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*Petal Contest* -Petals Versus Irises- (finished) (Alternate Ending posted)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by leeroycrane, Jul 9, 2016.

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    This is my first story. I figure I might as well try my hand at this writing thing, after reading so many stories over the years.

    The idea behind this one is more of a 'catfight' theme mixed w/ zakos, tit/cuntbusts, and ENF rather than pure zako.

    Here are some images that correspond with it:

    Introducing the IRIS Huntresses aka Irises, an elite band of mercenaries projected by various intelligence agencies to compete with the Petals in the near future over resources, contracts, espionage, and territory. Note: In contrast to Petal's Eastern/manga look, these women are Western/comic book-like in appearance. Hntres.jpg

    A mock manga cover:

    A mock movie poster
    lllib fin.jpg

    Combat scenes from the mock manga:

    Petal vs. the Irises 2dd.jpg highkick.jpg Petal Vs Kate.jpg
    And without further ado, here is the story:
    Story - Iris Assault at Wu Dao Temple Part I

    For the past year or so, the IRIS mercenary company had been vying for control of Wu Dao, a small East Asian country that had recently seceded from China. Ever since the Global Mercenary War started, business boomed for the corporation and they’d been able to expand operations in just about every country.

    Known as the “Tomb Raiding” mercenary corporation, IRIS was known for their high profile but secretive missions, extracting valuable treasures from ancient tombs or temples. Thus, they hired the best operatives from all over Europe, Latin America, and North America. These mercenaries were known as Irises. Soon, the Irises developed a deadly reputation for being able to infiltrate any objective and come out victorious.

    Lt. Kate Sinclair was a member of IRIS, the elite, all-female mercenary group that doubled as a modeling agency as part of their cover. And the latter was apparent. Tall, blonde haired, blue eyed with defined cheekbones and a sculpted face, she looked more like a supermodel than a mercenary. She wore a pair of combat shorts, combat boots, and a combat top which clung to her shapely figure. Slung across her shoulder and back was a lengthy bag that hid her assault rifle amongst other weapons. In such a way, she was more like a battlefield Valkyrie than a normal woman.

    The rest of the Iris troops were similarly clad. All tall, voluptuous, supermodel-like faces, clad in tight tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, sports bras that showed off their figures while hiding their weapons in bags.

    Their reason for dressing like this was simple. They would disguise themselves as simple Western tourists on vacation so as not to arouse suspicion. At the same time, their skimpy outfits could seduce, distract, or endear any male guard that stood in their way.

    Besides, nothing pleased Kate Sinclair more than to show her body off to a man who simply could not have her. It was all the more apparent in Wu Dao, where the men rarely saw foreign women outside of magazines and film. All the farmers in Wu Dao had watched as these foreign women crossed into their home, their hips swaying and their massive chests bulging and bouncing and billowing out of their tank tops like ripe melons ready for picking. It was like watching a symphony in motion as they walked across the valley floor.

    Soon enough, the Irises made their way to the temple. But little did they know that someone else had beaten them there…..


    Petal Hui and her squad of Petals ran from the intruders. Gunfire erupted from all directions. Some of the Petals were knocked down as they tried to escape, their chi armor protecting them from the hail of bullets that rained down. Otherwise, several figures swung in from the ceiling by rope and proceeded to beat down the fallen Petals.

    An IRIS merc stopped in Petal Hui’s way and proceeded to fire at her but Hui dodged by stepping to the side at the last second before knocking the Western woman’s rifle away with an elbow strike. The Chinese girl quickly climbed on top of the Iris’s shoulder and brought her to the ground with a resounding “Oompf!” before running off again.

    Not too far off, more Irises swept in, kneeing and kicking and punching several Petals who had been following Hui. Some of the Petals were placed into headlocks and choked out by the bigger, taller mercenaries while the rest had their “chi armor” stripped off by other Irises, leaving them cold and humiliated in their bra and panties.

    One of the mercenaries, a perverted Frenchwoman named Marie, smothered a Petal in between her generous chest.

    “Oui, I hope you like ‘zat’,” exclaimed the French mercenary to the sleepy Petal. She pushed her own big boobs against the Petal’s smaller chest. It was like mountains versus hills as their breasts met in collision. The Petal’s supposed chi protected shirt exploded open as a result of Marie’s massive mammary assault putting pressure on her much smaller chest. “’Zee? You do you like ‘zat? Mine are much bigger, China girl.”

