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This is perfect for milf mommygfs. High quality good details.
This update is amazing, this will be my last review since I don't want to be covering this page in reviews, but this update improves the framework and adds more features. This is definitely worth a download.
Manuela is so beautiful and this hairstyle is perfect
Looks great! Funny enough, I was planning on releasing an updated version of the original source, but never got to it. Overall, quality is very clean, definitely way better than the one I threw out a couple years back.
Thank you very much. And there's nothing wrong with your own version, I think it's quite good and wouldn't have made a Majin version if I didn't. I just like a more "fluffy" style.
Fixed the issue I was facing on an older mod version.
Brilliant! Being meaning to ask as I searched all over but to no avail, what is the mod for him using both of his hands to pull her head down in his dick?
very good. where is the black version? .
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
I have only adjusted the hair using hue, lightness and saturation in-game (Hair Color button) There is no second version.

I really like this one but could we get a low waist version of this?
Thank you for doing this, it's just what I wanted.
Really is amazing the amount of depth you added to a simple flash game. Thank you for taking the time to make this. I hope you'd be able to update it sometime in the future. Even though I know its probably hard to find the time to update this especially considering how old the base game is now. Anyways thanks for your work!
Very good, is it possible to get different mods for the boots and the top ?
im generally confused on how to install this correctly
I really like your mods. Could you make a "tucked top" mod without sleeves?
I cant for the life of me find out how the hell you change the sisters name I need step by step help please
nice work, can you share a link to the handcuff mod you used in the photos?
Hank East
Hank East
Glad you like it! As for the handcuffs, you can find them on the last link in this page.
Great Work. She looks just like she came out of the video. Her eyes even move!Now we need Inky, Pinky and Blinky! Great Work.
Awesome! love cadet hair, question, what blue panty is that? thanks!
wooooooooooo!!!!! aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesooooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeeee
yo this shit is awesome ngl, but how does the skill stat work? like do i have to have 1000xp for lvl 10 skill, ik it prob sounds dumb but i am seriously confused

either way this is an amazing mod not sure if your gonna continue but i hope you do
Nice work. Occasionally the area under her breasts goes completely transparent but reloading fixes it. Lady satsuki anytime soon?
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