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Thanks for considering my input, look forward to the next update. Keep up the good work
<Long boring exposé redacted> Sure thing. PM me if I missed something.
Very excellnt, but I wish you did this for vanilla version as well
In what sense? Technically you can alter the skin tone to have the markings on a "normal" girl, so you can have this on "vanilla."

Unless you mean for Vanilla SDT, in which case that wouldn't really be possible without removing the markings from her hands (which are one of the two parts of this that we actually know for certain).
It's great to see a dialog in story format, all placed within a bundle so you can just load and run. Nicely done.
A review from the Federer/Jordan/Pelé of dialogues! That's something. Thank you!
I was waiting for this, Now all my wishes are completed, i suppose.
Thank you.
Very nice work, keep up the good work! It's good to have more hair's being created again.
One of the best and thoughtful mods i've seen on this website. The amount of love and effort but into this is HUGE. Thank you for that
Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you liked it :)
Looks great! Love the shadow detail. Her hood has a specific shape, I did not incorporate / it's hard to balance looking good and seeing her face in SDT. You made good changes to make it match the character more. If you're up for it you could bring the hood up more; here's someone's sideview drawing for inspiration

And then her eyes fade/glow/airbrush (depending on the comic artist) but it looks like you're working towards that. Looking forward to the finished product.
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf
Oh thanks man! I'll see what I can do.
This is exactly what i was looking for so long (few years, actually). But is there any chance to see version without ankle bride?
Silly me, I reported the review instead of answering it, I hope it will just be ignored, I'm very sorry :(
The thing is I forgot to upload the variant without ankle bride, you were right to ask for it. I just edited the mod description, you'll find a link to what you're looking for in it ;)
This is ridiculous . Please update the toll with the new class "Archer" and the proper files that the game has changed during the last months.

Now you have to do extra steps by yourself instead of having the toll automatically doing it for you, so people who are just starting to use it are not gonna understand how to use it.

The whole toll is a mess and it doesn't work properly anymore . How can you leave this outdated for so long ?
its really good, i just wonder if anyone will eventually make her costume......
So, as much as this should be easy to do, I can't seem to figure it out, I have the file going to the correct folder and done other things, but it doesn't work it keeps on saying "Game file not found." when I have it all set up correctly. Can you give more detail of what I am supposed to do? Or what I am doing wrong because I followed the instructions and I am using SBY's Loader Pack FYI.
This is fantastic! I've been trying to get this kind of hairstyle worked out for so long! One thing that I think would improve it is if you were to make the base (shaved texture part) black (/dark), so that the rgb sliders only affect the longer hair hanging down. That being said, thank you SO much!
thanks; I agree with the shaded part but the hue always changes color unless it's a grayscale color in my experience and it looks weird to me as black. It's actually easy enough to remove the shaded area if a person doesn't like it because it's in it's own quadrant. That said, I am uploading a darker shading as of this comment because it was barely noticeable before.
Great work as always! Who's the next one? Would it happen to be...Emma Besshou? ;)
SAO mods are Rare, or at least that's what I see. Thanks for uploading this
You're very welcome.
I don't recall seeing any SAO clothing mods before, but they are quite complex, and I sometimes had to be quite cunning to get something close enough to the model. There are many SAO hair on this forum though.
I'll give you some right away. I'm in awe! Fantastic shading and also really unusual designwise which is quite a feat given how many mods there are. The room for improvement that I can see - since you asked for feedback - is autosmooth and/or minor adjustments on a node or two on a handful of lines that are a little crooked (like the strand on the upper right for example). That's not something I noticed before zooming in though.
Thank you very much, the feedback is much appreciated.
Can you help me install it, please, even reading the guide I can not
1. Get the loader 2. Copy the Tentacles folder from the zip file into the SDT ~/Mods folder 3. Open ~/Mods/CharacterFolders.txt 4. Add "Tentacles:Tentacles" (without quote marks) in a new line 5. Save
Very glad to see someone pushing this game to the next level. Sadness ensues that original dev is absent, but the community as per usual shows it's undeniable love for a well made game.
I've had some fun with this, I really enjoyed the trials game. Even though I made it to the final (succubus?) stage, I'm really not sure what I did wrong but it almost instantly gave me the game over screen with no explanation why.
Also, I'm assuming once you've made it to the mistresses bedroom, there is no scene or continuation beyond that.
Overall I enjoyed the experience currently available, and I'm hoping you haven't given up on it just yet :b
What a buggy mess, hardly ever works and i've had to redownload 30 gb almost everytime i tried to install this.
Really nice! Can't wait to see Blue Maiden and finish the trinity.
I like the the angle and the gif used, the only problem I have with this is that it feels like I'm watching the animation on one of those old cubed TVs.
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