[DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (08/07/16 - Transformer 0.3.1 & Valentine Breakable)


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Apr 28, 2015
I'll be honest...I think the latest update provides a level of functionality that's a bit beyond me, and I'm not too sure if/how well I'll be able to make use of it, but I'll certainly be giving it a go.

For what it's worth though, I use the converter tool all the time. I only really get time to myself on weekends these days because of work commitments, but any free time I do get is usually put to experimenting with your converter. It's opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and I'm having tons of fun creating my own, personalised DOA5.

I was trying to build towards a game where I wouldn't ever look at the spawned CPU opponent and think "damn, that costume is ugly" or "I wish she was wearing something else...", but your converter has given me so many options that I surpassed that goal weeks ago. I'm now faced with the problem of not being able to fit all the costumes I want into the game! I dream of the day that you update the tool so as to completely re-engineer the entire game code and add infinite costume slots... :P


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Nov 14, 2012
I'll be honest...I think the latest update provides a level of functionality that's a bit beyond me, and I'm not too sure if/how well I'll be able to make use of it, but I'll certainly be giving it a go.

For what it's worth though, I use the converter tool all the time. I only really get time to myself on weekends these days because of work commitments, but any free time I do get is usually put to experimenting with your converter. It's opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and I'm having tons of fun creating my own, personalised DOA5.

I was trying to build towards a game where I wouldn't ever look at the spawned CPU opponent and think "damn, that costume is ugly" or "I wish she was wearing something else...", but your converter has given me so many options that I surpassed that goal weeks ago. I'm now faced with the problem of not being able to fit all the costumes I want into the game! I dream of the day that you update the tool so as to completely re-engineer the entire game code and add infinite costume slots... :P
No worries. I don't expect the converter tool to be widely adopted since there are other editing methods now which can be arguably more convenient. I just hope that with some of the convenience features i've included in regards to normal vector management, it can make people's life slightly easier :D Let me know if you have any questions!


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Nov 14, 2012
Now that my tools are all up to date. I've got some time to run brief tests of the custom LOD ref pack that I put together a few days ago.

This is a custom "Expansion" pack for my Character Transformer. It expands the capabilities of the tool to morph ladies shape to their larger and arguably better(?) selves
I made all these models based on Saaf and I's original Honoka nude mesh using my tool's "special feature," so Honoka is absent in this pack (since her breasts are the reference :bush:). SaafRats the MoP has promised an HLOD pack which will most likely be integrated into the tool some time in the near future.

I hope most of you who frequent this board are familiar with my Transformer tool by now. It's an easy to use tool that allows you to basically transfer costumes from one character to another. There is only one value that controls the outcome of the transformation. This is a design choice I made to make the tool as simple to use as possible, so people don't have to deal with multiple confusing controls with very cryptic names for potentially thousands of possible transformation combinations (some people already get confused with my 1 number control system
). I'd like to think that my transformer is very simple to use and you can be pumping out costumes for your favorite character in no time! Give it a shot if you have not already :bush:

Okay, sorry for digressing
To use this expansion capability of my transformer tool - simply drop the custom LOD files into "UserDefined" folder
The new LOD models should now show up and be available as both "To" and "From" targets once a TMC file has been loaded. You don't have to restart the tool. A note about these custom LOD models is that they can be used to go from regular models to these LOD models. For instance, you can transform Marie to LOD_Marie since I made the models using the same organization of vertices.

You can create your own models to use as reference as well, but you will most likely be able to just transform between your custom models unless you also follow the vertex organization of the kasumi reference model I provided in the tool's folder. However, with this capability, you can easily create a whole set of your own reference models and not even have to use the default ones with my converter tool
(shameless self promotion warning)

I hope this is simple enough to use. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, complains anything at all.

