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Way more features than vanilla! Power to the people?
No words can explain how innovative and impressive this mod is, even just as a mod slave bazaar is times more better than juggernauts of the adult game industry. Even though its on shockwave there are still alot of room to improve and i hope you continue on improving it. After discontinuation of SDT i lost my hope about SDTs feature and stop following the forum, i know this project started 2 years ago but i just found out and it restore my faith in SDT. Not only that but you may be the feature of SDT as well. We really do need a SDT 2 of some sorts and you may be the perfect person to start such project (i know hnomer studios already working on SDT 2 but it took a way different direction than the original). But regardless making SDT 2 or not i think you need a patreon, it could motivate you to do things. And taking the current state of the Slave Bazaar i think there would be quite a support for you. Plus to that you may reach new people with patreon too. So please consider that.
Also can you tell us what kind of update schedule you think of making from now on?
Sorry for the messy message :p
Thank you so much for the kind words.

As for a Patreon, I've thought about it but I realize that Slave Bazaar is built off of so many other people's work. I use mods and code from great developers like sby, pim_gd, and many others. I use clothing and hair mods from tons of other creators. Slave Bazaar really is a community effort, and I try to credit every one from whom I've stolen fro.. err I mean everyone who has helped :P. I'm sure I've missed people and I apologize for that. However, I can't in good conscience ask for money to support development when I've borrowed so much.

As for updates, I've been working on the addition of a sister to purchase, though through her I'm testing out better scripting structures and updating some things. My next release, which shouldn't be too far away, will add the sister, and in later releases I'll go back and update the three existing slaves to use the newer scripting used in the sister.

Maybe after that I'll call Slave Bazaar done and move on to something completely non-SDT related. It is a bit dated. Writing SDT dialogue scripting is very fatiguing, and the SDT community does seem to be slowing down. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Thats a neat idea, you can basically re-enact the scenario in a drawing of XXX52 where 2 slaves have a penis-painting service, chained to a table. Add in the mod where you can limit randomizer to only randomize lipstick and voilá!
Wow, that's really hot! My only criticism is that lipstick smearing actually needs to be turned on in order to work. I dislike having that turned on as before long his penis just gets completely covered in lipstick, so would it be possible to generate the rings without actually enabling smearing?
That's a good suggestion. I'll add an option in shortly
Great dialogue but when the folder unzipped, it created a subfolder inside the positions page with the content which seems to be inhibiting changing of positions. Gonna re-try and see if it's fixed.
It did? I just downloaded the dialogue right now and unzipped it. What I got was the character folder with all of the needed mods and animtools positions. You just have to move the animtools positions and the moremoods settings file to their respective places.
The pack is great but i have difficulty breaking ellie into the depraved masochist stage you have any tips to help so it triggers? Aside from thay the other parts of the pack are great ^'^ and iccant wait till the sister is release
Thank you for the kind words. There is a READ ME FIRST.txt file in the mod directory for Slave Bazaar which describes how to break the slaves.
Looks awesome. Do you have the char code for the model?
the lasso is too circular and rigid, give it more slack like its drooping downward. Also can you make a version without the hair? I wanna use something else with this outfit
Great work, but for me ... sorry, without breast slider compatibilty it's more or less useless for what I'm working on ... :-/
Awwww, another sooo cute top ... and again not breast slider compatible.
Bummer :-//
wow, very nice, someone can pass me the brown hair in the picture to download it?
Cool. Now all we need is the gloves and we can really have fun
Hell yeah. Wanted a cowboy hat for so long. Yee haw!
I've got this working for the most part, but I cant get his head to load in a character file. Any idea why not?
When will the Sister be available? Do you have an idea?
I'm getting close. I'm going to be out of town for a week, but after that I'm hoping to get a release out in a week or two (i.e. a release by the end of the month I hope).
Design looks good, only complaint is I'm trying to capture a bright color for it but there's some kind of overlay shading that makes it darker no matter what?
You did such a nice job on this, what do you think about a bra pulled down mod where the bra cups are folded in and under the breasts?
Dark layer? Huh, I might have messed up the shading, I'll take a look. There are already some pretty good pulled down mods out there, so it's not really on my priority list (not that I make very many of these to start with) but I might make one in the future at some point. :)
The mod is incredible, but sometimes a get an error while loading saying a certain .swf "needs" a mod type (costumetop, body, etc.) even though its in the right area of settings that it should be in. For example, im trying to add this to the body section, I have one thats like this: Demon_Tail_Heart=Demon Tail:CostumeBottoms>Body. But when I load up and its showing the load list, its red and says "Demon Tail needs CostumeBottoms" Im not sure what to do to fix this so any help would be appreciated. Great job btw :)
just because it is in the right area, doesn't mean that was the modtype the artist used. there is a settings option to see possible modtypes, stuntcock also made a showmodinfo mod to view them. it is probably
Demon_Tail_Heart.swf=Demon Tail:Body
well made! looks nice, simple, no weird loading issues.
Thank you. I like me my 5:s! ;-)
Nice mod.

Was wondering if theres a way to load 2 swf mods in at once in a superset? for example seifukus crop top and a pleated skirt. I tried using a comma as someone below mentioned but doesnt seem to work, or I'm coding it wrong
A late review to be sure, but I recently downloaded this and noticed that the arm changes with her skin color, which makes it virtually impossible to get the right tone for Shego. As this is otherwise a brilliant costume, this made me very sad. Any chance we'll see a fix, even if it's over a year since this was released? :/
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