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Thank you so much for this game. Being difficult is great, this is a rare game where I get to the sex scenes while playing at my best, which is how I think things should work
For Zako Doom in Other
Very fun mod with quality graphics and sound effects. Works with pretty much any campaign mod that doesn't change the enemies' sprites. Definitely recommend it.
Good job! I would like to commend the author. The general style corresponds to the game.
I would like to commend the author. Good job! The general style corresponds to the game.
I would like to commend the author. Good job! The general style corresponds to the game.
Hello, you do an excellent job, I love your mods, I just wanted to ask you if you would explain me how to make them work, or if you have any tutorial that you share, I also wanted to ask you how I can make the Corsair work for me with resorepless to see it with pubic hair, thank you so much.
Good mod but i have a problem with a red triangle on top of the pantyhose and skin glitching
Can't say I recognize what the red triangle thing is. Are you using the actual Loader? If not, you should be.

That might also fix the skin glitch too, since that one seems a lot more excessive than anything I saw during testing.
what clothing mod are you using? this mod looks great btw
really good but i cant get the female masturbation to work.
Why did resorepless.exe shutdown all the time, i have done all the things in the discription and i have update to .NET 6.0
pretty sure its broken now. both this mod and the one on nexus looks like a barbie doll.
it isnt working for me. is there a special way to use them?
this is perfect ;3, very very perfect, keep it at it :D
Thank You!
charName:Angelica Rapha Redgrave;mood:Angry;bodyScale:1.01125;arms:back,back;throatResist:50;hair:sdchan,1,1;iris:normal,152,57,44,1;breasts:122;skin:light;nose:normal;ear:normal;lipstick:0,0,0,0,0;eyeshadow:0,0,0,0;sclera:255,255,255,1;blush:196,80,77,0.35;freckles:60,24,24,0.8,0;mascara:0,0,0,1,20;nailpolish:0,0,0,0;eyebrow:normal,189,142,61,1,0,0,0,1;hairhsl:0,1,1,1;skinhsl:0,1,1,1;
Nice feature.
The mod seem to stuck the scene at the left of the window.
Secondary Alpha slider doesn't affect the pattern on the heels. The pattern just stays white.
Thank you very much. And I have a question, what should I do if I want my woosa's pubic hair is shaved?
Always loved these, they're perfect for forest elves.
Nothing short of excellent, perfect for my favorite girls.
Really pretty frilly skirt. I wish there was a top which matched well enough with it though, something equally frilly and detailed.


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