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Re: walkeroftheocean's imports - 26/05/2015 X-Men Evolution - Rogue

UPDATE: So I might be returning to modding after a computer crash (many half-finished mods died a horrible, horrible death that day). Have a glimpse at what I've got in the pipeline.



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Re: walkeroftheocean's imports - 26/05/2015 X-Men Evolution - Rogue

Um, yes, please!

And sorry about your mod-pocalypse.


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Hey mate, how's life? Any time for new updates, or too busy? It's cool, just wanted to see what's going on? Maybe Felicity/ Thea/ Sansa/ Shae/ Melisandre/ Catelyn/ Talisa/ Arya?
Just would like to see an update on how you're doing, because honestly-- you're probably my favorite artist x


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Having issues with downloading Rey mod, file from Solidfiles considered malicious. Any tips?
You're not the only one who has reported problems downloading from Solidfiles (I tried to download something else from there, and a pop-up from that site replaced my browser's home page). I've sent a PM to walkeroftheocean, asking him to host his stuff here at undertow in our downloads section, or at a site that doesn't use pop-ups.
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Can somebody please hook me up with Rey's mod? i'm having trouble downloading it from solidfiles and here. Thanks

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