1. Jade1503

    Naruto: Queen of the Den

    Sakura vs Hinata Sakura and Hinata screamed at each other and clasped hands, entering a test of strength. With Sakura being more adept in Taijutsu, Hinata found that she was being pushed back and her earlier fights with Temari, Haku, Samui and Kurutsuchi had really drained her. Sakura smirked...
  2. metaleroda

    hinata clothes 2018-10-02

  3. metaleroda

    sakura clothes v1 2018-09-28

  4. Jade1503

    Jade's Crossover Wrestling Federation Collection

    Panty vs Tsunade Round 1 After Korra and Sakura left the arena, the announcer's voice echoed throughout the arena. 'FOR LAST MATCH OF THE DAY, PLEASE WELCOME, FROM DATEN CITY; PANTY ANARCHY!' The entrance door opened and Panty Anarchy made her way to the ring, wearing red bikini with red...
  5. Jade1503

    CWF: Ino Yamanaka & Asami Sato vs Sakura Haruno & Korra

    The CWF arena filled up with audience again as their favorite tag team was in the schedule of todays matches. A female referee with shaved head and white skin wearing the referee bikini stood inside of the ring as the lights around the ring dimmed. 'WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER CWF MATCH WHERE WE'RE...
  6. Jade1503

    CWF: Haruno Sakura vs Korra (Alternative)

    The crowd struggled to fight for their seats in the CWF’s arena at the end of the intermission after the match between Neggy and Lisa Hamilton. As the crowd settled down, the lights in the arena dim saves for the ones above the wrestling ring. A referee, a girl with orange hair tied into two...
  7. Jade1503

    Naruto: Haruno Sakura vs Karin

    Sakura sighed with relief as she stretched in the sauna that was located in one the smaller village outside of Konoha. Sakura had just finished a S-Rank mission and needed something to relax. After delivering her report to Tsunade, Sakura thought that some time in the sauna would release all the...
  8. metaleroda

    akatsuki outfit 2018-09-07

  9. Jade1503

    CWF: Tsunade vs Orihime Inoue

    Once lno Yamanaka and Asami Sato were carried out of the arena, it was time to proceed with the second match as the announcement was made. 'FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!' the announcer continued. 'PLEASE WELCOME, FROM KONOHA: TSUNADE!' The doors opened and Tsunade, in white bikini and white boots...
  10. Jade1503

    CWF Underground: Korra vs Sakura Haruno (Alternative)

    Another Saturday had come as underground the CWF’s arena, the Underground arena with cameras surrounding the pool was live. A female referee stood in the pool, with a microphone in her hand, as she addressed the rich audience who were hiding behind the cameras. ‘Welcome to another CWF...
  11. Jade1503

    CWF: Korra vs Kitten

    Korra was backstage stripping in front of the locker’s mirror room and putting on her dark blue bikini and black and blue boots. Behind her was her girlfriend, Sakura Haruno, who was standing behind her massaging her back and healing what injuries Korra had from the previous match. Once she was...
  12. Jade1503

    CWF: Sakura Haruno vs Satsuki Kiryuin

    CWF’s arena crowded with fans once again for another set of wrestling matches: filling the arena with excited chatter as a young girl with long blonde hair and wearing the referee bikini climbed into the ring. The arena was filled with a loud voice. ‘WELCOME TO ANOTHER CWF WRESTLING NIGHT! FOR...
  13. AurumUTC

    Tenten from Naruto

    I couldn't help but notice that Tenten from naruto has yet to receive any hair or costume mods for SDT yet, so I'm here to make a request. A hair mod (Static or Dynamic is fine, I'm not picky. If you feel like going the extra mile then great, if not that's fine.) and i'd also like to see a...
  14. Jade1503

    CWF: Noel vs Noel Vermillion

    After Ryuko, Tsunade, Korra, and Sakura were carried off the arena and to the infirmary, the audience got back to their seats as their final match of the day was about to start. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH!’ the announcer shouted. ‘PLEASE WELCOME, NOEL!’ The doors opened and a young girl with short...
  15. Jade1503

    CWF: Anko vs Revy

    Once Lola was carried out of the arena, the announcer announced the final match of the day. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH, PLEASE WELCOME, FRON KONOHA: ANKO MITARASHI!’ The doors opened and a young woman with short black hair with blue tints and light brown eyes walked towards the ring. She has white...
  16. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Match: Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Reiko & Candy Cane

    CFW’s arena was filling up with wrestling fans from all over the country as they excitedly took their seats: impatiently for the matches to start. Already in the ring was a female referee brunette hair tied in a ponytail and wearing the black and white striped bikini. The lights dimmed except...
  17. Jade1503

    CWF - Neggy vs Panty Anarchy

    Once Korra had carried Sakura out of the arena from her fight with Satsuki Kiryuin, the second match was already underway. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer cried. ‘PLEASE WELCOME, FROM DATEN CITY: PANTY ANARCHY!’ The doors opened as Panty Anarchy strutted into the arena and making her...
  18. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Championship: The Black & White Petals vs The Tyrants

    The CWF arena was crowded more than usual as wrestling fans fought for their seats and the noise became loud, as tonight was CWF’s first Tag Team Title Match. The crowd settled down quickly as the announcer’s voice boomed throughout the arena. ‘WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! I HOPE YOU ALL ARE EXCITED...
  19. Jade1503

    CWF: Rainbow Mika vs Amanda

    As soon as Tsunade was carried out of the arena to the infirmary, it was time for the final match of the day as the announcer made the announcement. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH, PLEASE WELCOME: RAINBOW MIKA!’ The doors opened and a girl with long blonde hair tied into two ponytails and wearing a...
  20. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Match: Heaven's Wrath vs Beautiful Pair

    Once the Tyrants, Kuvira and Satsuki Kityuin, were carried off to the infirmary, the crowd became more excited: not only watching CWF’s first Tag Team championship but not there was another tag team match. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer shouted. ‘PLEASE WELCOME: PANTY ANARCHY AND...
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