1. GhostlyVisit.mp4


    While messing around in Shotcut I found an interesting interaction using the Chroma Key and Glow functions. Be careful not to get too much ectoplasm on you!
  2. Frilly apron rgb2

    Frilly apron rgb2 1.0

    Based on marlow brandon's Frilly apron, rebind the color with the second RGB slider
  3. PoolsideRevisit.mp4


    Went back to try the animated version of the penis under her arm. Took a bit more effort than expected and it's probably something that would be way easier through mods than video editing.
  4. Alt X-Ray: Horse

    Alt X-Ray: Horse 1.0

    Shows penis from Horse Him mod within the girl's mouth and throat
  5. SelfService.mp4


    I made a little picture of his hand to move around in video editing. This time she'll watch you put in the work for a change...
  6. Alt X-Ray: Werewolf

    Alt X-Ray: Werewolf 1.0

    Shows penis from Werewolf Him mod within the girl's mouth and throat
  7. Alt X-Ray: Troll

    Alt X-Ray: Troll 1.0

    Shows penis from Troll Him mod within the girl's mouth and throat
  8. PinupGirl.mp4


    Testing out more of the front-facing angle, this time with her moving. It was kinda tricky to get all the stuff to move in sync, especially since she's got the ponytail.
  9. SaunaTwinsReturn.mp4


    Had this idea to turn him towards the camera using MS Paint, then put him in the sauna. The twins are back!
  10. Z

    It should be possible to utilize Large Language Models (LLMs/AI) locally to enhance dialogue in SDT. You can run LLMs locally (such as Pygmalion or a higher-end model) in oobabooga's UI and chat with them via SillyTavern. It is very possible to train a character that knows exactly how to return SDT...
  11. Ruby Dragon Body [EM]

    Ruby Dragon Body [EM] 2.0

    Full body replacement mod, Ruby the Dragon. "3D" textures.
  12. Curveballs.mp4


    Saw a gif on the SDT discord around this concept and decided to try it frame-by-frame using the Distort tool in Shotcut. Was a lot harder than it seems to line it up.
  13. Diablo 4 Lilith [EM]

    Diablo 4 Lilith [EM] 1.1

    Horns, wings, it's the Queen of Succubi
  14. M

    how to run SDT on linux / steam deck

    Hi I just got an Steam Deck and I'm thinking about installing SDT to play it. But I have no ideia how to. I tried emulating the windows version but is asking for some pc software and I know it can run from flash's linux version, but I have no clue how to use linux and install it. Can you help me?
  15. P

    Panty Anarchy SDT Mod Request

    I dont know if anyone already did this but i coudn't find it so i guess it hasnt been done. It would be great if some one made a hair mod for panty from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  16. DoubleTeamed.mp4


    One from the front and one from the back. I had to line up the pixels on one scene to get it to work.
  17. Resource icon

    SDTcharMaker 1.0

    A tool made purely in Python for creating character folders for SDT !
  18. H

    How to change colour of borders?

    For some reason the outside border on my sdt is a yellow/vanilla colour, I would like to change it to black, how do I change the colour?
  19. bsbot.png


  20. bstop.png



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