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Awesome! Could we ever get a Nazuna hairstyle to go with this?
For Resorep in Other
Does not work without a few dozen workarounds, will not use again.
For Resorep in Other
can someone help me with step 5 on ergaikan's instructions?

my path would be "Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/Java/jdk-" idk if i wrote it correctly can someone write it out correctly so i can just copy and paste it into the .bat file?

ergaikan's comment says:
For those who couldn't run the Resorep.jar file:

1: Download and install the JDK 8u321
2: Enter the JDK "bin" folder and rename "java.exe" to "java8.exe".
3: Copy the resorep.jar and the DLLs to the JDK "bin" folder.
4: Create a ".txt" file and change the extension to ".bat".
5: Edit it with Notepad and write this:
cd "<put the path to your JDK folder here>/bin"
.\java8 -jar resorep.jar
6: Save the file and run it with admin privileges.
I like your work, Figured this dialogue needs some appreciation, its a little sad seeing no rating.
Thanks! The hair you made helped give me idea.
Awesome, black-culture-inspired mods are really pretty, love to see some good ass representation. Beautiful stuff
Works awesome, but getting an "invalid setting" error at launch on something. Not sure what's throwing the error but I assume it's something in your settings text file.
hi, the mod is amazing and awesome btw how to play the game properly and the discord link says its invalid when I join can you help.
Hey thanks for the review I’m glad you enjoy. Here’s a temp link to the discord. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update all the links to permanent
Great set, but this should absolutely be a bra. Would you mind making a bra version of this? <3
How do I open the download without flash player? My Windows is asking me what app to use to open the file?
pretty good pose just for general size difference throatfucking.
I hope there will be an update someday so that the change is applied to all body types, not just the standard one
I hope they keep updating this port, for android, since I would like to add swf mods support, imagine, SDT with mods, and everything in the palm of your hand, on your mobile, sounds great... to much great
i gotta ask since im not really an expert on all of this, but how can i start this game with this file?
Hair is great but closing the game with it loaded persistently bugged my game. Had to rename the game to reset the saves and get rid of the issue.
Is it too much to stupid-proof the install? Install java and hope to hell the .jar just magically runs? Good one
Hey, I'm not sure how to use these voices. I tried to open them from the Loader "modding" but nothing changed, some detailed instruction would be appreciated.
It's because this isn't a mod so much as a launcher replacer.
If you follow the instructions on the picture. Basically rename the files to SDT.swf
You can only use one voice a at a time since I don't have adobe flash or animate to make proper files for that.
Have a nice day.
Love this loader, it's the best scenario imo. I hope we'll get an update soon, and is there any chance you would add a character (like the mom, for example).
Very nice mods indeed, great to see Akko getting much appreciation.
However the character dont inculde the shirt so im guessing its from a different mod, can you provide it pls?
Simple, straightforward scenes with tight scripting and lots of attention to detail. Very enjoyable


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