1. tickles

    tickles' Hair Imports [NEW UPDATE 7/24/20]

    Welcome to Tickles' Hair Imports! In this thread you'll find multiple hairs created by yours truly, from various games/shows/movies. (Updates will be sparse or on the irregular, and no requests will be taken at this time.) Enjoy! *NEW**NEW* *NEW**NEW* *Clothings and Character...
  2. otaku guy

    Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Imports

    Okay.... Time to get the ball rolling. More on the way.
  3. P


    I have been playing SDT since 2013, but i played along all this years in a web page, the problem here is that page sometimes get too lag and some items can´t be loaded, so i decided to get the loader, but i don´t find it anywhere, excuse my english
  4. D

    Help for load elements

    Hi everyone, how can I load downloaded elements from a simple image or a code? Till now I only have used SWF files.
  5. tickles

    tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board

    {=== tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board ===} Hello everyone, Welcome to the request board. Here I'll be making community based polls for certain requests (such as clothings, hairstyles, etc.) as well as possibly list people who made things for SDT. Whether it was their handy work in...
  6. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions

    <======= tickles' Animtools Sex Positions =======> Hello everyone, Welcome to my Animtools Thread!:grin: I've been working with Animtools for some time now, and... I think I've got the hang of it. Not sure if these are any "good" but... here they are. Enjoy...
  7. hl155569

    Thicker Ass leggings swf

    Hi all, I've been attempting to edit this file slightly - I want to edit the thicker ass leggings and get the ends of the leggings higher/just below the knee (exactly like the attached images) Is there anyone that's able to help me edit this? and keep the RGB effects? Shout out to "bigjerry"...
  8. Furries

    Furries' Furry Mods!

    WELCOME AND ENJOY Updated 10/31/2017 NEW! Here's a cute, short-haired furry! The furry heads are broken up into two parts. The jaw is located here. The head PNG's are located here. Here are fox heads Here are pony heads Krystal Toriel Blaze the Cat Vanilla the Rabbit It's...
  9. W

    walkeroftheocean's imports - 28/12/2015 Star Wars The Force Awakens - Rey

    I'm back. EDIT: Hello again! CA:TWS Black Widow, reporting for duty! ::) DOUBLE EDIT: Captain on the bridge! Ensign Uhura, you have the con/cock. ;) TRIPLE EDIT: Enjoy the sight of EDI on her knees. She's performing at optimal oral capacity ;) Background's not mine, it's by GhostRider...
  10. Iago

    Iago's imports (28-January-2018 Shorts (Denim Micro Kinky))

    Half the mods in this page (probably more) have been upgraded. You should look for newer versions (and new mods I'm not uploading here anymore) here: Downloads from Iago although there's a fair chance they've been turned into loader mods. If you only use vanilla mods then you should probably...
  11. SyntaxTerror

    SyntaxTerror's Imports

    Welcome to my import thread! All my hair mods are listed here, but the hair mods and custom datas have been moved to the Resource Manager. Check also my backgrounds. These mods have been made thanks to Maineim's SVG template, Gingerless Soul's PNG hair mod tutorial, and Synonymous' SWF costume...
  12. Z

    Zoltan's Sanctuary (Tsukumo Kana & Kurashiki Maiko form Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine)

    =Idolm@ster & LoveLive!= The Idolm@ster The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls Love Live ! School Idol Project A-rise Sisters [/spoiler] Love Live ! School Idol Project Sunshine!! Saint Snow [/spoiler]
  13. Mineur

    Mineur's Imports - Update: Tapris Sugarbell Chisaki & Tomoe Takasago!

    Complete archive of my Imports: MEGA (2016-09-23) Time for a new poll: Have your say: What import do you wanna see next? And also like always the first 3 that picks a character from the current poll and post it here gets it made assap^^ Top 3 wins Closing it the 28th 3pm CET First3...
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