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  1. Teen-chan Static Hair

    Teen-chan Static Hair 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Teen-chan, an original character
  2. Tomboy-chan Static Hair

    Tomboy-chan Static Hair 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Tomboy-chan, an original character
  3. Clarissa Static Hairstyle

    Clarissa Static Hairstyle 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Clarissa, an original character (and a "clutzy" variant)
  4. A

    AI generated zako

    Update: 21/08/2023 I have posted a zako image generation guide. Please refer to Here! Not sure if you noticed, AI is quite a big thing recently. From image to text, technology kind of heading towards a crazy place. You can give the program a simple text input and they generate Image/Text...
  5. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Savan Rowe (OC) in Kiss From a Rose (with art!)

    Blessed with warm, caramel skin, an insanely fit body, and the adorable features of a pop idol, Savan Rowe has an easy time finding bookings. But she’s about to find out that her fan-friendly look is both a gift and a curse. Savan Rowe in Kiss From a Rose When the invitation came for Savan to...
  6. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Savan Rowe (OC) in The Silver Trap (with art!)

    Will lucky OC #3 fare better than my other girls, Rina Hartling and Kherington Campbell? Spoiler: Naaaaaaaaaah! Meet Savan Rowe! Art and design by the brilliant ColorVirus! Full profile can be read on DeviantArt. And now, her first misadventure: Savan Rowe in The Silver Trap Savan hadn’t...
  7. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Kherington Campbell's Amazon Challenge (with art!)

    After the recent destruction of my wrestling OC Rina Hartling, I thought it's only fair if my OC Kherington Campbell faced a similarly daunting challenge. Surely, she'll fare better (she certainly can't do worse!) A four-part series. Art by ColorVirus. Kherington Campbell’s Amazon Challenge...
  8. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Kherington Campbell vs. Rose Gold (with art!)

    (Art by ColorVirus) Kherington Campbell gets her shot in the big leagues against a League of Anime Wrestling superstar! Obviously, it doesn't go well, and once again Kherington finds herself subjected to some unsavoury post-match humiliation. What is it about our skirt-wearing warrior that...
  9. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Kherington Campbell (OC) in The Swedish Face Massage (with art!)

    Time to introduce wrestling OC #2, Kherington Campbell, though she shares the #1 spot in my heart with my dear Rina Hartling. Once again, art and design by the brilliant ColorVirus! Here's what she looks like, you can read more about this British babe's background on my DeviantArt posting...
  10. Baretta (OC) MILF Versions

    Baretta (OC) MILF Versions 2013

    Baretta (OC) MILF Versions by DarkVioletMoonRay
  11. Baretta (OC) Dynamic Purple Ponytail

    Baretta (OC) Dynamic Purple Ponytail 2013

    Baretta (OC) Dynamic Purple Ponytail by DarkVioletMoonRay
  12. Marcella (OC)

    Marcella (OC) 2012

    Marcella (OC) by TOlive
  13. Kady (OC)

    Kady (OC) 2012

    Kady (OC) by TOlive
  14. Jaiana (OC)

    Jaiana (OC) 2012

    Jaiana (OC) by TOlive
  15. Dakota (OC)

    Dakota (OC) 2012

    Dakota (OC) by TOlive
  16. Punk Devi (OC)

    Punk Devi (OC) 2012

    Punk Devi (OC) by TOlive
  17. Goth Tina (OC)

    Goth Tina (OC) 2012

    Goth Tina (OC) by TOlive
  18. Goth Steph (OC)

    Goth Steph (OC) 2012

    Goth Steph (OC) by TOlive
  19. Goth (OC)

    Goth (OC) 2012

    Goth (OC) by TOlive
  20. Goth Brie (OC)

    Goth Brie (OC) 2012

    Goth Brie (OC)mby TOlive

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