[DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body) - COMPLETE EDITION


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I'm still having trouble. Please elaborate on what steps you took. I've imported the original costume onto the LOD body, but I havent figured out how to stretch the costume to fit the larger chest area. I've tried manually stretching the mesh vertices in the costume, but is there a simpler way? I feel manually stretching them wont ever end well.


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You can use the Sculpt Tool to sculpt, or if you want to use edit mode(its what I did) you can see the gray circle a the bottom of the 3d view(in edit mode), to the left of the magnet
Click it, and select enable

Now when you move, scale, or rotate vertices, it will move vertices in an area and not just the ones you have selected. I suggest using the keyboards hotkeys G(move), R(rotate), and S(scale), so you can easily use the scroll wheel on the mouse to change the area affected


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Last post, almost finished my first costume. When i'm done adjusting in blender, how do I export to .tmc? I only see .tmcmesh and I dont know where to go from there. Sorry for all the questions, google isn't helping. Thank you so much for everything so far!


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That's when you start using the polygon tool and polygon insert tool
Export the parts you edited (including the body), and then use the polygon tool to delete those from the original TMC

then use the polygon insert tool to replace them with the edited tmcmeshes


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I found out I skipped something in blender, and the body meshes all have these blenderSeams.png rough edges and the skin isn't smooth so the textures turn into... skingrafted.png . So, how can I smooth out the skin?


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I feel ashamed to admit that I haven't visited this forum since... almost a month? D:
Well, I've decided to return to post my new nude mod for naotora so....

Still in beta (untested in game). It should work without issues (except for the infamous boob clipping on my HLOD models) once the tools allows to insert these files in game. LETHAL Naotora is pending. Also a version with a mole over her her tit.
UPDATE: Download this updated version instead (TMC and DLC files in a single pack). Naotora is now also included in 5 different body variations!:
H-LOD nude mod (TMC-TMCL & DLC)

Naotora HLOD


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I can't get it to work with lnk reshuffle. I tried swapping kokoro's file but nothing changed. in the mod.log file, it shows something like this:
invalid entry @line:1
invalid entry @line:2
invalid entry @line:3
*mod idx: 0 flags:262c size:19 path:0x40001c2d
*mod idx: 0 flags:262d size:1a path:0x40001c2e

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Used a different lnk shuffle version here: lnk_reshuffle-v3.7z — RGhost — file sharing and it's worked
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Wow, so thank you very much for the high quality bodies. Really great work.

Idea: If you were to make versions of each of these bodies wearing high heels, you could squash the whole ankle bend thing, which would be a lot easier on the eyes. I realize that's probably pretty time consuming, but I think it would go a long way. I'd do it myself if I had any idea how.


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Is there any way to unlock Private Paradise again? Last Nude Mod I had was used on v 1.04 and I had private paradise unlocked through a 100% save file.

Now with this nude mod I can't find a save file that unlocks Private Paradise for v 1.06, did they make it impossible?

Edit : Nevermind, I got it. Its actually not in the save file its a DLC which I was able to copy from my previous version.
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Amazing mod Saafrats just crazy but how can use them in story mode too ? x) Awesome job.
Thanks!, about using this mod in story mode, you have to replace the original costumes (mostly the first ones), using lnk reshuffle or autolink (more info on the "How to use TMC and TMCL Files" section in the OP)
how do you install this mod? can't find any instruction
Sorry, I forgot to put that info here. As I've said in the previous answer, check the "How to use TMC and TMCL Files" (this info was also available on the F.A.Q of the dowload, btw)
Another question - is the Naotora ii DLC available for download somewhere?
If you check the new HLOD v1.1 mod download I've posted, you'll find everything there in a single pack; both the TMC and DLC files. Naotora and all her 5 variations are also included of course.


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As usual, I had forgot to post this info here before, but here it is now. The final update:


[NEW] HLOD v1.1 (Final TMC-TMCL & DLC Pack)
  • Now all DOA5 girls and their 5 body variations are included in a single pack.
  • (TMC-TMCL) File/folder scheme is now "Autolink compatible" for ease of use.
  • (DLC) ADLC file is also included. Only compatible with v1.05+.
  • (DLC) Alpha-152 is included in the DLC, but she lacks transparency effects. It's recommended to use her with lnk reshuffle or Autolink.
  • (DLC) Using the last 5 slots available for each girl.
  • (TMC-TMCL / DLC) All the 3 previous "Hotfixes", plus a last minute kokoro bugfix are included in this release
  • Fixed a broken mesh issue present in some HLOD models (a tiny hole under the armpits):
  • Models affected: Tina, Lisa, Helena, Rachel, Christie, Sarah.
  • Fixed a seam issue present in some HLOD models. This was a serious bug found on UV maps #2 (sweat) and #3 (normal map).
  • Models affected: Kasumi, Ayane, Phase 4, Alpha-152.
  • Variations affected: HLOD, LETHAL-HLOD, NRM-HLOD.



[NEW] NYOTENGU HLOD Wings & Dildo Pack v1.1(TMC-TMCL)
  • Avaliable in all the HLOD flavors (HLUD, NRM, HLOD, ULTRA, LETHAL)
  • 6 variations available for each body type (30 in total):
    2 main variations: black and white wings
    3 secondary variations:
    -Wings only
    -Wings + dildo
    -Wings + dildo + "tengu geta"
  • Credits to "the internetz" for the dildo mesh ("the penetrator", import from Saint's Row 3)

Nyotengu HLOD: Wings & Dildo


I can't seem to find the rink lnk shuffle to download. Can anyone help?


Out of curiosity... is there anyway to get the large bust options on Marie Rose WITHOUT changing her body size? My guess is that the mesh textures will not line up and it would probably look terrible if you could manage it. I only ask because the larger body screws me up when fighting against her...