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Oct 19, 2015
Underground Ba Sing Se, the underground arena was filled with spectators who were sitting around a cage: chattering excitedly and loudly. Inside the cage was Korra with short black hair reaching until her shoulders and she was covered in blue bikini and black and blue boots. Facing her was another woman with black curly hair tied in a short ponytail and with a tanned body. Like Korra, her body was muscular with strong biceps and a six-pack on her abdominal. She wore green bikini and green and white boots. They both looked at each other in animosity.

‘So I’m finally facing the great Avatar at last.’ Kuvira smiled. ‘This is going to get interesting.’

Korra grinned. ‘Show me what you got, “Great Uniter”.’

The two women circled around the cage before clashing into one another: clasping hands for a test of strength and their sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. Korra and Kuvira growled at each other as they tried to bring one of them down to the ground. Kuvira slowly pushed Korra back and Korra, seeing this, lowered Kuvira’s upper body and elbowed her back. Kuvira grunted in pain but continued pushing Korra backwards and slammed her into the cage: ramming her shoulders into Korra’s stomach. At each ram, Korra spat out saliva and grabbed hold of Kuvira’s bikini bottom and wedged it into Kuvira’s crotch.

Kuvira moaned as her bikini bottom wedged into her vagina but she quickly lifted Korra into the air and after hoisting her onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, Kuvira brought her down into the ground. Korra gasped in pain but quickly wrapped her legs around Kuvira’s neck in a neck scissors and slammed her down into the ground as well. Kuvira tried to pry Korra’s open while Korra tightened the hold. Unexpectedly, Kuvira reached out and pulled Korra’s bikini bottoms off: showing her black hairy vagina.

Korra rolled her eyes. ‘Puh-leeze bitch, I’ve been wrestling nude for a very long time. What’s makes this any different?’

Despite having her neck tightened, Kuvira smiled. ‘Really? Then you don’t mind if I do… This?’

Kuvira grabbed a handful of Korra’s pubic hair and yanked it hard: getting an effect. Korra screamed in pain and punched Kuvira in the face before rolling away from her and holding her vagina. Kuvira smiled and as soon as Korra rolled onto her back, Kuvira jumped on her in a body slam: burying Korra’s face in her sweaty armpit and fingering her vagina. Korra moaned in Kuvira’s armpit as Kuvira pushed her fingers deeper into Korra’s vagina. Korra started licking Kuvira’s armpit, making Kuvira moaned sexually and stopped fingering Korra.

Korra pushed Kuvira off her and punched her belly before punched her face: making Kuvira’s head snapped sideway and spitting out saliva. Korra sat on Kuvira and pulled out her bikini top: showing Kuvira’s brown nipples. Undeterred of her breasts’ exposure, Kuvira tore Korra’s bikini top as well: showing her dark brown nipples before kneeing Korra’s back. Korra grunted in pain but punched Kuvira in the face and in her breasts. Kuvira grabbed Korra by the hair and pulled her forward: head butting her on the forehead. Korra cried and fell backwards onto her back but kicked Kuvira in the face before she could crawl onto her. Kuvira cried and fell onto her sides but quickly rolled onto her feet and Korra also stood up: both facing each other and panting heavily.

‘Damn!’ Korra said, wiping the sweat from her forehead. ‘You’re good!’

Kuvira grinned. ‘I say I’m better. I still got my bikini bottom on while you’re naked.’

Korra grinned back. ‘Not for long!’

Korra and Kuvira engaged in a grapple but Korra quickly grabbed hold of Kuvira’s bikini bottom and before Kuvira could react, Korra quickly pushed her against the cage: making Kuvira spat out saliva. Korra grinned and wedged and rubbed Kuvira bikini bottom deep into her crotch: making Kuvira moaned sexually and drooled. Then Kuvira gasped as her bikini bottom got damped and cum and urine flowed through her bikini bottom and down her thighs. Korra smiled and pulled Kuvira’s bikini bottom off her and swung it in circles before throwing it aside: showing Kuvira’s black hairy vagina.

Kuvira glared at Korra. ‘You bitch!’

Kuvira uppercut Korra in the belly and readied another punch but Korra quickly delivered a straight punch into Kuvira’s face. Kuvira uppercut Korra’s jaw with her left hand and then delivering a right hook into Korra’s face. As Korra stumbled backwards, Kuvira swung her left fist towards Korra’s face but Korra caught it with her hands: leaving her defenceless. Kuvira fell to her knees and uppercut Korra in her crotch, making Korra gasped in surprise. Kuvira uppercut her again in the crotch making Korra moaned sexually and then uppercut her vagina again: third time the charm. Korra gasped aloud as cum and urine exploded from her vagina and flowed down her legs to the ground. Korra was about to fall forward but Kuvira caught her and put her in a bear hug: connecting their wet vaginas and hardened nipples together.