Here are some examples
Super hot LOD Helena in a night gown
Helena_LOD_nightGown (1).jpg Helena_LOD_nightGown (2).jpg Helena_LOD_nightGown (3).jpg

Pai decided to try something kinky with her new boob job
Pai_LOD_Bondage (1).jpg Pai_LOD_Bondage (2).jpg Pai_LOD_Bondage (3).jpg

Sarah dons a China dress - seems a bit tight in that her breasts almost burst the dress open :bush:
Sarah_LOD_ChinaDress (1).jpg Sarah_LOD_ChinaDress (2).jpg Sarah_LOD_ChinaDress (3).jpg

And of course we must have some shots of the crowd favorite Marie - now with her new boob job she is more confident than ever :bush:
Ass calibur Marie and Super Agent Marie
Marie_LOD_AssCalibur (1).jpg Marie_LOD_AssCalibur (2).jpg Marie_LOD_AssCalibur (3).jpg Marie_LOD_AssCalibur (4).jpg Marie_LOD_SuperAgent (1).jpg Marie_LOD_SuperAgent (2).jpg

The new LOD custom pack can be found here

Check out the original post for the transformer tool here
[DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/05/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.3) | Page 4 | Undertow

If you run into strange midsection issue after transformation using these LOD models, please refer to [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/05/16 - transformer 0.2.4c &converter 0.4.3) | Page 8 | Undertow for a solution.
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Nov 14, 2012
I have received a few reports (huge thanks to GIANTDAD AKA DigitalCookie and Harry Palmer) on broken neck vertices for Honoka, so I decided to look into it. It turned out that there is a bug in the tool which is now fixed.

I've also added a number of fixes to seam smoothing in this update and general quality of life improvements.

Short version:
Change log
- Fixed an issue where seam smoothing could incorrectly over smooth seams on overlapping vertices that are not actually seams which can result in odd shading
- General quality of life improvement and more informative messaging to reduce spam
- The "IMPORT" button becomes enabled if once a TMC has been loaded and any of the TMC Post Processing controls is checked.
- Updated tooltips for various controls
- Automatic Neck Vertices correction fix for Honoka

Long version:
Seam smoothing is tricky business. As I described in my previous update posts, a lot of what the tool consideres "seams" are not really seams. Last update I got rid of problems caused by double sided objects. I've tried a few since then and all appears well with the exception of a few models, so I've decided to change the parameter a little bit so that more false seams are filtered.

As a result, there's a general reduction of false seam smoothing as shown below
timmy_converter_V0_4_4_01.png timmy_converter_V0_4_4_02.png

I've also reduced the messages output by the tool so that there is less spam, so people can read what the tool is actually doing instead of useless spam
(sorry about that!)

The tool has also been modified so that once a TMC has been loaded and any of the "TMC Post Processing" controls have been checked, the "IMPORT" button is enabled, so these functionalities can be used without loading any OBJs. It is useful for when you just want to fix normal vectors.

The automatic neck vertices repair functionality has also been fixed for Honoka. She no longer has neck seam after the tool fixes her up.

This also fixes the seam on one of Harry's test models. He also discovered neck seam issue, and now it's fixed.
2016-03-12 13-08-52.jpg

I take this opportunity to go over again the difference the value of seam smoothing can make
In the above screen capture, the left most model is the original TMC with no post processing enabled. In the parts highlighted by the square, the original TMC has incorect shading since the outfit has been pulled apart to expose breasts, but normal vectors are not updated. In the 2 post processed TMCs, they have the correct shading/lighting (it is a bit hard to see in the screenshot).

The circled part is where the seam smoothing number can be important. If you see weird shading like the middle TMC, try raising the number a little bit to remove some strange shadings. The model on the right most side has pretty much all the correct normal vectors and seam repaired with the exception of a few small seams on her hands which are very hard to see in action.

Updated tool can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 2 | Undertow
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Nov 14, 2012
More updates to address issues reported by a few users to my Converter tool. This seems like a never ending cycle, lol.

Short version
Change log
- Modified the way "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices for.." to be less aggressive in that it only attempts to repair the very top ring of the neck instead of all three rings.
- Modified "Recompute Normal Vectors" functionality so that it backs up the original top ring of neck vertices' normal and position vectors and puts them back after recalculating all normal vectors.
- Quality of life improvement - the neck repair drop down box is now sorted. The automatic selection is based on character name in your TMC file, so it helps to name your TMC with your character name.

