mass effect

  1. EDI (Mass Effect)

    EDI (Mass Effect) 2015

    EDI (Mass Effect) by Walker of the Ocean
  2. Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect)

    Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect) 2015

    Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect) by Walker of the Ocean
  3. Alliance Uniform (Mass Effect) HIM mod

    Alliance Uniform (Mass Effect) HIM mod 2.0

    A HIM mod depicting the dress blues of the Alliance in the Mass Effect universe
  4. Samara Boots

    Samara Boots 2019-04-06

    Boots worn by Samara from Mass Effect
  5. Jack's Tattoos (Mass Effect)

    Jack's Tattoos (Mass Effect) 1.0

    The body tattoo of Jack from Mass Effect
  6. Jack (Mass Effect 3) Dynamic Hair

    Jack (Mass Effect 3) Dynamic Hair 2.0

    Dynamic hair of Jack as seen in ME3
  7. ME Omnitool Penis Replacer

    ME Omnitool Penis Replacer 1.1

    Replaces the HIM model with an omnitool from mass effect
  8. Femshep Mod

    Femshep Mod 1.0

    Armor suit and hairstyle for female commander Shepard of Mass Effect
  9. Femshep Armor

    Femshep Armor 1.0

    Sci-fi armored bodysuit worn by female commander Shepard in Mass Effect
  10. Femshep Hair

    Femshep Hair 1.0

    Medium-length red hairstyle, based on the default female Shepard face from Mass Effect
  11. Samara Armor

    Samara Armor 1.0

    Armored justicar bodysuit worn by Samara of Mass Effect
  12. Liara Armor

    Liara Armor 1.0

    Armored bodysuit worn by Liara T'Soni of Mass Effect
  13. Ashley Williams Armor

    Ashley Williams Armor 1.0

    Armored bodysuit worn by Ashley Williams of Mass Effect
  14. Tali Costume + Helmet

    Tali Costume + Helmet 1.0

    Full costume for Tali'Zorah of Mass Effect
  15. Seeing Red

    Seeing Red

    Shadaloo and Cerberus have a "friendly" "debate", to be resolved via a match between test subjects.
  16. Sickerton

    Seeing Red: A SF/Mass Effect Collab

    Hey everybody! Me and lasthero recently put out heads together to write a story involving two rather well known artificially enhanced psychopaths. We had a lot of fun with this one, and I personally hope you do too reading it. Enjoy! --------- Seeing Red Space. Deep space. A lonely, busted...
  17. Z

    Mass Effect 1 Nude Mod

    I managed to find two links for nude mods for ME1. The first here: Nude mode at Mass Effect Nexus - Mods and community works but the skin is incredibly 'shiny' and unrealistic, while the Texmod version found here: Mass effect nude skins doesn't seem to work any more. I am using Steam and...
  18. Miranda Dynamic Hairstyle

    Miranda Dynamic Hairstyle 1.0

    Dynamic hairstyle for Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect 2
  19. Miranda Costume

    Miranda Costume 1.0

    Skin-tight costume worn by Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect 2
  20. Jack Costume

    Jack Costume 1.0

    Punk-style costume and tattoos worn by Jack of Mass Effect 2


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