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Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 4

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Jun 6, 2016.


For the next Kuvira vs Korra, do you scat to be added into the fight?

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  1. Jade1503

    Jade1503 Avid Affiliate

    Oct 19, 2015
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    Deep in of the forests of the Earth Kingdom was a mighty waterfall. Below this waterfall was a pool, surrounded by mist and the water was crystal clear with only the foam on the surface. In the middle of the pool was a floating ring, the turnbuckles and the raft made out from bamboo wood with something floating below it. In the wooden ring were Korra and Kuvira, naked and their bodies wet with water: their hard nipples and moist black hairy vaginas exposed. They folded their arms across their chests, glaring at one another.

    ‘So you’re back for more?’ Korra growled. ‘Don’t you ever learnt to give up?’

    ‘Not a chance!’ Kuvira sneered. ‘Fighting you gives me great pleasure.’ Her grin widened. ‘Looks like someone grew some hair on their private part.’

    Korra grinned as Kuvira was indicating her hairy vagina. ‘Same said to yours. I also grew something else.’

    The Avatar lifted her arms, showing the hair growing from her armpits: sending a slight sour stench. Kuvira laughed.

    ‘My! The Avatar had grown to a nasty bitch! Let me show you mine!’

    Kuvira raised her own arms, showing off her hairy armpits: also giving out a sour stench. Both women stepped forward, rubbing their hairy armpit into one another. Sweat pored out onto their bodies as they rubbed their armpits into each other.

    ‘Mmmmmm…’ Kuvira moaned. ‘When I beat you, I’m going to make you kiss my new hairy pits!’

    ‘Hah! I’m going to make you licked mine bitch!’ Korra snarled.

    They both growled and flung their arms over each other shoulders, locking up as they pushed each other back and forth. Korra got the upper hand first and pushed Kuvira into the ropes, sending a knee missile into her groin. Kuvira gasped sexually as Korra fired another knee missile, this time making Kuvira’s vagina burst with cum. Kuvira could only moaned as Korra hip tossed her onto the platform, Kuvira’s cum spilling onto the platform. Korra grinned and pulled Kuvira up onto her feet by the armpits, wrapping her arms around her throat in a sleeper hold. As Kuvira choked for air, Korra leaned in to whisper.

    ‘First cum goes to me.’ Korra gloated. ‘Looks like I’m going to win this one.’

    Kuvira grunted, looking back at Korra. ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Avatar. This isn’t over yet!’

    Kuvira stamped on Korra’s foot, making her opponent yelped and released her. Kuvira turned around and delivered a powerful uppercut into Korra’s jaws, sending her flying backwards into the ropes. Korra rebounded from the ropes and ran towards Kuvira, only to be lifted into the air and brought down hard onto the platform. Korra arched her back in pain as she tried to get up, only to be pulled up by the armpits by Kuvira.

    Kuvira lifted Korra into the air and brought her down, slamming her back onto her knee in a backbreaker. Korra screamed and rolled off Kuvira’s knee, reaching for her back. Kuvira smiled and rolled Korra onto her back, pinning her hands down onto the platform. Kuvira then started punching Korra’s crotch, smashing her urethra and clitoris with her fist. Korra could only squirmed and screamed as Kuvira’s fist pounded onto her vagina. Finally at a gasp, Korra released her urine and cum onto the platform. As the Avatar laid there releasing her fluids, Kuvira smirked.

    ‘Oh my! Cumming and peeing! Looks like the dirty nasty Avatar needs a bath!’

    Kuvira then pulled Korra by the hair and onto her feet, facing her towards the lake. She then threw Korra through the ropes, Korra landing into the lake with a splash. Kuvira ducked under the ropes and dived into the water. She opened her eyes and found herself underwater, right in front of a struggling Korra. She swam towards Korra and punched her in the face. Korra’s head snapped sideway and she growled, letting out bubbles. Korra fired a punch into Kuvira’s stomach, bubbles now escaping from her mouth. The two women exchanging blows, punching everywhere as bubbles rocketed towards the surface.

    Finally, Kuvira grabbed Korra by the hair and shoved two fingers into Korra’s vagina. More bubbles escaped from Korra’s mouth as Kuvira fingered her underwater, the water helping her fingers to move deeper into Korra’s clitoris. Kuvira clamped her lips onto Korra’s, kissing her roughly underwater while working on the Avatar’s vagina. Korra’s eyes widened as Kuvira sexually dominating her, sending more bubbles to the surface.

