1. B

    [DOA5LR] Honoka UHLOD Remix

    Mega DL Spent a while editing every single one of Honoka's costumes to fit the UHLOD body Saafrats, and here they are. Her entire wardrobe, all 25 outfits, minus Renne's outfit(since that apparently doesn't like being tampered with) refitted to the UHLOD body, with a piece of...
  2. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] (SaafRats) A small collection of mods for Honoka... and Naotora

    UPDATE: All packs here: https://www.deviantart.com/saafrats/gallery/58073321/H-LOD-costume-mods This had to happen. I had promised this long time ago, so it's time to publish some of stuff. HONOKA PASTIES MOD 2.0 Updated version of the old good pasties mod I've made with timmyc almost one...
  3. SaafRats

    [DOA5 LR] H-LOD nude mod 1.9

    This is H-LOD, a new nude mod for all DOA5 girls I've made using custom meshes and textures, based on Honoka's body. Among other features, this customized model has more vertex density than the vanilla one over tits, ass, thighs, belly button and other body parts, providing an improved softness...