red hair

  1. R

    Sophia (Persona 5 Strikers) 1.0

    Sophia - from Persona 5 Strikers. Character Code...
  2. Apollion

    Nezuko Kamado by Apollion 2020-11-26

    Hey ! ManzelotX asked about a static Nezuko Kamado hair So I made it :D (this static don't work well with the vanilla game moded Vanilla yeah i don't know why but in the vanilla, the arm is a layer over of the hair, that's why its better to use modded sdt Btw I used the mods of sby loader pack...
  3. Maineim

    Princess Lana Static Hair 1.0

  4. Teadium

    Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) - Static Hair 2020-09-23

  5. Teadium

    Mari Setogaya (Itadaki! Seieki) - Static Hair 2020-09-21

  6. T

    Annette Fantine Dominic Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-06-15

    Static hair for Annette (War Phase).
  7. S

    Vicky static hair 1.0

    I am new and I am starting to make my own hair, I will make requests if requested. I would appreciate your comments
  8. Hank East

    Fate/Grand Order - Ritsuka Fujimaro (Gudako) 2.0

    Includes see-though bangs version.
  9. Hank East

    Tekken - Kunimitsu 1.0

    Combined the mask from the old Kunimitsu hairs from the archive with SyntaxTerror's RGB Dynamic Bunches (02) though saddly I had to sacrifice the dynamic part :P Includes Kitsune and Oni versions, for the 2 player experience :)
  10. T

    Leonie Pinelli Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-04-11

    Static hair for Leonie (War Phase).
  11. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Vibrant Red) with eye. 1.0

    His Head - Light (Vibrant Red) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  12. deadreaver

    Uruka Takemoto Static Hair 1

    Skin Code charName:SD charNameSD...
  13. R

    Kozue Takama (Lover-in-Law) hair 1.0

    Kozue Takama as she appears in Lover-in-Law aka Aniyome wa Ijippari Ponytail variant (I copy pasted the top of the head from this hair by @eastbayboy):
  14. R

    Kathy Kane (Batwoman) (DCAMU) hair 2019-09-08

    Kathy Kane as she appears in the movie: Batman: Bad Blood Skin: Pale H: 0 S: 65 L: 100 C: 108
  15. R

    Mercy Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 2.0

    BIG UPDATE: Here is alternate skin hairs for Mercy (Sigrun/Pink/Medic/Fairy/Winged/Devil) Most of the recolors or slight edits are based on @Teadium Mercy Static hair For the rest of the hairs I used the color scheme set by @Teadium for consistency but I personally adjust it a little to be...
  16. Samoth

    Sonia Static Hair 2019-06-27

    The following character code recreates the above image (without modifying everything else, i.e. mood, background, or anything about the male): "Loader Clothing Only" outfit preview: The above outfit can be found here: Sonia Outfit "Vanilla Clothing Only" outfit preview: The following...
  17. Every_Tuesday

    Starfire (Koriand´r) Static Hair Mod 2019-06-18

  18. ds14048

    redhead braid V1 1.0

    redhead braid V1 redhead braid static hair
  19. FauxNom

    Miki Tsurugi Static Hair 2019-03-15

    Miki Tsurugi.
  20. Hank East

    Trish Una static hair 1.0