Long version:
A few issues with the automatic neck vertices repair functionality have been reported which made me reconsider the way it is implemented in order to make the Converter tool easier to use.

Currently, it looks at the top three rings (~66 vertices) and attempt to "fix" them by checking proximity of the model's neck vertices with the reference vertices and copy both vertex position and normal vectors to the model.

This works fairly well for models with nothing near the neck area. Take the following Kasumi outfit for instance, there should be no difference between 0.4.4 and 0.4.5 if all of the post processing methods are used since she has nothing near her neck, but let's take a look at just the "Recompute Normal Vectors" for a quick comparison.
The shot on the left is done with only recompute normal vectors using v0.4.4. A visible neck seam can be observed, but the shot on the right is also done with only recompute normal vectors using v0.4.5, and there's no seam. The new implementation of recompute normal vectors backs up original top neck ring of the model and puts it back after it's done with re-calculation, so there's no visible seam on the neck, even though there are still seams on the body, which can be fixed using the "Seam Smoothing" functionality.

Another issue with the old implementation is that the "Auto Correct Neck Vertices" must be used when recomputing normal vectors which is no longer the case with version 0.4.5. The implementation in v0.4.4 would cause some messed up neck vertices if the character has neck accessories that are closely attached to the neck region.
For example:
Left most shot is done using V0.4.4 with recompute NV, seam smoothing and neck fix. The neck area is a bit messed up because with the old implementation of neck fix, the tool tries to correct all three rings which can cause problems for outfits such as this one.
The middle shot is done using v0.4.5 with just recompute normal vectors and smooth seam. Since the model begins with correct neck vertices, there is no need to use "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices for.." functionality. All is well after normal vector recomputation and seam smoothing.
The right most shot is done using v0.4.5 with all three post processing functionalities enabled. Since the new implementation for neck fix only adjusts the top ring, the neck band is no longer messed up.

I've also updated the tooltips to reflect the new changes.

If you know that your model has the correct neck vertices, there is no need to use "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices for.." post processing functionality anymore. Just use recompute normal vectors and seam smoothing if you want to update normal vectors. If there's still neck seam, you can use "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices for.." post processing functionality to attempt to repair it.

However, when importing OBJ from Blender, I believe you still need to use all three post processing functionalities since it does not seem to be able to import normal vectors from OBJ files.

The updated tool can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 2 | Undertow


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Nov 14, 2012
Sorry for the lack of update to my transformer tool for so long. This tool started out as a simple pet project that I did not intend on spending a whole lot of time on. I spent about a week total working on it testing various theories and learned a lot from doing it. I think I have achieved more than what I set out to do - the tool is easy to use(I hope) and has worked fairly well, and the end result is relatively stable. However, I've been aware of some issues for a while and today I hope to bring a few bug fixes that will hopefully make the experience smoother.

Short version:
Change Log
- Corrected some file saving issues that existed in previous versions. Especially with regards to handling of file with dots in file names.
- Corrected an issue with adaptive smoothness mode where the breast area would have strange clipping if pieces of clothing sit very close to breasts.
- Corrected the midsection normal vector anomalies when transforming from characters such as Lisa and Christie to Honoka at a high SF value. This fix should also provide general enhancements to normal vector handling across all transformations.

Long version:
Wow, I can't believe this is the 21st update to my little pet project in just about a month. I feel I am spending way too much time on DOA5, lol.

For the longest time I neglected to fix the file saving issues especially for file names having dots (ie. Honoke_V1.0.5.tmc) which is an old bug that was copy-pasted from my converter which has since been fixed. Sorry for making you guys put up with such a noobery for so long

Another issue that I noticed is another one of those copy paste errors where I messed up the adaptive mode when I attempted to address the shading issue in 0.2.4. If there are pieces of clothing that sit close to character's breasts area, some times breasts would clip through as shown below. This has been fixed.

