1. galvatron88

    The Miss Adventures of Chun li and li Fen

    I feel i have another chun li story in me, this time a comic that i will be posting pages over time. hope you enjoy. this is just the end of this short but will be more on the way. ==========================================Part Two=============================================
  2. galvatron88

    Chun li vs lily

    It is a hot summers day in Hong Kong, Chun li and her step daughter Li fen just got back from vacation in the Bahamas. The street is busy with people. Chun li and lie fen just got done eating at a local restaurant and now are headed back to their home. The prim and proper Chun li had eaten...
  3. AmazonBattleground

    Ryona stuff posted by AmazonBattleground

    Blood of the North - The Battle for east-frisia - Germany in the not so far future. The german army have lost the war basicly against the slawik invaders. As these horders finaly invade the north part of germany, east-frisian females stands up to fight serbian and russian female soldiers in...
  4. galvatron88

    The Price of Gluttony ( humiliating male fighting game characters)

    king was one of if not the greatest wrestler of all time. He had a great physique, and one of the top Tekken fighters. but...After going into retirement king gos into a transformation that will prove to be his undoing. He stops training for a while and developed a love for the sweets. after...
  5. ?

    Yeah! Fighting Girl

    Gameplay I can't exactly tell from looking at the video of course...anybody know if this game is worth anything? Or is this another one that I get to ignore?
  6. AmazonBattleground

    Zako stuff posted by AmazonBattleground

    Hello there! I create 3D images and Movies of fighting females and i just want to share with you my work. Here are the links of some of my animations: Have fun! regards Phoenix -------------------------------------
  7. Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top)

    Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top) 2013

    Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top) Loader Mods by TOlive
  8. T

    Born to be a weapon. Parts 1 to 5.

    That story was cooperatively written by me and person which nickname was Eslaf and I knew nothing more about him (he is from América Latina). It is still not finished, Eslaf faded or may be just dropped it, and English is not native language for nor of us. So in this forum I will post every part...
  9. T

    Born to be a weapon. RP resulted fiction story.

    That story was cooperatively written by me and person which nickname was Eslaf and I knew nothing more about him (he is from América Latina). It is still not finished, Eslaf faded or may be just dropped it, and English is not native language for nor of us. SO in this thread I will most every...
  10. C


    The old doors of the White Bear Inn opened groaned as they were pushed open. The twenty or so patrons inside stopped their idle chatter as they looked at who stepped inside. From the cold night emerged a woman, hooded and muscular. She made her way to the bar before she withdrew her hood and the...
  11. Trigon

    [PC] RJ228433 Nekofuguri えろもんバトルアリーナ ~Eromon Battle Arena~

    It's been quite a while since I posted a game that I've discovered here, but this one is mildly interesting. It's called えろもんバトルアリーナ (Eromon Battle Arena). It was released today. It is created by Nekofuguri, the same guy who made Female Warrior Mancase, Pegasus Knight X, and Pegasus Knight X II...
  12. kmon22

    kmon22's zako art

    This is the first comic that I ever finish. I hope you like it.
  13. meinteil

    Under Ground Gladiatrix Arena (series)

    (Before I start on this I just want to mention that I took a lot of inspiration from the "Wharehouse 17" story on this site, aswell as another one called "Pride's fall", these are great stories and should be checked out.) Story: In 2030 a highly Illegal underground fighting ring in which female...
  14. Dorumeka

    Possible game in development. Any love for some cute henchgirls getting k.o.'d and ripped apart?

    Hi, I'm Dorumeka, an indie 3D artist and game dev probing a bit into the pervy side. As with you, I have had some pretty weird kinks for most of my life. I now decided to put some time into making some of those fetishes into little semi-games or little interactive toys. I've been lurking here...
  15. S

    Punched or thrown through buildings

    I'm the only girl I've heard of that has a ryona isn't pain, gore, or injury that I like, but being able to get back up like it was nothing, even when squishy and soft, turns me on. But other than BRS or DOA, its hard to find the real hardcore beatings, thrown through buildings and...
  16. C

    Street Fighter V New Stage KOs Done On Swimsuit Chun Li, Karin, and Cammy

  17. Snowballs

    King of Fighters ryona vids.

    Hey boys. I was unable to find a thread on this but I really want to advocate for Love Kula's videos on youtube. They are pretty well animated and the story / ryona situations are pretty solid. I may be hyping it a lot but I love the animation quality. The fights look great, the transitions...
  18. Trigon

    [PC] Strip Fighter V [StudioS game] [ryona]

    Hello everyone. A couple of days ago, Studio S released their newest fighting game, Strip Fighter 5. It is available for sale on both Japanese and English DLSite. I have not played the full game yet, only the demo. I will edit this post to provide more information once I've played the full...
  19. kained

    Chained - New upcoming series from Kristina Hess

    “Chained” – Upcoming Series from Kristina Hess – Heroine Movies From the creators that made A Live-Action Comic Book Site Based on Sexy Superheroines! comes a new series. Some clarification on what content to expect from Kristina in the comments section at heroinemovies, 'Our series is...
  20. Apocoh

    Who wants a Vanguard Princess Nude Mod?

    I could make one, but it would require a fair bit of busy work, so let me know if you would like this to become a reality. I'm planning on making all of the characters nopan, including in their special move cutscenes: Before: After: I know, her pasties are already over-the-top, but why not...

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