1. Will most likely forget

    Gawr Gura static hair (WIP) 2021-08-02

    Its everybody's favorite shark coming straight to SDT for you horny fucks to enjoy! I will give it a few touchups as time goes on.
  2. Will most likely forget

    Gunslinger monster truck background 2021-08-02

    This is my first attempt at a resource/add-on to SDT, so I decided to start by making a background. Two of the greatest things known to man are big tits and monster trucks. I felt that they needed to be put together.
  3. Antimatter42

    Life is Strange Dark Room Background ver. 1.0

    Hello, all! So, here's the main background I used for my dialogue, "Max Breakage," now given to you as a separate upload for your use. Enjoy! -Antimatter42
  4. Antimatter42

    Max Breakage - A Life is Strange Dialogue ver. 1.0

    Hello, all! Here I am again with another loader dialogue. This one is for Max Caulfield, from Life is Strange, and it serves as a sequel to my dialogue for Chloe Price, Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery. I've uploaded this dialogue as a character folder for you to add to your Mods folder in whatever...
  5. Samoth

    Pokémon GO Trainer Hats [RGB-Adjustable] 2021-07-18

    Note: This mod works best when paired with the HeadwearLand mod for compatability with more hairs. The following mods are all originally based on @D-Oxygen's Pokemon GO Girl Static Hairs, and edited by @tickles to make them standalone. D-oxygen's original versions can be found here: Pokémon Go...
  6. chainsawplayin

    Midori Kamiya static hair 2021-07-16

    Brown bun and ponytail hair of artist Zheng's OC, Midori Kamiya. Character code: charName:Midori...
  7. Vasyan

    Toriel head for SDT chan v1

    Good morning. The evolution of Toriels is full ahead! Well, I was testing new methods of making furry jaws and findout, that you can make moving jaw from upper lip. Ofc there is some issues, but for me its a new world of possibilitys. Her nose can be pressed. Not so usefull, still fun...
  8. Vasyan

    Dragon body V 0.5

    Hello there, long time no see. Recently, i was surfing STD mods and find feedifeed2013's "Cynder" mod. I thought : "man, laying dragons is kinda cool idea! ". …Too bad it was anthro dragon, wich I can't count as dragon. More than that, I couldn't find any dragon body mods so I decided to make...
  9. sby

    Modder 1

    One of Modguy's modding tools, couldn't find it elsewhere, might be in an archive animtools essentially replaced this, but this is still useful for tracking down in game objects
  10. DigitalSmutExports

    Rope Leash 1.0

    This is based on @stuntcock 's Leash mod. My only contribution is to replace the original leash with a rope drawing.
  11. B

    sdt background animated

    Forgive the English, I created this animated background "cinema". I would like to contribute for the customization of the SDT character. in the drawing I'm fine, but in the script text less (due to inexperience), I attach gif as in preview and the swf, maybe someone can download it, modify it...
  12. DigitalSmutExports

    Various Backgrounds 1.0

    @Hank East asked me to share a bg in a screenshot so I figured I might as well upload some other ones as well while I'm at it. Previews:
  13. DigitalSmutExports

    African Tribeswoman (Ethno series) 1.0

    This is the first installment of an ethno series where I'll be making a costume from various exoeuropean cultures. First one is an african tribeswoman. The download includes the full costume as seen above and also separate mods for each part of the outfit. The top is breast slider adjustable...
  14. DigitalSmutExports

    Naval Officer (Him model) 1.0

    If you've been following me on Discord you may be aware that my next project is an ethno series with costumes from different parts of the world. For maximum racism I figured there should be something appropriately colonial to go with it.
  15. GeorGeR

    Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) 1.0

  16. GeorGeR

    Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) 1.0

  17. GeorGeR

    Florence Nightingale 1.0

  18. GeorGeR

    Artoria Pendragon 1.0

    Better if it was a dynamic hair and costume but i dont have any skills in this for now
  19. GeorGeR

    Azazel 1.0

    Yep, first upload. Made it a bit long time ago but only now giving this to you guys
  20. DigitalSmutExports

    Him Business Suit 1.0

    A business suit for him. Suitable for businessmen, principals disciplining school girls etc. Comes in three versions. You're welcome to leave a request for a colour scheme at DigitalSmutExports' Mod Emporium and I'll release an update with some new versions. Leave RGB values for the base colour...