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Great quality mod but can we PLEASE have the char code?
Excellent mod! As quinted stated, there's a bug with the Pimp scene, for me it was with Plexia (Everyone else worked). The error when I try to pimp Plexia's states "DA: Couldn't find BG Mods/Slave Bazaar/.png" do you know a fix?
I do have that fixed in my own latest build, but I wanted to fix the "gals don't cum at 100% arousal" issue before posting my release. Now that two people have dinged my 5 star score off this bug, maybe I should just release an update with only that fix. Hmmmm.
More moods the better, but there a way to adjust the intensity of the blush?
I've wanted something like this for a long time, so thanks :)

One thing though, the settings file is actually the lipstickface settings file just with its name changed, though despite this the mod works fine.
oh yeah, it doesn't have a settings file, deleted that
Great mod, but has a few bugs with the pimp scenes.
This is nice, but the bottoms don't seem to work with the vanilla body type - they just kinda bubble out in the shape of the Thicker Ass and Legs. Is there a version for the vanilla legs, or some trick I need to get them to work?
No this is made for Thicker Ass and Legs. I believe dante made a spandex suit for the base game (it may come stock in the moreclothing mod).
Very good, but for me the dude's penis disappears or is half visible when he's not making contact with her with most positions, idk what the problem is.
reply in my imports thread a position attached that does this
oh man, convert top to overtop... thank you hahahha
awesome, must have missed this one when uploading stuff, thanks!
Incredible job you did with this one, mate, I have just one little question for you, what are all the buttons showing beside the mood bar in your screenshot? would you be eager to share them?
they are some of my other mods. swallowguzzle, autocloseeye, autoclosemouth add them. moremoods now has rolleye built into it, so the 'U' button you should already have. i have a bunch of other mods that add other things to the various other pages as well
So is anyone going to make the hair for this 'master' piece of work or nah...I mean y'all had 4 years to do so, i'm just sayin.
Nice! Any chance we can get a character code for her?
Hank East
Hank East
I'll post the code here since more than one person asked for it, though first I'll have to upload the stockings and gloves since to get them you had to PM Kaffrey, who hasn't been online in a while.
The prepackaged Flash Player 11 is reason enough for 5 stars... I never would've realized it was so much faster. Holy balls.
Классное чёрненькое платице, кто то круто потрудился.. Респект. Правда не знаю как ставить и куда, но со временем разберусь. Еще раз Спасибо!
Opening the download link says the file isn't there anymore. Any explanation would help, or some other way to download the file
I got you bro. The link has been updated.
Awesome mod! Would love to see ball twitch added if you ever get the time!
hey where did you get the background?
could like possibly leave a link?
realy good ! but i don't understand how to put the leash in the moreclothing mod, if you can help me
I've wanted a background like this for quite some time, thanks and nice job!
I'm glad you like it! Enjoy!
ist kinda cool but i don't like it, i will maybe do a new Isabelle
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