1. D

    SDT Cross section see dick inside throat mod

    Where did it go i can't find it anywhere. there was a really nice cross section mod here in the past.
  2. Making a Hentai Music Video with SDT

    Making a Hentai Music Video with SDT

    Got this idea from finding an sdt music video online (unfortunately taken down due to the music I assume) so I deicided to try it out myself with a video editor and only 2 days experience. Let me tell you something. If you know a friend who does video editing, MAKE SURE YOU STAY FRIENDS WITH THEM.
  3. Resource icon

    slave bazar character replacement V_0.1

    changes the appearance of Ashley from the slave bazaar
  4. RGB Adjustable Top no bows

    RGB Adjustable Top no bows 1.0

    RGB Adjustable Top no bows
  5. DressingRoom.mp4


    Using Automove to try out different finishes, as well as features like the Loading Screen Mod and using the + and - buttons to move the camera around. I was trying to make something a lot more robust but then everytime I felt like I made some advancement I got uhh, tired. Yeah... tired <3
  6. C

    SDT - Him - Chewbacca / Wookie

    Was hoping someone would make a Him Mod of Chewbacca or a Wookie from Star Wars for SDT. Thanks in advance , <3
  7. a9s

    OpenFellatio - open-source port of SDT to Haxe + OpenFL (HTML5, etc.)

    Yo so with the death of flash and everything it's been kinda hard for me to setup my favorite... penis consumption simulator... on my assorted collection of devices and I was just about to give up and establish the eternal church of penis suckage inside my dusty copy of flash 10 for 'ze many...
  8. C

    Wasp EMH Gamma Monster

    Was wandering if anybody could put together a mod of Wasp in her gamma mutate form?
  9. S

    Recently saved Characters won't load up upon new instance of SDT -SOLVED-

    Hello everyone, my current issue is that characters which I save though the "save character " button won't appear in the next instance of SDT. I never had any issues saving characters this problem only appeared recently. The saving process itself works fine, the character appears in the listing...
  10. Pokemon [Team Galactic Mars]

    Pokemon [Team Galactic Mars] 2022-02-01

  11. A

    ‘More Realistic’ Series

    I made this dialogue back in August of 2016. By my math, that’s almost 100 years ago! I made a tiny splash, but more than anything I just love the concept of breaking the conventions and accepted low quality in the porn industry as a hole (<— get it?) I’m re-posting this to refresh the concept...
  12. His head (Kissing)

    His head (Kissing) 1

    "His head" with slightly animated eyes and tongue.
  13. RGB Soi Fon Clothes

    RGB Soi Fon Clothes 2022-01-18

    RGB adjustable clothes of Soi Fon from Bleach
  14. Bunnies Loader Pack

    Bunnies Loader Pack 1.0

    Four characters with a short set of scripts to try out
  15. armband

    armband 1.0 [RGB]

    Based on Faceless armband, make it RGB adjustable.
  16. RGB Faceless Armband.png

    RGB Faceless Armband.png

  17. RGB Morrigan Leotard

    RGB Morrigan Leotard 2022-01-08

    RGB adjustable leotard worn by Morrigan from Darkstalkers
  18. Bunnies.mp4


    Playing around with AutoMove and trying to get the movements juuuuust right. Also trying out repurposing of buttons on the fly by switching a hidden variable (in this case the color values of the unused gag) between dialogue lines.
  19. RGB Tinkerbell Dress

    RGB Tinkerbell Dress 2022-01-07

    RGB adjustable dress worn by Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
  20. RGB Ayaka Skirt

    RGB Ayaka Skirt 1.0

    RGB adjustable skirt worn by Ayaka from Genshin Impact


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