A strange mid-section normal vector anomaly has been around for quite some time as well, and it is especially apparent for transformation between Lisa/Helena/Christie/Sarah to Honoka at a high smoothness level in regular mode. I have identified the root cause of the issue and come up with a fix. The issue with using high smoothness value is that when it comes to normal vectors, attracting "noise" is not a good thing which could cause the normal vectors to eventually point the other way and that is why the affected area appears dark. I've implemented measures similar to the ones employed in my Converter tool for seam smoothing to prevent "over smoothing" of normal vectors.
The below screen capture shows the fix. The transformation is from Christie to Honoka

Updated Tutorial

I want to take this opportunity to go over basic functionalities with a simple "How to" guide since this tool is not as simple to use as I'd like it to be. I hope having this new guide will clear any confusions.

Use the load button or drop the TMC onto the tool window to load the TMC as shown below

Make sure the "From" and "To" characters are correct and the settings are what you want. Be sure to check the "Replace Skin MtrCol" which will allow the tool to launch Harry Palmer's skin col replacer tool for you after the transformation is complete. It is necessary to complete the process. Please note that the tool uses a naive way of determining the "To" character by looking at your file name, so it helps to name your TMC file with the character in its name.

As of version 0.3.0, the following Skin MtrCol and Texture tool related steps are no longer necessary as the tool now does them automatically. The following spoiler section is for reference only.
After the transformation is done, the Replace Skin MtrCol tool should pop up. Drag and drop the newly created TMC file on to the tool window. To find your TMC - check the Transformer tool window log to verify the new file name.

Please note that all the tools the transformer launches for you will have to be closed to proceed.

This next step requires Texture Tool. If you don't have it, please head here for a collection of texture and DLC related tools from Sf234 of Xentax MediaFire

Now the skin texture needs to be replaced as well. I figured it would be simpler to have users perform these steps as there are already excellent tools to perform such tasks and there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Another issue in my consideration is that people have different preferences for skin textures (nipple colors, bush vs shaved, lactating *cough* etc :bush:), so it's better to have you guys do this.
Drag and drop the newly transformed TMC file onto the texture tool and Identify the skin texture and skin normal texture (the blue one)

Swap them out for your preferred texture by either right clicking and selecting "swap" or drag and drop onto the tool window. Tip to speed things up - if you use drag and drop to load TMC in texture tool, you can leave the working directory pointed at your texture folder which can greatly speed things up if you have a central location for all your textures.

Please note that official Honoka models have special texture layout that is different from the rest of the cast, and here's a quick way to identify them.
The texture layout shown below is the "standard" layout that works for everyone. If you are transforming from other characters to Honoka, this is typically the type of texture you want to replace skin with.

The texture layout shown below is Honoka's special layout. This should be used if you are transforming from official Honoka outfit to anyone else, or if you are using SaafRats' HLOD mods or any mods derived from them.
For your convenience, SaafRats has prepared special editions of Honoka compatible texture packs that can be found here http://www.loverslab.com/index.php?act=findpost&pid=1500284

After the above steps, the model should play fine in game.
ChristieToAyaneInGameTest (1).jpg ChristieToAyaneInGameTest (2).jpg

Now I'd like to go over a few settings in a bit more details and try to explain what they do to the best of my ability.

You will find two ways to control the outcome of transformation. Regular smoothing mode or Adaptive smoothing mode, if "Adaptive" is checked.

Regular smoothing mode is a "Fast approximation" smoothing mode which is very similar to computer graphics' "Multi Sample AntiAliasing" technique in that for every vertex, the tool looks at neighbor vertices to smooth the entire model out. Personally I find this mode to be the most problem free since it scales the entire model with just one value. Within a reasonable range (30~60 seem to work best), there should be no weird problems such as models coming apart at the seams or other oddities. For more information on how this works, please check out [post='1466416']a more detailed explanation.[/post]

As a bonus and a unique "feature" of my tool, the higher the smoothness number, the more resemblance of the "From" character the final outcome will bear and vice versa, so if you prefer Marie with a fuller set of breasts, you can crank it up to give her instant cup size boost :bush:

Adaptive smoothing mode is my attempt at preserving the form of the "To" character as faithfully as possible. As such, there might be slight to severe degree of deformation depending on your model. Any such implementation of "faithful" transformation will have deformations one way or the other for transformations between characters with drastic difference in shapes. Some are more obvious than others. A general rule of thumb is that if you want to preserve the shape of the "To" character and you can deal with some potential slight deformation issues, this mode can be used. I would recommend starting out at 30 and either increase or decrease a bit at a time and see how it turns out.

