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Gives SDT new life, I hope you make more with various porn stars.
Amazing work!
When using "Auto" mode on the sister, the game seems to go "crazy". The characters go out of screen, dialogue still plays though.
Brilliant! Shut up and take my rating! :D
Very well done, aside from a few times where she speaks some of his lines. I'm writing my own mother-son dialogue using this as a reference.
I like this mod, is there any way to get rid of the pendant that is hanging and only have the pastie? I want to be able to change the color of the nipple by changing the pastie color and lowering the opacity and this is the only mod that I could find that provided that ability.
I uploaded a "no pendant version".
If you want to change the colour of the nipple, you can request a specific bodymod that will change only the nipple tint and there will be no semi-transparent outline of the pastie (but I won't do it personnally).
This mod has greater potential if more sfx were used from other adult filmstars. (suggestions: Madison Ivy, Peta Jensen, Aria Alexander, etc.)
Wow! I am thoroughly impressed. Amazing work, indeed. Great choice using Shaiden Rogue.
Great mod! however is Ellie the only one that can be sent to the stables?
Pretty cool game, i just had a few problems whit some bugs and glitches, but overall it's a great game, i also would like to know if there's a posibility to add a femboy/trap/Femenine Male Slave in the future, I think that would be awesome, Also i think you should add an potion that would make slaves to orgasm more frecuently and easy. 10/10
Just did a fast test, starting this without any mods. The sounds are most excellent and fir perfect. I like it a lot, very well done. Thanks for the share.

Will tryout with the mods I'm using later, to see if all runs without issues.
I absolutely love these! One of my fav heels, very flexible style now made even more flexible with RGB. Great work!
Wow, I love this game! But, do you know what I don't love? Not being able to run it! Can we get a version of this for Macintosh? The 7zip file gives me a .exe which my computer is unable to run, sooo....I'd really like to be able to have an up-to-date download for one of my favorite games on the internet!
looks great! although I'm more curious about that outfit in the screenshot :D
Failing Up
Failing Up
It's just a combination of the latex top and booty shorts found in the moreclothingmods pack. It's included in the latest loader pack which I highly recommend.
Very well done, I honestly like the look of this hair more. From an angle perspective, and just the artstyle of it both fits SDT better, and just looks better, in my opinion. Thank you very much for a great hair mod
This is probably my favorite joke mod ever, it's hilarious!
After learning a few things and having to make multiple accounts and then have them deleted or forgotten over the past couple years, I think I've finally figured it out and I'm glad to say; It's Perfect & It's Finally Working.
Okay I'm gonna give it an excellent rating for how good both the hair and clothing are, but... I am confused as fuck to even know where this character came from other than American Dad. I've looked and found nothing... was she a character before or is this not really one at all? It's hard to make a good rating on this for accuracy purposes.(because that's a goal I'm trying to do when I have everything)
Looks like it doesn't work anymore. I get no error but the game just crashes right after launching
It's a pretty good mod, but it could be even better if the nipple parts were removable
Perfectly done, been waiting for this for a good bit. Where did you get those panties, and stockings for Thicker Ass and Legs? Would be nice to have those.
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