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Wow, I'm surprised at how much this mod ramps up the excitement. Thanks for this!

Can I also ask what backgrounds you used in the screenshots for the sunset and night time rooftop examples?
great mod, just as expected, but you could add more variants like glitter or a glossy finish
Thanks, gloss might come around eventually.
Where can I find this bathroom, thank you..........
This is still one of the best static hairs around today.
Excellent. This is much better than vanilla variant.
it seems OP but I tried retail and private servers it doesnt work nowadays needs update outdated now
so i have no idea what I'm doing i just want to download the mod and get it working can you share a big file with everything ill need in order to get it running?
I love how this sweater looks. standalone with rgb customization and breastslider support would be amazing, there is so little non skin tight clothing.
Excellent work. Is it theoretically possible to apply black silhouette not for HER whole body, but only for HER head, for example? (With some kind of gradient, so we could see clearly HER body, but not her face and hair).
Thanks for you review.
I'm currently experimenting with a more granular way of re-coloring. This is certainly possible.
However, the method used for changing colors cannot be used to produce a gradient.
This looks amazing, but it over writes the guardian and nova. So these pubic hairs get pasted on the entire upper torso of both guardian and nova. They look like gorilla after using this. No idea why it does as the folders are totally different
Doesn't work. Invalid settings error (I didn't configurate it).
For SDTL 2 in Various
Can someone explain how to do this from scratch? the original loader is outdated as flash no longer exists
Almost perfect, my only wish is that they were more quiet.
Hey. Thanks for your review.
In version 1.1, the vibrators are are lot more quiet.
The audio volume can now be adjusted in the configuration file.
у меня вопрос, в файле мода есть звуки со стонами dirty audio и custom audio, с dirty audio я разобрался, но с custom нет, обьясните как использовать custom audio
I'm liking it so far. I did noticed a few in game days back that there was a choice to flirt with the "secretary", but i ended up not choosing it and it never came up again. Was that supposed to happen?
I hate to ask but did you use AI to write this? It just seems kind'a impersonal. And asking if she's practicing birth control AFTER he comes...
The purple hair looks so good, is it released somewhere?
Can I get the character code for the girl for this one? I've been trying to get the right color for the pantyhose but couldn't figure it out.
Hey. Thanks for your review.
I didn't keep the character code after creating the screenshots,
but this should be very close:

I still leave this one on autoload, because sometimes you need discipline her for biting down. Or give her an encouraging clap on the butt.
Pretty cool. Now if only I had a Dorothy Haze hair to go with this I'd be set.
Would you consider a Feet4Heels version at some point?

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