1. R

    Sam Enters The Death Match Tournament

    SAM VS LAURA Sam stood at six foot tall and weighed 170lbs he was not huge but he was toned and muscular, his hair was short, brown and curly he was wearing red mma shorts. Sam was 25 years old and boxed as an amateur when he was a teen and also holds a blue belt in judo. This would be his...
  2. kodivas

    2K19 screenshots used for stories

    I'm not sure if people would be interested in this, but it's an idea I had. As some of you may know, I like to use pictures along with my stories (which I haven't written in a while), but real images take time to work with and fit into an appropriate story. Plus, I got burnt out and felt like my...
  3. Mongaya

    New guy here, I have a question

    Hello, I'm Mongaya, I've been into ryona for a year now. Is there any places to find ryona for the Hyperdimension Neptunia games? I know some YT and NicoNico channels have some vids uploaded, but some people got their channels wiped. Are there any other sites/users I can follow?
  4. C

    Krissy Irons: The Joker and The Thief

    "What?...again!?" said Krissy Irons. The 24-year old Amazon lay on her favorite couch, her muscular mesomorph frame stretched out over the sofa, her shapely legs resting over the table in front of her. Her muscular arms were with busy a controller, her hands pulling off just frame combos in...
  5. C

    Kryssa Daniels: The man in apartment 214

    19-year-old Kryssa Daniels couldn't believe what she was witnessing. Through the peephole of a spyglass strategically placed at her window, she could peer into what was happening in apartment 214 of the opposite building. Two figures were locked in intense, sweaty mixed submission wrestling...
  6. C

    Krissy Irons and The Great Gonzo

    Pangs of Nostalgia cut like blades in his heart as he walked down the large hallway of the Aerosoft Coliseum wearing his trademark black lucha mask paired with matching elbow and knee pads. His black briefs had the word "Gonzo" displayed across its back. His large muscular black frame was shiny...
  7. C

    Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 4

    Part One Part Two Part Three The sands around them disappeared as Wonder Woman and Steve found themselves slowly surrounded by darkness. A new world around them stuttered and formed like the thrashing glow of a broken light. They saw a vast expanse of nothingness, a void of black as far as...
  8. C

    Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 3

    Part one Part two "So, how do I look?" inquired Wonder Woman with a sly, devilish grin as Steve tried hard to concentrate on the road. They were in his large pick-up truck modified with extra space on the back. "Is that a trick question?" Steve said smiling. Wonder Woman wore a sheer purple...
  9. C

    Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 2

    Read Part One here. In the smoldering hot desert lands of the Isolated Sands, the oasis town of Aljana offered respite. It was home to the Red Sands, the only five star hotel in this part of the world. It offered guests the best of Persian architecture with a gentle touch of the modern world...
  10. C

    Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 1

    Her face radiated with a soft smile as Wonder Woman took in the sights and sounds of the bustling market in desert. Here, far away from the rest of civilization, next to desolate sands, humanity still thrived. A line of tents were set up on either side of a narrow walkway and the people that...
  11. Weak for Aqua

    Aqua from anime konosuba

    I recently seen the anime Konosuba. And there is a character namned Aqua . I totaly gone obsessed with her as my new ryona crush. The anime has a few vore scenes and the character often is humiliated and useless and dumb. Aqua also has a outfit and thigh high boots and long blue hair . All...
  12. C


    The old doors of the White Bear Inn opened groaned as they were pushed open. The twenty or so patrons inside stopped their idle chatter as they looked at who stepped inside. From the cold night emerged a woman, hooded and muscular. She made her way to the bar before she withdrew her hood and the...
  13. Nodern03

    Kasumi - Escape

    DOA6 Alternate Story: While on a mission with Hayate to rescue Ayane, Kasumi bravely stayed behind to hold off the enemy while Hayate and Ayane make their escape. She was eventually brought down by Epsilon agents, but at least she managed to stall them long enough. She brought to a small cell...
  14. Funky5622

    Soul Calibur 6: Goblin stuffing

    Just bought SC6 recently and boy do I love this game. Decided to create a short story for you guys. Villain is loosely based on the anime "Goblin Slayers". Those little devils are demons from hell alright.. :confused: Click on the link below for more of the story Goblin vs. Taki (red)
  15. Nodern03

    Kasumi tried to defend Nagisa, but...

    She ended up getting beaten badly and cornered.
  16. A

    sfm - help needed

    I've been playing with SFM for about 6 months and have moved up to the "not bad" level at pose-to-pose animation. I like drowning and neck-snaps and have made a few short videos (10-60 seconds). i'm not very interested in getting good with cameras and have limited sound resources. I also...
  17. K

    A site with ryona/catfight hentai

    Here's the link for a hentai site with ryona/cat fighting. Tag: catfight » nhentai: hentai doujinshi and manga Tag: ryona » nhentai: hentai doujinshi and manga You can find other hentai by clicking on the tags button near the top of the page as well and hentai parodies
  18. C

    The Deal

    The clink clanks of high heels echoed through the corridor as 36-year old Priscilla Smith walked down the halls of the SOW(Superstars of Wrestling) arena. The SOW was a fairly old promotion that was nicknamed "The Retirement House", mostly because it housed old battered wrestlers way beyond...
  19. World Of Ryona

    Top 10 Best Ryona Games of 2018

    Hi Guys, I have just recently upload a video based on the Top 10 Best Ryona Games of 2018. Some of you might surprised to see some of the games that are include in the list. Please do bear in mind that I know there are more great ryona games this year but since it just Top 10, I have to exclude...
  20. ZakoLover

    [Zako fiction] A deal with the Devil

    Hello everyone, I'm back! And I am returning to write zako fiction! ^^ I will not continue the Fall of an Empire series though. Instead, I will start a completely new story. Not sure whether I will be able write it to the end :tongue:, but we shall see. Anyway, enjoy! :grin: ----- ----- -----...
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