1. Hank East

    Original Character - 'Teacher - Ms. Cunningham' Static hair 2020-11-01

    This is just a slightly edited version of my Manuela hair, but I thought I'd share it anyway since I've come to love using it so much. Her name is Ms. Cunningham, or 'Cummingham' as her pupils call her. She is a badly-humoured, strict teacher who has tired of her students' horniness limiting...
  2. HoneyTalesFactory

    Pleasure Thieves: Chapter 3-3 (A porn comedy VN)

    "Pleasure Thieves" put you in the role of a teenager who moves to study journalism in a famous university. Usually, he is not very lucky with girls, but after meeting his roommate, he will discover it might be a way to improve his luck, and that the university is hiding some dark secrets. This...
  3. El Grillo

    Kaho Static Hair 1.0

  4. PORNO

    Girls: School, Life & Sex

    Hello, I'll post some pictures from time to time. My first question is, what would you do to her?
  5. M

    Total Seduction - 3D RPG game

    Hi, check out my new game - Total Seduction. It is a real time sim-like rpg game with quests, char. building and main story line. Current version is v0.5, but it is fully playable with a lot of content. It contains 10 characters and 61 unique sex scenes - 17 oral/handjob/footjob scenes, 21 fuck...
  6. NoctSoul

    NoctSoul's Updated Dialogue Versions

    Hello there!!! This is the first dialogue thread I ever made, so be clement. I looked around the dialogue threads, and I tried to mix up with something good. Lonely Teacher v3 (multiple positions) Inspired by Delev dialogues and Samoth dialogues (which in case you don't know them, I suggest you...
  7. FKF

    Itoko Static Hair 1.0

  8. HentaiWriter

    "Magic Matchup Demo" & Small Hentai Games by HentaiWriter and friends!

    Hey, I’m happy to announce both my/our new (link removed) where you can get short, but quality H-games for $5, AND the first game for it, called “Magic Matchup”! You can see pictures of the game up above, and get info about it and the Patreon down below! NOTE: We are still working daily on...
  9. dantethedarkprince

    Cheerilee Skin Mark 2016-02-20

    Pro: goes under clothing. Con: colours are affected by the "Her Skin" HSV slider.
  10. dantethedarkprince

    Cheerilee Ankle Tattoo 2016-02-20

    Pro: goes under clothing. Con: colours are affected by the "Her Skin" HSV slider.
  11. D

    Chipster's Dialogues

    Hey everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. Been mooching off the SDT community for too long to not give back something. I present to you: "Got the Lead!" my first dialogue. It's not the best thing in the world, but I figure y'all will get a kick out of it. Awesome. Again, this is my...
  12. TOlive

    Video Game & Comic Girls 1/5: Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

    Newest Additions: Amy Pond - Doctor Who Natsumi Raimon - Inazuma Eleven Cady Heron - Mean Girls Ms. Norbury - Mean Girls News: All the mods that work with the standard game will still be released here, for the Loader Mods you can head over to...