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  1. d£t

    Resource Manager Changes / Donations

    Hey all, As of today, the downloads on the Resource Manager will be gated to registered users once again. This was changed for a couple of reasons in the past which are no longer applicable today so I'm putting it back to how it was to encourage people to give feedback/likes on content uploaded...
  2. AN69

    Help BDO - Mods, Textures, Resources, and Others!

    Hey guys! In the wake of the upcoming :eek: SITE CLOSURE/TRANSFER :eek: :frown: I am asking if EVERYONE could lend a helping hand to a certain project... In the BDO side of this site are hundreds of mods/textures/resources/more about modding, etc, that I wish to archive and amass in order to...
  3. stuntcock

    Migrating SDT Mods into Resources

    History The Status Quo The Task at Hand
  4. S

    various loader imports (3 new mods added)

    As the title says this contains various loader imports to enhance the gameplay. Thanks to sby and MG for help/feedback. For settings and default keys check the respective settings text file that comes with every mod. ToggleShock V2.3.1 (fixed persistency bug) LipstickFade V1.2 AutoBlush V1...
  5. limecat

    my customized hair

    My customized hairs i've used for my dialogue Mall Girl All in one If you have any problem extracting the files, use 7zip.
  6. ModGuy

    Old Mods

    Content from abandoned threads and other stuff that probably won't work anymore. Threads have since been removed but content has been archived for potential interest. If you're looking for stuff that actually works, this isn't for you:
  7. H

    Hugo's Mods (Update: ModFilter V1 released + Slap Hotkey)

    My Code based Loader Mods: New Slap Hotkey New ModFilter V1 Reset Him ExtendedBallRange 3rd Arm Fix for various Him-Mods: ExtendeFutaBreastRange Unfinished code:
  8. R

    Rusty Imports (Updated 12/15)

    Update 12/15: -Updated the Holli Would Exposed Attire (in the clothing section) to be color-dynamic, instead of just white. Update 12/2: - Added mermaid tail as a standalone. Note, if any body mods are used in conjunction with this mod, it must include the "skinny body" option, otherwise it...
  9. G

    Gingerless Soul HAIRS [April 24] Elle Karen - Blade and Soul

    Photoshop CS5 Inkscape 0.48.4 r9939 Elle Karen - Blade and Soul Click on "Spoiler" to see my previous hairs
  10. mike

    Costume mods - update 16 oct. 2014 : *Heavy* update

    Costume mods for the loader Policy on requests : you can always ask with a reference. Policy on vanilla conversions : definitive nope. Last updates : - Fatties with list box selection (many thanks to Faceless for coding help and patience !) - Uchiha Madara - Minato Namikaze & Naruto Uzumaki...
  11. Maineim

    Stuff by Maineim (2-2-14 RWBY's Penny)

    Imports by Maineim Backgrounds Charcodes for default Characters Templates and basic Inkscape Tutorial How to use hairs and txt charcodes Accesories 3DGspot (website) Brave (animated movie) Catwoman (film) Daria (animation TV series) Dark Chronicle (videogame) DC...
  12. T

    You can count on me! UPDATE: Heels + Boobs

    I think it's time for an update... Tried some swf-Mods the last couple of days (was totally new to flash before) and thought i should share what i have ;-) SWF Mods New breast shapes (Dont expect them to work with the default clothes!) Small Breast: Apples: Perfect Breast: Some...
  13. E

    Mass Effect: Samara

    Hi guys, This is my first time making anything for super deepthroat and I think it turned out pretty well. I used some one else's Asari hair as a base, so full credit goes to the original creator for that. Anyway, here's the hair: [attach=1] A screenshot: [attach=2] Her code...
  14. TOlive

    Video Game & Comic Girls 1/5: Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

    Newest Additions: Amy Pond - Doctor Who Natsumi Raimon - Inazuma Eleven Cady Heron - Mean Girls Ms. Norbury - Mean Girls News: All the mods that work with the standard game will still be released here, for the Loader Mods you can head over to: EDIT by moderator: broken link deleted...
  15. N

    my little pony blowjob is magic

  16. ElQonquiztador

    ElQ's Unqonquerable Imports - TEMPORARILY OUT OF COMMISSION

    Just want to let everyone know that I'm still around. I'm not dead, but my life-sucking swamp of studies has increased and I will be out of commission for a while longer. I'll still be on the forums, but imports will be very, very rare. Some of the image previews seem to be broken. I don't...
  17. D

    darkbones imports (Added Xmas Elf Happy) Dec. 11rd

    Here are some of the flash imports I have made so far. Enjoy! All the files are zipped up and here is a download link. With preview pictures. darkbones.SDT.imports.10-26-11 ZIP - Free Download - (Old) darkbones --NEW-- Xmas Elf Happy Xmas Elf Mad Janice Rand from Star Trek...
  18. K

    Kir's imports [Added Dynamic hair: Frenda Seivelun from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun]

    Some of you guys may know me as other anon who worked on 48 Precure templates in 4chan. You can find them in New archive v3.2 or newer. Hair Import list #1 Avatar, The Last Airbender: Katara (Fire Nation), Katara (hair down), Korra, June, Toph Black Lagoon: Sawyer the Cleaner D.Gray-Man...
  19. F

    Fantum's SWF imports

    Some stuff I've been working on The Legend of Queen Opala: Opala: Farah: Osira: Teen Titans: Raven: Starfire: Jinx: Source, feel free to tweak as you see fit: [Edit: I should mention that the Opala sources are CS5 and the Teen Titans sources are CS5.5]


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