1. NiteGuardian

    Nude Remix Bonus DLC 4.5

    I have now added a Bonus DLC so you can skip using AutoLink or Ink_Reshuffle, I give no promises it will work and in fact expect it to crash your game, you have been warned but here it is.
  2. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Complete Nude Remix 4.5

    Meshes by: Harry Palmer, kayakff, SaafRats, timmyC and NiteGuardian. Textures by: Harry Palmer, kayakff, galhound and NiteGuardian. Tools used made by: dtk mnr, timmyC and riry sukisuki. Special Thanks to: SaafRats, kayakff and timmyC for all their help, support and advice. All the DOA Modding...