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Hello, may I ask if you could share the link for the red hair clip?
its part of this mod
i am working on a mod that is just the hairclip to add overtop of other hairs
Amazing mod, thank you so much. Can we get a glitter version for the regular fuller lips?
Thanks, they'll come around eventually.
For Resorep in Other
You can run Resorep via latest java version by this command:

java --add-opens java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED -jar resorep.jar
With BreastExpPlus_v3_7 she will keep moving her arms without the stomach growing while holding stomach as if the stomach is growing from 0 to max and once her arms reaches max she will reset back down to 0 and move them max and repeat forever.
Using Sby loader pack 16, did proper install, tried with animtools V39, tried installing into a fresh Sby loader but it persists no matter what.
Wow dude this looks incredible. Thanks for fulfilling my request!
no problem man glad you like it!
Nice mod! I'd been wondering if a smart watch would ever be made. All that's missing now is for it to be RGB adjustable.
thanks! feel free to add on to it or change it any way you want. rgb is till a little bit above my skill level
mod doesn't work for me, getting an error 'lipstickRingSmearV2 settings file not found'
crazy good, please keep up making hairs in the future!!
GOOD stuff, been waiting on this for quite a while
Love the hair mod, what is that face and lips tho, i need that.
thank you! I am testing extramod v2 for sclover13 which has options to change the eyes, lips, nose and ears.
but specifically here i am using fuller lips
and pixie nose

also on moremoods i have her set to angry
lastly i used the second eyebrow colour option and turned the alpha down to zero. essentially this removes the outline of her eyebrows and makes them thinner.
Love these, but by any chance do you plan on doing full sleeve prints for the top's arms?
This looks so good but when I try to download it I get an empty compressed folder and some strange "part file" How do I fix this?
I just downloaded it and got everything that's supposed to be in there. It could be your anti-virus, or Windows Defender. Try downloading it from the MEGA Archive. The Archive is always the first to be updated.
Sweet, thanks man. Huge fan of these natural looking hair mods. This exceeded my expectations!
thank you! i really appreciate the feedback man, i actually think its an improvement from the red dynamic hair i did.
i got a few more to upload for you too. just wondering, do you like the dynamic realistic versions? and also are they super laggy on your system? i am torn between these dynamic versions and the tried and true static versions.
Always impressed with this community, and SBY is a prime example of why. Ask and you shall receive! Thanks man.
Just a heads up,

Chokercollarresistance conflicts with:

Animtools, in a way that causes him to thrust wildly out of control like a mad man on any position loaded that isn't the default.

Armoverhaul, in a way that causes her body to snap back and forth into place when he's in her mouth (especially on moods where she's struggling such as frightened)

Both of these issues go away immediately when the "resistance" box is unchecked. I'm playing on your most recent loader bundle with all settings set to their default values.

Thanks for all the great mods SBY!
Love this mod, and I was wondering if you had plans to do longsleeve fingerless wraps?
Finally got around to setting this up and it's very nice.

Is there any way to make it load a 16:9 image? The 700x700 is quite limiting and I can see the 16:9 backgrounds flickering on the edges as they load up.

As the mod stands does it have the capability for 16:9? I made a 16:9 image the one to load but it still came up 700x700.

Thanks again.
uploaded a V2 with some changes to support wider pictures, didn't test it much but probably works
This is simply tremendous. I look forward to future mods being of such a high caliber.
An essential mod.

Is it possible to configure it so it's compatible with anysizeher? When she grows or shrinks the wetness no longer lines up with the depth.
Love the mod
do you have some map recommendations that fit the gameplay
I think any tech base style level with focus on basic enemies should be fitting.

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