hair mod

  1. AIKO 2

    AIKO 2 2

    AIKO 2
  2. AIKO

    AIKO 1

    AIKO The Ai assisted hair
  3. P

    Error in hair mod

    I don't understand how I get these mistakes, it is just a static hair mod, could you help me please?
  4. Yelan - Static Hair (Genshin Impact)

    Yelan - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    The fact that I’m here, means your luck has run out...
  5. kbtittakuya

    Azur Lane Algerie

    I choose the comic and 3D model as the resources created Algerie from Azur Lane, hope you guys like it.
  6. Yae Miko - Static Hair (Genshin Impact)

    Yae Miko - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    She's always watching~
  7. L

    Azur Lane - Z23 Hair

    Very first hair mod, Z23 from Azur Lane. I think a decent enough job. Original image.
  8. Gwen Stacy's Bangs

    Gwen Stacy's Bangs 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    Based on SyntaxTerror's RGB Dynamic Ponytail (03), extract the static bangs
  9. Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair 2021-11-27

    Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair by Fantroll aka Phoebe (Tumblr)
  10. Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair 2021-11-27

    Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair by Fantroll aka Phoebe (Tumblr)
  11. Bob's bang

    Bob's bang 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    make a stand-alone of a bob's bang.
  12. Dreadlocks (5 versions)

    Dreadlocks (5 versions) 1.

    Dreadlocks in a bun.
  13. Jinx's wick

    Jinx's wick 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    Based on dantethedarkprince's "Jinx's Dynamic Hair", extract the static hair top and make it RGB
  14. Leaf's bangs

    Leaf's bangs 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    Based on Sombra's Leaf Dynamic Hair, extract the static top&back layers and make it RGB adjustable
  15. [RGB] Static Chinese buns [hair add]

    [RGB] Static Chinese buns [hair add] 1.1

    Based on @Konashion "Chun-li" static hair, extract the buns and make it RGB adjustable
  16. D

    Padme Amidala Hair (Phantom Menace)

    A couple people have requested this already, but didn't provide any pictures or description. I'm looking for a hair mod (static or dynamic, either is fine) for Padme Amidala's hair from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It would be the braid-style hair she has while on Tatooine Here are...
  17. Raiden Shogun - Static Hair (Gensin Impact)

    Raiden Shogun - Static Hair (Gensin Impact) 1.0

    Booba Sword
  18. Kujou Sara - Static Hair (Genshin Impact)

    Kujou Sara - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Electro gives you wiiiings
  19. Yoimiya - Static Hair (Genshin Impact)

    Yoimiya - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Why they gotta do Amber like that ;-;
  20. Ayaka - Static Hair (Genshin Impact)

    Ayaka - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    More Cryo!

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