1. B

    Selnia Iori Flameheart hair request

    Hello! I know that there is already a hair piece for this character but unfortunately it is with her hair up and i was hoping for something with her hair down. I would be forever thankful if someone did this for me. I just wanna apologize that these images were the best side profile views i...
  2. S

    Officer Juggs MNF games

    Good morning Fam! I was wondering if it was possible to do an Officer Juggs Mod? It would be awesome if it was done using the thickerass mod as the bases. clothing and hair please and thank you.
  3. D

    Dragon Star Varnir Mods

    Okay The Game came out on Oct 8 2019 DEVELOPER: Idea Factory, Compile Heart PUBLISHER: Idea Factory International GENRE: RPG, Adventure, Nudity, Anime, Action This game as you can see is made from the same company as the Neptunia games its has the Same Game Engine as Neptunia Virtual Stars...
  4. U

    Issue with Black Widow x Hulk Scene I'm working on

    Alright, so I am working on a Black Widow x Hulk Scene It uses dante's hulk mod to make the guy Hulk It also uses Black Widow's hair from here...
  5. L

    Cant save SWF mods anymore

    Hey so, i've recently downloaded the Loader, Amnitools, PenisRange, ans AnySizeHer (Only did it now because I found a flash player that actually works) and i've been having lots of fun, but recently for whatever reason I cant save SWF mods to my characters anymore. I can still USE them and load...
  6. Skull_mods

    Modding shadow of the tomb raider

    ◉How do I start a modding game? In this video, we have given a complete tutorial if you want to create your own mode for the game. (I start by creating a mod for shadow of the tomb raider) ◉You can create mods for all the steam games (PC game) that support game modding tools (special-k) with...
  7. W

    Braces request

    Hey I've been playing this game for a year and i love it but still have not seen any braces mods. I imagine it must be hard to do but if anyone knows of any let me know! Please and thank you :)
  8. Skull_mods

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Best Armor Mods For Cirilla Fiona - Mod Showcase

  9. LuxidaOxida

    Futanari / Transgender / Shemale Mod for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Requests)

    Hi there, I posted this 'request' on Loverslab site a few weeks ago, it seems nobody with skills is interested there on creating this (for now). So is anyone interested here on a futa/futanari trans/tgirl mod for Assassin's Creed Odyssey? I am, and I am learning 3D Modelling, no skills to do...
  10. D

    MLP Modpack(?)

    Hi! A few months ago I found a my little pony modpack on here. I downloaded it, it was pretty great! But now I have a new computer, my old one has been sold. I tried looking for that modpack, but I can't find it anywhere! Could someone post a link to it please? It would be very muhc appreciated...
  11. T

    I need help getting mods to work.

    I have the loader and the base game and they both appear to be working fine, so I'm currently attempting to get animtools working since it seemed to be the best explained installation process. As far as I can tell I have all the files it the place the video guide told me to put them, but when...
  12. patches13

    Fallout 76 Wastelanders update mods

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has modded this game and would be willing to share those mods with me? Since the Wastelander update came out I've been enjoying my time there but would love to have a lot more spice spread throughout!
  13. Kojinzx

    Neoverse NSFW mod pack

    Hi all!! i want represent my NSFW mod for Neoverse game!! :grin: I very much love this game. Now i complete testing my mods for this game and release my modpack! More info about this game is aviable here NEOVERSE on Steam Neoverse Mod Pack aviable here...
  14. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Jane static hair 2019-04-17

  15. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Static hair mod of Vela from Jet Force Gemini (Star Twins). 2019-04-14

    Static hair mod of Vela from Jet Force Gemini (Star Twins).
  16. B

    Why do no mods show up when I look for them in the resources search?

    With the old undertow, you would just search up what you wanted and it would be there. Now when I type something in which I know exists, I get nothing. Please someone show me how to navigate this website, because this new system is inhibiting my abilities to find mods that I am specifically...
  17. Deltavoid

    Flash Player (standalone) not loading mods...(SDTL) PROBLEM SOLVED

    quick answer: Remove or comment out sdtl.swf from mods.txt This is an issue I have had for a while. I started using @some_dude 's SDT Launcher and i liked it, however after some time, issues with mods started appearing and load times were not ideal for troubleshooting settings. When I went back...
  18. Antimatter42

    .docx to .txt File Conversions

    I tried your solution, but then I realized that it won't work with my loader folder because all of the .txt files are Word documents. This is because I uploaded all of my SDT files to Google Drive, and everytime I download them from there, my laptop converts them to Word documents. So instead I...
  19. M

    How to change voices in Animtools?

    So, reading the documents in animtools, it says you have multiple voice options for the female character when using sex positions, I can also see the MP3 files for each character under 'dirty audio' but I don't know where to find the option to change between voices. Any help?
  20. Jaxx

    School Rumble Underground (ENGLISH, FRENCH) 1.2

    Hello everyone, started over a year ago - yeah... it's been a long time, @DrZombi and @Slingerbult (if he ever comes back) will tell you :grin: - I am happy to finally release this dialog. School Rumble Underground isn't meant to be played, it's mostly a story, you almost don't have to do...