1. H

    RGB not working

    I have moreclothes mod and I can't change colors of the clothes. Anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Antimatter42

    Boxing Ring Background ver. 1.0

    My first upload of 2021. I haven't seen any backgrounds like this one, so I decided to make my own. I hope you like.
  3. FrankMoses

    Cyrillics support for Super Deepthroat 1.0

    Cyrillics chars support. Now it's possible to write dialogues in Russian. Поддержка кириллических символов. Теперь диалоги можно писать на русском языке. The attached file is a vanilla game with modified font; special characters are replaced to cyrillics. To use it with loader replace the...
  4. C

    Kogasa Tatara (Touhou) Bun - Static Hair 2020-12-27

    Here's Kogasa Tatara's hair tied into a neat little bun. I traced it off the original artwork (artist credit in the .PNG file) and later coloured and shaded it on my own.
  5. R

    morecumspurts 5.3

    This is a (minor) update to the "morecumspurts" mod, which was originally created by @sby, and developed further by @stuntcock. All credit goes to them. This is the post for the previous release: The change only affects the edging feature...
  6. Vasyan

    Longer tounge. 2020-12-04

    So, I always wanted to have a long tounge mod, but noone wants to make it. I dont find a way to make a tounge bigger (mb piercing ring on tounge with animation, but i dont know how to mod piercings). And... I made a jaw mod that imitates tounge. I spend some time to make it moove as smooth as...
  7. Vasyan

    Animated mouthes for niples. 2020-12-04

    Wish i could make gif, but i dont know how. However, there is a bit issue with this mod. If you change her arms position, change size of brests or load another animtools position - animation will stops. Simply load this mod again and new animation will replace the old one. Its fine but...
  8. sby

    movebrow V1

    movebrow by sby menu controls to change her brow to be above her hair supports charcode saving
  9. H

    Combine Assassin 2020-11-14

    Second thing i have uploaded, love me some helmets and the combine one works perfect with this :3 might do more if I find good enough pics :3
  10. Antimatter42

    One Dedickated Model ver. 1.0

    This is part of a request from @yosiema77 . Basically, the scenario behind this dialogue is that a model is required by her manager to suck him off that way he'll pay for her tickets to the Paris fashion show so that she can really advance her career. Not much is needed for this dialogue; just...
  11. C

    Break her 1.3

    Warning: this is my first dialogue. Background: After discovering a secret plot a young woman is capture by a corrupt king and brought to his dungeon. Note: mods are encouraged sorry for any typos or misspelled words dungeon backgrounds are recommended I hope you enjoy :smile:
  12. H

    Ronin from Rogue Company 2020-11-04

    Dynamic Hair made for the character Ronin from Rogue Company video game. Or if you like the bobcut hairstyle in general like me. My first try at making a sdt mod, I apologize if it's a bit rough, I'm not an artist and drew this with my mouse (lol). I would appreciate any advice or constructive...
  13. H

    Ronin from Rogue Company, Dynamic Hair

    Ronin from Rogue Company video game dynamic hair, or can be used if you like the shoulder length bobcut hairstyle. My first try at making a sdt mod, I apologize if it's a bit rough, I'm not an artist and drew this with my mouse (lol). I would appreciate any advice or constructive criticism...
  14. Kyruel

    [Request] I want Secre Swallowtail of Black Clover

    Can we have secre swallowtail please ? she look so cute EDIT: Deleted useless image I ask it on behalf of all, everyone wants her
  15. Antimatter42

    Concocktions ver. 1.6

    So, here's my first dialogue in quite a while. It's still somewhat of a work-in-progress, but it should be functional nonetheless when you use it. This one is part of a request by @Hank East , and basically, a witch doctor decides to test out her upcoming aphrodisiac potion on some friend of...
  16. E

    Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

    Could someone do Static Hair for Annie Leonhart? Here’s a pic idk if it counts as full side profile but its all i can find |USELESS IMAGE REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER]
  17. FrankMoses

    Advice me video for remastering SDT

    I've released remastered SDT in which I've replaced sound files in the game. Now I want to add other voices to the game, but it is not so easy to find video with appropriate source sound. I need help to find such video. Video requirements: 1) Contain cough sounds (especially "open cough"...
  18. Antimatter42

    Oval Office Background ver. 1.0

    It's been a while, but I'm right on time for the upcoming elections. Enjoy! -Antimatter42
  19. SyntaxTerror

    Barcode Tattoo EAN8 1.0

    Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. This is a Body mod, so it can be used with any clothes.
  20. Apollion

    Shy Gal Belts /top

    Hello ! I've saw a Shy gal Hair mod, and Its looks so good but there sothing mising in it... As the people know, the shy gals have two belts, one where all belts suposed to be, and one just over the boobs. So I looked for Belts but I didn't find something. So Im asksing to the content creator...
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