1. Jade1503

    Naruto - Sakura vs Ino

    ‘Mmmmmmmm…’ Both Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino moaned as they kissed deeply, their hands clasped together and their lips touching in kneeling position on the bed. It was becoming dark as the sun disappeared in the horizon, bringing Konoha into the night. After working hard at the Konoha...
  2. giugo

    Girls fights megathread! (movies/tv series/stunts)

    Hey guys, I've made this thread where anyone can add their favourite scenes of girls fights from tv series, movies and stunts reel videos. Hope someone will post their favourite videos, so we can help each others finding new stuff!
  3. Jade1503

    CWF: Sakura Haruno vs Korra

    In the arena of Cross Wrestling Federation, CWF, wrestling fans poured into the arena and quickly took their seats. The arena was too bright but as the spectators took their seats, the lights slowly dimmed. The lights hovering above the seats turned off, leaving only the spotlights above the...
  4. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 2

    Inside of one of the dormant volcanoes in the Fire Nation, the arena filled with people as both Kuvira and Korra stood facing each other in the cage, glaring at one another. Kuvira was nude except for the green boxing gloves and black and green boots: showing her brown nipples and black hairy...
  5. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra

    Underground Ba Sing Se, the underground arena was filled with spectators who were sitting around a cage: chattering excitedly and loudly. Inside the cage was Korra with short black hair reaching until her shoulders and she was covered in blue bikini and black and blue boots. Facing her was...
  6. Jade1503

    Rumble Roses Eroticism: Reiko vs Dixie

    It was hot as the blazing sun shone down on a group of people surrounding a square pool filled with mud, which was surrounded with ropes and turnbuckles so none of the spectators could get into the pool. In one of the corners of the pool was a lifeguard chair that watched over the pool. Inside...
  7. Jade1503

    Fighting Angels: Riho vs Reiko

    On a beach, there was a crowd of people who were chattering and cheering excitedly: standing around a makeshift ring with timber poles and with ropes. Inside the ring were two women facing each other. One woman has long black hair and brown eyes with glasses. She was slim with white skin and a...