Live Action Zako


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Feb 28, 2019
^ I know what scene you're talking about, I just can't recall the name. I'm sure I have it somewhere.
If you can find it, that would be much appreciated! Years ago, it was on youtube with the name "Scantily Clad Girls Killed" or something.
I wouldn't call it the best zako scene but it did kinda introduce me to the whole concept of zako.

Update: Found it!

Maybe there's a better quality video of the same scene somewhere, but this is the specific video I remember watching!
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Apr 1, 2019
very cute female zako assassin tries to kill the hero agent but she fails and is strangled to death

I'm wondering if anyone happened to get the name of this before the channel it was on got taken down? Or saved it perhaps?
Google magic only gave me this thumbnail.


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Dec 9, 2015
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They're not profitable enough.

They requiere more actresses than their other productions, and probably too many people torrenting them illegally
Well quality were decreasing tho, like the acting, I prefer fewer good actress than many bad


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Nov 24, 2012
This is exactly my point.

When this board started many many years ago, there was a rule that members did not pirate or share pirated videos by indipendant/amature producers (zen/giga/SKW/Modern Amazons......)

Original members (who have now mostly dissapeared) always encouraged people to support these producers since their content was so niche, and if we don't support them, they will simply stop producing. They don't have the luxury of having multi million/billion dollar corporations bankrolling their videos.

It's for this reason that I have mostly stopped posting on this forum. I'm finding on average 1-3 new sources of zako a week, and have spent my money on buying other dvds from japan (Kagestar, mightylady and the likes).

But I've been reluctant to share if others don't bother making the effort to contribute new content.

I posted a download link to zako scene a couple of months ago, and it has so far been downloaded 842 times. And yet I'm seeing less than 10 members posting on this board.

Note that this doesn't go to everyone, since there are a some members who do post regulary (although some dont seem to understand what "zako" is) . This is directed at the many lurkers and people who just expect free pirated clips.
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