    Other Irises followed suit, bear hugging Petals and smashing their boobs against the Petal’s boobs, so as to tear through the Petal’s precious chi armor. Then, they rained down punches and blows after exposing their opponents.

    By now, Hui had run far off with just a few Petals. She turned around and did not see any pursuers. Relief filled her head.

    But by the time she turned back around, she found a fist aimed right at her head.

    Hui fell to the ground only to stare up at, from toe to head, a tall and buxom blonde woman dressed in a tank top and shorts. It was Lt. Kate Sinclair, leader of this particular IRIS unit.

    “Thought you could escape, did you?” asked Sinclair with a slight purr to her voice.

    “I won’t let you have the treasure!” exclaimed the downed Petal Hui.

    “Try and take it away from me, my dear, and you’ll be sorry,” responded Sinclair.

    With bamboo sticks in hand, Hui’s Petal bodyguards courageously charged in at their opponent. But Kate was too quick. She ran her knee into one of the Petal bodyguards and whilst both were in mid-air, shoved the Petal like a rugby player, sending the Petal flying back into a wall, unconscious.

    Another Petal attacked from the side but received a kick to the sternum, sending her to the floor. By the time the Petal got up, the Iris mercenary lifted her into the air and threw her into the hard floor. The chi armor, already weakened from bullet fire, took the impact of the blow but it was still enough to knock the Petal out.

    “Give me the treasure,” commanded Kate to Hui.

    Hui weakly turned her head, as if wanting to say no but too scared to fully express herself.

    “Fine. Suit yourself,” Kate stated. A sadistic smile crossed the mercenary’s sultry lips. From her belt, Kate produced a combat knife, licking the blade with her tongue before slowly approaching Hui.


    The blade whirled and twirled, producing slight tears on Hui’s arms and shoulders. Parts of her red cheongsam fell off.

    Kate reached forward and grabbed Hui by her collar and with her knife, slowly undid the buttons on Petal’s dress.

    “Not very big. At least, not big enough compared to mine,” Kate noted Petal’s breasts. They were sizeable breasts but not overly large like the Western woman and her mercenary companion’s. It was even more apparent when they touched. Kate’s chest mashed into Petal’s and slowly began devouring it, like a planet crashing into a moon. Soon enough, Petal’s supposed “chi armor” popped open, much to the laughter and delight of Kate.

    The mercenary woman took the cheongsam and held it up before the stripped and red faced Hui.

    “This energy shield armor of yours will provide some interesting technology for us Irises. I’m going to take it along with the treasure. Oh, and your life,” stated Lt. Sinclair to Petal Hui before casually tossing the dress aside. Knife in hand, she walked closer and closer to Hui, “Sweet dreams.”

    Just then, a figure leapt out of the shadows and landed a kick onto Kate Sinclair’s shoulders, sending her to sprawling backward until she landed on her butt on the ground, having lost her knife before she could further harm Petal Hui.

    Doing all manners of flips and cartwheels, the figure stopped and stared. Dressed in a red cheongsam like the other Petals, this was Petal Lang, the greatest Petal of them all.

    “Greetings, flower from the West,” said Lang in a Chinese accent, “you are disturbing my Petals. Please leave.”

    “I thought we already took care of all of you annoying Chinese brats,” stated Kate, picking herself up off the ground.

    By now, the rest of the IRIS mercenaries had arrived. To any other person being hunted down by the warrior women, they would’ve seemed intimidating, especially with their Amazonian appearances and deadly weaponry. But Petal Lang did not seem afraid.

    “I do not wish to fight so I’ll give you this opportunity to leave now. Otherwise, suffer the humiliating consequences,” responded the Petal.

    The Irises started laughing in response to this threat.

    Unlike the other Petals, Kate could tell Lang was much more experienced and confident than her sisters. But still, she did not show fear.

    Kate stepped up, “Listen, bitch. Do you see how many of us there are? We’re the Irises. We’re elite mercenaries. We don’t get beat by anyone. If anything, you’re the one that should leave.”

    “Irises? Never heard of you before.”

    “We’re the best mercs in the business and we’re going to kick your sorry Chinese ass,” declared one of the mercenaries, a bosomy brunette named Jen.

    “So be it, then. You have chosen humiliation,” stated Lang to her challengers.

    One of the IRIS mercs, a strawberry blonde named Alice, stepped up. “Oh please, China doll. You really think you can take all of us at once? There are twelve of us. Twelve. Maybe you can’t see with those eyes of yours.” At this point, Alice pretended to fold her eyes to the side, in mockery of Lang’s Chinese heritage.

