1. Studio Cam

    Studio Cam

    An overlay with a reduced Chroma Key to maintain a bit of green along with some Noise to simulate static.
  2. Messy Files

    Messy Files

    Ugh what a mess
  3. Sauna Twins 2

    Sauna Twins 2

    Using Chroma Key to greenscreen two characters onto the same scene. The blurs are used to hide the fact that the penis has to be switched in between.
  4. Sauna Twins

    Sauna Twins

    Using Chroma Key to greenscreen one character into another scene.
  5. long black messy hair

    long black messy hair 1.0 [Static]

    Based on Twizzler's Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair without the ear and horn
  6. sclover13

    ExtraMod Template Extension

    ExtraMod Template Extension ExtraMod is a new template extension that piggybacks off of Sby's currently popular Template Extension, and by extension the vanilla template. ExtraMod seeks to bring simplicity to complex modding elements, allowing modding of previously unavailable objects, and...
  7. D

    Svedka Vodka Robot Changes

    Hello, I'm making this request for some changes to dantethedarkprince's Svedka Vodka Robot mod. -* Make the breasts slider adjustable -* Fix the back arm positions so that the left arm doesn't have both the hands and the right arm isn't missing its forearm -* Add hands for the hand job positions...
  8. E

    xtoys/buttplug real toy integration

    Hey, since discovering, i'm on a spree of making it interface with games, mostly with cheat engine-like memory peaking and reading values like hp or stamina, but i just can't get anything from SDT. After reading up on it a bit, i assume its flash obfuscating things. Is there a way...
  9. Skyla Cruz static hair

    Skyla Cruz static hair 2022-10-22

    Originally made by HellOnEarthIII
  10. Miki Hoshii chain

    Miki Hoshii chain 1.0

    Based on Huitznahua's Miki Hoshii Outfit, extract the belly chain
  11. Resource icon

    SDT Texture Fix 1.1.3

    SDT Mod to fizx some game imperfections.
  12. yanfei - other breast.png

    yanfei - other breast.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  13. yanfei -nob.png

    yanfei -nob.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  14. onlyb.png


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  15. Kequing - arm.png

    Kequing - arm.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  16. yanfei - nob.png

    yanfei - nob.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  17. Static Hair - Deep wave curly brown hair

    Static Hair - Deep wave curly brown hair 2022-10-11

    Static curly hair
  18. T

    Looking for specific clothing

    Hello there, I need help finding these specific clothing, I know the tights, are 'Overknee' the skirt, i'm not sure of, any ideas?
  19. J

    SDT Zentreya from Vshojo

    As the title says, hair/outfit of Zentreya from Vshojo
  20. C

    so you want to play SDT but there is no flash

    First you must download a version of the flash projector. I used the link Here now that you are on the website click show all files. (Yes I did this in paint) Next you want to torrent the top file. I use qBittorrent which you can download here. If you don't know how to torrent its fine just...


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