1. A

    [Tech Demo][RPGMMZ] Super Zako Wars! Hello, I am following the example of Helltaker to make a game that meets my fetish after long quest of trying to satisfy it. I am an amateur game designer with just a degree and no experience and has been working on this very casually with accepting any...
  2. H

    Bank Job (Story)

    Anya and her CIA contact, Kelly, rode the elevator to the top floor of the bank. Anya was a super fit Russian with cropped brown hair. Kelly was a lanky African American woman with braids and a tight fitting business suit. Anya could tell Kelly had very little if any combat experience. She...
  3. darkside

    A zako story: A Zako Encounter

    Hi everyone I have been reading the forums now for a few years specifically the zako thread section and have finally thought of contributing with a zako story. This story is somewhat based on the Power Rangers though with this story it portrays a different angle were a young 19 year old male...
  4. U

    Interactive Zako Novel: The Requisite Academy for Duplicitous Girls

    This novel is based in a semi-mystical but mainly real world story. The protagonist will find herself sent to an all girls correctional boarding school for student who misbehave. It won’t be too long until she realizes something doesn’t check out and that this school may not be all it seems. She...
  5. Mission Zako

    Mission Zako 1.0

    Mission Elevator with Zakos and sexy pics
  6. A

    games that has mostly female to slaughter

    Since there is already mega posts for live-action and martial art centric beat-em-up/ scroll actions, this one is for other genres. Technically most of these had individual threads but I felt they are buried. I've been designing multiple zako games and looking for people to recruit to task art...
  7. LMaiden

    A Broken World With No Values (Story)

    Authors words: Hello everyone! Yep, I am new to Undertow, but I really like to be here. The Zako section of this site gived me a lot of good times. Too bad there is just a few people making content now. My dream is to be a writer in the future, so I thought, what write my own Zako/Guro story...
  8. Uprooting Ivy (stairs massacre cut).mp4

    Uprooting Ivy (stairs massacre cut).mp4

    Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (from "Soul Calibur") clones desperate attack getting choked by machinegun fire
  9. LMaiden

    Custom Zako's Story

    I am new here and just discovered this thread: I found idea very cool, but thread seems completely dead. So... I wanna ask, if somebody going to make something like this or there already exists some . It will be really cool to revive this...
  10. bolt9236

    Uniformity or Individuality in Zako Design

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to take a shot on making a short zako story that would be building block for possible future stories and I wanted to see what the communities consensus was on zako designs. Is it better to make the zako's share a common uniform theme like the Delmo Corp and...
  11. U

    Agent Aika

    Wanted to start a forum on Agent Aika “KOs” and anime defeats. I’ll start with a few.
  12. U

    Interactive Zako Story

    Making an interactive Zako story. I’ll take the requests and suggestions and incorporate them into the story. The story takes place slightly in the future in a dystopian world where the White Knight Corps are trying to rule the land and take scarce resources. - All fights will be female vs...
  13. T

    Horizon City Wars (zako management game)

    Disclaimer: This game is a spiritual successor of Capital City Wars by user Strix. All credit to the original idea belong to them. This game is managed and played independently from its predecessor. Premise: The goal of Horizon City Wars is to forge your own zako organization by following your...
  14. U

    Creating a zako world/universe

    So iv’e been building this Ryona Zako universe where the world is in chaos due to the criminal organization known as league of villainess. The league is composed of many zako factions and have 4 different ranks per faction (More on that later). Then there is the global association of heroes...
  15. I

    Zako Sentries taken out

    Hey there, here’s a little short scene I made that I thought might interest some of y’all. It’s of a lone zako who has cornered an intruder at gunpoint. Unbeknownst to her, this was a set up to trap her and she doesn’t see the second intruder who has been sneaking up on her. She is quickly...
  16. F

    New idea for Zako videos, input would be nice!

    Hey there, long time lurker on the live action forum and new to posting threads. I've recently gotten into male zako in zentai and have made a few videos and photoset but I realize that it's a pretty limited group of people on here who enjoy that kind of thing. However my partner (female) and...
  17. Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Mansion

    Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Mansion 1.2

    Single player map for Orchid Rain
  18. Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Gardens

    Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Gardens 1.5

    Single player map for Orchid Rain
  19. Cobra02

    My Manga "The Blade Of King"- In case you missed it!

    Hey folks! I'm Cobra02 aka MadCoby, it's been ages since i've posted something here. :confused: Since the 6th chapter of my Manga is about to be released :cool: :cool:, and since i've never talked about it here i assume many members would like to check it out. :tongue: So just in case you...
  20. S

    Guards Getting Killed


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