1. khalifa

    Leather Leggings/Jeans for SDT _ Already made

    EDIT: Already made, see link in next post. As you can guess i'm requesting lether styled leggings or jeans (see references) which should be somekind of shiny. RGB would be nice but black is most common and probably much easier to create, so i'm fine with that...
  2. S

    Request for claw mod

    Just wondering if there was anyone out there willing to make a mod that gives claws or long nails to the girl. Mainly for characters like catwoman.
  3. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Cagalli Yula Athha hair 2019-04-14

    Static hair mod of Cagalli Yula Athha from Mobilesuit Gundam Seed.
  4. W

    how do i mod the guy

    so I've downloaded a few mods and i'm struggling to change the guy. so far I've only been able to mod the girl and background and I've been trying everything. is there anything or any way i can change him?
  5. N

    Glory0: A Gloryhole Mod

    This mod is for the SDT loader. It can be used with any character and I suppose it can be used for any situation where there are multiple men, but it's really intended for a gloryhole setting. The attached background is highly recommended. You should load it after the mod itself. I'll also...
  6. StonedGrizzly

    RGB Tongue possible?

    I've been looking around for any tongue replacer or modifier that allows you to alter the color of the tongue but I haven't had any luck- has anyone tried to make a mod similar before?
  7. J

    Sunset Overdrive - Nude Body to Replace Base Underwear (Almost Nekkid)

    Hello, just here to request a nude texture replacement (if possible) for the base underwear texture in Sunset Overdrive. I'd really appreciate it if it's possible. Thanks. Edit: The name of the base underwear is "Almost Nekkid". Here are some screens of it in game.
  8. Antimatter42

    Wireless Earbuds Request

    If possible, I would like to request a mod in which the character can wear wireless earbuds. I'm aware that there are already headphone mods out there, but I would like to see an earbud mod as well. I would prefer for this mod to be RGB adjustable, but it's fine if this can't be done. Here are...
  9. tickles

    tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board

    {=== tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board ===} Hello everyone, Welcome to the request board. Here I'll be making community based polls for certain requests (such as clothings, hairstyles, etc.) as well as possibly list people who made things for SDT. Whether it was their handy work in...
  10. UrMum12345

    Archangel Bow 2018-09-23

    The bow from @dantethedarkprince's Archer Angel mod.
  11. UrMum12345

    Archangel Sword 2018-09-23

    The sword from @dantethedarkprince's Swordsman Angel mod.
  12. khalifa

    Convert into swf-file

    Hi guys, i wanted to create a shoe-mod but couldnt finish it because my animate CC license ran out :confused:. could someone convert that png-file into an usable swf-file? thx
  13. khalifa

    Animtools Mod

    Hi, i've been playing this game for a while and seen pretty good mods and wanted to try that myself. So this is my first attempt. Enjoy. Here's a preview for the first one: And the second:
  14. Vitalik

    how to modify the angle of the camera in resident evil code veronica

    watch this video I do not know how he does it someone knows how to modify the camera, the owner of the channel has not responded as it is done. Please Help
  15. Demon123

    All the way through MOD

    Hi, everyone! :smile::tongue: I´ve been searching a something like this, this is only a Photoshopped image, but I would like to someone create this mod. I'm requesting a mod can allow an "all the way through deepthroat". :grin: Please. Thanks...!!!
  16. veironn

    Mad Max : Madness pack mod

    Mod features : 100 textures modified in high resolution , including max clothes , story characters and max 43 new paints for the cars Option to create your custom car paints editing the original templates with photoshop Brown dog Download : mad max mod file - Mad Max : Madness pack mod for Mad...
  17. Phantom-Wolf

    Froslass Head (STATIC) 2018-03-23

    Body code! charName:SD...
  18. R

    Better Feet Bug?

    Hey, I try to load the better feet mod: Better Feet in the Ini File, but when I start the game the legs disappeared. However when I then manually load the mod, everything works. I don't have any other mods installed. Does anybody know how this could happen?
  19. S

    SDTL 0.0.2

    SDTL - SDT Launcher (Some Dude's Turbo Launcher?) This project is cancelled. Check out SDTL 2 instead. Forum Thread (For suggestions, discussion, reporting issues and giving feedback) What is SDTL? SDTL is a cross-platform launcher for the game SDT. It runs the game in a custom version of...
  20. E

    Idolm@ster Aki Yamato and Takumi Mukai.

    Hi everyone! i posted this thread because I requested this in a old thread and a mod said it to me so if can someone make or got something similar to them say it please! :3 I will show the cards refs from the official page: [/spoiler]
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