[DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body) - COMPLETE EDITION


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Apr 19, 2015
This is H-LOD, a curvy body nude mod for all DOA5 girls, made with custom meshes and textures.


LAST UPDATE (03/03/19):
  • Now all variants are included in a single pack (base nude mod, bushy variant and cel shading option
  • Available for every official (female) character, along all their body types (HLUD, NRM, HLOD, CS-HLOD, ULTRA, LETHAL)
  • Now shaved and bushy variants are merged in a single model for each character (the overall pack now uses 50% less disk space)
  • Now compatible with AutoLink. Pack ready to be swapped on every official female character of DOA5LR (How to use it: [DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body) - COMPLETE EDITION)
Among other features, this customized model has more vertex density than the vanilla one over tits, ass, thighs, belly button and other body parts, providing an improved softness, without being a hi-poly model. The shading on the model is also fully customized ("cleavage" and "bleavage"). I've also fixed some little defects from the original model.
This body has been carefully adapted to match the shape of every girl on the game, keeping their original proportions, while retaining the characteristic features of Honoka's body: big tits and ass. I've also created a set of custom body textures for each one of the ladies.
  • Bust size and shape for all the girls is "HLOD" by default.
  • All the girls are available in 5 bust/body shapes (HLUD, NRM-HLOD, HLOD, ULTRA-HLOD and LETHAL-HLOD)
  • Boob clipping. Associated with collision physics; the models retain physics from the original vanilla breasts.
  • High ankle bending. One of the most annoying problems on bare feet doa models, related to the skeleton. For some reason team ninja decided to make just one kind of base skeleton for each girl, considering that they wear high heels by default.
  • "Merged toes": Another vanilla model issue.
  • The pussy mesh may look weird under certain circumstances (wide open legs). it's a little weight related problem in that zone, a lot worse before.
  • Some models are suffering a weird bending behind the knees.
  • There may be some other minor problems associated with neck seams, caused by slight tone differences and
  • A little F.A.Q., kind of.
Some important info about the naming of the models ("word modding")

This weird effect is related to the name written on this Honoka-based models.
All H-LOD mod files (TMC, TMCL, --C, --P), must have written the word "HONOKA" on it, in capital letters. It can't be honoka, Honoka, honoko, Hanako, sweettits, yummytits... you name it, otherwise this weird (normal map related) effect will occur:
I will use this screenie as example to show this bug (thanks to LGMODS)

Some examples of good and bad file naming:
BIGTITS_HONOKA_whatever... good
something_honoka... wrong
something_Honoka... wrong
whatever_something... wrong

It sound weird indeed, but this has been proven.
  • timmyc, for his great DOA5ObjTmcConverter tool, which allowed me to edit my models and UV maps in 3dsmax.
  • Dotouku, for his TMC tool suite, used to remove/insert meshes, and for his blender scripts, useful to create my custom meshes, and UV edits.
  • sf234, for his texture tool, useful to insert and replace the custom textures
  • barbell, author of the pussy mesh in which I was inspired to make the pussy of this mod (inner labia). I say inspired because the mesh is quite different compared to the original now. I have also used his orignal inner labia texture, with some slight modifications.
Special thanks

To my friends for their great support, timmyc, siframe, JackWall, DigitalCookie, LGMODS, IshidaCorp, gatto tom, GuachaLover23, among many others friends.
  • Using lnk reshuffle, replacing the first or second costume of each character. Some swaps may show some weird white texture issues (example: swap on Honoka COS 1).
Thanks to my friend siframe for this quick and useful tutorial!

1) unzip lnk reshuffle (duh lol)

2) go to the version folders inside the Lnk folder- 1.02, 1.02a etc, and open the one for your game version. put the dinput.dll into your game directory

3) open lnk reshuffle with the start bat

4) select the STEAM original game exe in the top bar, the 3dm launcher won't work but your adjustments will still show when running the game from the 3dm launcher.

5) select a character from the first drop down which defaults to 'Akira'

6) select the costume you want to switch from the next drop down across - default 'cos_001'

7) highlight the tmc in the list that appears in the left hand box, then press 'swap' on the bottom right

8) navigate to the mod tmc you want and press open. Lnk will think about it for a second and then if swapped successfully the font of the selected tmc in the left hand box will go dark red rather than black. Repeat for the tmcl, no need to worry about any of the others.

9) When you've swapped everything you want to press quit. You're done.

  • Now there is a new, and maybe the definitive option: AutoLink
(thanks to tastefultoy for this tutorial!)

  • Alternatively you can use DLC Tool to make your own custom DLC.

NYOTENGU HLOD Wings & Dildo Pack v1.1(TMC-TMCL)

Since Nyotengu lacks "some things" on my HLOD nude mod, I've made this pack to give her back her wings... and also a little purple toy.
  • Avaliable in all the HLOD flavors (HLUD, NRM, HLOD, ULTRA, LETHAL)
  • 6 variations available for each body type (30 in total):
    2 main variations: black and white wings
    3 secondary variations:
    -Wings only
    -Wings + dildo
    -Wings + dildo + "tengu geta"
  • Credits to "the internetz" for the dildo mesh
    ("the penetrator", import from Saint's Row 3)
Nyotengu HLOD: Wings & Dildo


Some HLOD-based mods made by other modders
[DOA5LR] Honoka UHLOD Remix | Undertow

Check my other mods:
A small collection of HLOD mods based on Honoka
Honoka Topless & Flower Pasties mods
Honoka & Marie Rose: NEW NRM & LOD NUDE MODS
LUD Nude mod (small breasts mod)

Hail 816 8008135!

thanks to DOA5LSR for the gif
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Dec 13, 2012
"It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. .."

...for the pillow lovers round here anyway lol. Great work buddy. Really great.


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May 27, 2012
Ontario, Canada
@ SaafRats Wow, I'm definitely looking forward to this new mod. You keep coming up with new and interesting mods, and you never disappoint. This is looking great, and adding defining curves to the bodies on the female fighters of the game truly brings in a uniqueness of quality all it's own.


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Dec 1, 2015
Wooow, its a great mod, can you compre on 2 picture the original body and your mod's body?

Great Job

Its all bodys same of Honoka? or you change the body's measure?


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Dec 13, 2012
Boobs are bigger, new detailed pussy mesh, in fact the whole body is re-meshed from scratch based on honokas proportions... after that think they're just fitted to the other characters skeletons, but saaf may correct me there lol


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Apr 19, 2015
Just as siframe said, I made these meshes based on Honoka's body (not the same base mesh as the previous nude mod), but then adjusted to the original proportions of each girl (not to mention the texture work :S) , preserving the core attributes of Honoka: her big tits and ass.

Btw, some nude story mode screenies:
H-LOD: Nude story mode (1)

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Dec 1, 2015
Great job, love this mod, how can i do this type of mods?

I want to change the size of your hips, thighs and ass, is that possible?


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Apr 19, 2015
Anyelou Anyelou
you can do it using blender, or 3dsmax (using timmy's tool) there you have info about how to use this great tool (is the tool used to shape my mod).
Details about how to do it, depends on the technique of each person. There are thousands of ways to do it :)

B BattleJesus
That was fast! I'm glad to know that this mod has generated such a great interest.
You can post your mods here if you prefer of course, it would be great!.
But if you want to do your own thread, I'll not have problems with that ;)

siframe siframe
Thanks as always for your support here and LL!
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