However, adaptive mode should work fairly well for transformations between ladies with similar shapes. What I found after having used adaptive mode for a while is that, for models that are scantly clad or most player made nude mods, this mode works fairly well if you have little in the way of clothing on top of the model. This mode also works fairly well if the model is made in a way that there is little overlapping vertices (ie no skin underneath bra for instance).

A few examples of adaptive vs normal mode and where there's little difference.
For characters with similar shape (pretty much every one except to/from Marie), normal mode works fairly well and there's little difference between the two. If you look closely however you can probably see that adaptive gives Honoka larger breasts.
Leifang to Honoka Normal VS Adaptive
HonokaExample_normal.jpg HonokaExamples_adaptive.jpg
Another Honoka normal smoothing mode. Kokoro to Honoka
Not a whole lot of difference between the two and its certainly almost impossible to tell in action.
Here's a good example of Marie adaptive mode
If you like official costumes that does not bare a whole lot of skin, normal mode does just fine even for Marie

Automatic bone/collision transfer:
The transformer will attempt to set the bone and collision structure for you if you check the two options. There are, however, times when the automatic transfer does not work well and could cause problems such as auto eject to desktop when the transformed model is loaded. This is the case for a few early player made mods such as my XmasInJuly pack. If this happens, please uncheck the automatic bone/collision transfer and check "Skeleton Patcher" instead. The tool will launch Harry Palmer's skeleton patcher which can be used to fix such issues.

A bit more on what collision transfer really does. This is another unique feature of my transformer. My tool, since version 0.1.6, has the ability to automatically transfer collision for you, but what does it really do? I am sure a lot of you have the same question.

If you transform from a short haired character to a long haired one, and collision information is not transferred, you will have a lot of hair clipping through body issues. If you let the tool transfer collision for you, there will be no such issues.
Here's a quick example of Lisa to Rachel transformation with and without collision transfer
A few more examples of Lisa to Marie
CollisionSetting (1).jpg CollisionSetting (2).jpg

However, occasionally you might run into odd issues where transformation looks fine in Noesis, but some parts move unnaturally in game.
A very simple workaround is to disable "Automatic Collision Transfer"
Since this particular costume comes with hair collision, all should be fine in game afterwards.

Approximate Accessory Positions

This was added to attempt to adjust some accessory positions after transformation is complete with a small degree of success. It is not always accurate hence the term approximate. For more information, please check out http://www.loverslab.com/index.php?act=findpost&pid=1476718

There you have it. Yet another super long post from Timmy
Sorry for the wall of text again.

The updated tool can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/12/16 - converter 0.4.4 & transformer 0.2.4c) | Page 4 | Undertow
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Nov 14, 2012
Big thanks to Ishidacorp, Lola (LGMODS) & Raz for bringing bone transfer problem to my attention and helping me debug the issue. I have absolutely no idea that this has never worked for them since its release and not been aware of the existence of such issues since it does not happen on my system.

Today I bring you a tool update that only has the short version of change
(no more wall of text............ for now lol)

Short Version:

Change Log
- Fixed a globalization issue that causes error in bone transformation for countries with non-US/UK standard number format.

Basically the number formats in different countries might cause issues in my tool with the bone transfer functionality that assumes US/UK format which has been fixed. Please give the latest version a shot if you have not been able to transfer bone due to the following error shown in the screen capture below.

The tool should now be able to transfer bone and collision automatically for you.
Please let me know if you have any more issues/questions or anything at all.

Updated tool can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/17/16 - converter 0.4.5 & transformer 0.2.5) | Page 4 | Undertow


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Nov 14, 2012
Okay, I think I fixed the issue with odd normal on Harry's Mila posed model's hands now. Converter tool has been updated to version 0.4.6 to address issues surrounding neck vertex normal handling. Big thanks to Harry Palmer for pointing out the issue.

Short version:
Change Log
- Modified the "recompute normal vector" post processing functionality's neck ring normal vector back up to only back up possible neck vertices with a bounding box.
- The auto neck ring normal vector back up and restoration is no longer performed if "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices.." is enabled.

