1. Z

    MMPR-themed fanfic

    -- CHAPTER 1 -- Three years after Zedd and Rita gave up on attempting to conquer the Earth, they came back for a short time in the late 90s to make another attempt. The citizens of Angel Grove put up quite some resistance to Zedd and his minions. He did not anticipate the people of Ashtabula...
  2. I

    Zako battles

    Hello, i'm new here and I'm setting up a zako campaign where YOU will have a role to play! for that, I use the game Bizarre Battles of Jason (link leading to the game : Femme Fatalities Message Board - View topic - Bizarre Battles computer game - Update October 28). Well, here is the...
  3. D

    This is my new work,Female zako on my book.

    The first part is the ancient
  4. R

    SRPG Zako

    SRPG is turn based. It may lack sound and movement effects but has good artwork. Here is an example made in 1990s. Still, its images and music is still good today. [/SPOILER]
  5. dinomoneyman

    So you wanna be an evil henchwoman?

    Okay so here's the newest rendition of "So you wanna be a zako?" this time with a DMM spin to it. Of Course the one run by Mentos isn't finished quite yet, but I figured I'd get mine at least started already anyway, albeit with a perhaps somewhat slow start. My next post will be introducing to...
  6. Xmenfan85

    Spider-Man 2 (2004) - Female Thugs - Requesting for a clean audio

    Hey everyone! Recently I received a complete audio file for every single dialogue line featured in Treyarch's Spider-Man 2 which was released in 2004. The one problem with the file itself is that it doesn't sound clean at all and features a lot of static sounds. I'm not skilled at all when it...
  7. KeiBree

    School's Out for SHADO

    (Holy crap, I hate that title... but can't think of anything clever...) First part of the story I was working on. Like I said it's going to be a shortish story, mainly focusing on action... Using characters from people on Discord who asked...
  8. G

    Free Zako OC's

    Inspired by KeiBree's casting call thread and some conversations in the discord server, this thread is a place to post whatever Zako OC's you have that you don't mind other people using, don't mind other people using with credit, or would let other people use with permission. Please mark which...
  9. Xmenfan85

    Target: Terror Zako Fan-Fictions

    Hey everyone! This is a forum dedicated to fans of the hot zako terrorists from the 2004 arcade game Target: Terror. The purpose of this forum is for fans to come together and create and share some fan-fictions for any of the featured terrorists from the game. I love each and every one of these...
  10. MZZ

    ZakoPlayer for GZDoom 1.0

    A mod for GZDoom that replaces the Doomguys face in the hud and the weapon graphics that show his hairy hands ;) Missing is a replacement for the Plasma rifle. Need a fitting model. The archive contains 2 files. - ZakoPlayer.pk3 for the hud, weapongraphics and grunts/sounds. -...
  11. KeiBree

    Casting Call for Possible Story

    Hey everyone, might try and do a simple zako based story. Thinking of girls at a suburban school joining SHADO. I might make it a different zako organization if there's a big push or I change my mind. So there's a bunch of slots in the SHADO squad. I've attached a test image, featuring 9...
  12. T

    Target:Terror Tales #2 Busting Up Blowbangs

    In the final level of Target: Terror, the terrorists have hijacked a plane and are flying it to the White House. Niki Ninja, one of the female terrorists on the plane,is bored. She gets hungry for some cum. She sees some of her male terrorist buddies and convinces them to do a blowbang with...
  13. T

    Target:Terror Tales #1 Tanya Blows, Then Gets Blown Away

    On Level 2 of Target:Terror, terrorists have seized control of the Airport. In the bathroom, Tanya is blowing her boyfriend Chad through the gloryhole of one of the stalls.Her black shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her breasts, and she is fingering herself. Chad moans in delight, telling Tanya to...
  14. ViridianShine

    The Amnesiac - A Zako Story

    Hello! I’m a lurker, and I’m here to add another story of decent length (at least, that’s the intention right now) to the pile. Since you’re probably reading a fetish story for one reason, this top post will be a quick summary of what’s to come. Just making sure you don’t waste your time before...
  15. ZakoLover

    [Zako fiction] A deal with the Devil

    Hello everyone, I'm back! And I am returning to write zako fiction! ^^ I will not continue the Fall of an Empire series though. Instead, I will start a completely new story. Not sure whether I will be able write it to the end :tongue:, but we shall see. Anyway, enjoy! :grin: ----- ----- -----...
  16. T

    Sailor Moon Zako Poll

    So I am curious of everyone's tastes in zako so, I made polls for the Sailor Moon Zako. To enhance the images click on the bottom right of them. I only used zako that were in the game in the poll. I will make the winners of each poll into a bracket for the final poll. Finals Poll Polltab -...
  17. Tsukachan

    Mobile Game Zakos

    This thread is used to discuss zakos in mobile games, especially beat 'em ups, action RPGs and MMOs. So far, we got.. King of Fighters: Destiny by SNK and Tencent A mobile beat 'em up adaptation of the popular 90s arcade fighting game of the same name. Contains some zakos ranging from...
  18. wj1905

    Zakos in (non-computer) RPGs

    So I did not see a thread for this, but plenty of modern and old Role-playing Games, especially adventures, have a lot of female enemies. Modern ones moreso due to the whole equal rights thing gaining ground, and some of these books have nice artwork of these various villains and henchwomen too...
  19. C

    Long time lurker, I want to share a preview of my zako project.

    I've been lurking ryonani/undertow since 2015 and thanks to this community I've discovered many incredible artists on pixiv and deviantart. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all. anyways, I've been creating a near-future, post-apocalyptic zako/woman combatants-dominated...
  20. Idoro

    Zako Channel now on the Undertow Discord!

    Hello zako fans! Just wanted to let everyone here know that we now have a new channel for discussion of zako on the Undertow discord. If you have anything neat to say or discuss, or simply want to contribute images and videos, all are welcome to join in. Here's a link to the discord: Discord...
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