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  1. Every_Tuesday

    Tigress (Undercover) Static Hair Mod 2019-06-30

  2. Every_Tuesday

    Lady Shiva Static Hair Mod 2019-06-27

  3. Perdition

    Batwoman Mask 2019-05-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Batwoman' mod, this mod isolates the mask and makes it RGB adjustable. Please keep in mind that this mod does not look good with all (or maybe even most) hair mods, but there's not much that can be done about that with the way the game works.
  4. Rastafoo

    [PC] Raven Go! Game Review

    You get a handful of choices after every few lines of dialogue. Try calm down Raven as best you can. If you make the wrong choices, you’ll get an instant game-over and be tossed out the window! Beast Boy was actually jerking off to dirty thoughts and pictures of Raven. He has dirty photos of...
  5. Perdition

    Black Canary Jacket 2019-04-16

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'DC - Black Canary' mod, this mod isolates the jacket, makes the sleeves shorter, and makes it RGB adjustable. Uses the secondary RGB slider.
  6. R

    Artemis (Young Justice S01) hair 2.0

    This is actually an edit of a pre-existing hair in the archive (can't tell who made it :/ ) I simply added the longer pony tail to match Young Justice However I did make an unmasked version that didn't pre-exist:
  7. R

    Miss Martian (Young Justice) hair 2.0

    Update 2.0: Fixed original hair (there was a seam) and added all variants from all seasons Suggest Skin Code for green skin: H: -100 S: 190 L: 70 C: 115 Other Variants: Season 1 w/ Iconic Freckles (I don't really care for them but they're there if you want them) (No Screenshot) Season 1...
  8. R

    Wonder Woman (DCAU) hair 1.0

    I prefer DCAU hairs so here's a static hair of Wonder Woman I couldn't find.
  9. R

    Barbara Gordon (DCAU) hair 1.0

    I prefer DCAU hairs so here's a static Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.
  10. R

    Dana Tan (Batman Beyond) hair 1.0

    I couldn't find her on the site so here's a static hair of Dana from Batman Beyond. If someone can find a good Melanie Walker (Ten) reference pass it along.
  11. Smithe

    Request for Artemis of bana-mighdall (DC Rebirth)

    I'm gracefully requesting if someone can make either a dynamic hair or static hair (depending on whichever is easiest for you) as well as the lovely outfit of for the member of Red Hood's outlaws; Artemis of bana-mighdall. It's really difficult to find any real side shots for her unfortunately...
  12. Perdition

    Ivy 2018-03-27

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's mod 'Poison Ivy' this mod isolates the ivy parts of the costume and adds more ivy to cover her whole body. It uses the Top, Armwear, and Bottoms slots for the whole costume
  13. cypher371

    Supergirl and the Kryptonite Statue

    Well I went and did something :O I took something beautiful and butchered it in to something else... also beautiful (IMO)... You all remember T0mcat's Clara Loft and the Jade statue? Well thanks to an epic Supergirl binge, I ended playing around on T0mcat's dialogue (via DrZombi's sweet...
  14. metaleroda

    Hawkgirl static hair 2017-10-22

  15. K

    Wonder Woman Dynamic Hair 1.0

  16. K

    Wonder Woman Apocalypse Defeated 1.0

    An undamaged version is also available. The hairstyle can also be downloaded separately if you'd prefer a nude version.
  17. K

    Wonder Woman Apocalypse 1.0

    A battle-damaged version is also available. The hairstyle can also be downloaded separately if you'd prefer a nude version.
  18. K

    Wonder Woman Collar 1.0

  19. K

    Wonder Woman Blindfold 1.0

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