[DOA5LR] (SaafRats) A small collection of mods for Honoka... and Naotora


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Apr 19, 2015
UPDATE: All packs here:

This had to happen. I had promised this long time ago, so it's time to publish some of stuff.

Updated version of the old good pasties mod I've made with timmyc almost one year ago. Now including other 5 new variations.

Honoka pasties mod v2.0


Renewed version of the old topless mod I've made with timmyc almost one year ago, now updated using my new HLOD meshes (HLOD version only, but I could add a UHLOD version if there is interest)

Honoka topless mod v2.01


Alternative Bikini Colors

NEW "Angelnoka" mod (v2)
Renewed version of this mod, updated with HLOD body meshes. 3 variations available.

Angelnoka v2
More screenshots:
Angelnoka v2

NEW Naotora "kinky tigress" (untested)
Yes, a mod for Naotora, maybe the first mesh mod for her.
Two versions available. Can't be used right now, since there are no tools for inject those files in game for the moment (patience!).

Naotora kinky tigress

How to use TMC and TMCL Files

  • Add to the game using lnk reshuffle, replacing the first or second costume of each character. Some swaps may show some weird white texture issues (example: swap on Honoka COS 1).
  • Alternatively you can use DLC Tool to make your own custom DLC.
  • timmyc, for his great and unique DOA5ObjTmcConverter tool.
  • Dotouku, for his TMC tool suite, and for his blender scripts.
  • sf234, for his texture tool
  • Team Ninja/TECMO for DOA5LR original models
Special thanks
To my friends for their great support, timmyc, siframe, JackWall, DigitalCookie, DOA5LSR, IshidaCorp, voidels23, Guachalover23, among many others friends.

I have more mods on the way!. You can check LL's screenshots thread to ask me for a mod that I have posted screenshots in the past.

Check my other mods:
H-LOD nude mod (curvy body mod)
Honoka Topless & Flower Pasties mods
Honoka & Marie Rose: NEW NRM & LOD NUDE MODS
LUD nude mod (small breasts mod)

Hail 816 8008135!


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Sep 7, 2015
HLOD version only, but I could add a UHLOD version if there is interest
well, you've added the UHLOD for the pink one. or did you mean UHLOD for both colours? that would be great. LOD & UHLOD for each colour. but again, not really pushing you for it, sir. you can produce one or not, up to your mood. as for now, I'm content with your latest LOD for all, VERY content. I deleted all nude stuffs from my HDD, only need one ultimate LOD. dream comes true, mission accomplished, I can rest (or rather fap?) in peace now

oh btw, does this one released yet?
[DOA5LR] (SaafRats) H-LOD nude mod v1.0 - curvy body mod | Undertow
need LOD bunny, this has to happened :p or better, ULOD bunny. but I can live with LOD one in the mean time


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Apr 19, 2015
Hey 3island, I missed you here :D,
The mod you mention was released some time ago (along with some others) but in loverslab... the truth is that I haven't visited this forum in a while D:
I will try to update all my other mods... soon
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