    With incredible speed and precision, Lang nabbed Alice from where she stood and pulled her in. Then, she fired several well timed punches into Alice’s enormous boobs, flattening each breast with her fists. The force alone was strong enough to cause each mammary to bulge and bounce until they fell out of Alice’s bra cups. All the while, Alice’s top exploded, exposing her naked chest. The mercenary struggled to cover up just as much as she struggled to fight back, sending a right hook that Lang easily blocked.

    At this point, Lang spun the mercenary around towards the rest of her crew and sent a kick into Alice’s crotch from behind. The mercenary woman howled and bent over, gripping her vagina in pain. By then, Lang placed a foot on her butt and shoved towards the rest of the mercenaries, as if to ask:

    “Who’s next?”

    A somewhat surprised Kate signaled for the group to fire their guns. They quickly looked into their reticles and rifle sights, locked upon the Chinese woman, and fired.


    All of the women emptied their rifles at Petal Lang, reloading and firing once again until smoke clogged the air and it became too dusty to see.

    The smoke slowly began to dissipate when suddenly, a figure popped out and kicked at one of the Irises, a redhead named Clara, which sent her to the side. Lang moved out of the shadows and began dismantling Clara’s rifle before she could shoot. One hand on the rifle while the other hand shot to Clara’s face, chest, rib, abdomen, crotch, and thighs forced the Iris merc to drop her weapon and fall to the ground in pain.

    Lang shot twin punches at another Iris mercenary, a Colombian woman named Paulina (who looked a lot like Sofia Vergara’s twin). Paulina attempted to lift her Uzi machine gun at Lang but the twin punches had already connected with her bulky chest, flattening the breasts and causing the Colombian’s bra to snap and fly up in the air.

    Petal caught the bra as it dangled in the air. All the while Paulina covered her chest with one arm and with the other, she attempted to re-aim the Uzi at Lang. But by then, Lang stepped in and used the bra to snap together the Colombian’s arms behind her back, tying her with her own bra. Lang pulled Paulina’s shorts and thong down before pushing her forward, effectively tripping the mercenary to fall flat on the floor.

    “Where is she?! Where is she?!” yelled one of the mercenaries. It was a pig-tailed blonde, Jill, probably one of the more inexperienced of the IRIS mercenaries since her panicked yelling made it easier for Petal to find her.

    “I’m right here!” stated Petal as she pulled Jill’s pigtails and thus, her head, into her knee. The blow caused the mercenary to drop her rifle and fall to the ground. However, Petal still had a grip on her pigtails and fell with her. Jill struggled to pull the Chinese girl off but could not reach and grab Petal.

    Petal immediately climbed and landed on Jill’s back, reeling her up like a rider on a horse. She wrapped her legs around the mercenary’s thighs. Then, still pulling her hair, she leaned back and flipped the mercenary over until she landed flat on her boobs with her legs split in the air, akimbo. All the while, Lang landed flat on her feet. At this point, Petal kept her opponent’s legs spread and elbowed her in the crotch, sending her crumbling down in pain.

    By now, the smoke had cleared and Petal noticed the mercenaries had created a perimeter, their hips and rears touching one another’s.

    “There she is,” stated Jen. Jen spotted the Petal running into the shadows and began giving chase, firing her pistol in the process. As the best pistol shooter in her squad, she swore that all of her shots connected with Lang but it did not seem to affect the Chinese girl. She attempted to reload.

    “Damn it! That bitch is wearing energy based clothi-Aiiiieee!” Jen was pulled into the shadows by the easiest and most unprotected part of her: her big round boobs. Her screams echoed as sounds of gunfire mixed with the sounds of blows could be heard from inside the temple.

    “Keep shooting her! Keep firing, Jen!” the other mercenaries offered encouragement but were too scared to walk into the shadows, themselves.

    Soon, there was nothing but silence.

    From the darkness, an object floated through the air and fell in front of the mercenaries.

    It was……Jen’s bra.

    Suddenly, they heard footsteps. They all aimed their rifles towards the shadows. It was Jen, dazed, groggy, and completely naked (her boobs had hand marks on them), stumbling back and forth until she tumbled forward. Right as she fell to the floor, she revealed Lang hiding behind her.

    The Chinese girl jumped up into the air, prompting two Irises to fire their submachine guns into the air until – CLICK-CLICK – they were empty.

    Lang spread her legs into a split, landing twin kicks onto both mercenary’s heads and then latching the two mercs together with her legs until their heads bashed into one another, knocking them out.

