1. A

    Translating zako mangas from Japanese

    Hey. If any of you guys knows Japanese, or is a native speaker and knows English well, can I ask you to translate zako manga of maltsan? He publishes his works in Pixiv. I am particularly interested in translating his ELFEN combatant series. If you would like some kinda reward for work, I can...
  2. W

    Asking for recomendations for a Zako JAV

    As the title suggests i would like to see where i could find more of JAVs with the "Female Combatant" theme, like this one: ZEPE-48 Female Combatant COCOON Vol.1 | MOTHERLESS.COM ™
  3. L

    Zako Roleplay based of Bloodiba works

    Wanna do a Zako Roleplay based of Bloodiba works and arts Here's my discord austriahungaryrip18671918
  4. Z

    Searching a chinese zako comic

    Hi , first post here so im trying to find the remanding of a chinese zako comic call 血染的风采 the first part was posted on pixiv and back in dxyc2009 forum but lost when the forum gone and recently through some researching i found some chineses guy on the new dxyc forum who likely know how to get...
  5. S

    Fantasizing about touhou characters being zakos

    Futo was guarding her shrine on a dark night when suddenly she'd felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her throat. She fought back but they easily pulled her to an empty room as she thrashed wildly. "Shhhhh..." The man leaned in with a smile. "Let go!" She shouted out. "Hush now, time for...
  6. G

    Ravencorp - goth leather zako picture stories (R-18G)

    Hey, i just have started making Zako picture stories using DALLE-3. Please enjoy my first picture story, Ravencorp #1 - Failed ambush.
  7. Watt Khan

    Zako Project: BZ Idol ̷P̷a̷r̷a̷d̷i̷s̷e̷ Nightmare

    Zako No. 01: Cupcake Sheryl I've been tinkering with the art of character rigging animation recently and thought it'd be a good Idea to create a Zako Project based on what I've learned. This project centers around a fictional Beat em' up game; the basic plot is that the music entertainment...
  8. LishaThorne

    Zako tactical games and mods.

    I play a lot of games like total war with all female units. Most of the time I have to use mods. Are there games anyone can think of that are mass battle type of games? If the forum mods think this fits under beat em up thread feel free to move it. Here is a quick alpha mod for jagged alliance...
  9. Slörk for GZDoom

    Slörk for GZDoom 0.3b

    Be a fucking and brain sucking monster preying on Zako girls.
  10. F

    Working as a real life Zako

    Hi y'all, I'm a huge fan of Zakos and I often daydream about myself being a mischivious faceless goon working for an evil organization / villain, what's the closest thing to being a Zako irl?
  11. L

    Zako Roleplay. Anyone interested?

    Well looking for someone to roleplay with ^^. I can play as the sexy zako or the hero. You can find me as austriahungaryrip18671918
  12. I

    Zako Movie Fundraising

    Hi there, me and a fellow user are preparing to make a zako movie with the theme of Double Take and Spy Masters Apprentice. We are hoping that you would be willing to fund it as it would cost around $1000. However, this would be very achievable with funding from you guys. I will link the script...
  13. GZDoom Mod: BBW Lair Infiltration 2

    GZDoom Mod: BBW Lair Infiltration 2 1.1

    GZDoom mod with AI generated thicc latinas
  14. I

    Zako Roleplay

    If anyone wants to roleplay as a henchgirl dm me either on here or on my disc at porcodio#2178 . Preferrably using pictures, videos, calls, and chats. But chats are just fine too. Dm for more info too if you're interested :)
  15. B

    Zako short story (looking for people who might be interested)

    Looking for anyone who might be interested in writing a zako short story with me. No group has been picked yet in terms of org but that's fine. DM for details and if your interested.
  16. JustK

    Zako killed by kids

    Does anyone have arts/comix of young adult zako(es), killed/wounded by kid(s) or teenager(s)? More likely boy(s).
  17. R

    My Original (?) Zako Story (Story Layout & Characters Completed, suggestion welcome)

    Some notes first: -This thread is for my own zako story. I am not sure whether to call it original since it was initially based on Japanese comic Detective Conan, although OOC. -This story is written as a layout of a beat'em up game proposal. -The content maybe familiar to some readers since...
  18. I

    Zako RP

    Hey if anyone wants to do Henchgirl RP. I’m down for any method of RP like text, voice call, or video call. If you’re interested in being a zako girl send me a friend request at porcodio#2178
  19. G

    Live Shoujo Ryona Series

    Live Shoujo has released it's first film featuring cosplayer Guroko. A live action ryona/snuff film with 5 ending featuring strangling, stabbing and shooting I'm sure you enjoy. You can find the full film in Gumroad! Guroshin Gumroad Site
  20. Watt Khan

    Sunset Riders: the Dynamite Ribbons, an experiment with AI

    Been playing around a bit with realistic AI image generation when I thought of the idea of making a small Zako project out of it. Using the Realistic Vision V2.0 model, I've generated nine images based on the prompt description of the Zakos in Sunset Riders. Exactly nine because that is the...

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