1. DarkLight98

    Do these count as Zako?

    Most people would describe zako as women or girls that are common enemies for a hero or protagonist. But this example is rather difficult to pin for me. With that said... any know the movie The Bachelor? Long story short, the premise is that a single guy needs to get married in a day to a...
  2. DarkLight98

    Largest Number of Zako

    Hi! Long time lurker here, today I wanted to ask about a part of Zako topics that I'm interested in. What's the largest number of Zako seen? I'm talking more than 10 zako. Like 30 or 50 zako being low and dozens, if not hundreds of zako all at once. They can come from anywhere, I just want to...
  3. slayer

    Game: Beat em Up using AI Shoujo characters

    Download the current version (0.17) to play For some time I've been wondering about the potential to be tapped out of software such as AI Shoujo in order to create beat 'em up characters. So, today I spent a while and imported a character created there into the classic Beats of Rage. Since I...
  4. slayer

    Cheerleader Zako Girls among videogames

    Greetings! I thought it would be interesting to gather resources of cheerleader zako girls in videogames. I shall start: Redneck Rampage These alien possessed girls attack the player in the 1997 PC game "Redneck Rampage": River City Girls Cheerleader enemies from the renowned retro beat...
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  10. B

    Zako vs agent RP

    Looking for anyone who is interested in an RP with Zako's. Looking specifically for a partner who wants to be Zako. DMs are open and I'm available to RP here and on discord. The Zako's I'm looking for are any creations of madcoby and Pricom from strangejack/ shabazik. Bill20#5269 is my...
  11. Speculate

    Zako Short Stories

    Found this nice image so thought of a short story for it. Rebecca was no fan of her station but the pay spoke for itself. At least she was alone and away from the eyes of her boss unlike her fellow zako. No one ever came by the staircase she guarded and so she never bothered training. To past...
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