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  1. sclover13

    ThiccAsFreakness [TAF] - Mod Template 1.0

    ---- Link to the ThiccAsFreakness TAF Mod [Light Skin] ---- Modding template FLA for people interested in creating mods, clothes, or costumes for the TAF mod.
  2. N

    Help with making HIM Penis replacer mod

    I got ideas for penis replacer in mind for a long time but only recently i started to tinker with the various dialogue scripts and such and want to make a bigger variety of monster/animal penis mods as there is a lack off those. This is the only thing i found regarding HIM Penis replacer...
  3. M

    What is the best flash player edition for weewillies slave mod?

    I heard that the older editions load faster from sbys loader pack, and he includes flash player 11, but the wee willie slave mod requires at least flash player 13. Its running noticeably slow, and there is some input lag in the menus, and I was hoping an older edition might smooth thing out. I'm...
  4. aminasiugnas

    Belly Inflation seems to be broken/not working?

    ... Okay, I give up. I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm currently using the Sarah v1.2 character mod made by Arkanae on LoversLab. Followed the instructions, even got the other two character mod zip files (coz why not?), am also using ModGuy's bundle. I got the folders where they should...
  5. JesusTheManHimself

    How to convert Static Hair into dynamic Swf files?

    I just need the program that is used, Adobe Creative Cloud fucked up my computer so I had to delete that. Any other programs that work?
  6. S

    SDT loader working on android!!!

    FIRST THING FIRST: Hello, I'm Shanto and here is my first thread. I'm french, so excuse the grammar error plz I heard that lot of people cant run loader on their phone. Actually, i think i m one of the first that did it successfully. So, let s get started. FIRST STEP: You are gonna need some...
  7. W

    how do i mod the guy

    so I've downloaded a few mods and i'm struggling to change the guy. so far I've only been able to mod the girl and background and I've been trying everything. is there anything or any way i can change him?
  8. M

    Throat Resistance issue

    Hi everyone, before we start, yes, I am using Loader. I've been having this weird issue with the throat resistance slider. Whenever I load up the game, the TR slider defaults to 200 instead of the usual 50. Even weirder is, if I move the slider myself, it'll remain where I placed it for a few...
  9. DigitalSmutExports

    Animtools position no cum

    Hi I have an issue with a position I've made. When He reaches climax there's no cum. The pleasure counter resets to 0, she moves her tongue as if he came on her, but there's no cum. She also doesn't make any comments about getting cum on her so it can't be an entirely visual issue. If anybody...
  10. J

    Threesome (2 girls) Blowjob Request

    This is what I mean. I would like a mod that can work in the vanilla game (if possible. If not that's ok) where two girls are giving the guy a blowjob I would like it to be where you press 1 & the girl in the front does the blowjob When you press 2, the girl next to the first girl does the...
  11. Boronic

    BlazBlue sprite editing help

    I feel like i make a topic here every week but regardless... I want to make a Nude mod for BlazBlue Central Fiction (BlazBlue Centralfiction on Steam). I wouldn't ask anyone else to do the work because sprite modding in a fighting game is a huge undertaking Using a program called Hipster I...
  12. F

    [Request] Da Capo 3 Resolution Mod

    Please help me with modding for this game. I am trying to mod the background of higher resolution for this game. This game has only one resolution: 1024x600, with either Windowed or Full-screen Mode. This is the original in-game screenshot...
  13. Mike1992


  14. S

    custom settings?

    Hey i need a little help if possible guys, so i have SDT and loader 5.45 it all runs perfectly fine and everything but i want to know how to save custom settings. for instance, i will load the game and load a favorite character, change postion, breast size, open up a few more mods i like and...
  15. S

    Blade and Soul GonF Animation

    So I'm not new to modding, but this is over my head. Can anyone please Mod Gon Female's Standing Animation to be her Idle Animation by Default? GonF normal standing animation is just terrible, but her idle (after like 1 minute of not moving) animation is really good (the one with her arms...
  16. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Modding Tools (Updated April 24, 2017)

    I have found many members of the PC modding community do not know how to mod Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, this post will hopefully help you in finding the Tools and Forums where you can get what you need. Please remember, none of these Tools were made by me and I can only help you learn how to...