static hair

  1. DigitalSmutExports

    Anne Boonchuy (Amphibia) Static Hair 1.0

    Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia. By request from @Blakey0 I'm not familiar with the source material so please feel free to add appropriate tags.
  2. R

    Nicole Watterson 1.0

    Basado en un fan atr que encontré owo
  3. P

    Emmy Static Hair (Emmy The Robot) 1.0

    By the request of @noonehere18 , and thanks to him for the dialogue. Enjoy it...
  4. Blakey0

    Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia

    EDIT: Request filled. See post #4 I would like to request a Static Hair of Anne Boonchuy and a character code for her. and if possible and you dont have to can i get a clothed version of her
  5. W

    Chloe Rollo Static Hair 1.0

    Here is static hair for Chloe from Danmachi.
  6. W

    Rize Kamishiro 1.1

    This one is unfortunately a bit rougher than my last but that's because I couldn't find an image with better resolution. If someone finds one feel free to let me know. This time I didn't recreate the entire character (yet) so there's no character code at the moment but here's a screenshot of the...
  7. T

    Mash Kyrielight Static Hair 2021-04-01

    Static hair for Mash. The background in this screenshot is from Hank East's FGO background pack!
  8. W

    Yamato Mikoto Static Hair 1.1

    This time I bring you a static hair mod that isn't as rough as my previous ones. Hope you enjoy.
  9. W

    Helltaker Justice Static Hair 1.0

    Once again I bring you a static hair mod that is probably a bit rough around the edges
  10. tickles

    Hu Tao - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Static Hair files for Hu Tao with and without her hat (Character Code and Outfits Not Included)
  11. T

    Meulin Static Hair 2021-03-14

    I found this hair in a collection an anon in an /aco/ thread uploaded to Mega around the time Flash stopped being supported I also made a skin for her...
  12. W

    Mamako Oosuki Static Hair 1.0

    I'm still not very good at photoshop so it's a bit rough around the edges but here's Mamako Oosuki. The armor is a slightly modified version of @vonhizzle's Armor Mods which themselves are modified versions of @dantethedarkprince's Serra Angel and House Do'Urden Armor. All I really did was...
  13. P

    Eda - Static Hair (The Owl House) 1.0

  14. tickles

    Yennefer - Static Hair (The Witcher Series) 1.0

    Static Hair file for Yennefer from The Witcher Series...
  15. C

    Hayase Nagatoro - Static Hair 1.0

    So, that's my first static hair. I made it especially for myself, but with premiere of anime series, I decided to share it with people. charName:Hayase...
  16. SyntaxTerror

    Zuihou Static Hair 1.0

  17. P

    Luz Noceda - Static Hair (The Owl House) 1.0

  18. tickles

    Barbara - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Static Hair files for Barbara (Character Code and Outfits Not Included)
  19. tickles

    Beidou - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Static Hair file for Beidou (Character Code and Outfits Not Included)
  20. tickles

    Fischl - Static Hair (Genshin Impact) 1.0

    Static Hair file for Fischl (Character Code and Outfits Not Included)