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I will give 5 stars, because I know that the mod is great. But... Could someone help me with installing it. Maybe someone has a link to the instructions or maybe someone can tell in which category to insert these txt files
Zako enemies are designed well and the gamplay is fun.
Excellent as a wedding dress, also works as gothic lolita fashion with the appropriate colors.
Anyone able to reply to this comment with the discord invite link, pls and thank you
I had the texture borders showing for Dark Night, after installing the large pack for all characters. Thanks for this update!
For Resorep in Other
Just do what this Guy says. The Win 10 works to Win 11 "at least for me" No jar fix need simple rename the "sample" to "Resorp"
Thank you working and you package,That very helpful to me!!
Amazing in many w.ays. Hi-res sprites, great theme, great sound effects and voices
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

* The sound effects actually sound like skin hitting skin (in contrast to sclover's mod, where it's just hollow thuds).
* Girl flinches and responds physically to being hit.
* Charging spanks by holding down LMB feels satisfying.

You're a legend. Thank you.
Hats off to you my good sir, really well done. This piece creates a nice amount of immersion (through the story telling, custom background, character, sound effects, etc.), which makes the whole thing just better than any other dialogue I have played so far. Hoping to see the next part, as a continuation would just be the creme de la crop. Thanks again for the awesome creation!
Thank you for the kind words. Pretty sure there wont be a continuation, so Part 1 will probably be it. Im very glad to hear people are still enjoying it. Also: Your review pushed this onto the top 10 SDT mods of all time, so an extra big thank you for that, and congrats to me!
Really cool, any chance of a Carol Olston hair and charcode too?
Amazing mod! Could you tell me witch config her skin collor is? i tried really hard to reach that tone but i keep failing haha
Thanks for your review.
I don't have the exact values, unfortunately.
But I think it's the light skin type, with the lightness (L) reduced a bit, and the saturation (S) increased.
For Resorep in Other
It worked normally on my Saints Row 2022, I just installed the latest version of java and I also put the Jarfix that the Ruzik left our comments so I don't have a problem
Funcionou normalmente no meu Saints Row 2022, Instalei a última versão do java e coloquei também o Jarfix que o Ruzik colocou nos comentários para não ter problema)
The downloads broken for me, is there an archive of it?
Looks good but cant fit clothes, also how do I save the character it says that i have to add the missing paths manually and i dont know what that is.
Thanks for the review! To say the character you need to create a character folder. That's a vanilla function. Unfortunately I'm not the best person to ask for that because I don't know much about character folders. However if you search the forums there should be lots of information.
I really like this mod!
Is there a way to only leave the top/bra part of the bikini? I'd like to combine it with a thong but I can't take the panties away :')
great mods! can u make a fat man him, sir? fat him
Good concept but I cant get her in the outfit without the wings and for some reason the wings cover her face instead of appearing being her back
Excuse me, but your file seems to be invalid. Please see if it needs to be updated sometime.
i love this mods, can u make a bbm guy mods? thanks sorry for bad eng

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