Long version:
In version 0.4.5, I tried to make the post processing with recompute normal vectors a bit easier by simply backing up the top 3 rings of neck normals (~66 vertices) and restoring them after normal vector recalculation is done.

The way the tool determined where the "neck vertices" are is to simply look at the very top 66 vertices. Now this works well for normal models in their default T pose (the pose seen in Noesis and any editing software if the model is exported to OBJ or blender plugin) since necks are always at the very top in this case. However, this can be a problem for Harry's Pose Fix tool since now people can move parts freely, so hands can be above the neck/head etc which screws up the algorithm. This issue has been addressed.
I have also added log messages to indicate that the normal vector for neck rings have been backed up and restored, so it is more transparent in letting the user know what the tool is doing for them.

The issue is that with the old implementation, the tool only looks at the top 66 vertices. If a hand is posed like Harry's Mila model, the top 66 vertices are no longer the neck area, which is why the normal vectors are all messed up on the arm since the tool backs them up and puts them back after normal vectors are recalculated.

The new implementation places a little box on top of the model so it only looks within a region where the neck vertices can possibly be to avoid the same kind of situation again. This will hopefully avoid tool mistaking non-neck vertices as neck vertices in the neck normal back-up/restoration process.

As a precautionary measure, I've made it so that if "Automatically Correct Neck Vertices.." is enabled, the tool does not back up and restore neck ring normal vectors. Since there are many ways to pose a model and other body parts can be above the head and in the little bounding box I defined, this should provide a good alternative method to fixing neck rings - the neck rings should still have correct normal and position vectors after the automatic repair process, unless the neck has also been modified/posed.

The following setting can be used to easily repair messed up normal vectors on the arm. This is a gentle reminder that all of the post processing functionalities can be used individually and independent of any TMC<->OBJ related functionalities.

You can do your editing using Blender plugins, OBJ or any other methods that you have, and once you are done editing, you can simply drop the edited TMC onto the tool and start updating normal vectors with a few clicks. I encourage you all to use these methods to update normal vectors so that they have accurate lighting and shading information. It can make some difference.
If you are editing in Blender, for instance, with these post processing methods, you no longer have to remove duplicate vertices to get rid of seams.
Be sure to select the correct TMC Mesh Group you wish to perform the selected tasks on, or choose "All Groups(Single OBJ)" to perform the tasks on all groups.

Screenshot of the fix -
2016-03-18 20-00-59.jpg

The updated tool can be found here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/18/16 - converter 0.4.5 & transformer 0.2.6) | Page 2 | Undertow


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Nov 14, 2012
I have been going back and updating my old mods with my new post processing methods whenever I have time (but I seem to always be fixing bugs LOL).

Some of the results are quite dramatic. Take my overalls for Marie for instance, when I made this mod I did not have easy access to normal vector updating since the recompute normal vector functionality has not been fully functional until version 0.4.0+.

The M button and overall lighting and shading become more accurate and natural with post processing, but the difference may be hard to see in still shots.

However, a more dramatic difference can be observed in-game:
The circled and squared parts show the most difference. Since the overalls have been pulled down a bit to expose more of Marie, the normal vectors need to be updated to reflect accurate lighting. If not updated (shot on the left), it remains dark and unnatural looking since this part used to be on top of her chest. After post processing (shot on the right), everything looks natural again. Even the M button looks shiner since it has also been moved.


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Nov 14, 2012
While randomly messing around with my tools and making sure everything works as expected, I came across a very interesting issue with my transformer, but it has a very simple workaround, so I thought I'd share with you guys here while I figure out a more permanent fix if necessary. So far it seems all is well without having to change any code.

Take Marie's DLC001 costume for example, the transformation looks totally fine in Noesis with the following settings -
Marie to Honoka

However, it can look a bit messed up in game. An easy fix is to simply disable "Automatic Collision Transfer"

Here's a quick comparison. Since the outfit already has hair collision, there is no hair clipping and all appears to work just fine.

