1. sclover13

    Kaguya Luna Costume [SB][Vanilla] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Virtual Youtuber SkinnyBitch Costume ****This is the SkinnyBitch Body type Costume**** - Link to the normal body type version - This mod is the vanilla version. Loader optimized version coming soon. Body mod is Skinny Bitch.
  2. sclover13

    Miko Kubota Daily Costume [TAF Light] 1.1

    This mod has a built-in and modified Light skin TAF body mod. All clothing is removable if you'd like to get the modified body only. This mod is mildly a WIP. There are a few tweaks such as breast clothing and matching the top better with the breathing animations. So, be aware of such...
  3. sclover13

    Mercy Overwatch Complete 1.3

    This was a bit of an ambitious mod and because of that it may lag some systems. I'm terribly sorry about that but tis is the way of flash. I'm dissatisfied with the hair at the moment and plan to completely redraw it. Total To-Do list at the bottom. hair is dynamic and breasts are...
  4. Apollion

    usada pekora's costume

    Hello ! I would like have a Costume mod [the robe, the gloves, the boots, the ankles, (the tighthight if you want too)] of Usada Pekora here Images ( And there only this image lmao ): but i think its perfect ^^
  5. ds14048

    Ryuko and Senketsu V2 1.1

    Ryuko-Senketsu-V2 Ryuko Matoi with her Kamui Senketsu This version is a Costume mod. This mod includes dynamic hair This mod uses dynamicHairExtender by stuntcock modVersion:Number = 5.91 The skin colors will work fine with this mod. This Mod "May Or May Not" be compatible...
  6. ds14048

    Senketsu the Kamui V2 1.1

    Senketsu the Kamui V2 Senketsu-V2 Ryuko Matoi's Kamui Senketsu This version is a Costume mod. The skin colors wil work fine with this mod. https%3A//[/img]']
  7. DigitalSmutExports

    Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored) Mod Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of mods for Empress Emily Kaldwin of Dishonored 2. It contains the full costume as a single mod (to your left) but it also contains 12 single pieces of clothing for your customization pleasure (sample to your right). Some are character specific some are not. See the spoilers...
  8. DigitalSmutExports

    Snow White 1.1

    Redefining True Love's Kiss.... ;-) Includes top, bottoms, shoes and hair. Known issue: The charcode sporadically doesn't load when using the Loader.
  9. I

    Him costume request

    could some make amaimon and mephisto from blue exorcist? I'm attempting to do it myself but i have no idea what I'm doing
  10. DigitalSmutExports

    Knotted Top 1.0

    A very revealing top. It's fully RGB adjustable. It's not breast slider adjustable but rather made for a character I have with breast size 128.
  11. DigitalSmutExports

    Laurel Headwear 1.0

    This is an RGB adjustable headwear mod. The first headwear slider adjusts the colour of the laurel itself, the second one alters the colour of the berries in the back.
  12. J

    Natalia - Resident Evil Revelations 2

    I've been looking for a nude mod for Natalia in Resident Evil Revelations 2, but looks like there isn't any. I'd make it myself, but I've zero knowledge of 3d modeling. There's a costume selection menu, so there should be potential to make different costumes for her and a nude one too. I...
  13. ds14048

    Jinx Teen Titans v2 1.0

    Jinx Teen Titans v2 Outfit for Jinx of Teen Titans, No char code.
  14. Perdition

    RGB Philia Boots 2018-03-18

    Based on @SyntaxTerror's 'Philia Boots' mod, this mod makes those boots RGB adjustable.
  15. superlativo

    Black Desert Online Costume/Body mod MetaInjector

    Im very new in modding I just start to make something interesting. Not too much materials for now, but i like to play with 3dsmax (and learn) during long session of processing in black desert. I like mod costumes i own in game. What you need for use this pac files, is Meta Injector -Tamer Body...
  16. AstralHorizen

    Costume Modding Trouble!

    If anyone's still currently active, i could use some advice. I started to make custom mods on Adobe Animate CC, but i've been having a problem. I used this Guide on the SDT Forums for creating a mod...
  17. dantethedarkprince

    Sona's Top Down Outfit 1.0

    See also Sona's Outfit, Sona's Sleeveless Outfit & Sona's Dynamic Hair.
  18. dantethedarkprince

    Sona's Sleeveless Outfit 1.0

    See also Sona's Outfit, Sona's Top Down Outfit & Sona's Dynamic Hair.
  19. dantethedarkprince

    Sona's Outfit 1.0

    See also Sona's Sleeveless Outfit, Sona's Top Down Outfit & Sona's Dynamic Hair.
  20. dantethedarkprince

    Morgana's Outfit 1.0

    See also Morgana's Dynamic Hair.