1. C

    Lara Croft and The Pugilists

    Lara swept her hair back from her face and took a deep breath, taking stock of her situation. A few feet away her opponents stood with feet planted. The men had massive arms crossed over impressively muscled chests. They each dwarfed her and carried her weight in muscle. Both wore leather chest...
  2. slayer

    Dark Judgement Shooter

    KeiBree created some interesting zako artwork, I just compiled them into a small shooting gallery: Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  3. C

    Lucy's Boxing Lesson BP

    “Ooooooh!” Lucy’s eyes crossed and she cocked her head to one side. Her arms lifted involuntarily as the bigger woman’s fist drove into her flat, but it turns out not very strong belly. Lucy admitted that Jack’s charms worked on her. He wasn’t subtle, but he was funny and good looking and...
  4. slayer

    Flower Children Shooter

    Here I attached jettmanas' Flower Children shooter minigame. Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  5. T

    Born to be a weapon. Parts 1 to 5.

    That story was cooperatively written by me and person which nickname was Eslaf and I knew nothing more about him (he is from América Latina). It is still not finished, Eslaf faded or may be just dropped it, and English is not native language for nor of us. So in this forum I will post every part...
  6. T

    Born to be a weapon. RP resulted fiction story.

    That story was cooperatively written by me and person which nickname was Eslaf and I knew nothing more about him (he is from América Latina). It is still not finished, Eslaf faded or may be just dropped it, and English is not native language for nor of us. SO in this thread I will most every...
  7. slayer

    Dynamite Cop Shooter

    jettmanas created some interesting Dynamite Cop zako art, so I suggested him creating a shootinig gallery with the characters: I hope that you enjoy it! EDIT: Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  8. DankRabbit123

    Home Invasion pt 1-3

    Part 1 In the dead of night, around 11 PM, 19-year-old Ayanna was about to go to bed after a long day of work. Still in her work uniform, she took everything off and hopped in the shower. As soon as she turned the water on, she heard her front door opening. Curious, she wrapped a towel around...
  9. R

    Play as my Nico Robin (ryona/abuse + hair fetish/hairplay) (KIK or PM)

    Hello! I seek any person who is willing to play as Nico Robin for this roleplay! Before we go further I must say I have hair fetish so licking, flipping, sucking, pulling, draping or simply describing hair in the RP is a turn on. My other kinks - abuse, ryona, hatefuck, BDSM, bullying...
  10. slayer

    Honey Select and AI Shoujo minigames tests thread

    Greetings, I've opened this thread for everyone attempting to create minigames using Honey Select sprites to share their experiences and results. Here is a small experiment I made using AI Shoujo and Clickteam's Fusion: Press space to throw a punch, click on a girl to hit her, press enter...
  11. I

    Cheat Engine question - one piece pirate warriors 3

    Is there anyone that know a thing about creating cheat engine tables that allow a character to stay downed or prone when knocked down. The game im looking is one piece pirate warriors 3.
  12. Z

    MMPR-themed fanfic

    -- CHAPTER 1 -- Three years after Zedd and Rita gave up on attempting to conquer the Earth, they came back for a short time in the late 90s to make another attempt. The citizens of Angel Grove put up quite some resistance to Zedd and his minions. He did not anticipate the people of Ashtabula...
  13. Parasitoro

    Deathgivers- Ken Shamrock

    Ken Shamrock was in the Independence Arena at the UFC 5 event in Charlotte, North Carolina, ready to fight Royce Gracie in the main event. He was a fierce fighter, respected and feared by opposition who knew the kind of training one had to go through, to succeed in mixed martial arts. However...
  14. Ryona783

    The Face of Ryona part 1 (Tekken)

    Okay, these forums are dead so I'm going to start post a few threads starting with this one. For these three games (Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur) I'm going to ask you who do you think is the face of their game (for ryona). Not your favorite character to use for ryona but who you...
  15. Wrecksler

    UFL: Laura vs ...

    Got very inspired by the works of BW30, so decided to start this thread with my own universe. I often pondered the idea of writing stories, and I did it in the past, but got kind of tired of using and creating so many different characters and disposing of them. So lately I was starting a story...
  16. BW30

    The Death Dojo: Melissa VS...

    1 - Melissa VS The Minotaur Melissa wasn't sure exactly how she found herself in this position. Last week, Melissa May was settling in to her first week of classes. She had decided to go to college to study literature. She liked reading, she liked writing, and she was pretty good at both...
  17. BW30

    Sonya VS Scorpion (alt endings)

    What if Sonya Blade went up against Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat movie instead of Johnny Cage? Be sure to click on the spoiler tags if you want to see Sonya come to a bad end! ---------- After Sonya had beaten Kano her first fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament, she was at a loss. Her whole...
  18. O

    Onirockman's mixed wrestling videos

    Here I have a compilation of videos where men win most of their struggles. Please, if you know more videos like these, post them in this thread. Loading • BitTubers.com I will continue uploading new videos later
  19. Iluvrape

    Tsunade's mistake (sequel to sakura's mistake)

    Deep in the jungle near konoha village a top secret ninja facility stood tall.Inside it a boy who is in his final years of teen was searching for something. A corpse of a young kunoichi named sakura lay spread eagled. She was supposed to be a newest star for the ninja village but she made the...
  20. dinomoneyman

    So you wanna be an evil henchwoman?

    Okay so here's the newest rendition of "So you wanna be a zako?" this time with a DMM spin to it. Of Course the one run by Mentos isn't finished quite yet, but I figured I'd get mine at least started already anyway, albeit with a perhaps somewhat slow start. My next post will be introducing to...
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