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Probably the most extensive gamification of SDT that I've seen. Slave Bazaar takes SDT from being a fun little simulation and makes it into a game you want to keep playing.

There have been some bugs, of course, over the years, but I'm glad to see that they're gradually getting squashed. Rolling WW's older works into the Slave Bazaar package is also nice, though I would respectfully suggest that they need to be debugged as well. The responsiveness of the buttons leaves a lot to be desired at times, and I have had instances where the menu completely disappears and you're locked into a particular part of the dialogue, and it might or might not come back.

My only real criticism apart from bugs is typos, writing style, and some word choice issues. They've not stopped me from playing, though I still think the scripts should be edited.
I'm afraid I found a bug with dg parameter. Please contact me with pm - tia
Repectfully, Rudgar
Doesn't load, it keeps saying that the AnySizeHer_v1_4.txt wasn't found
Thank you for program, but it doesn't work for today's patch.Not play game and we have to force uninstall.
Thanks a lot for all the effort put into this! Really appreciate it ;)
Nice mod. You did a great job. By the way, what animtools position do you use to make the head fully visible?
I use sby_loader_pack_7_545d . [camera y 240] [home,end] zoom amount 0.3
amazing mod but I am pretty sure this mod is dead :'(
What do you mean by dead? I'm slowly, SLOWLY still working on it. Someday there will be an update, just not soon. My apologies. My life is crazy hectic, but you get what you pay for :P
Thank you for great mod, but it doesn't work for today's patch. need some updates for this.
Hey there. I really like the concept, and I was planning on using this for some interesting scenarios and screenshots. However, I've ran an issue with the lollipo where it breaks character codes if I switch characters, something I've noticed old him replacers do. I've not ran into any issues with your him replacers aside from this one, so think you can fix it?
I thought I did.Did you try the 1.1 version I uploaded a few minutes ago?
Great mod, but switching dosnt work with animtools.
It's a good demo, though it is in need of work. The "Her" character is able to vomit and go back to her normal belly size... so if at all possible you may want to fix that., I also seem to be locked into the "Tsunade"hair style, would be nice to customize the female character as well as see some differences in Dialogue.

One more bug, when "She" says "fuck Fuck FUCK" it locks the dialogue to that, and no buttons can be pushed.

Over all, good pack. but needs a good chunk of work to be done
Thanks for the feedback.
The puke mechanic is meant to simulate childbirth. Its the most reliable way of doing so.
Not sure why you are locked to hair wise unless you are loading a game. On load it does load the characters hair from startup. Also i will have to look into the masturbation line there. It should not be doing that.
Lastly i know my lines are defaults. Sadly i have had my hands full with getting the functionality down. I perfer function over form, because what good is a dialogue minigame story if the mini-game itself doesn't work. XD
If you have any ideas for lines, pass them my way. If i can use them, ill add them(along with your username) to a fourth "module" which will run along side the main module. Let me know if there is anything else i can help you with.
It's so much fun to have both of them on while playing Either Slave Bazaar or Slave Trainer
looks good. my only qualms over it are the lower half and the colors.
side view:
It comes down to lighting. Everything in that shot is somewhat blue-shifted because of the scene. A lot of other shots are orange-shifted because of the setting. I believe in actuality her boots are supposed to essentially be a "pure" black (a 'raven' black, if you will).

Also the red was chosen to match the red on her hair handkerchief (or whatever you'd call it). Not that this makes it right or wrong, just explaining.
love this. great job man, thanks for doing this. Ruto best fish
Based on the other reviews im sure it all works fine. However for some reason having Expand dong set up on the init folder stops Loader from loading mods I've had so far that does this. Any ideas?
Sorry but all I can think of are banal things which you've probably already considered: A different mod could be causing the problem, this mod could be incompatible with another (though I've tested it with a lot of other mods and I doubt this is the case), or you could be using an older .swf or settings file.
nah all bugged and no working all and failed all in mods' :/
You are an absolute genious.

Now let me share some ideas to add, if you want to spend the time (mainly what I would like to see in the game based on my personal tastes!):

I really bond with my girls, so I never pimp them. So, for a playthrough for people like me, I would really dig the option to "make films" instead of pimpin' them. It could be done more or less easily by giving the player a "screenplay", something very basic like -now deepthroat her, -now make her cum, -now dress her as a kitty, etc. When meeting an x number of goals, you earn the money.
I think it would be not that hard to implement, and lots of fun.

Also something similar (not mutually exclusive, why not both!) could be "cam girls", which could be basically giving your girl a dildo (making him dissapear) and making her do things to it. The same, little money, lots of fun.

After that, there is just the obvious, more girls, which you don´t need me to tell you haha. Also, the "your sister " idea sounds pretty amazing !

Let's see if I can suggest maybe some personality traits to new ones?:

The exotic and sensual beauty, with a dark-ish skinn (middle easter, hindi?) and very long, dark hair who is haughty, almost arrogant and very talented. (Like the turks queen from Don Juan! I hope you read that one)-

The (hentai) classic short green haired, big tittied, SHY one, that believes it true true love. She makes a big deal out of everything (ahh so cliché, I love it.)

The kidnapped from a foreigner-far-away tribe, ala Pocahontas, or Chel from that movie Road to el Dorado <3

Hope the brainstorm serves you for something.

Also, I have three weeks more or less free now, (except for work now and then) up until college starts again. If you would like some help with something, I would love to lend you a hand (no pun intended). Anything you need with your project!

Thank youuuuuu
I really like the new features! I was wondering though, could you make them into separate mods?
Thanks, I figured most people would prefer to have the features all in one mod. If you're worried about unnecessary performance loss, as in cases where a user only wants 1 or 2 of the features, a disabled feature only adds one extra operation to each frame refresh which is extremely negligible.
Thank you. In version V2.1, the previous error was fixed.
But I discovered one more mistake. Mod does not work with non-oral positions (vaginal and anal). When Expand Dong is loaded, such positions can not be used in the game. In version V2.0 - a man throws away from the girl, when pleasure is equal to pleasureMinRange. In version V2.1 - the penis is not visible, and the game does not respond to mouse movements.
It would be nice to be able to disable the mod for non-oral positions in the settings file.
I'm sorry to say that after looking into the issue I think that fixing it is probably beyond my current capabilities or would otherwise require far too much time than I care to spend analyzing the animtools code. Thanks for notifying me at any rate.

Edit: Though it's not a setting or actual 'fix', I've added a hotkey for users to manually toggle penis growth off which should solve the issue.
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