1. E

    [Search Ryona partner for an original, Recorded Ryona Idea ! ❤️]

    Hello, Ryona lovers ! My name is Eudico, and I'm a Hugh fan of ryona, for a long Time !~ I have been firstly searching for a ryona partner (if you too, Know that my favorites are grabs, strangulation....just dm me) but never found a good one. And then, I had an Idea, for fun. What if I have...
  2. R

    My Original (?) Zako Story (Story Layout & Characters Completed, suggestion welcome)

    Some notes first: -This thread is for my own zako story. I am not sure whether to call it original since it was initially based on Japanese comic Detective Conan, although OOC. -This story is written as a layout of a beat'em up game proposal. -The content maybe familiar to some readers since...
  3. O

    Original setting: Army of Roses

    In 1888, the govenor of Madelena Island in the Caribbeans supported its people's independence movement, but he suddenly died. His beautiful and cunning mistress Ana Lopez took over in the chaos using prostitutes to assasinate independence leaders and officials both. Then she squeezed the wealth...
  4. Femme Static Hair

    Femme Static Hair 1.2

    Original static hair mod of a shiny purple hair style
  5. Mharius

    Divinity: Original Sins 2: Elven Justice

    Divine Department Of Justice Priority Announcement: While known for their hideous creations, the Larian Devils really decided to outdo themselves this time and attempted to create horror incarnate. Even worse, they accomplished their unholy task and managed to create the most horrendous Elven...
  6. Samoth

    Samoth's Dialogues [May 14, 2016 Update: "Trials of the Ancients"]

    I mentioned making a thread like this over in another thread in this subforum, and now that I've gone and made a total of 2 dialogues (and one doesn't apply to the other thread), I'm gonna go ahead and leave them here. If I make any further dialogues, they'll be added as necessary. See the...
  7. Devilian De-Censor - Shooter

    Devilian De-Censor - Shooter 1.0

    Remove the censoring on the Shooter class.

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