    The other mercenaries began to notice they were out of ammo, as well. Thus, they cautiously approached the Petal, who utilized a basic martial arts stance.

    “Out of the way,” exclaimed one of the mercenaries. A tall Slavic blonde with a beret, Svetlana, rushed into the fray. In contrast to Petal’s kung fu pose, the blonde assumed a kickboxing stance. “I’ll show this bitch how to fight.”

    Svetlana was the first to strike. A jab-jab-hook combo which Lang dodged at the last second. Lang noted that the blonde was particularly quick and quite skilled.

    Another jab, followed by a jab-jab-cross-jab-uppercut combo. Even as she blocked them, the blows were enough to send Lang stumbling back.

    Svetlana fired a well-timed roundhouse kick that landed right into Lang’s stomach and sent her to the ground. The other Irises grinned at the sight of their girl winning. It showed them that the Chinese girl wasn’t unstoppable.

    “I will break you, girl,” stated Svetlana as she pulled Lang up by her braids and began dragging by her hair. The blonde, then, pummeled Lang with all manners of jabs and punches to her head. Lang tried her best to block the attacks but Svetlana was too quick and strong for her to fully protect herself.

    Lang shoved herself into Svetlana’s chest and shoulders. By hugging her opponent, she was able to avoid the blows.

    “Get off me, pig!” screamed the Slavic woman. She countered this move with uppercuts into Lang’s ribs but by then, Lang had already found what she was looking for.

    Petal Lang wrapped her arms around Svetlana and reached for the blonde’s thong. Svetlana’s eyes widened and she tried to stop the invasive technique by reaching around. But that only made it easier for Lang.

    At this moment, Lang proceeded to push her feet against the tall Slavic woman and run upward, as if she moving up a wall. Lang made it an emphasis to place her foot extra hard on the blonde’s big breasts until finally, both women flipped over.

    Grabbing the blonde’s thong only made it easier for Lang to flip off of Svetlana and land acrobatically on her feet. It did not work as well for the bigger woman, who was slingshot thrown several meters forward until she flipped over and landed on her butt, legs akimbo. Her beret falling into her lap.

    Noticing her Svetlana was in trouble, Marie tried to rush in and help her comrade. The Frenchwoman attempted to bearhug the Petal, in an attempt to not only squeeze air out of her tiny frame but also hoping to destroy the cheongsam armor.

    Lang tried to free herself from the iron grip but was not strong enough. The grip tightened further and further as Marie squeezed with all her might.

    Petal slowly closed her eyes and began to breathe what shallow breaths she could. Suddenly, she shot up several finger strikes into Marie’s pressure points. First, she struck her opponent’s shoulders and then, went for points under the arms before aiming for the ribs and abdominal areas.

    Marie shrieked before letting go of Petal Lang. The French mercenary tried to grab her wounded areas but to her shock, found herself unable to move her arms.

    “Help! She has done ‘zomething ‘vith me!” cried the mercenary.

    At this point, Lang took in a deep breath and extended her arms. Then, she pushed forward with her palms and into Marie’s massive mammaries, flattening them like pancakes. The Frenchwoman flew several meters backward, screaming until she landed against the wall with a THUD.

    By now, Svetlana was up and upon realizing what had happened, began kicking at Petal, who simply blocked each kick or cartwheeled to the side.

    One of the Irises, a blonde named Kelly, saw this as an opportunity to strike from behind but Lang simply twirled her twin braids and slapped the woman across the face with the metallic rings attached to her hair braids, sending the mercenary stumbling backward.

    Svetlana caught the Iris and carelessly shoved her to the side. Kelly fell to the ground, clutching her jaw.

    “Fight me!” demanded Svetlana.

    “As you wish,” retorted Lang. She charged in, dodging several jabs and cross punches. A hook from Svetlana caused Lang to duck under and respond with a horizontal wing chun style punch to Svetlana’s gut.

    The blonde suddenly backed off. Petal did not.

    Instead, Lang unleashed a barrage of rapid wing-chun punches at the tall blonde, mimicking the rhythm of a drummer.


    Svetlana tried blocking but Lang simply deflected her arms with wing chun style elbow counters. Otherwise, the blonde’s kickboxing defenses were not enough against Lang’s wing-chun style punches. Each blow bashed and lashed and thrashed the tall Slavic blonde’s bountiful chest until her arms gave out and she began convulsing and shaking in rhythm with the punches. Soon enough, her legs gave out and she fell backward.

