blonde hair

  1. zzaapp002

    Power Girl v2011-02-06

    Power Girl Static Hair by Unknown Related Resources on FAQ
  2. T

    Paul Bunyan Static Hair 2021-05-28

    Static hair for Paul Bunyan. No, of course this wasn't an excuse for me to practice editing FGO hairs! Also, I DEFINITELY didn't choose Paul solely because her hair looked relatively easy to edit. I have no idea why you would think that. *Nervous sweatdrop.*
  3. Hank East

    Genshin Impact - Fischl 2020-10-14

  4. Hank East

    Genshin Impact - Lumine 2020-10-13

  5. T

    Mercedes von Martritz Static hair 2020-09-26

    Static hair for Mercedes (war phase). Not as neat as I would've liked, but hope you enjoy regardless!
  6. Hank East

    FBI-Chan Static Hair 2020-08-31

    Some random comic video got recommended to me on YouTube and I was sufficiently bored, so I threw this together for fun.
  7. AstralHorizen

    Kyouka Shiraishi Static Hair (Energy Kyouka) 2020-08-18

  8. Hank East

    Help with finishing a hair

    This is a bit of a semi-request but whatever. I have made a static hair import for Alice from the Shin Megami Tensei series using her official artwork here. However since a bit of her hair is covered up by her shoulder, my import is missing that area. As I'm not an artist, I'd like to know...
  9. Masterdragon

    Elise (Fire Emblem Fates) 1.0.0

    Kinda dynamic hair from Elise from Fire Emblem Fates Requested by @Luckias104 (and bumped by @illyaasthana ) The first time dabling with dynamic hair (and I'm pretty sure I did it wrong, cause it barely moves, but oh well.
  10. T

    Kaede Akamatsu Static Hair 2020-04-09

    Static hair for Kaede Akamatsu.
  11. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Dark Blonde) with eye. 1.0

    His Head - Light (Dark Blonde) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  12. R

    Wondergirl (Cassie) (Young Justice) hair 1.0

    Wondergirl aka Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark as she appears in Young Justice
  13. R

    Terra Markov (DCAMU) hair 1.0

    I was a fan of this version and not the TT/YJ designs aka the movie: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Default: Default w/o Mask Shaved Default Shaved Default w/o Mask
  14. R

    D.Va Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 1.0

    Here is alternate skin hairs for D.Va (Black Cat/Officer/Academy/Junker/Nano) Most of the recolors or slight edits are based on @D-Oxygen D.Va Static hair For the rest of the hairs I used the color scheme set by @D-Oxygen for consistency D.Va Officer D.Va Default (No headphones; I couldn't...
  15. R

    Melanie Walker (Batman Beyond) hair 1.0

    Melanie Walker (Ten) as she appears in Batman Beyond
  16. Every_Tuesday

    Tigress (Undercover) Static Hair Mod 2019-06-30

  17. FauxNom

    Gravel Static Hair 2019-03-21

  18. Samoth

    Saphron Cotta-Arc Hair 2019-02-24

    Preview (Nude): The following character code recreates the above image (without modifying everything else, i.e. mood, background, or anything about the male): "Loader Clothing Only" outfit preview: The above outfit can be found here: Saphron Cotta-Arc Outfit "Vanilla Clothing Only"...
  19. Perdition

    Earless Liru Hair 2019-02-16

    Based on a static hair mod from the archive, this mod removes the wolf ears.
  20. へんたいおねえちゃん

    Spider-Gwen Edits 2019-02-12

    The static hair files, that I've used to create these alternate versions from, were originally made by roguesrus. I wanted to use the Alternative Hoodie made by Iago and as such quickly threw together a file that doesn't clip with it. After doing so I realized that I didn't like how the front...