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Absolutely essential and the flexibility of the settings really lets you customize your clothing files further.
I was wondering, with the +convertbodytoarmwear function, is the vanillaarmpatchV3 still necessary?
Very cute Zuihou hair, love that it kept the headband as well.
beautiful, simply beautiful, just what I was looking for, would you be so kind as to make Sucrose's and xiangling's costumes as well? This game needs more genshin content
Tons of fun. The ability to break different slaves in different ways (and to do it repeatedly) is probably my favorite part. A bit buggy but that's understandable for a WIP mod.

Bugs I've encountered:

- Mod crashes on launch (you get a repeated message DA: Loading from Bazaar) - reinstalling the mod and Flash Player Projector fixed this for me.

- Sister's eyes aren't in the right spot - "U" and then adjust the "Eye X" and "Eye Y" values. You'll have to do this every time.

- Plexia can't be pimped (message: DA: can't find BGmods/slave Bazaar.png) - do not upgrade Plexia's room before first pimping.
Nice didnt think her hair would be made, U planning on making Ai Hayasaka soon ?
As good as it'll ever get until Kona comes back. Which we all know he will.
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
The prophecy foretell it xD
I wanted this to include AS so bad. It's still great, but without AS I can't use it sadly. Thanks for providing it however.
Amazing except for the bugs already mentioned with Plexia
Hey looks good, does this include the background shown in the picture? If no, do you know where you got it?
Just dl'ed off the internet. Didn't really edit it, it just worked.
just giving this rate since i was unable to make it work,i don't have that many mods so i don't think is a problem of ammount (just a few like horse cock,cum color,more clothing,him not letgo and morecumspurts) this caused a problem since if put at the start all the rest of mods won't load,but if you put it at the end then moreclothings will stop working while loading.
maybe you should test compatibility with other mods since by description only seems good
Thanks for letting me know. I load 50+ mods in my INIT and so long as moremoods is present there are no issues but when I remove moremoods I see the problem. It looks like the issue isn't with compatibility with other mods but just that somewhere along the way I ended up making this mod dependent on moremoods. I will get to fixing that later today - should be an easy fix.
Damn, this is good stuff! I particularly like the spiderweb shaved undercut; that's going to have lots of great applications for lots of people. Excellent work :)
Hey cool!!! Awesome work, I love it! Thank you for the mention :)
Great stuff. Solid art, nice hair movement. Solid A+
Great re-work. And both thumbs up. Thank you very much for the share.

I was wondering since I could not find this file anywhere nor its name. Could you help me out telling the filename of the ripped stockings in the image "spider-gwen-punk-screen" so I can find them please.

Thanks in advance. ;-)
Good Job! Bottom half doesn't seem to let me change color, however. If I go to edit skin color it only affects the torso up
A fantastic position! Could you tell me the source of the hair mod ?
Nice !! Im guessing that hair used is it a tickles special unreleased mod ?
It's an exclusive mod ;)
I really like this plus you can easily customize the variants using or any similar or stronger editing software.
Excellent stuff!
Absolutely love the positions used for the video.
Very, very nice!
the penis remains in male colours, switching Him to female unloads the mod. Ass is also too big to fit the strap-on's belt normally.
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