1. M

    Mike's Lara costume: Torn Up + some variations 2020-12-14

  2. C

    Sherry Blendy Static Hair (No Earring) 1

    Based on Sherry Blendy Static Hair by @Mineur.
  3. M

    What is the easiest way to minimally edit SWF files?

    I'm trying to close the mouth of this headswap, since it looks kinda stupid otherwise. D.Va Futa Him Nude What would I need to go about doing this?
  4. V

    School Top 2019-12-13

    This is the top from School Uniform on Kir's Imports thread changed to RGB adjustable. RGB1 slider controls the shirt color and RGB2 slider controls the stripes as well as the shadows. I also had to remake the breasts section because it was crashing my editor for some reason.
  5. V

    School Backpack v2

    This is the school backpack from Kir's Imports made into an overtop and RGB adjustable. By the way, if anyone knows what hair this is that Kir used in the example image please let me know. Thanks.
  6. V

    Crown And Necklace v2

    These are pulled from @dantethedarkprince's Princess Candy and Princess Lana mods. Someone was looking for the crown by itself. Only took a few minutes because dante provided the community with all his FLA files before he left. The gemstone in the necklace is RGB adjustable but nothing else is.
  7. V

    Batwoman Mask Revision 2019-09-10

    This is a revision of @Perdition's Batwoman Mask which is itself a revision of @dantethedarkprince's Batwoman mod. This mod changes the mask to an eyewear item. If you are loading this through moreclothing it needs eyewear and headwear (for the back piece). Color is adjustable via eyewear RGB1...
  8. V

    Darth Talon Outfit Edit v2

    Edit of @dantethedarkprince's Darth Talon Outfit for Thicker Ass And Legs. Also converted to loader mod with armwear instead of body so handjob and behind the back hand positions work correctly. Dynamic hair can be found here.
  9. V

    Robot Arms 2019-08-24

    This mod combines @Perdition's 4 edits of @dantethedarkprince's Svedka Vodka Robot into one file using @stuntcock's code in Thicker Ass and Legs. Now when you change skin tones the arms automatically change as well.
  10. V

    Frieza Tail 2019-08-24

    This mod combines @Perdition's 4 edits of @dantethedarkprince's Frieza Rule 63 into one file using @stuntcock's code in Thicker Ass and Legs. Now when you change skin tones the tail automatically changes as well.
  11. V

    Revised Big Jerry's Thick Shorts 2019-08-19

    Credit to @bigjerry for the original Thickened the lines and brought them to the front. Added outlines where they were missing. Couldn't quite get it all to line up perfectly (probably why he left out some of the outlines in the first place). Also it still splits if she bends over too far but I...
  12. V

    Marie Rose RGB Dynamic Hair v2

    Made the tassels change color with rgb1 headwear slider. Credit to @dantethedarkprince for the original hair, @SyntaxTerror for the tutorial and @ModGuy for the code.
  13. V

    RGB Flower Head Wreath 2019-08-18

    Based on @Kir's Flower Head Wreath Adds rgb1 and rgb2 support
  14. V

    Canine Tail Fix 2019-08-17

    This is a fix of RajasGrime's Canine Tail It wouldn't unload when switching characters in my game so I remade it. All credit goes to RajasGrime ofc.
  15. V

    Kneepads v2

    From Ah P's Rei Combat Uniform Made for Thicker Ass And Legs (I could probably make a normal version if people want it).
  16. V

    Suspenders v2

    Changed suspenders to single color.
  17. V

    Skull Helmet v2

    Isolates the helmet from Kir's Nelliel Dynamic Hair which can be found here.
  18. V

    Revision to Kir's Nelliel Dynamic Hair - filled

    I would like to request that someone isolate the skull helmet part of this mod from Kir and make it a hat. His mod can be found here named "Nelliel dynamic hair" under "Dynamic hair imports #1". Nelliel Dynamic Hair
  19. Uiridium_Chimera

    Tera - Costume Edits + Misc. Stuff

    [Last Updated: 02/18/2018] I figured I'm doing enough Tera modding that I may as well create a thread specifically to showcase all my works. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________...