1. Super18

    Discussion: SDT Overworld Mod (Casual) Project Y/N? See Description if interested in helping.

    So I did a thing. Read past the lengthy introduction if you want to skip to the meat and potatoes. Introduction; So, I have had a habit of biting off more than I can chew in the past. And I haven't been on the site for years. I came back out of curiosity today and am glad to see improvements...
  2. D

    Additions to MoreCumSpurts

    I'd like to make this request for an addition to the MoreCumSpurts mod. I would like a setting to either A) separately adjust the semen volume multiplier, spurt durations, intensity per normal/terminal spurt, and strand thickness depending on male/female body type, or B) adjust those same things...
  3. SavaRosSe

    Managed to download SDTm on my Samsung watch 5!!!

    If anyone wanna full step by step, ask (:
  4. Body sizer

    Body sizer 2023-03-17

    With this swf you can change her body size much more
  5. H

    SWF & clothing mods no longer loading when I open sdt

    For some reason my mods are no longer loading when I start up the game, I am not sure why and I need help None of my clothing mods, character mods etc. load on startup and they do not appear in the game either, and unlike before when I try to save a character using a character or clothing mod it...
  6. Violet Evergarden Dialogue

    Violet Evergarden Dialogue 1.0

    Violet is hired to help write some erotica by someone who takes their accuracy very seriously.
  7. xlstaticbgload

    xlstaticbgload V1

    changes the static BG loading to support wider backgrounds
  8. extendedzoom

    extendedzoom V1

    increases the amount you are allowed to zoom out by when using the mouse wheel and zoom slider
  9. Pudding

    Background loads as hair

    I load backgrounds through moreclothing, so i type for example 'backgrounds/Alleyway.png=Alleyway' . When i load the game it appears as a hair mod and not a background mod. I can load swf background mods but not png ones. Can anyone help?
  10. S

    how to add new clothings to sdt

    Can someone please explain me how to add clothes in the game ?
  11. K

    SDT Request

    Can someone make Rachel Amber's hair and outfit? We have Max and Chloe but we're missing the sexiest gal
  12. Bigkawck

    Bigkawck's Basement

    So here goes my first Thread. ITT I'll give updates on WIP I'll be working on. There will be times of drought and I won't be posting much but at least I'll have a place to post ideas and discuss it with the community besides the Discord servers. I currently mostly do static hair and character...
  13. Slumber Party Strap-On: Custom Message List

    Slumber Party Strap-On: Custom Message List ver. 1.0

    Part of a dialogue I'm currently working on; it's exactly as the title says.
  14. hairRGB

    hairRGB V3 reupload

    added supplemental RGB pickers next to hair HSL for mods to make use of
  15. A

    SDT Static Hair Request - Alisa Illinichina Amiella (Hatless ver.)

    This request is for a Static Hair img for SDT, a Hatless version of Alisa illinichina Amiella's Hair, character from God Eater (Game franchise with an Anime adaptation). There's already a version of her hair but only with her hat on, and I wish for one without it...
  16. Crimson Voices for animtoolsAudioExtension

    Crimson Voices for animtoolsAudioExtension 2023-01-03

    Made to be paired with my prior Crimson Voices mods
  17. P

    How to upload my text mod for SDT

    i made a dialog mod for SDT and i don't know how to upload it
  18. 3DMG boots

    3DMG boots 1.0

    Based on Synonymous 's 3DMG Costume, extract the boots
  19. RokPhenix

    Use FFdec to make mods

    Welcome ! I make a tutorial to help anyone that wants to make new mod or modify existing mods for free and legal way. Thanks to @Perdition for show me this software Thanks to @SyntaxTerror because without his tutorials this topic will never exist. Thanks to the Discord community for all they...
  20. Anti's Custom Message List

    Anti's Custom Message List ver. 1.5

    A list of customized messages created by me for the CamGurl Live Chat Overlay mod.


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