    Kuvira knew that Korra had urinated and orgasmed when she felt a warmth sensation through her fingers. With the Avatar in her arms, Kuvira swam upwards. They burst from the water and Kuvira flung Korra onto the platform, Korra gagging and coughing. Kuvira just pulled herself up onto the edge of the platform and looked down at the Avatar.

    ‘Well what do you know? I just beat you in your own element. Does that make me a water-bender too?’

    ‘Fuck… You…’ Korra panted.

    Kuvira laughed as she stood on the edge of the platform. ‘Time to finish this!’

    She pulled Korra back into the ring and pulled her onto her feet by the armpits. Kuvira then turned Korra upside down in preparation for a pile driver. Before she proceed with the move, Kuvira opened her mouth and clamped it onto Korra’s vagina: sucking it. Korra moaned weakly as Kuvira’s tongue now entered her vagina, poking all her sensitive spots. Korra finally gasped as urine and cum squirted from her clitoris, spraying all over Kuvira’s face. Kuvira licked her lips and with a smile, pile drive Korra into the platform. Korra screamed in pain as she fell on her onto her stomach, unable to move a muscle. Kuvira rolled the Avatar onto her back and sat on her face, pinning her in a face sit.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’ Kuvira counted, smiling. ‘I win this round Avatar slut!’

    Korra could only moaned in Kuvira’s hairy mound, the winner flexing her biceps as she rubbed her vagina into her victim’s face. After a while Kuvira moaned as she urinated all over Korra’s face, filling her mouth too. Korra could only gagged as she was forced to swallow Kuvira’s urine. Kuvira laughed and stood up, allowing her urine to drip on Korra’s abdominal. She moved back and opened Korra’s legs wide opened, slamming her wet vagina into Korra’s. Korra squirmed and moaned as Kuvira grinned her vagina roughly on her, bucking her hard. It was not long until Korra’s vagina burst with cum and urine again, coating Kuvira’s hairy vagina. Kuvira giggled.

    ‘My you’re sure enjoying this too much. Let’s try this.’

    Kuvira grabbed Korra by the arms and pulled her on top of her, letting the Avatar to lay on top of her. She opened her arm and pushed Korra’s face into her wet hairy armpit.

    ‘Lick them slut! I know you want to.’

    Moaning, Korra started licking Kuvira’s hairy armpit: covering it with a saliva as her tongue licked through the hair. Korra moaned and gagged as Kuvira’s stench hit her. Kuvira then pushed Korra deeper into her armpit.

    ‘Now kiss them!’

    Korra puckered her lips and kissed Kuvira’s armpit, tasting the sourness on it. Kuvira smiled and slowly stood up, forcing Korra’s mouth onto her vagina.

    ‘Clean my pussy whore!’

    With a moan, Kuvira orgasmed: covering Korra’s face with thick cum. Korra moaned as licked Kuvira’s bushy vagina, licking as much cum as possible. When every drop of cum was gone, Kuvira let out an evil giggle as she urinated all over Korra’s face. Korra yelped and glared up at Kuvira, who smirked.

    ‘Oppsie! Looks like you have to clean me again toilet slut.’

    Kuvira pushed Korra’s face deeper into her wet vagina, almost suffocating the Avatar. Grudgingly, Korra licked Kuvira’s vagina clean again: taking in all the urine. Kuvira smiled and pushed Korra onto the platform, laying her onto her back. Kuvira spread Korra’s legs again and slammed her vagina into Korra’s. The Avatar lifted up her head wearily.

    ‘What are you doing?’ Korra asked in shock. ‘I already cum…’

    ‘Yes and now I want you to cum more!’ Kuvira chuckled evilly. ‘Since we’re alone here so I might as well fuck you to unconsciousness. I hope you got more where that came from!’

    Kuvira then slammed and grinned her vagina into Korra’s, bucking her wildly and roughly. The air was filled with Korra’s sexual screams as she unleaded more of her fluids all over Kuvira and into the pool.
  2. Spartwow

    Spartwow Guest

    Nice! I didn't know you were still writing. Is it possible to reupload your stories from deviantart? Particularly the Korra/Kuvira ones? I really liked your Korra and Kuvira 'thong battle'.
  3. Jade1503

    Jade1503 Avid Affiliate

    Oct 19, 2015
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    Most of my stories on DeviantArt had been deleted but I'm willing to rewrite the thong fight as a commission.