1. pooplool

    how do I make a background mod?

    How do i make a background mod?
  2. T

    Mod issues with MoreClothing, can't figure it out

    I've tried adding [School Outfits Pack Mod] to moreclothing, after testing most clothes work except the vests and long shorts. Every other shirt type works fine except the long ones, and the vests don't show up at all in the menu...
  3. エンツォ

    Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Titan Dogoo (爆走次元ネプテューヌVS巨神スライヌ, lit. Noisy Racing Dimension Neptune VS Giant God Slinu) Mod Request

    There's this new hyperdimension neptunia game on switch that got released last week in japan and i was wondering if there could be any mods for this before the global version. Besides it still uses the same engine as the previous one.
  4. Otherblack

    Twiska mod Edit Request Filled -see link in second post

    If any modder would be so kind i have a request, i would appreciate it if someone could use dante's twiska wings and tail mod and isolate the wings and tail into separate swf's Please and thank you!
  5. Femboy Pinocchio (Lies of P)

    Femboy Pinocchio (Lies of P) 1.1

    A body and hair mod for all the liars out there :3
  6. BeelzeRog

    BeelzeRog Nude Mod & Adult Game Review videos

    Hey, I do a series of video reviews of adult games & nude mods if anyone is interested. I'll stick to just posting them in this thread. If it's against regulations to promote like this, I understand. Don't want to step on anyone's toes. This is my latest one...
  7. patches13

    Black Desert Online Commission for Animation mod. Change Guardian Jordun to Warrior Greatsword

    *Looks at the gods that are Queen and Suzu I want to hire anyone capable of switching the Guardian's skins for the Jordun to the Warrior's Greatsword. I was told this would likely also require changing the animations of the two weapons to make it look right. I am willing to pay a commission for...
  8. MouseA

    [Black Desert Online][NSFW] Mouse's ST Mod

    ST Mod = Shai and Tamer Mod Hi everyone, my native language is not English, so I'm sorry for my poor English. I have three Shai and two Tamer, but now I can't find the mod for the new outfit. I watched "BDO Porting Tutorial" to learn Blender on YT. I've only learned to use clipping to make mods...
  9. try-force

    Annoying HIM mod behavior

    Using sby's loader pack. Any time I load up a HIM mod it wipes a majority of HER features (nail polish, mod settings such a breast firmness, layering of dirty body, etc) which is a painstaking process. I wanted to build Lara Croft with the Jade Statue mod, but it wipes any customization of...
  10. G

    Bloody Angels - a Zako horde shooter based on Garry's Mod

    Hey, i am developing a Zako shooter based on Garry's mod. Here's some alpha footage.
  11. BlueZephyr

    Bukkake Mod RGB Revision

    Could someone make a RGB revision of the bukkake.swf mod? I recently rediscovered this body covering and I'm enjoying it a lot but I have some inhuman characters that have differently colored cum, with help from another mod. Having a slider would be great, but also the possibility of it matching...
  12. Sheriff Uniform

    Sheriff Uniform

  13. L

    BDO: Need NPC Elf and human NPC nude mod created by suzu

    Anyone heve NPC Elf and human NPC nude mod created by suzu? I need pacs and textures Link of related thread:
  14. LavenderV

    Requesting a Weiss Schnee HIM mod.

    Pretty straight forward, requesting for a Futa Weiss Schnee from RWBY as HIM for SDT. if it helps, I can do an art trade using Koikatsu, preferably with her First outfit or the Volume 4-6 outfit. Cheers. I'm new on the Discord, if you want to chat about it.
  15. slayer

    Beats of Rage all female mod

    I've been working in an all female, AIS created female enemy Beats of Rage mod. Here is the link to the main thread:
  16. J

    Valkyrie of Phantasm nude mod request

    The game already has panty shots so, seems like a good candidate for a mod for some of the characters like meiling. I mention her because i'm not sure if i can request a general mod for whatever characters the modder would like to work on? That's the one i'd like to see the most though, if i...
  17. List of changes - Nep SvS modpack

    List of changes - Nep SvS modpack

    All changes included on the Nep SvS modpack.
  18. Neptunia Sisters Vs Sisters NSFW Modpack Video

    Neptunia Sisters Vs Sisters NSFW Modpack Video

    Modpack video for the Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters NSFW modpack. It changes everything that can be modded to be nsfw / nude. For free.
  19. Tori3

    TERA Unicast MOD Wear any costume you want in TERA!!!

    How to install TERA Unicast MOD With Unicast you can wear and try any costume, mount, footsteps, even modify your character appearance including their thighs size! Its a client side mod, but you can see and share your unicast appearance with ONLINE mode which I'll explain how to do it at the...
  20. Meekurukuru

    Monochrome Mobius NSFW Modpack ← Download available! NEW VARIANTS, MODELS, TEXTURES AND MORE!

    Good evening, here is the complete modpack for Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten! Here is a 3 minute video with almost ALL of the NSFW changes included in the modpack, it is really condensed and concise so you might have to re-watch it a couple of times. Mega link to the video...

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