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thanks, had a lot of fun with this, wish it moved a little though
This aged like a fine wine. [a few more keystrokes]
Nicely done, I like it a lot but I have no clue on how to get the Skin Code that you provided to work. Help?
What hair is this? Great job btw, but I love that character more.
Can someone tell me how to use .rar files with sdt?
wont let me open the sdt file i wont work it just says file damanged
I really love these types of hairs of cartoon character's that already have the eyes, you should do some more like some from American dad or Family guy
I like the sounds, but I wonder how I implement them into the game. Can you explain me how I do it?
You need to have DialogueActions. sby's loader pack has it setup. Then, you can include them in custom dialogues.
everything looks really nice, the only problem i have so far is that none of the custom characters i attempt to load in seem to work at all
Make sure to NOT play with FEMALE him models, thx can't explain it thats just how it is
The shortcuts looks like correct now, its fixed. I think its fine now, thanks for nice uptade.
Really cool, though I need to find out if there's a hotkey to disable mousetracking. Alternatively, it'd be neat if I could bind a keypress to the toggle rather than clicking one bit that keeps moving when my mouse pointer moves :P
Please change the place to download the Pack, literally Mega does not allow downloading well, change it to Mediafire or Any other Pls :c
A mediafire link has been added
Not sure but it seems that the file got deleted. There is no way for me to download it
yes sorry had to hotfix it i thought i had it all sorry


The latest version does not support F1/F2/F3 shortcuts. No matter what I do, it's not possible to switch positions. The ESC button (which activates the framerate) works. Unfortunately I don't know what to do. In this sense, I still prefer the previous 13.
animtoolsV35 was missed in the Mods.txt init list, corrected this. download a fresh copy
I can't play the game can't even find out how to start it any know how to fix?
Excellent. I love this hair mod I would like to see more of these of my favorite characters
Excellent i was getting tired of all the old moods
totally love it oh my god, would love a microbikini version too!
I love it!

is there any mod from you with this 8'' model of heels but single color heels RGB? :3 would love to see that


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