Ring X Mama: Sanae Takamori vs Rio Katsura

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Oct 19, 2015
Sanae Takamori grunted as she finished her set of push-ups, sitting onto the mat. She breathed in and out as sweat flowed down her body. For a woman in her late thirties, Sanae was still beautiful with long blue hair and white toned body. Her biceps and six-packs glistened with sweat from her long exercise routine. Her brown nipples were hard and her blue hairy vagina was moist with sweat.

Sanae sat in a crossed-leg position, stretching her body, before standing up. Her private gym, Gigamax, was empty as the others were having a day off: including Ryoma Hamazaki. That was why she can afford to be naked as she worked out. Sanae sighed as she wished that Ryoma was here to… Satisfy her sexual hunger. Then she shrugged. She had him for tonight but the waiting was unbearable.

She sighed again and rolled into the wrestling ring, preparing to work on her diving techniques. Before she could climb the turnbuckle, a voice stopped her.

‘Woah Sanae! Just because the gym is all yours doesn’t mean you can be nude overtime!’

Sanae turned to the voice. It was Rio Katsura, her best friend and rival. Her short purple hair glistered with sweat and her eyes widened at Sanae’s nudity. She wore blank tank-top and pants, still showing her dark-skinned muscular body. Her biceps and six-packs were as hard as Sanae.

Sanae smiled at her best friend. ‘Hey Rio. Why aren’t you with the others?’

Rio recovered from her shock and shrugged. ‘Meh. I got bored and I thought that I need some extra training before my match next week. I could do with a spar though.’ Rio glanced at Sanae’s naked form, grinning.

Sanae caught the gesture as she smiled. ‘Then why not spar with me? I could do with the extra workout and maybe after this, we can… Help each other relax.’

Rio’s grin widened. ‘Now we’re talking!’ She pulled out her tank-top and pants, showing her brown nipples and black hairy vagina.

Rio tossed her clothes aside and slide into the ring, standing up to face Sanae. The two veteran wrestler circled around the ring, waiting for one of them to make a move. Knowing each other like the back of their hands, they growled and flung their arms around one another. Their arms clamped on each other shoulders and entered a locked stalemate. They growled as they tried to push each other into the mat.

Being the faster one, Rio pushed Sanae down and locked her arms like a turkey. Before Sanae could escape, Rio slammed Sanae face-first into the mat. Sanae screamed as she moved her head up, forcing Rio onto her bottoms. With her arms freed, Sanae pulled her head back and head butted Rio on the forehead. Rio gasped in pain and fell onto her back, groaning.

Sanae quickly grabbed Rio by her head and pulled her under her arm, locking her in a headlock. Rio grunted and tried to pull herself free from Sanae’s hold as they got back onto their feet. Sanae dragged Rio to the middle of the ring and with a roar, delivered a DDT on her best friend. Rio screamed as her face slammed into the mat, almost knocking her out. Sanae smiled and let go of Rio’s head, sitting on her back. She grabbed Rio’s head and yanked it back, bending her back in a camel clutch.

‘Let’s see if you can escape this hold Rio!’

Rio grunted. ‘Please Sanae! You have to do better than that!’

Rio growled and rolled Sanae off her back, making her land on her side. Rio got onto her fours and grabbed Sanae’s ankle, rolling her onto her stomach. She growled as she twisted Sanae’s ankle in an ankle hold. Sanae groaned and pulled her other leg for a kick. Before she could kick Rio, Rio suddenly shoved her freed fingers into Sanae’s vagina. Sanae gasped as she felt Rio’s fingers inside of her, stroking the walls of her insides. Steeling her mind, she landed a kick into Rio’s stomach.

Rio gasped as she was knocked onto her back, her fingers covered in cum. Breathing heavily, Rio and Sanae slowly stood up. They leaned on their knees as they faced each other.

‘You bitch…’ Sanae started. ‘You can’t do that during a match…’

Rio grinned wickedly. ‘Well I don’t see any referee here. I thought I spice up the fight!’

Rio stepped forward and kneed Sanae in between her legs followed by an elbow strike in the breasts. Sanae gasped sharply at the attack on her vagina and breasts, forcing her to retreat. Rio pressed the attack with a knee missile in the stomach before she clamped her hands on Sanae’s head. Rio dragged Sanae back to the middle of the ring before leaping into the air, face busting Sanae into the mat. Sanae screamed in pain as Rio rolled her onto her back, going for the pin.

‘1… 2…’

She yelped as Sanae pushed her off her, breaking the pin. Growling, Rio pulled Sanae up onto her feet by her armpits. She grabbed Sanae’s arm and Irish whipped her towards the ropes. Sanae turned around and rebounded from the ropes, running towards Rio. Rio pulled her arm and prepared to clothesline Sanae, only to miss as Sanae ducked under Rio’s arm and ran pass her. Sanae rebounded from the ropes again and leap into the air, planting her bare feet into Rio’s back.

Rio screamed as she fell face-forward into the mat, breaking the fall with her palms slamming onto the mat. Before she could push herself up, she gasped as something slammed onto her back: pushing her into the mat. Sanae, who delivered an elbow drop on Rio’s spine, rolled Rio onto her back and pinned her hands above her head. Sanae then wrapped her legs around Rio’s, trapping her in a grapevine pin. With a wicked grin, Sanae began rubbing her hairy vagina and hard nipples into Rio’s.

Rio gasped. ‘B-bastard! W-what are you doing?’

Sanae grinned as she continued to rub her sweaty body into Rio’s. ‘Giving you the taste of your own medicine.’

Sanae pressed her labia and nipples deep into Rio’s, giggling as she licked Rio’s face. Rio moaned sexually and tried to thrust her hips towards Sanae’s vagina but with Sanae’s weight on her, she find it difficult. Rio can only moaned as Sanae continued to rub harder and faster on her, making their bodies hot and sweaty. Finally, Rio moaned loudly as she felt her vagina becoming wet and sticky: her inner thighs coated with her thick cum. As Rio orgasmed under Sanae, the blue haired wrestler grinned and began the pin.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Sanae unwrapped herself from Rio and flexed her biceps, looking down at Rio. Rio moaned as her vagina continued to squirt out cum.

‘Damn it. I almost had you.’

Sanae patted Rio’s stomach. ‘Don’t feel bad Rio. There’s always a next time. Here, let me clean you up.’

Sanae pressed her hairy labia into Rio’s face and began licking Rio’s cum-covered hairy vagina in a 69 position. Rio moaned as she felt Sanae’s tongue licking through her hairy vagina, licking up every drop of cum. Not to be left behind, Rio stuck her tongue out and began eating Sanae’s hairy vagina. It was Sanae’s turn to moan as she can feel Rio’s moist tongue inside of her. It was not long when Sanae’s vagina exploded with cum, coating Rio in thick fluid.

Moaning sexually, Sanae got off Rio and pulled her up. Both of them were still orgasming when they locked lips, their tongues wrestling. Drool flowed down from their mouths and their eyes were closed in the kiss, a pool mixed with sweat and cum collecting under them. They broke the kiss and opened their eyes, breathing heavily.

‘Damn Sanae.’ Rio grinned. ‘That felt great! Wanna go for round 2?’

Sanae smiled. ‘Hand’t had enough? All right!’

Both women stood up and faced one another, getting into their fighting stance. They looked deep into each other eyes, ready to strike at the right moment.
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