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After selecting the bunny, the screen stays black.
Ah yes, I did have this notice but only 1 other person so far had this issue. Is anybody else experiencing this? I'm trying to ffigure out what this could be.
Good mod but I can't figure out where to click to toggle it. Tried holding ctrl, shift, etc and left clicking around the mask but it won't change.
This was my first version of the toggle script I wrote. Unfortunately it does have some conflicts with other mods occasionally which causes the toggle to fail.
Otherwise, you need to just click the mask itself to toggle.
The best life sim mod for SDT. I really like a lot of girls in this game - there are beatiful. This game support your interest to discover world and variuos locations to explore new girls and sex actions. Good luck, waiting for new update. The most ineresting part that i wanna see in the future updates - More criminal things. For example in this game developer can bound burglary, robbery with rape. Thanks !
I can incorporate stuff like that. Currently expanding the strip club stuff. Thanks for the review my friend, glad you enjoy.
Thx for making this mod. It is still working on NA server on Jan 17th but some removals are not working for some classes as the game is updating. It seems that if I set the <Censorship Removal> value to "medium" or "high", the game will crash at the character creation part, so I need to stay with "Keep All" or "low" for this customize category.
One of if not the most in-depth mod for this game. Learned alot about positions, dialogue structure and many other scene related tricks.
Thanks dude
Awesome mod! Though I have a problem with the last update I can't close neither of her hands.
Amazing, would be cool if we cloud add other mods than hair an background
Hot shit, 10/10 fap, discord super helpful and the Mod author is willing to add user suggestions
Glad you enjoy!
No explanation for separate parts like positions, can only play SIN CITY as a full game which is super bugged and unenjoyable.
Sorry you feel this way. I haven’t seen any questions from you here or in the discord concerning your issues, which could easily be answered if you read the download page on where to go with said questions. Thanks for the 1 star rating!
Will it be updated someday to handle mods, so far it works well 5/5
I have been running across an error "DA: Couldn't find BG Mods/Slave Bazaar/.png" when ever I were to pimp the demon character
The download link is broken :( I couldn't download
Great Mod, however it doesn't work on EPIC. hope there will be an EPIC version
Had a really good laugh with this, thank you for it xD
How do I install this? Instructions are unclear. Please help out :( How do I install this? Instructions are unclear. Please help out :( How do I install this? Instructions are unclear. Please help out :(
did you download a bundle with animtools preinstalled? if so, the instructions to load specific position files from this pack is VERY SIMPLE. if not, or you're planning to ADD positions into the bundle you've downloaded, then follow the steps of the animtools settings from said bundle for instructions on how to do so. Alternatively, join the SDT Discord Server for help and faster response times.
very cute, may i ask what the dildo you used in the character screenshot is?
I would like to know the password of the compressed package. I would appreciate it if you could reply to me????????????????????
I ask you to make this character from the same universe !!!! nazuna_hiwatashi
I'm trying to open the Loader.swf with flashplayer but it's just giving me a white screen, what do i do?


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