1. O

    Black Desert Online Patch Overrides mods

    So the newest update to the game that came out yesterday (Nov. 30-22) seems to keep overriding all my paz files when the launcher opens. So I saved all my paz files to a different drive, and then tried to paste them back over after the launcher did it's thing. And as soon as I hit start game it...
  2. L

    Loader for LDR mods

    which Loader I need to this mods work? I tried a lot but nothing work
  3. Y

    Paid request for Black Desert clothing mods

    我需要移植和定制全新的黑色沙漠服装,请使用 discord NEG#5227 与我联系。每个模组将支付不同的报酬 I need to transplant and customize a brand new Black Desert costume, please contact me using discord NEG#5227
  4. D

    lack of raiden shogun mods

    i find a suprisng lack of raiden shogun mods on this site despite raiden being a very attractive character. could someone implement a raiden shogun mod? (ther is only 1)-
  5. W

    Is it easy to adjust existing clothing to fit different body mods?

    I maybe biting off more than I can handle here, but for context there's a couple of really nice body mods combined (thicker thighs 1.0 and skinny stomach 2013) that give her a really nice athletic figure, but of course, most of the clothing for the bottom doesn't fit right. Is it possible to...
  6. K

    SDT's default clothes as MoreClothing items

    Is there any way to register SDT's default cloth mods as MoreClothing items? I want to use MoreClothing +makebutton option to SDT's Leather (Ankle) Cuffs and Tube Gag. Thanks.
  7. T

    SDTL2 How to save character that include mods?

    Recently I moved to sdtl2 and would like to do a clean install of mods now. One of the mods loads custom outfit for her. In addition to that I put some vanilla accessories on her. On older launcher I just saved character and was loading mods in a specific order. With SDTL2 I cannot understand...
  8. K

    How to develop a SDT Loader SWF Mods?

    Hi. I'm new here and wanting to know how you get information and make SWF Mods of SDT Loader. Is there any manuals or tutorials, or someone's blog posts? Or, all is a kind of products of reverse engineering??
  9. K

    txt mods

    I'm sorry but I'm a little ignorant about mods. What I want to ask is this. for example I liked a mod and downloaded it, but some mods are in .txt form. I can't run txt mods because it needs to be in .swf form for me to run. in short, how can I use/run mods in .txt form. please help me. Thank...
  10. I

    Mabel Pines

    Hi art wizards! I'm hoping to request swfs for (an all grown up) Mabel Pines' hair and sweater. I was actually able to track down a pretty solid reference for her with a good side profile, attached below. Also, if anyone knows of a good forest bg I'd be glad to hear of it. if not I'll have to...
  11. Angry Catster

    Tera 64bit Human, Aman, High elf and Castanic Nude mods

    I need your feedback! this is my very first mod release and i'm a complete beginner at 3D, so feel free to point out every mistake i've made. These mods are for 64 bit TERA only! No underwear mod Changes Linen Underwear (and it's variations with this icon ) for Human, Aman, High elf and...
  12. Deleted member 355470

    Armor Mods

    Can someone please help me make this outfit into a mod? or maybe just the top (With the armor included). I hope this picture is good enough :) link: Warrior-3
  13. K

    Help with importing mods on iPhone

    I have a browser app called Puffin which can run most flash games. One of those flash games in particular is sdt and I’m trying to import a random mod for “research” and I can’t. Is it possible to import mods on iPhone or do I need to go on PC for it?
  14. M

    Help Loading .SWF Hair Mods But Keeping The Current Body?

    Been searching around and can't seem to find this answer anywhere - Is it possible to load an .SWF hair mod, and keep the current body/clothing settings? Every time I try to load an .SWF hair mod it changes the body as well. Trying to load my saved character resets all SWF mods, and loads the...
  15. RokPhenix

    How use Moreclothing for import mods

    Welcome folks, I thought I should make a tutorial to help anyone that wants to use this complex mod. What tell us the note Where find the moreclothingsettings.txt In the Sby's loader pack, the moreclothingsettings.txt will be in this folder : Where put the file to add the...
  16. F

    New female characters from Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc (Makio, Suma, Hinatsuru, Daki)

    The new female characters in the latest Demon Slayer season were super hot! Since they're pretty new I don't expect to find anything for them so soon, but just putting in a request for any kinds of resources for them for sdt. If there's a better place to post this, please let me know. Hair...
  17. S

    im new to superdeepthroat and i need some help/advice with modding and with controlls and such! also requesting recomendations for giant boob mods!

    i really like the game so far! im really into giant boobs so i used the tutorials and managed to download and get working superbreast v8! but i have to manually load it each time i enter the game... is their a way to make it load automatically? also are their any bigger boob mods out their than...
  18. A

    Can't import mods on MacOS Montery

    Hi, I'm using the flash player projector to run SDT on MacOS Montery. When I try running either vanilla or loader, I'm running into a problem with importing mods. The first time I import either a mod, hair, or background, it works fine. When I then go to import a second item, it brings up the...
  19. N

    How do I load mods?

    I am trying to understand how to use mods, these have usually different files that probably belong in different places but I've never seen any tutorial explaining how to use these, I am trying to put them in mods or replace some files but it's a guessing game, 90% of the time it doesn't work, 5%...
  20. Corsets (Broken)

    Corsets (Broken) 2012-2015

    Corsets (Broken) Red/Black + Teal + Violet + Overbust by TOlive


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