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I just LOVE it! Thank you for doing all the fabulous work with your mods!
Great work! Please do more thicker ass and legs mods! Content is lacking for that mod!
Brilliant! Anything with the thicker ass and legs mod is always well received
I love this! Please do a longer part 2! I am such a big fan of ASMR
Thank you. Perhaps later on there'll be a sequel, but I can't say for certain. Feel free to modify the dialogue as you see fit. All of my work is open-source.
i need an auto mod for this mod so the mod just works automatically so i dont have to understand how to make it work and it just works on its own automatically, becuase I do not understand your so called tutorial on how to make this automod work at all
Wo1 I just love such sophiticated nd detailed work - and I KNOW that this is LOT of work! Thank you for doing all the work!
Wow, I love this detailed work! Thank you for this mod!
OMG! I just LOVE it!! And for meanwhile KNOWING that it is much more work to make tops breast slider adjustable I thank you the more for you doing ll the work for us others who aren't capable to do it on our own.
I am having a problem with the mod, whenever I open it, the leggings do not appear, and I am also having the same problem with the Cammy White leg paints, so please fix them to work with the vanilla if that is how you programmed it
I'll look into it.
I love this, finally some good Paizuri animations!
Btw, would you mind sharing the mod source of the two girls in the gifs for this mod? (I know one of them is from Kuroinu)
Sure, I added some links to the post. The top one is Chloe and the bottom one is something I put together to look like a fox girl. The canine tail seems to have issues with moreclothing mod so I just have it in a character folder.
This seems to have a conflict with superbreastV7. Whichever one I put first in the mod load order doesn't work.
found the issue, released bodymodpatchV2 and superbreastV7_1
I just LOVE background of this kind! Please keep on with your work!
I just LOVE background of this kind! Please keep on with your work!
I just LOVE background of this kind! Please keep on with your work!
I love it (well, not the helmet, but the rest is just adorable!
will there be a breast slider compatible version of it in the future? Please?
Very nice. But after reset guy have no visible torso or other bodyparts... Still, funny thing <3
Thank you. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Excellent job. Keep up the good work, it's always good to see more mods.
Looks cool. Do you have the mask and hood separate? Most outfits don't fit because I use Thick Ass N Legs mod.
Pleae ifx the hair for when we decide to fully zoom out, cause my hair is not working
I don't know what you mean. You'll need to provide me an image of what the problem is.
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