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Oct 19, 2015
It was another hot summer day in the Mushroom Kingdom where the citizens, nobles or common folk, were going about their daily business. Merchants were selling their wares while soldiers patrolled around the capital city. In one of the rooms in the castle was a well-furnished room with a soft bed and linens and expensive furniture, all in pink. Resting on cushions were Princess Peach and Princess Rosalina who was visiting Peach, both of them fanning themselves with paper fans and taking sips of ice-cold lemonade.

‘It’s sure hot today!’ Peach said. ‘I’m not stepping outside, not even for a swim.’

‘Agreed.’ Rosalina said. ‘Even the water will be scalding hot but it’s a pity. I brought my new bikini. It’s a waste not to use them.’

‘Same here.’ Peach chimed. ‘And mine were expensive!’ she sighed. ‘I wish there were something else we can do with wearing bikini, besides swimming and sunbathing.’

‘There is one.’ Rosalina said, almost mischievously. Peach turned to her, curiously. ‘I’m wearing mine now. I’m always curious about wrestling. So why not we wrestle in our new bikini?’

Peach looked at her and then giggled. ‘So naughty… But sounds fun! Count me in!’ she jumped onto her feet. ‘Just let me get change!’

Rosalina smiled and as Peach went to her drawer, Rosalina pulled out her blue dress and kicked off her slippers, revealing her light blue bikini top and thong. She put her slippers neatly under a chair and watched as Peach pulled out her dress and put on pink bikini and thong, placing her slippers just next to her drawers. When she was done, she twirled around and faced Rosalind. Giggling, Peach raised her hands and Rosalina interlaced her fingers with her. They made soft grunting noises as they try to push one of them down to her knees in a test of strength.

Their grunts turned to moans as they started pushing each other back and forth, both of them equal in strength. Then Peach asserted some force into her offense, forcing Rosalina back. Taken by surprise, Rosalina tried to hold her ground but she gasped as her foot hit the cushion. She tripped on the cushion, falling onto her back and even bringing Peach with her. Rosalind she gasped as Peach landed on top of her, slightly knocking some wind out from her. Growling softly, Rosalina rolled on top of Peach and started bouncing on her stomach. Peach gasped every time Rosalina’s bottoms slammed deep into her stomach, pushing the air out of her body. After one full minute of belly bouncing, Rosalina stopped bouncing on Peach and allowed her to take a breather.

‘Urgh…’ she groaned. ‘That’s a bit rough!’

Rosalina smiled down at her. ‘What’s wrong peachy? Is it too much for you? This is how wrestling works.’

Peach narrowed her eyes, glaring at her. ‘Is that how you want to play it? Fine by me!’

Peach’s hands shot out behind of Rosalina and pulled off the string of her bikini top, letting it dropped and exposing Rosalina’s pink nipples. Rosalina screamed as she become topless and tried to cover her breasts. Peach used this as an opportunity to roll Rosalina off her, causing Rosalina to gasp as she fell on her side. She rolled onto her bottoms and gasped as Peach elbow dropped into her stomach, wind escaping from Rosalina’s body. Growling, she pulled Peach under her right arm and wrapped her legs around her waist, locking her head and crushing her in a body scissors. Peach moaned into the cushion and squirmed her way to freedom but Rosalina was locking her tightly, restricting her movements. When Peach’s resistance slackened, Rosalind used her left hand to pull Peach’s bikini top out before pulling it away.

Realising her bikini top was gone; Peach planted both her palms flat onto the cushions and her feet firmly onto the carpet. Slowly, Peach pushed herself onto her feet and straightened up, Rosalina still holding onto her. With a muffled cry, Peach slammed Rosalina down onto the carpet, making the floors shake slightly. Rosalina cried out and let go of Peach, allowing the blonde princess to straightened up and showed her pink nipples. Now topless, Peach grabbed one of Rosalind’s feet and raised her right foot just above the other blonde princess’ stomach, stomping on her. Rosalina gasped as Peach’s foot slammed into her gut but she managed to catch it and twisted it, making Peach fall sideways.

Peach cried out as she landed onto her sides while Rosalina, still holding one of her foot, got into sitting position. She pulled Peach into sitting position as well and placed both her feet just above Peach’s ankles and held her hands as well, both blonde princesses facing each other. Then Rosalina pulled Peach’s hand and widened her legs as far as she can go, stretching Peach’s hands and feet to their limits. Peach screamed as her body was unused to this new body movement; her screams became muffled as Rosalind pushed her face into the carpet. Rosalind stretched Peach for five minutes, Peach’s muffled screams becoming louder, before wrapping her arms around Peach from the back. She slowly stood up, lifting Peach upside down as well, and lifted her high into the air.

‘This might hurt a bit Peach.’ Rosalina warned.

With a yell, Rosalina power bombed Peach into the cushion, a small yelp escaped from Peach’s mouth. With Peach on her back, Rosalind spread Peach up and lay on top of her. She wrapped her legs around Peach’s and pinned her arms onto the cushion in a grapevine pin, starting the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Rosalina smiled and let go of Peach, pulling her up into sitting position. The two princesses leaned back and breathed in, taking a break after their fight. Their bodies were glistening with sweat, from the humid heat and the wrestling. Rosalina handed Peach her half-glass of lemonade and downed hers in one gulp, Peach doing the same. They placed their glasses down and looked at each other, smiling.

‘That was awesome.’ Peach smiled. ‘It does make us more sweaty but I had fun! I think I’m ready to get a bit rougher now.’

‘Good to hear that.’ Rosalina giggled. ‘But before we do more fighting, let’s relax a bit.’

Rosalina pulled Peach towards and kissed her deeply, falling back into the cushion. Peach smiled and kissed back, sucking Rosalina’s tongue. Both blonde princesses closed their eyes and kept kissing deeply, rubbing their pink nipples into each other. Peach’s room was not filled with soft moans and smacking of lips as the princesses continued making love, lasting for many hours.
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