I'm glad that I wrote the tool in such a way that all these little things can be toggled on/off for people to play with, perhaps, at the expense of usability since having many different controls can easily be overwhelming to users. I try my best to explain every single control and what they do. Please let me know if you think anything is confusing or should be added to the tutorial.

With this kind of implementation, however, if you are comfortable with bone tool which is an awesome tool, you can also transform without any of the auto bone/collision transfer and just do the bone stuff yourself too. Harry's Skeleton Patcher remains an excellent back-up method that has typically and reliably worked for most costumes.

So far this seems to only happen with a few transformations of Marie's outfits. I think it's safe to enable "Automatic Collision Transfer" for most other transformations.

I think I need to find something better to do instead of going out of my way to find bugs in my own tools on a Sunday, lol.
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Nov 14, 2012
Recently I got a request to remove parts of the body. This type of modifications can be done with a very simple method without any advanced knowledge in 3d modeling, so I figured it would be very helpful to give a step by step guide of how such thing can be done easily.

The request is to remove the nipples from one of Helena's nude mesh to create a general purpose mesh, and here's a step by step guide. I think it should be relatively easy to perform and the same technique can be used to remove parts from multiple meshes and then combine together to form new mesh with the polygon insert tool.

Export the mesh to OBJ with the following steps

Now the OBJ should be previewable in Noesis

You can then edit it in your editing software of choice - in my case I use 3ds max since I am most familiar with it. The same things should be doable in Blender as well, but you will have to make sure to select "Keep Vertex Order" when importing and exporting OBJ in Blender.

Move the parts you don't want to keep to the front of the model as shown below

Export the OBJ & import OBJ into TMC
timmy_converter_v0_4_6_meshEditTips_05.png timmy_converter_v0_4_6_meshEditTips_06.png

Now the model looks like this in Noesis

Here's how to easily remove parts you don't want to keep with Mr. Dotouku's Polygon tool
timmy_converter_v0_4_6_meshEditTips_08.png timmy_converter_v0_4_6_meshEditTips_09.png
The idea is that since the parts you don't want to keep have been moved far from the model, you can use the range specifier in the tool to specify the vertices you wish to delete, and it's easy as 123

Special note on Blender's OBJ import/export - Since I still cannot figure out how to get it to keep normal vectors during import of OBJ and there are seams all over the place after import/export, I want to show you how to easily deal with it with my tool.

If you just import the OBJ Blender exports using my tool, the model looks like this:

You can get rid of these seams without having to user Blender to remove duplicate vertices (which in turn destroys the vertex order that is essential for the converter to work, but the tool can deal with seams, so it is not necessary)

Use the post processing functionalities to recalculate normal vectors, smooth seams and fix neck rings:

After that, the model should be completely fine. Please note that the delicious butt crack is perfectly preserved


This is a simple technique that can be used to remove parts from several TMCs and then combine to create one mesh. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Nov 14, 2012
It just occurred to me that some people might want to try to get some hands-on experience with modding DOA5 but lack some important tools to do so.

I think at the very least you need to be able to preview the TMCs and here's one of the very essential tools to do so. It's already got the most up to date plugins for DOA5, so it should be good to go once unzipped.

I've uploaded my copy of Noesis Model Viewer and export tool with DOA5 plugins here: http://www.mediafire...oesisv4157.zip
If you have issue opening some TMCs for preview this might fix it for you.
Original site for Noesis Rich Whitehouse

In addition to my own tools, here are some other useful tool suites.
-Harry's tool suite contain some of the most useful tools with very detailed tutorials.
-Harry's Pose Fix tool can be found here.
-Harry's Pose Fix tutorial also contains a link MediaFire to the complete tool suite by Mr. Dotouku, and it is where you will find tools such as TMC Polygon Tool, Insert Tool and so on and so forth. They are essential to DOA5 modding.
- A suite of Texture and DLC related tools made by SF234 of Xentax can be found here MediaFire

Update 04/09/16
- The latest dat file for use with Archive Tool from the link above that can open and extract/swap the latest DLC contents can be found here http://www.mediafire...lr_04_01_16.zip

Please let me know if you have any questions. I might not be able to provide support for these tools, but I can try to point you in the right direction based on my own experience.
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Nov 14, 2012
Finally got around to finishing up my update to the Xmas In July pack. I updated Nyotengu and Helena a while back due to their popularity and have actually started working on other ladies as well, but due to other commitments I have not found time to finish them until now.

