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i like the button that lets you turn it off, other than that the mod is a really good idea
Alright mod, but the monkey's face is a big turnoff
Aw Jeez, Rick, Jessica finally noticed me! And thank you too, ds14048 for this mod
How did you get the "eating out" position i'd love to have that
I made some positions specifically for the "Paris Dorm" background.
Give me a little bit of time and I'll clean them up and release them as a resource.
Nice mod!

However, I was wondering whether it was normal for her jaws to split if you made the penis too wide?
Excellent! Amazing hair, and you added the mask, too!
Awesome job! Thanks for adding the mask!

Also, who is the green guy supposed to be?
Hottest bitch from My Hero Academia, I'll gladly fuck her any day. Nice job!
Nice mod! I was wondering whether her jaw was supposed to break if you made the penis too large. If that's expected, that's alright.
Hey TheMoses. Great mod!! Just a heads up: The new luxery update seems to be broken. It only loads the default SDT voice. The "older" version still works just fine!
I can't repeat the problem on my computer. If anyone else encounters the same problem, please send me a message.
Thank you so much for this! And it was fun to do the dialouge!
Shaiden Rogue is the best fucking pornstar!

The choking sounds are good, but the breathing sounds are inconsistent with the mouth movements, and that is really irritating, so 4/5 instead of 5/5.
You are legit god himself. What would you like your shrine made of? Marble? Gold?

Despite the fact that you are god, even god isn't perfect considering that atheists exist. My criticism is that the positions don't follow the cursor well, meaning that it is hard to force her to suck dick and hard to pull her off.
I can't seem to get it to work. Whenever I drag the file onto the player, it just starts a normal game. Am I doing something wrong?
I have added an FAQ. If after reading the FAQ, you still have questions, write to me in private conversation.
I don't understand what do with the allvoices.rar, where put this file ?
I have added an FAQ. If after reading the FAQ, you still have questions, write to me in private conversation.
Great mod. idk if you're coming back to this, but add more things like the whip and scissors to the game!
Looks great! I have just one question, how do you get her tits to pop out of the bra?
The pulled down bra is kind of a hack.
Removing parts of a costume is a feature of the moreclothing mod.
I used a configuration which hides the left and right breast pieces:

Excerpt of the moreclothingVXsettings.txt file:

However, the shape of the chest piece doesn't look right.
So I edited the shapes a little bit so that it looks ok.

I will try to contact the creator, Huitznahua, and ask for his permission to share the edited version of the mod.
Good quality hair, shading and detail is pretty good
Those shoes look great!
Also in different positions (kneeling vs. sitting for example), which I find isn't easy to pull off.
Thanks a lot.
Good job, looking great. whats the hair mod used for the preview?

I've updated my hair edits mod of Dante's hairs. The download includes the shortened version of the Celtica Dire hair, its "Celtica Dire Short.swf".