Both Korra and Kuvira moaned as their nipples pressed into one another and their wet clitoris touched each other. As Korra panted, Kuvira smiled. ‘I’m not done with you yet!’

Kuvira stamped on the ground between Korra’s legs and a rock pillar with a rounded end shot up from the ground and impaled into Korra’s vagina: making Korra screamed in surprise. Kuvira laughed as she lifted Korra up and down on the rock pillar: rubbing it inside of Korra’s vagina.

‘I’m going to make you cum again you whore!’ Kuvira goaded. ‘Soon, you will be covering this entire cage with your…’ Ah!’

Kuvira suddenly gasped aloud as something shot into her vagina. She glanced down and was shocked that another rock pillar similar to hers was now in her vagina: the base was near to Korra’s foot, which was between Kuvira’s legs.

Despite the soreness in her vagina, Korra smiled at the shocked Kuvira. ‘As the Avatar, I can also earth-bend so I think I will drained you first skank!’

‘Oh yeah?’ Kuvira cried in rage. ‘Not so likely!’

‘Let’s see who can outlast who!’ Korra shouted and wrapped her arms around Kuvira in a bear hug: rubbing her vagina on the rock pillar. Accepting the challenge, Kuvira did the same thing to Korra and both women increased the pace: rubbing each other hard as fast and hard as they could. Then at the same time, both Korra and Kuvira exploded with cum and urine at the same time: covering their belly with vaginal fluids and creating a pool of cum under them.

Tapping their foot at the same time, the rock pillars sunk back into the ground and Korra and Kuvira were on their feet: their vaginas still leaking and both of them slightly wobbly. They raised their fists and started trading blows with Korra punching Kuvira on the left side of the face and Kuvira launching a straight punch into Korra’s left breast. Korra aimed an uppercut into Kuvira’s jaws: who dodged it and straight punch Korra in the face. Korra grunted in pain and uppercut Kuvira’s left breast and then a right hook into her face. Kuvira spat out saliva and aimed an uppercut into Korra’s belly but Korra caught it and uppercut Kuvira’s belly instead: making Kuvira gasped in pain.

Korra then raised both fists and double punched Kuvira’s breasts: making Kuvira slammed onto the cage and Korra treating her like a punching bag. Kuvira spat out saliva and groaned in pain as Korra punched her face, breasts, sides and belly. Once she thought Kuvira had enough, Korra drove two fingers into Kuvira’s vagina and started fingering her as while as smashing her breasts onto Kuvira’s: grinning at her. Kuvira moaned sexually and loudly as Korra touched her sensitive spots. Once Korra knew that Kuvira was about to orgasm, Korra pulled out her fingers but put her hand onto Kuvira’s hairy crotch.

Kuvira’s eyes widened in shock as she felt her womb was about to explode but could not. ‘What have you done to me?’

Korra smirked. ‘It’s a little trick that Katara told me about when she was younger. I used water-bending to increase the cum inside of you but I also preventing it from gushing it out. Basically, you’re filled with cum but I’m not letting you cum just yet.’

Kuvira gripped onto the cage tightly as she made a face. ‘Urgh… It’s too… Much! Want… To… Burst… Want… To… Explode! I can’t… Take it…’

Korra smiled. ‘Allow me to end your suffering.’

Korra lifted Kuvira into the air and balanced her onto her shoulders while widening her legs and showing her exposed vagina. Korra walked to the middle of the cage and brought Kuvira down in a muscle buster. Kuvira gasped as her back was crushed and her vagina exploded with cum and urine likes a volcano: covering both her and Korra. Korra licked some of the cum and let Kuvira go: dropping her onto the ground. Kuvira lay on the ground, panting heavily and moaning as Korra planted her hairy crotch into her mouth and pinned her shoulders. The crowd outside the cage began the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Korra smiled and flexed her biceps as the crowd cheered for her before moaning with satisfaction: having released her cum and urine into Kuvira’s mouth. Kuvira gurgled as she tried to swallow the fluids as fast as she could but soon her mouth started to overflow. Korra smiled as she finished orgasmed and urinating and stood up, looking down at Kuvira.

Kuvira raised her head and spat some fluids in her mouth onto Korra’s feet before falling back into the ground. ‘You… Bitch… I will get you… Next time…’

Smiling mischievously and pulled Kuvira onto her feet and hoisted her up onto her shoulders. ‘I’m not done with you yet.’ She told the still conscious Kuvira. ‘I’m going to have more fun with you in somewhere more private. It’s the least I can do for giving me an awesome match.’

Kuvira moaned as Korra carried her out of the cage and out of the arena.


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Aug 10, 2015
What a hairy mess this story was :-)

Nicely done Jade who are these two gals and what media are they from?


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Aug 10, 2015
Yes it was that *Hairy* so much so that you would need a weed whacker to get to their fun bits LOL

I take it that Avatar is an anime?
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