1. A

    Help for underwear mod Bdo

    Hello, i tried it few times with resorepless to get the underwear away and show only the stockings, few underwear models work but not all. How can i show all stockings? Special the Le Vladian show no stockings, its still complete naked. Can anyone help me? I be technical not so good and...
  2. 456

    him mod requests

    putting this out to see what people want, as sclover has made a templet to make him mods way more accessible
  3. H

    how download mod on character?

    как скачать мод персонажа сакура харуно
  4. C

    Open Mouth Mod - Request filled

    Basically the inverse of the closed mouth and clenched teeth mod. I'd like for there to be a mod where her mouth is always open, regardless of her position, head tilt, etc. Thanks! Edit: by "open" I mean fully opened EDIT: Request filled, see link in third post.
  5. D

    Bloodrayne 2: Terminal Cut - Game Cover Rayne

    Hello, is it possible to put the original hairstyle (from the original outfit including the physics properties) onto the evening gown outfit? I'm trying to play as Rayne from the BR2 game cover for a while now but unfortunately i haven't been lucky enough to find such a mod. Found a mod that...
  6. M

    [Hair Request] Ibuki: Street Fighter. (Preferably Dynamic, but can be Static)

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to create Ibuki's hair, (without the hair cover, if possible). I prefer it to be dynamic, however I'm not opposed to it being static, if it is easier or cannot be dynamic. That said, below are some image references to use: Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4...
  7. Resource icon

    Pretty Nose (Skincolor adjustable) 1.0

    Just a little cute nose.
  8. S

    Body Mod Error

    I am trying to make a Body Mod that specifically focuses on the Chest. I am running into an issue where testing it in the game makes the breasts disappear. I've followed all of the directions for creating a Mod on Animate and the settings for it, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Resource icon

    SDT Texture Fix 1.1.3

    SDT Mod to fizx some game imperfections.
  10. D

    any lisa simpson mod here?

    asking for a friend
  11. W

    Mod that moves his dick up if she is licking his balls

    Something like the closer she gets to his balls, off-dick, the higher the penis angle increase up to like for example 45 degrees? Don't know how much his dick can angle upwards, but even the maximum upward angle like when he cums would probably work. Just to show that her head is displacing...
  12. C

    Move her mod

    Is there any mod that allows me to move her? So mods like penis range works better.
  13. G

    How does one make a headwear mod?

    I was going to try to make my own headwear mod but then I realised that I have no idea how and that I couldn't seem to find anything about how to. Is there any who is willing to explain how to do so for me?
  14. R

    how to Bdo drakania 3d nude mod?

    I installed the mod but the drakania and nova model is not 3d. İts like this How to turn 3d?
  15. K

    [SDT] Panic pissing action and puddle mod

    Copied from my original request at the other page. Her panic pissing action and puddle of it (dissappears gradually with time) triggered by fear rising or pass out or suffering from his ejaculation. It'd be more natural and realistic if she don't change her mode and facial expression but simply...
  16. MZZ

    DrugHit 1.0 for GZDoom

    Hi All, I got a new wad for GZDoom. This time styled after the Rainbow Six Ravenshield map "Island Estate". Or "Pearl Castle", as the mission is named. But not from a SWAT perspective, casualties are not your concern ;) "Story" You are a hitman for a drug baron and are on a mission to send a...
  17. GZDoom: DrugHit

    GZDoom: DrugHit 1.0

    Be a drug cartel hitmen, sending a bloody message
  18. niyawakachi

    Request: Naked mod of mash in melty bloom type lumina

  19. P

    Error in hair mod

    I don't understand how I get these mistakes, it is just a static hair mod, could you help me please?
  20. sdtvamp

    Looking for this body mod

    Does anyone know this body mod name or can lead me to the mod?


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