    While Svetlana fell, the mercenary Kelly struggled to get up. It was at this moment that Lang twirled her braids again, smacking the two blondes across the head while also generating a fast enough spin to begin shredding their clothes.

    Petal vs. the Irises 2dd.jpg

    The two Iris mercenaries fell over onto each other, chest-to-chest, hugging one another’s naked body before slipping into unconsciousness.

    Lang turned to the remaining mercenaries.

    Other than Kate, there was only one more mercenary left. She was a black-clad mercenary with a dark cropped bowl cut. Wearing heavy eyeliner and with hands on her hip and a frown on her face, she resembled a dominatrix more than a common mercenary. The comparison was all the more apparent when the IRIS mercenary pulled out a long black whip from her cleavage.

    “My name is Marcella and I will show you true pain tonight,” explained the mercenary. She grinned wolfishly, her face like a vampiress of the night.

    SNAP! The leather whip lashed off the floor.

    Lang rushed at her.

    WHAP! With the snap of her whip, Marcella latched onto the Chinese girl’s ankle and pulled her down before reeling her in. Petal Lang attempted to free herself from the whip but she could not reach it as she was being dragged. Instead, she received a boot in the face from Marcella.

    “Bad little girl,” purred Marcella condescendingly, “playtime is over. Now, it is time for a real woman to take charge of the situation.”

    Marcella began whipping Petal Lang while she was still on the ground. The Petal attempted to block the attack but the whip’s strikes were far too quick and powerful. Each lash tore a small scrap off of Petal’s dress.

    “Embrace it! Embrace the pain!”

    Petal shrieked in pain.

    “Consider this a gift, little slave. My perfect body is meant to be worshipped by all. You are a witness to my beauty and perfection. Me! The Iris of the Night!”


    But Petal dodged the final lashing at the last second. Then, she rolled and back flipped until she was out of reach of the dominatrix, much to her relief. Still, she gripped her arms and shoulders in pain.

    SNAP! Marcella whipped the ground in defiance.

    “You shan’t get away that easily. You may be a cutesy little thing but I am the very thing which you fear, girl. I am the huntress and you are the prey. I am the Mistress of the Night, the Queen of Leather, the Demoness of your nightmares. I am a Dominatrix of Iris. The answer to which your ridiculous Asian schoolgirl antics will not be able to stand.”

    “Are you sure you’re not the ridiculous one?” Lang asked.

    “Silence, insolent brat! Prepare to be whipped into submission!”

    Marcella threw another lash at the Chinese girl, only for her to jump up and send a swift jump kick aimed at the dominatrix’s head.

    Unfortunately for Petal Lang, the lash happened to rebound backward, catching her before she could deliver her devastating kick. Lang crashed to the floor, writhing in pain.

    “You see? Know your limits, child. If you want to act disobediently, you will be punished accordingly.”

    With a careful snap, Marcella latched the whip onto Petal’s neck and brought the Chinese girl up toward her face so as to speak to her. She encircled the whip around Lang’s arms, rendering the fighter ineffective. Then, she tightened the whip around the Chinese girl’s neck and whispered into her ear:

    “I shall hang you and your sisters upon the outskirts of town with this whip, girl.”

    As the grip tightened, Lang began to lose consciousness.

    Marcella produced a chilling laugh.

    But the dominatrix’s expression soon changed from delight to shock, her eyes widening, as something tugged at her from below.

    Lang’s arms may have been wrapped up by the whip, rendering her kung fu useless. But her forearms and hands were free and she vengefully latched onto Marcella’s breasts, kneading and twisting and turning.

    The dominatrix let out a shrill shriek before releasing her grip on the smaller Chinese girl. Marcella tried and tried and tried to get the Petal to release her grip but Petal would not budge, mostly due to anger but also partly because it was fun groping the dominatrix.

    “Stop! Let go! Let go! Please!”

    Petal Lang, then, jumped upwards, smashing her own bouncy chest into Marcella’s round boobs, flattening them and producing a grunt from the aching dominatrix. Then, Lang bounced up once more into the mercenary’s face, sending the ‘Iris of the Night’ stumbling back until she tripped on her heels and fell down on her rear end. This unconventional move also freed Lang from the whip.

    Marcella grabbed her sore boobies. On the ground, she didn’t look like an all powerful dominatrix.

    “In all honesty, those big things are probably holding you down. Maybe if you lost some weight there and around your hips, you could keep up with me.”

    Marcella simply gnashed her teeth in anger at the Petal, almost like a snake hissing. The dominatrix picked herself off the floor and grabbed her whip again.

