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Where I could find the hair of the girl ? Nice Mod.
You can find it in this archive!6kdngJ5R!AlvqNAwIrKBF0wVozATfKw!y0cxHQ5K
under the "John Persons" category.
where can i find the clothes shown in those images?
You're very good! I wonder you're good with hair too?
Thank you BamonSwanqueen. No I'm not. Did one just to try it out (you can find it here on the Resource Manager). The next thing to tackle is coding dialogue.
You rock man ! Many thanks for all of your Dante's isolations/RGBisations. So useful !!
Many thanks! I'm glad to hear that people like them.
amazing i downloaded em all but I comment here cus i want to know if u can tell what position is ths i mean where did u find it
Thanks! Glad to hear that. The Animtools position was made by me and hasn't been uploaded yet. There'll be a pack uploaded at some point. Keep your eyes open.
Without question the most impressive clothing/body mod I've seen.
Looks terrific. Would get a 5 if the straps went went all the way around the back and didn't need to be covered by long hair.
Thanks. It is not actually covered by the hair, this is just like the vanilla bra in game: one bit of strap in the front.
the best SDT mod around, nothing else comes close.
For Resorep in Other
Trying to open up MC:SM S2 with resorep 1.7.0. Fresh install and it wont open. 64 bit ticked.
the only two way I could think of are dynamic hair or the hair_overlayer by modguy.
Not bad, really happy you made these RGB adjustable.

Only downside would be that dante made two separated mods for each arm, while you left them both as one piece (or rather mod) which means less options for customisation.
One other potential problem is the coloration but I guess this just how the flash player is.

Anyway looks good, keep it up.
Hey after the last update my sorceress has been glitching out, part of the character is see through. its the lumik armor, and i can see straight through the back. none of my other character are having the problem, and this had'nt happend b4
Looks great, not much to other than that.

Do you by chance plan to give other parts of Dante's Paladin set an RGB support?

The Forearm Ringlets for the left and right arm would be great.
Anyways keep up the good work.
Neat! Is it also possible for her to have had a boobjob? Something along the lines of bolt-ons?
YOU'RE A GOD!Now if someone can just do the outfit that would be really really great.
It's a nice work.
May I request this one without crown and horns?
Great work! I like this mod a lot is there anyway you can modify it so that it works with thicker ass and legs?
Thanks. I already thought about making "thicker ass and legs" versions of some of my mods but I don't have the proper template (I propably to reach someone for this -_-)
Playing SDT can be divided into before and after you get moreclothing. Combining different mods into one outfit used to be a nightmare of jumping back and forth between folders and having to reload all the pieces you'd settled on when you wanted to ditch one. This fixes that and also makes it possible to just use the parts you want from a single swf outfit.


PS. Question: Is there a way to make a mod not show up in any category but still load so it's accessible by moreclothing charcode?
no, but if you wanted to do that, i suggest mapping it to one of the body menus so it can be toggled on or off without effecting anything else.
Because construction Workers need some love too.

Even on maximum zoom this looks terrific. Great job!
Perfect! As minimal as can get without looking weird. Works fine with moreclothing as is. Add the line

Bottoms - Thong.swf=Your name of choice:CostumeBottoms>CostumePanties

to the moreclothing settings file.

The mistake one might make (the on I made at least) is to assume that all mods are of the category you'd expect. The mod found at will tell you what part(s) a clothing mod consists of.
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