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  1. D

    Princess Leia ANH + Slave Leia ROTJ (Star Wars) 2012

    Princess Leia ANH + Slave Leia ROTJ + Slave Leia ROTJ SE (Star Wars) by DARKBONES SWFs includes dynamic hairs, embedded char codes + animated backgrounds.
  2. One With The Shadows

    Queen Miraj (Star Wars) 2013

    Queen Miraj (Star Wars / Clone Wars) by Shadow5000 Char Code on FAQ
  3. R

    Dialogues by Rusty 2013

    8 Dialogues by Rusty 1. Cum-Sucking Vampire v1.3 2. Football Team Orgy v2.5 3. Luke Uses The Force on Leia v3.1 4. Mood Based Dialogue Template Using the word "finish" in a dialogue - Since SDT won't play lines of dialogue that contain the word "finish" in it (i.e. "I finished last")...
  4. W

    Fulcrum / Ahsoka Tano v1 (Costume Only) (Star Wars Rebels) 2015 v1

    Fulcrum / Ahsoka Tano v1 (Costume Only) (Star Wars Rebels) by Walker of The Ocean Mods / Background / Animtools and Related Resources on FAQ. This version requires below mods by SCLover13 to be loaded first.
  5. W

    Fulcrum / Ahsoka Tano v2 (Costume and Hair) 2015 v2

    Fulcrum / Ahsoka Tano v2 (Costume and Hair) from Star Wars Rebels by Walker of The Ocean Background / Animtools and Related Resources on FAQ.
  6. W

    Rey (Star Wars The Force Awakens) 2015

    Rey Costume and Lightsabers (On or Off) by Walker Of The Ocean Isolated Hair, Background(s) and Other Related Resources on FAQ.
  7. F

    Padme Amidala Hair (Phantom Menace)

    A couple people have requested this already, but didn't provide any pictures or description. I'm looking for a hair mod (static or dynamic, either is fine) for Padme Amidala's hair from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It would be the braid-style hair she has while on Tatooine Here are...
  8. J

    Lost Jams (Partial) 2020-11-06

    The Recovered Lost Jams (Partial) of jimmy_jammer (2020) Character Cosplay / Parody Costume Mods: Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars The Mandalorian) Jessie (Pokemon) 3 Versions Raygo (Kill La Kill) 2 Versions Sarah Palmer + Olympia Vale (Halo) Static Hair: Xylene (Ben 10) Body Mod: Slim Body Source...
  9. K

    Princess Leia Hutt Slayer Outfit and Boots 2015

    Princess Leia Hutt Slayer Outfit and Boots by Kir
  10. M

    Star Wars Backbrounds (23) v2011

    Star Wars Backbrounds (23) by Moocher
  11. mike

    Sith Tats vM

    Darth Talon / Sith Tats / Tattoos Mod by Mike. See FAQ for Dynamic Hair, AT Pose & BG (used in preview) and an Outfit (not in the preview).
  12. J

    Padme/Leia Star wars mods

    Do you have Padme/Leia star wars SDT mods?
  13. sclover13

    Visas Marr - KOTOR - Headdress Dynamic 1

    I thought this mod was lost forever. But thanks to Pragma I was able to revive this dead mod. Will complete the rest of the costume later. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Visas Marr Dynamic Headress.
  14. sclover13

    Female Fett (Only Helmet Dynamic Hair) 1

    Put it on. Become the legend. Star Wars Mando time. Visor is toggable by clicking. Full Mod here --> Female Fett (Mandalorian) ****This was moved to accessories, however, it is actually a dynamic hair with dynamic hair movements. It was not built as an accessory and cannot be removed from the...
  15. C

    Movies / TV Star Wars: A Woman in Power

    “Viceroy Gunray, I ask you point-blank!” Sio Bibble demanded. “How will you explain this invasion to the Senate?” The Neimoidian’s flat reptilian countenance managed to a small flicker of humor. “The Naboo and the Federation will forge a treaty that will legitimize our occupation here. I've...
  16. G

    Request: Female Devaronian Headwear

    I imagine many of us are familiar with this big S.O.B. from The Mandalorian. What a lot of people might not know, is that Devaronians are sexually dimorphic and females don't have horns like the males - they have little black vestigial lumps on their foreheads, usually no more than two or three...
  17. G

    Request: Zabrak Horns Headwear

    Hi, I'm hoping I can help the Star Wars nerds on here (myself included) get some headwear mods to replicate Zabrak horns. I went into the character creator for The Old Republic and screencapped a bunch of the horn options for female Zabraks, the angle isn't exactly ideal but it's the best I...
  18. UrMum12345

    Rey (Star Wars) Hair Only Edit 1.0

    This is a static hair mod for SDT of the character Rey from Star Wars, extracted from the full body Rey mod created by @walkeroftheocean, which can be found here. The code baked into that mod and used in the preview is...
  19. Fauxjit

    Mako default appearance (Star Wars: The Old Republic SWTOR) 1.0

    This is of an unfortunately lower quality than i had hoped for as this is my own first import. Many difficulties with only using a mouse to attempt a recreation of her hair. Very obviously the tech implants in game i moved to the opposite side of the head for the sake of better identification...
  20. V

    Darth Talon Outfit Edit v2

    Edit of @dantethedarkprince's Darth Talon Outfit for Thicker Ass And Legs. Also converted to loader mod with armwear instead of body so handjob and behind the back hand positions work correctly. Dynamic hair can be found here.


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