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CWF - Mila vs Reiko Hinomoto

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Apr 29, 2016.

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    In the arena of CWF, wrestling fans poured into the arena and quickly took their seats. The arena was too bright but as the spectators took their seats, the lights slowly dimmed. The lights hovering above the seats turned off, leaving only the spotlights above the ring on. Already in the ring was a young girl with green hair tied in a ponytail, wearing referee bikini outfit and boots. When everyone was settled in, Asakura Kazumi’s voice boomed across the arena.


    Walking out from the backstage was a twenty-one year old girl with short red hair and light brown eyes. Her fair skin was freckled but her shaped was slim and muscular. Biceps showed on her arms and six-packs were also showing. She was naked with perky pink nipples and red hairy vagina. The only thing she wore were black fingerless gloves and ankle pads. She smiled and waved at the cheering crowd before rolling into the ring, raising her fists into the air. She then leaned into her corner as Kazumi made the next announcement.


    Reiko Hinomoto walked out from the backstage, wearing only red boots and gloves. Her pink nipples and black hairy vagina were exposed. Her fair muscular body was glistening with sweat, her six-packs showing in the light. She high-fives her fans as she ran pass them, jumping into the ring. When she landed onto her feet, she started posing: making the crowd cheered louder for her. The cheering died down as Mila and Reiko met at the middle of the ring. They studied each other, smiling.

    ‘I’m going to punch the living daylights out from you.’ Mila grinned, punching her gloved fists together.

    ‘You will start screaming for mercy when I’m pulling your limbs from their joints.’ Reiko taunted.

    The bell rang and Mila struck first, landing a right uppercut into Reiko’s stomach. Reiko gasped but sent an elbow into Mila’s face. Mila grunted and stumbled backwards, holding her bruised nose. She gasped louder as Reiko speared her into the mat. Reiko sat on Mila and started punching her in the face hard, the Spanish girl crying out in pain as Reiko’s fists slammed into her flesh. After a few punches, Mila slammed her fist into Reiko’s stomach again. Reiko cried out and rolled off Mila, holding her stomach.

    Mila rolled onto her feet and grabbing Reiko by the hair, she pulled her onto her feet. She then threw the Japanese girl into the corner and pinning her against the turnbuckle, started punching her in the face and stomach. Reiko screamed in pain as Mila’s punches rained on her and tried to fight back. Before she could do anything, Mila punched right into her vagina.

    Reiko screamed as she orgasmed immediately, almost blacking out. She did not believed that she would orgasmed so easily. That was some punch! Before she could do anything rather than moaned and holding her exploding vagina, Mila lifted Reiko into the air and slammed her down onto the mat. Reiko gasped as her back hit the mat, pain running through her back. Mila sat on her face and pinned her, the referee making the count.

    ‘1… 2…’

    Before the count could finish, Mila screamed and stood up: Reiko having had bit her in the vagina. Angered, Mila pulled Reiko onto her feet and raised a fist. Before she could launch the punch, Mila gasped as Reiko’s knee connected into her vagina. Mila gasped as she too exploded with cum while Reiko’s locked u with her. Despite her orgasms, Mila locked up with Reiko: both wrestlers stuck in a stalemate. Their sweaty cheeks were touching as they tried to push each other back.

    ‘You bitch!’ Mila growled. ‘That was a dirty trick biting my cunt!’

    ‘You’re the one to talk, punching me in my pussy first whore!’ Reiko growled back.

    ‘It’s not my fault you cum so easily!’

    ‘You too, cum-slut!’

    Angered, Mila made space between her and Reiko and rammed her right fist into Reiko’s stomach. Reiko gasped loudly as saliva flew from her mouth as Mila gutted her mercilessly in the stomach, drooling uncontrollably. After gutting her ten times, Mila pulled her arm back for a right cross into Reiko’s face. Mila roared and launched her punch, only for her punch to be blocked by Reiko. The surprised Mila did not have time to react as Reiko’s knee found her stomach, making her retched out saliva.

    As Mila moaned in pain, Reiko pushed her into the ropes and Irish whipped her into the other side of the ring. Mila quickly turned around and rebounded from the ropes, running back to Reiko. Reiko took a step forward and lifted her right leg, catching Mila’s jaws in her boots. Mila screamed as she landed on her back, holding her jaws in pain. Reiko, however, was not done with her yet.

    Reiko pulled Mila up onto her feet by the hair and wrapped her arms around her waist from behind. She then bent backwards and slammed Mila’s back of her head into the mat, making the Spanish girl screamed in pain. Mila fell onto her sides as Reiko let her go, trying to crawl away. Reiko quickly grabbed her by the legs and pulled her into the middle of the ring. She stood on Mila’s calves and grabbing her two arms, Reiko rolled onto her back.

    With her back onto the mat, Reiko pushed Mila into the air in a ceiling hold. She then started stretching Mila’s body to its limit, widening Mila’s legs wide opened for all to see her exposed wet vagina. Mila screamed in both pain and embarrassment, trying to escape from Reiko’s hold as the crowd snapped pictures of Mila’s vagina. Unable to break the hold, she finally screamed.

    ‘I give up! Just let me go!’

    The referee made the signal and the bell rang, indicating the end of the match. Smiling, Reiko let go of Mila and stood up, clutching her stomach. She allowed the referee to raise her hand up as Asakura’s voice boomed throughout the arena.


    Reiko smiled as she pumped her fists into the air, bathing into the crowd’s cheers and applause. Once the cheering died down, Reiko lowered her hands down as she looked down at Mila. Mila was on her fours, trying to get up. Reiko smirked as she grabbed Mila by the ankles and turned her onto her back, widening her legs opened. Mila looked at her in surprise.

    ‘What… What are you doing you bitch?’

    Reiko grinned. ‘I’m not done with you yet slut. I’m going to make you pay for those punches!’

    Reiko then slammed her hairy vagina into Mila’s, grinding her roughly. Mila screamed in ecstasy and pleasure, as their vaginas smacked into one another. Reiko rammed her vagina harder and harder onto Mila’s, grunting loudly. Soon, Mila gasped as she orgasmed. Her vagina exploded with cum, covering Reiko with thick fluids. Reiko smiled and climbed on top of the panting Mila, sitting on her face. Reiko moaned as she covered Mila’s face in cum, making the red-head spluttered noisily. Reiko smiled and stood, watching Mila spitting out cum from her mouth: glaring at her.

    ‘Y-you… Bitch!’ Mila gasped. ‘I will get you for this!’

    Reiko winked at her opponent. ‘Maybe… I will enjoy making you wet again.’

    Reiko then slid out from the ring and made her way back to the backstage, waving at her fans. Once she disappeared into the backstage, CWF aides rushed in to help Mila out of the arena. As they dragged her back to the backstage, she was swearing bloody vengeance on Reiko Hinomoto.

    Thus a new rival had begin.
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