1. S

    Temari the last static hair 1.0

    Just something I made for myself and decided to share if anyone is interested.
  2. sclover13

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type II 1

    Naruto-style sandals. Type II short version.
  3. sclover13

    Ninja Flippy Floppies I 1

    Simple Naruto style Ninja Shoes. Type I standalone. Plan to release 4 more types and then a click cyclable mod that contains all 5 styles.
  4. T

    can someone please make a "his head" version of this?

    Sakura Dynamic Hairstyle (Short) I would really appreciate it if you could make a head for him with this hair
  5. Jade1503

    Crossover Wrestling Federation Jade The Black Dragon Empress Vs The Black and White Petals Sakura Haruno & Korra

    CWF: Jade vs The Elemental Furies ‘And Korra had knocked out Kuvira in a piledriver while Haruno Sakura climbed the turnbuckle.’ The emcee announced. ‘Satsuki Kiryuin is on her back and Sakura is standing up. Can see do this? She leapt off the turnbuckle and boomed! A perfect Moonsault on...
  6. SyntaxTerror

    HD Animated Background - Tsunade 1.0

    (quality of the sample image was reduced due to compression) This is only a preview, use the "Download" button above to download. Notes & issues: To use, open like a normal SWF mod (in Modding tab). This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. This mod needs the Flash player to be put in full...
  7. SyntaxTerror

    HD Animated Background - Sakura & Naruto 1.0

    (quality of the sample image was reduced due to compression) This is only a preview, use the "Download" button above to download. Notes & issues: To use, open like a normal SWF mod (in Modding tab). This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. This mod needs the Flash player to be put in full...
  8. E

    Hanabi Hyuga (Boruto Edition) Dynamic Hairstyle and/or Breast Slider Adjustible outfit

    Would it be possible to make a Hanabi Hyuga (Boruto Edition) dynamic hairstyle and/or Breast Slider Adjustible outfit? While I would prefer the Dynamic Hairstyle be finished first, I wouldn't mind having the outfit instead or made before the hairstyle if it is easier on the creator. let me know...
  9. E

    Hinata Hyuga (the last) Dynamic hair and outfit (with separate clothing pieces) + Breast slider adjustible versions of hinata Shippuden outfit

    would it be possible to get Hinata's The Last hairstyle with the outfit. possibly have the out with 2 versions, one with full set and another with separate interchangeable parts like switching the shirt for smething else without losing the entire outfit? here's some references Would it also be...
  10. Iluvrape

    Tsunade's mistake (sequel to sakura's mistake)

    Deep in the jungle near konoha village a top secret ninja facility stood tall.Inside it a boy who is in his final years of teen was searching for something. A corpse of a young kunoichi named sakura lay spread eagled. She was supposed to be a newest star for the ninja village but she made the...
  11. Jade1503

    Crossover Wrestling Federation - WrestLicious: Valhalla match #2 - The Black & White Petals Sakura & Korra Vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty & Orihime

    CWF Tag Team Match: Black & White Petals Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty Anarchy & Orihime Inoue When Kagome Higurashi was carried out of the ring and to the infirmary, Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed throughout the arena. ‘NEXT UP IS THE CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP...
  12. Iluvrape

    sakura's mistake

    Some distance away from konoha, a boy in a ninja costume was sneaking into one of the secret spots of the konoha ninja village.They thought hiding this top secret objects away from the village can ensure their security, obviously they were wrong.The boy was about to breach the final security...
  13. Perdition

    Temari Fishnet Ankle Cuffs 2019-11-27

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Temari Outfit V1' mod, this mod isolates the ankle cuffs, makes some adjustments, and makes them RGB adjustable. Comes in a version for ankle cuffs, and the primary and secondary legwear slots and versions with only the left or right cuffs.
  14. Jade1503

    CWF WrestLicious: Valhalla - Ladder match Hinata Vs Mai

    CWF WrestLicious Valhalla Ladder Match: Hinata Hyuga vs Mai Shiranui A month ago… Mai Shiranui moaned as she massaged her big breasts and washed her brown hairy vagina, the water from the shower head washing away all the cum, milk and sweat that was coated during...
  15. Jade1503

    CWF: Double Date The Black and White Petals Vs The Beautiful Pair

    ‘Mmmmm… this is good, Sakura.’ Ino Yamanaka remarked as she spooned mango pudding into her mouth. ‘Your cooking is not as good as mine but your puddings have improved.’ Sakura Haruno smiled. ‘Thanks so much for the compliment Ino. And my cooking is better than yours.’ Korra shook her head...
  16. Jade1503

    CWF: The Beautiful Pair Vs The Rebels

    The CWF arena was once again full of wrestling fans and spectators, taking all of the seats. When the last spectator took his seat, the doors closed and the lights dimmed. Only the spotlights hovering above the ring were left on and shining on the lone referee in black and white bikini standing...
  17. Jade1503

    Crossover Wrestling Federation: Asami Sato Vs Ino Yamanaki

    CWF: Asami Sato vs Ino Yamanaka Asami Sato sighed as she looked in the mirror in the CWF locker room, her black raven hair smooth and flowing. She was naked saved for her black and red wrestling boots and MMA gloves. Her pink nipples were hard and black pubic hair grew on her...
  18. Rastafoo

    Rastafoo's game reviews/recommendations

    Prostitute of Magmell has ten sex scenes in total, each with a unique CG. The sex positions are very typical, all the standard positions from doggystyle, to blowjob to Claire riding on top. There are no exotic positions or particularly perverted niche kinks. Because of the story premise, the...
  19. Perdition

    Tsunade Top 2019-04-07

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Tsunade' mod, this mod isolates the top and makes it RGB adjustable. Is NOT breast slider adjustable.
  20. Antimatter42

    Konan Dialogue Request

    I don't usually request dialogues, and instead write them. This time, however, I would like to request a dialogue of Konan from Naruto. The scenario is that she visits a gloryhole, and is a regular at this place, servicing guy after guy at least twice a week or so. Basically, despite her calm...