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i HIGHLY doubt youre still around to answer, but what are you using for the character shown in the screenshot? i recognize the satan mod and rias hair
This mans is the best one i found on the website yet please more <3
Will most likely forget
Will most likely forget
Awww thanks! You're so sweet.
Already love to watch hololive and now static hair from the hololive girls thank you very much please make more
Will most likely forget
Will most likely forget
Already working on more. There isn't enough Hololive stuff for sdt anyway
That's nice ! And I love your bunny girl also. May you share your Mods and chara with us ? :)
Thanks for your review. I added links to the resources used for the screenshot to the page. I don't have the character code any more. Put this together for making the screenshot, but didn't save the character.
Good game, though this game is very hard would be nice to have a cheat menu or gallery from the start. 5 stars from me!!!
I really liked it last year. But now under win 10 I get that problem that the game either won't load at all (only shows the standard girl from the stock game as JPEG) or after the assets loaded nothing happens.
These pantyhose are very exciting, I loved it in the Loader that I would like a fishnet or a high tight with lace because what you do is luxurious to you.
Thanks for your review. I'm glad you like my stuff.
I've got a large collection of legwear that I want to do. There's also lace and fishnets ;-)
Thanks, with this, I can finally use more hats with my favorite bun and ponytail hairs!
the same question: how do I run this mod? i have sby loader but I don't know what I should do in this case
That's great! Many patterns at once and breast adjustable, thanks man!
This is TRULY gold. You're a hero sby. You have made an EPIC mod.
The factor is that the characters are now A LOT more costumizables.
Perhaps you can take a look on this thread:
With your amazing job the game is a little step more closer to the FUUUUUULLY CUSTOMIZATION. Thank you SBY. Be good bro.
well job.......................................................
I was wondering what the code is for this type of clothes I got a part but not everything showed up
Neat mod, but it'd be perfect if it were possible to use this with other mods that modified Him.
So far it's great my only issue is I can't get the sound to work, anybody know a fix?
Yeah im having problems same as that guy. The face and the hands dont change. plus i dont understand much. pls teach me :)
Where can we get the code or clothing and the other parts of this mod? Thanks, really awesome! :)
Hey, thank for your review. I added the character code and resource links to the post.
apart from the fact that this dynamic hair is DIVINELY perfect, could you enter the character code please: "3

Keep it up ^ w ^
The character code is part of the file already (at least in regards to eye color and body etc., I removed anything like clothes that you might want to keep in a transition).
Keep in mind that I also use the superbreasts and/or breasexpansion mods, so they might be bigger in my screenshot than they are in your game.

In case it didn't work for you somehow, here is the charcode I put into it:
It's surprising that something like this hasn't been made already, good work.
Well. to be fair there are audio mods out there, but not with anime voices.
How do I add it to moreclothing settings file properly? I'm labelling it as 'CostumeLegwear' in 'Body' section, and thus it doesn't show the part above the hips in game, and it looks rather wonky that way. I would be thankful for some tips about how should I add it to the settings file correctly.
But anyway, it looks great, I've been looking for something like this. Could you also maybe do a version without the cuts?
Hey! Thanks for your review.

This entry in the moreclothing config file works for me:

The mod is registered as CostumeLegwear and responds to the legwear (A) sliders.

I'm planing to do some more leggings in the future. Stay tuned!