1. O

    Petal Story: A Night to Remember

    This was meant to be a story for the 10th anniversary of Petal's creation, but there were delays. At least it has Petals winning over their old nemesis, the Nurse mercenaries!
  2. B

    Zako short story (looking for people who might be interested)

    Looking for anyone who might be interested in writing a zako short story with me. No group has been picked yet in terms of org but that's fine. DM for details and if your interested.
  3. R

    My Original (?) Zako Story (Story Layout & Characters Completed, suggestion welcome)

    Some notes first: -This thread is for my own zako story. I am not sure whether to call it original since it was initially based on Japanese comic Detective Conan, although OOC. -This story is written as a layout of a beat'em up game proposal. -The content maybe familiar to some readers since...
  4. D

    "Beauty, Betrayal, and Bodyslams: The Untold Story of Stacy's Journey from Desperation to Domination"

    Stacy, a blonde college student, exuded the epitome of sex appeal wherever she went. Her natural walk not only caused her ponytail hairstyle to bounce behind her, but also made her breasts bounce with each step. She possessed an undeniable allure, with a shapely figure, captivating looks, and a...
  5. V

    Vore posts by Van Helsing

  6. V

    Old Amazon Story on Deadskirts/Fetnoir by Fortinbras

    I was recently trying to find an old amazon story by a person who's screen name was Fortinbras (might have even been called "Bodak's Amazons" or something like that). It was based in Bodak's amazon universe. I know I saw it on both Deadskirts and Fetnoir, both of which are offline now. Does...
  7. A

    AI generated zako

    Update: 21/08/2023 I have posted a zako image generation guide. Please refer to Here! Not sure if you noticed, AI is quite a big thing recently. From image to text, technology kind of heading towards a crazy place. You can give the program a simple text input and they generate Image/Text...
  8. B

    Zako story "At The Speed Of A Feather"

    Hello! First time I've posted a zako story, this was a commission I did for JoanCujoh, who most of you I'm sure you know him or heard of his stuff. But yeah this was something I did for him and I hope you all enjoy it! At The Speed Of A Feather It was late in the afternoon, and Feather man was...
  9. D

    To the Secret Palace - zako story repost

    I generally repost deadskirts stories in the fiction section, but this is far more zako than Ryona, so might as well: “They’re abducting me, taking me away from you,” whispered the princess. “If you love me, go to Venice and stay at the Hotel Bauer. I’ll get in touch with you there.” I went to...
  10. A

    OG zako attempt, Story of three nations.

    (title to reflect name of setting when name is decided, I am horrible with names. Suggestions welcome.) In an alternate fantasy world, war occurred between the Gaians and Sekans. The Elves waged war against Sekans the draconic dominant race, and rallied to form Gaian alliance. The races who...
  11. O

    Original setting: Army of Roses

    In 1888, the govenor of Madelena Island in the Caribbeans supported its people's independence movement, but he suddenly died. His beautiful and cunning mistress Ana Lopez took over in the chaos using prostitutes to assasinate independence leaders and officials both. Then she squeezed the wealth...
  12. K

    The Fort Brathe Bounty - A Zako Short Story

    I've been a lurker for a while and today I'm bored enough to try my hand at a zako short story. I suppose this is some type of fantasy/Skyrim setting with swords and sorcery and whatnot. I don't know, I'm not too concerned with world-building right now. Chapter 1 The First Kill The old...
  13. Greencap

    Zako Story: Adopt-A-Zako

    Hi, I'm an aspiring smut writer, and a few months ago I discovered the Zako fetish. I fell down a complete rabbit hole on Pixiv, Undertow, and DeviantArt, and I couldn't help but try writing a story about Zakos with a bit of a different twist on it. I was partially inspired by Mangas/Animes like...
  14. LMaiden

    Interactive Zako Story: Black Kingdom

    I already tried to write Zako story on this site, but I ended up with problem "A Broken World With No Values" in my head transformed into a really large and detailed plot. Too complex for Zako story. So I want to try again. And create something more interactive. A simple plot with a lot of...
  15. horatiojones80

    Bank Job (Story)

    Anya and her CIA contact, Kelly, rode the elevator to the top floor of the bank. Anya was a super fit Russian with cropped brown hair. Kelly was a lanky African American woman with braids and a tight fitting business suit. Anya could tell Kelly had very little if any combat experience. She...
  16. horatiojones80

    Anya's first kill (Story)

    Here's just a story of some ideas I've had floating around in my head. Anya Solokovich's mission was to steal an SD card from a diplomats hotel room and bug the hotel room. It was supposed to be a clean mission, she was to alert no one of her presence. While bugging the room she noticed the...
  17. C

    Alissa learns her place (Ryona wrestling story)

    Alissa's first match hadn't gone as planned, but she did manage to get some offense in. That alone, against a beast like J.T., had secured her a spot in the Fantasy Wrestling League. She knew, though, that she had to step it up. She had been informed her next match would be coming up. To get in...
  18. C

    Original Gut Check for Alissa (A Ryona Wrestling story)

    "The following Gut Check contest is scheduled for one fall." The crowd milled about as the man made his announcement. A Gut Check meant a rookie was getting their shot at the big time. It usually didn't end well for them, but there was always an off chance one would succeed. An electric guitar...
  19. LMaiden

    A Broken World With No Values (Story)

    Authors words: Hello everyone! Yep, I am new to Undertow, but I really like to be here. The Zako section of this site gived me a lot of good times. Too bad there is just a few people making content now. My dream is to be a writer in the future, so I thought, what write my own Zako/Guro story...
  20. Bawdy Ink Slinger

    Monster Girl Farmer (Play on any device. No download necessary.)

    Hey, so I put a lot of work into my game, Monster Girl Farmer, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it out. Here's my little blurb: Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges...

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