorial Cont. - An issue was identified by Lola(DOA5LR) and addressed in a separate post here - [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash | Page 3 | Undertow

After the seams are smoothed, you will only need to check "Copy Normal Vector" during import and export without the need to use "Smooth Seam" again since the normal vector information can be transferred between OBJ and TMC using this converter. Only use smooth seams when your model exhibits such symptoms.
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