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yugioh needs more static hair. maybe make tour guide from the underworld, sky striker ace raye , summon sorceress
A good idea.
I want to make a dynamic in the future.
This is the source.
Great work reconstructing and converting the default Asuka dynamic hair. It works exactly as the original. I tried once but could not reproduce the rope class. Great work
Seriously love this one. My gf actually has a really similar bra, and I find it really sexy both in rl and SDT. Great work!
I love this Calvin Klein set! Would you consider making a thong version of these? I've made a sketch if you'd like a reference of exactly what I mean... maximum butt-cheeks! lol

You're awesome, Huitznahua!
Wow... Just... Wow... !!!

Huitznahua, you have upped my game so hard recently, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This piece is fantastic.

Would you consider making a modified version or two? I have a couple of ideas for strappy/mesh skimpy one-pieces.

I wanted to ask you directly, but I can just make a request thread if you prefer. Again, thank you!!!!!
Thanks dude. And yes please make a request thread (following the requesting rules obviously !).
So far, I haven't had any issues. Great idea implementing the option to change the animtools voice via the ingame menu.
Just downloaded your latest version, and I'm now moving all of my mods from the earlier version to this one. Quick question, though: given the details of this update, does this mean that when changing my overtop settings, I change all of the settings from "Body" to "CostumeOverTop" (i.e., "University Jacket.swf=University Jacket:CostumeOverTop>Body:CostumeCollar>Body:CostumeArmwear>Body" changes to "University Jacket.swf=University Jacket:CostumeOverTop:CostumeCollar>CostumeOverTop:CostumeArmwear>CostumeOverTop").
yeah, that should work, however i will mention that since before this, there wasn't an rgb picker associated with the overtop. the template extension sets them up to use tops and most clothing creators used a bit of code to have their overtops follow the collar rgb picker instead.

because of this I think most overtops will need to be tweaked to be able to use it and i am not sure what the best route is. ideally i would have added an rgb picker into the template extension, but even so it would have been weird because it is not like the template extension was going to add in overtop menus.
HI, follow the instruction, but still find corrupted files. more than a month cant install this amazing mod. Dear devs please check the issue why it not possible to launch the game with installed this mod. The mod is great itself. i was using it about a year. i wish i could use it again, since it doesnt work for me for a long time just4 stars
Great dialogue. Maybe the only criticism I have is that there are more "him" lines than "her" lines. But other than than that, it's perfect.
As others have commented it'd be great to have this in more colors and shapes, but it's still very good.
This is one of those mods that really should have been made a long time ago. It's a simple concept that works so well for so many characters.
Oh HELL yes. Been looking for something like this for a while! A menu toggle option would be cool as well!
Wish there was an option to use the legwear sliders instead, they'd pair well with separate bottom clothing mods!
Thank you!
You can use the belly & nipple piercings version for that (the version I actually used for the example with the skirt).
Anyhow, I'll post Legwear A & B versions for all my RGB adjustable stockings soon, as ModGuy recently gave me the way to do it for Vanilla.
Also writing here: I am looking for someone who wants to play this with me and some other people c: Write me on Discord, Lyther#1319 or
I'm working on a new install of the game and v5 isn't working for me, she never closes her mouth, I'm using Loader.v5.45d
read the notes, now adds a button in game to turn it on and off
well well finally someone who did this character! I would ask to do all of xb2 characters but
your choice man.
Great dialogue. I only watched a few episodes of RWBY, but I think you captured Ruby's slight naiveté pretty well.
Thanks for the feedback! I haven't watched much more of RWBY either, which is why I never finished writing the other dialogues from the series.
I love this mod, and I was wondering if you rere gonna do some bandage armwear for vanilla
You don't have to use the body layer to avoid conflicts, you can set each layers settings to override=false
Unluckily, the stockings would still appear over the basic Bottoms and Footwear...
What a funny idea, they turned out good too. Great Work!
Thank you!
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