1. Newtjam

    Base mod and textures? -bdo

    Hey there, i was wondering if anyone happens to have just the base mods for the female characters? I happened to screw up by added some textures and files from Suzu's zip "Latest Black Desert Mods" and unfortunately it had a lot of modifications that i hadn't wanted, and happened to make a lot...
  2. P

    A mod for ignoring mouse inputs

    Not sure if this already exists, or is already in game/loader, but a way to ignore mouse inputs so you can move around without initiating movement of either character. Thanks in advanced.
  3. F

    Him Hair PNG mod?

    Hey guys, I've tried looking for this and can't seem to find it. With her hair mods, you can simply edit an image in photoshop and hey presto, you have custom hair. Customising his hair isn't so simple, however. It would be great if there was a mod that allowed for a simple hair import rather...
  4. M

    Breast Slider Corset

    Hi... I'm looking for a corset mod, preferably RGB adjustable... that is primarily breast slider adjustable as well I have yet to find a corset that is breast slider adjustable and would truly appreciate help.
  5. P

    Panty Anarchy SDT Mod Request

    I dont know if anyone already did this but i coudn't find it so i guess it hasnt been done. It would be great if some one made a hair mod for panty from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  6. FNF_PiCO

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Gamemaker R:Evolution (Switch/PC) mod request

    There's this new neptunia game that still runs on unity but it's switch version came last week in Japan and also it's global steam and switch version drops next year. So i was wondering if it's easy to mod the switch japanese version before the steam version comes out as well as the global...
  7. P

    SPNatI I seem to be the first to mod it

    I seem to be the first to create a SPNatI mod, is there anything I should know after making the first mod for a adult game. Links to my SPNatI mods:
  8. G

    Mortal Kombat 9 Fatality on nude mod

    Anyone got videos of Fatalities on mk 9 or mk 10 female characters with nude mod on?
  9. Outdriver

    Looking for old Quake 2 mod that made all enemies skimpy/nude women. -FOUND

    I remember once downloading a quake 2 mod that replaced all enemies with skimpy/nude female versions who IIRC also took clothing damage. I did a quick search on this site and search engines but had no luck. Would anyone here know of an active links or be willing to upload the WAD for mods...
  10. Z

    The Last Of Us Part 1 Nude Mod Request. (Someone make one please)

    Someone make a Last of us part 1 nude mod please its been out for like 4-5 months now. Im sure its possible. Or if someone already has one lmk.
  11. K

    Black Desert Woosa mod fix

    Hello there, I recently started playing BDO and came across this server. The tutorials have helped me out massively, but I couldn't figure out this issue I ran into with the Woosa nude mod made by Suzu: It seems a warped texture lingers around the crotch area, possibly part of the underwear...
  12. S

    Faceless Mod tentacles 2.2 Modification Request

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have the 'his arm' tentacle around her neck removed from this mod? It blocks the collar slot and I feel the mod would look better without it. Even better if this mod could be adapted for ExtraModCore...
  13. Duality

    DC Dual Force Nude Mod

    While playing the beta for DC Dual Force, I was curious to see if textures could be altered with Special K just like Hearthstone & MtG:A and they can! I quickly made lewd edits using AI for 4 of the females leaders shown below and another for the Stargirl card. If anyone else is interested in...
  14. Long Wavy brown hair

    Long Wavy brown hair 2023-07-05

    Static wavy and voluminous brown hair
  15. H

    Was wondering if someone could make a "Lion Him" mod or if one already exsists?

    I was looking around the "Him" part of this website and noticed that there are few Beast/Animal versions of Him. I was wondering if someone could make that, (Specifically A Lion version of "Him") or if it's not that hard to make someone to teach me how.
  16. T

    Mary Skelter: Nightmares

    Steam: Mary Skelter: Nightmares on Steam GOG: Mary Skelter: Nightmares I have some ideas I could possibly do with this game, but it wouldn't be much. There is some potential to lewd this game a bit further during the rubbing minigame. I've so far found that I can extract out the BRA files...
  17. S

    Looking for a tera online nude male aman mod

    Hey ppl! Im looking for a tera online nude male aman mod! Including nipples + genitals please! Even better if its really detailed!
  18. J

    [Request] Star Wars The Old Republic Nude mod For Latest Version

    Hey just making the post to ask if anyone knows of or could update the nude mod for Star Wars The Old Republic to make it work with the newest version Please.
  19. Super18

    Discussion: SDT Overworld Mod (Casual) Project Y/N? See Description if interested in helping.

    So I did a thing. Read past the lengthy introduction if you want to skip to the meat and potatoes. Introduction; So, I have had a habit of biting off more than I can chew in the past. And I haven't been on the site for years. I came back out of curiosity today and am glad to see improvements...
  20. D

    Filled- Aion classic nude Armor skin ''Armor blanking'' that works with mesh nude patch....and mane remove ''Asmo''.

    ''CradleOfFear'' nude patch is the only mod I can get to work with Aion classic and the mesh has to be put in the old way everytime, no bat file is included in the mod and im not sure that will work with nc launcher in any event.... but I can drop in pc folder for asmo and overwrite each time...

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