1. WhiteLord12

    Nude mods for Neptunia series with full model edits.

    One thing that was always a missive turn of for me when it came to nude mods, is that their simply texture edits. However Instead of lamenting it I want to fix this issue by making nude mods with model edits myself, I am a novice at blender but the only thing really stopping me from working on...
  2. Bigkawck

    Late for school again (scenario/dialogue) 1.1

    PLEASE READ This contents scenario/dialogue depicts characters under the age in western nations. Or commonly seen as . You've been warned. V1 This is my first scenario/dialogue ever. It still needs work but I'll post it anyways just in order to understand how posts work on this website. Add...
  3. xkwizit


  4. P

    Young Marceline hair 2019-10-30

    This hair is a modification that I made to the one found in Anonymous_Archive_v17, since that has a problem with the size (it is very big), it is the first time I edit something for sdt. In addition to the hair, try to make her clothes, this is the best I could do. tops: Raglan Medium Sleeve...
  5. O

    Ryona Extreme Manga in progress (completely original & unedit) GIRLS vs DRUG CARTEL

    Hi. I'm OctaGore, Mexican underground and middle time artist. This is my first LARGE work; albur 5 girls (unknow age) and women who become bloody warriors (with special abilities each one) to avenge the death of their families at the hands of an ultraviolent Mexican cartel. Male vs female war is...
  6. irisluna

    Returning player, can't lewd elins now?

    Hey, I'm a returning player from VoT. well guess fey forest now. all my lewds have gone poof, and many new things have made it a lot more confusing. re-started with a fresh install, again, and hoping for a reminder on how to lewd just the basic (no gear) elins across all classes also hoping to...
  7. Sakura Ichika

    Battle Carnival

    Not sure if anyone posted this before but it look like nobody make a thread about it. Anyway just wanted to let you know that this games have a very good potential ryona. It a FPS games and it free to play some more, you can check it out if you are interested. P.S. This games have loli in it...
  8. S

    Moe Chronicle request

    Is there any chance to access image files in the game Moe Chronicle that came out on Steam? Wanted to get access to the girl images involved in the heart catch portion and mod them.
  9. Boronic

    Melty Blood Adult mod

  10. M

    kanna from maid dragon

    EDIT: Filled- see link in third post. could some one make a hair / body for kanna from miss kobayashi maid dragon and reasons to do it is kanna eats anything so i know she would love the taste of cock and cum heres some soure
  11. VulpineScream

    (WIP) Counter.culT - Modern Day Supernatural Depravity

    Hey everyone, I'm Riley, long time lurker, first time poster. Also a long time amateur game developer and artist, and semi-professional writer and porn star. I've never put my game dev stuff out for anyone to see before (besides friends), but I've been in a rut in life recently and really need...
  12. Naduron

    Black Desert - Loli Classes

    Tamer Made a Loli Tamer, i still don't know how to reduce her breats size tho :( It comes with 2 different types of bodies, i was to lazy to take screenshots of both :p these pictures are from "Child tamer 01" You can have the black desert's cutest loli ever here: Tamer - Loli.rar...
  13. Huitznahua

    Takane Shijou Outfit 1.1

    The charcode is embedded to the mod, so you should not have any trouble loading the mod manually. However, if you have some problems with this mod, please let me know.
  14. dark_knight17

    Carol Malus Dienheim - Symphogear GX 1.1

    Original Thread here...
  15. dark_knight17

    Lana - Pokemon Sun & Moon 2017-01-08

  16. dark_knight17

    Lana - Pokemon Sun & Moon

    Hi everyone, noticed Lana was mentioned in a few topics so I thought I'd make her hair considering @Sharklasers provided some excellent reference images. I hope you like her!
  17. stuntcock

    Hikari Yagami (Kari Kamiya) Dynamic Hair 5.9

    Dynamic version of this static hairstyle (drawn by @sandman_2010). Made at sandman's request. This mod uses extended hair physics and therefore it requires Loader v5.45 or greater. If you are unable to use the Loader, or if you find that the hairstyle misbehaves in conjunction with advanced...
  18. K

    revelation online nude mod/armor mod request

    title says it all. game isnt really out yet in NA (tho they did start beta) but its been out a while in china. Or if somoene has a link to a chinese nude patch that'd be great! EDIT: See posts below for link to game's web site and screen shots.
  19. Naduron

    The Loli Games list [NSFW] - WIP

    Wanted to add lots of loli games to the Upcoming Games but it would have been way to long and it also would slow it down way to much, so i made a separate topics for upcoming and already released games that has loli character. Tera - Elin Released: Yes Contries: US,EU,KR,JP Website...
  20. A

    Legal Questions - hentai content (loli, incest, bestiality…)

    Hello, my name is Alex and i would want to start doing hentai game development (possibly with loli, maybe incest aswell) I've heard a lot of things about 'Loli' genre being illegal, or something close to it, so i'd appreciate some details on this topic. Additionally, how does this affect the...