1. Hank East

    Neith costume redrawn

    So a couple of years ago, I requested Neith's hair and costume from Smite here walkeroftheocean's imports - 28/12/2015 Star Wars The Force Awakens - Rey. However think they've aged a bit poorly, so I'd like it if someone touched them up a bit. More specifically, I'd like them to have...
  2. Vez

    Bellona Static Hair 1.0

  3. Vez

    Nu Wa Static Hair 1.0

  4. Vez

    Serqet Static Hair 1.0

  5. Vez

    Aphrodite Static Hair 1.0

  6. Sieg Warheit

    Awilix Outfit 1.1

    If you don't have it, here is the link of Awilix's hair: Awilix Static Hair
  7. wolfkoslov1223

    Bastet of Smite

    Somebody can help me with Bastet. With clothes and tail? Here is the model in 3D: Bastet - Default
  8. Sieg Warheit

    Awilix Static Hair 1.0

  9. M

    Can you do Aphrodite?

    Can you do Aphrdite's dress for me it would be great! You can do the boots if you want and the bust size could be whatever you like I respect the artist point of view.I'll take any of your efforts if you can do this. Thank you for reading this request or for trying! Here is a 360 view of the...
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