1. Perdition

    Gaige Skirt 2019-11-15

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Gaige - Borderlands 2' mod, this mod isolates the skirt and makes it RGB adjustable.
  2. YoungKai

    MR Launcher

    OVERVIEW Games such as Black Desert Online is launched through a game patcher. The game patcher may detect your mod file(s) and cause problem. MR Launcher is a script that will automate the process of: Restore from original backup of game files, so you start off clean. Launch the game...
  3. dantethedarkprince

    Gaige Mod 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric.
  4. Wasabi Ice Cream

    God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 Rage Burst .qpck Extract/Repacker

    Just sharing a tool I found for poking through the God Eater files. This tool was created by mhvuze over at GitHub. You can find his tool HERE. Usage Extract: qpckEater -x <qpck_file> Repack: qpckEater -c <folder>
  5. AdrianMcClean 0.1

    This Python script can be used to replace shapes in a SWF file with ones you have drawn in Inkscape and saved as SVG. It is a cheapskate alternative to a full flash authoring environment, if all you want to do is tweak somebody else's flash mod. You will need to download and install a separate...
  6. stuntcock

    Show Mod Info 1.0

    This mod is intended to assist advanced users and apprentice modders. It hooks into the mod-loading code, and display additional information whenever an SDT import (such as a hairstyle or clothing SWF file) is loaded. Because it lists the individual mod elements according to their template...
  7. Ray Wing

    Resorep 1.7.0

    If you see "Download not available" - register a free account here on Undertow and log in. Please refer to [Tool] Resorep - DirectX 11 texture replacer Update procedure: 1) Launch your current unupdated version of Resorep. 2) Unhook all applications. 3) Unpack and launch new version of Resorep...
  8. Ray Wing

    [Tool] Resorep - DirectX 11 texture replacer

    Information A tool to replace textures in DirectX 11 applications. Aims to do the same thing as uMod tool did for DirectX 9. Download link Resorep | Undertow
  9. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Modding Tools (Updated April 24, 2017)

    I have found many members of the PC modding community do not know how to mod Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, this post will hopefully help you in finding the Tools and Forums where you can get what you need. Please remember, none of these Tools were made by me and I can only help you learn how to...
  10. Pim_gd

    DialogueChecker (Latest version: V3.07, 18 December 2016)

    As I'm not much of an artistic or otherwise creative person, I try to help out in other ways to promote good fapping material. I've started helping out with dialogues to ensure they don't have any bugs or silly typo's in them. During this "Quality Assurance", I tend to find mistakes - simple...