When I first made the pack last July, there weren't any tools that could do this kind of stuff, so I had to use my home brew apps with my ultra novice skillz @ 3d modeling, the result was passable at best
I've learned a lot since then and have decided to make another update once again to bring the entire pack up to date. There are still issues with them but I tried my best to hide the redundant bodies underneath by either removing it completely or hiding it in a way that it should be very hard to detect in actual game play.

Updates include:
- Kasumi, Ayane & Leifang have lost their panties :bush:
- Marie, Kokoro & Hitomi have the "redundant body" hidden and weight (physics) reassigned for more natural and synchronous movement with their breasts.
- Helena and Nyotengu have gone all out with maximum Jingle all the Way
- As a bonus, I threw in Helena Jingle all the Way -> Marie transformation

Please note that if you wish to use these with my transformer, you will need to uncheck "Automatic bone transfer" and "automatic collision transfer" and use Harry's "Skeleton Patcher" instead for bone transfer due to the way the pack was made.

Without further ado, here's the part that I hate most, lol. Pictures inc

2016-03-23 11-27-58.jpg 2016-03-23 11-28-03.jpg 2016-03-23 11-32-08.jpg 2016-03-23 11-47-07.jpg 2016-03-23 11-48-05.jpg 2016-03-23 11-49-03.jpg 2016-03-23 11-49-43.jpg 2016-03-23 11-50-22.jpg 2016-03-23 11-56-05.jpg 2016-03-23 11-57-18.jpg 2016-03-23 11-59-41.jpg 2016-03-23 12-26-58.jpg 2016-03-23 12-27-28.jpg 2016-03-23 12-36-32.jpg

The updated pack can be downloaded here NewXmasSet_V3_1.zip
For quick installation - replace costumes of the same number specified by the file name in DLC# 358140 with Archive Tool

I haven't had as much time to mess with DOA5 as I'd like, but I hope these will keep you guys entertained for a while


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Nov 14, 2012
It appears that my converter tool not only helps people update normal vectors on user created mods, it can also fix noobery by Tecmo in their official outfits...

Take this one for example, the butt crack is all messed up on the official costume which is completely unacceptable by the butt crack meister

Luckily my converter tool can fix this up easily with just few clicks and the order is restored again


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Apr 28, 2015
Xmas in July was always one of my favourite mods, and now it's even more perfect. Love it, Timmy...Thank you!


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Nov 14, 2012
Updated transformer tool to include Naotora. Huge thanks to Harry Palmer for providing a very complete list of reference models. The Honoka model is still based on the very first nude Honoka model Saaf and I released a while back.

Change Log
- Added Naotora support - big thanks to Harry for providing a complete set of reference files minus Honoka which is still based on Saaf and I's early nude model.

Unfortunately, I don't have the latest DLC yet so I have not been able to thoroughly test the new version, but I think it should work without any issues and I think Harry's new references will provide a quality boost to transformation. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks!

Updated tool can be downloaded here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (03/23/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.6) | Page 4 | Undertow


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Nov 14, 2012
Big thanks to Ishidacorp for finding out bone transfer issues with the latest Marie reference (octopus fingers) which has now been fixed. I've also done some more actual testing this time around since I finally managed to update my game to 1.05.

Transformer tool update v0.2.8
- Fixed some oddities in regards to transformation between certain characters

Bug fixes include:
- Bone transfer fix for Marie (which was fine in 0.2.6)
- Mid section shadow fix for Lisa/Rachel/Helena/Christie -> Honoka/Naotora (and pretty much everyone else)

Note: The mole on Naotora's chest will not appear if transforming from someone else to Naotora since it reads from a different position in the texture map that only Naotora has and the official Naotora's mole UV is different from Harry's mole UV position

Updated tool can be downloaded here [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash, Tips & Tools (04/01/16 - converter 0.4.6 & transformer 0.2.7) | Page 4 | Undertow
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