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The following Mod doesn't work I have tried everything I don't know what to do Maybe I have too high version of the game ....
I really like what's here so far, in the future could you possibly add lines for cumming in and on her ass? They'd be a great addition to this dialogue.
Great idea! I'll definitely try to work that in. I also want her to be able to respond to the transition itself, for example, after anal and switching to oral, the first thing she'll say is a comment about how you just fucked her ass-to-mouth. I've had some tips from the community on how this might be done, and I think it's feasible, I just need the time :P
you could actually go back and view previous version uploads to download the positions, but this is more convenient. nice positions, havent tried the dialog yet
Happy you like; a lot of people seemed to be unable to find the positions, and I actually couldn't even find the dl when I went to look, so I'll include them with each update now. (tbh the positions still need a bit of work too :P)
Very nice, and I just wanted to ask how we match the head skin tone with the body?
Very good mod, but is the a way to add more mod ito this bundle?
I tried to add superbelly mod but after enabling, its breaks the Slave bazaar
The mod seems very good to me! Too bad it's not in Spanish but I love it
Definitely an amazing mod but for some reason every time I try opening the loader and click on new game it just says "DA: Saving to BAZAAR" about 7 times while showing an empty dialog box below with a constant black screen.. it remains like this no matter what I do, even completely deleting the entire file/folder and reinstalling does nothing.
I believe this is related to your write privileges for Flash. If Flash doesn't have rights to write, then I think the game does what you describe. Make sure that your Flash player has the correct write permissions.
Very nice overwatch hair mods, and I was wondering if you were planning on doing the others girls except for Zarya and Mei
Very nice work, and I was wondering if you could a revised version of the Mileena, Kitana, and Jade outfits so that they only hav etheir boots and gloves
Very nice, and I was hoping that you do a revised version where there is only the boots and gloves of her outfit
For Resorep in Other
For the most part the new update works brilliantly but I have noticed that for some mods for arkham knight (this is the only game I use resorep with at the moment) certain skins that have had colours changed can sometimes partially revert back to their original colours. Apparently it has something to do with LOD's? (I'm not a modder so I'm not sure what that means)
Love the mod! Though if it has been unnoticed, it doesn't work on Tamer. would love to see this fixed <3
A fantastic mod, and a much appreciated addition to the limited Thicker Ass and Legs clothing library. I was wondering if it would be too difficult make this RGB adjustable?
I'm glad you like them, however I'm not sure how to do that as I'm pretty new to modding and Flash. I'll research this further though. If I manage to find out how to make them RGB adjustable I'll let you know.

Very nice, and I was wondering if you were gonna do the same thing for the legs as well
I hadn't planned on it, those things are too scrawny for me. I find it very hard to motivate myself to work on things that I am not interested in personally but I will keep your request in mind.
Man, why can't you post either the code or the mods you used for your characters? They're so good and it's a shame it's so hard to replicate them.
do you have character codes and hairs for any of the characters used?
Unfortunately no, they were all achieved w/ moreclothing + shuffling ("shift + /" or click the shuffle button)
Looks great, but download doesn't actually get .swf file, just the image.
These are awesome! Could you tell me where you got the skirt that she's wearing in the "punk" pics?
I don't remember how I found here; send me a message and I'll see if it's possible to send to you
I knew that these would be so much better color adjustable. Great job!
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