    One hand holding her aching chest and the other readying to crack the whip, Marcella slowly positioned herself around the Petal.


    This time, Petal simply dodged the snap and grabbed the whip as it rebounded. She extended her leg over the whip and pulled, which brought Marcella stumbling forward. With another tug and leg over the whip, Petal brought the dominatrix and herself closer.

    “Hello,” said Petal to the panicked mercenary, her face clearly in distress.

    “Impossible! How are you so strong?”

    With that, Petal sent a multitude of ‘shadow kicks’ into the dominatrix. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven kicks in rapid succession, the combination of which knocked the Iris mercenary to the floor.

    Now, Petal had the whip in her hand. And she began whipping the fallen mercenary until every piece of clothing fell off of her, save her leather bra and thong.

    The dominatrix tried to escape by crawling away on all fours. However, Petal latched the whip onto her opponent’s leg and began pulling the fallen mercenary toward her. Marcella attempted to untie herself but Lang simply pulled the whip back and lashed it several times onto the mercenary’s exposed buttocks, jiggling them and drawing shrieks from the dominatrix.

    “This is kind of fun,” Lang stated to herself.

    Once more, Petal latched the whip onto the mercenary’s ankle. This time, the dominatrix offered no resistance as Lang reeled her in.

    Marcella stared in horror as Petal decided to practice tugging her around for a bit, as if walking a pet around on a leash. The mercenary’s boobs were flattened and dragged against the bumpy floor, causing her great discomfort.

    “Stop! Stop! You win!” yielded the Iris mercenary as she tried to hold her boobs and butt.

    “Hmph! I guess the ‘little girl’ beat up the dominatrix, huh?”

    Nonetheless, Petal Lang complied with the mercenary’s pleas. Thus, she tied up the defeated dominatrix with her own whip before walking her over to the final mercenary.

    The Petal shoved a sobbing Marcella forward Kate and showed her off, like a schoolgirl taking a pet to ‘show and tell’ at school. Except for a cold and calculative expression on her face, the IRIS Lieutenant showed no response.

    Dragging the dethroned dominatrix away towards a nearby wall, Lang threw the whip over a Chinese gate-like structure with a throne chair beneath it. From there, Lang tied and tangled up the dominatrix.

    The result was that she left the humiliated dominatrix dangling from her tip toes, forced to face the wall for the remainder of the fight. She also latched the dominatrix’s hands with her leather bra and tied it to the post, ensuring that the mercenary could not escape. The dominatrix’s thong would be used as an ankle lock to ensure she could not properly extend her legs and try to untangle herself.

    “Maybe you should not have worn so much leather,” teased Petal, noting that leather clothes made it a harder for Marcella to free herself by ripping or tearing through the garments.

    “I’ll kill you for this,” lashed out the dominatrix, black tears streaming down her face.

    “Oh? You still want more?” asked Petal.

    The Chinese girl picked up two of her fallen sister’s bamboo staffs and stuck them into a crack on the stone floor. Lined up with Marcella’s pale buttocks, Petal Lang simply pulled the staffs backwards like a lever and released them.


    1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 went the order of the staffs as they rubber-banded back and forth, slamming and spanking the devastated dominatrix and giving her the most painful spanking she had ever experienced.

    “Stop! Stop! I yield! I give up! I surrender!” cried Marcella, her every plea ignored.

    “Now, who’s the most dominant girl in the room?” asked Petal with a satisfied smirk.

    “You are! You are!” cried the dominatrix.

    Lang turned away from the humiliated villainess and turned to the sole remaining IRIS mercenary.

    Despite a moment or two of hesitance during the previous fights, Kate remained unfazed by the fact that Petal had dismantled her entire unit. Lang noted that the mercenary was not troubled at all. Arms crossed, the IRIS Lieutenant simply smirked, having now commanded the Petal’s full attention.

    “So, you beat my girls,” stated Kate, “but that doesn’t mean you can beat me.”

    “Look at your comrades. Do you want to end up like them?” Lang asked, pointing out the humiliated and defeated villainesses.

    “Funny. I could say the same thing about your sisters,” retorted Kate, glancing at the defeated Petals.

    “You will pay for what you did,” replied Lang.

    “We shall see,” Kate loosened her arms and began walking up to Petal, her hips swaying impressively in the process.

    Now, it was time for both mercenary leaders to fight it out….


    Petal Vs Kate.jpg

    “Hmph. I’ll make sure you regret this,” Kate simply raised her shoulders and arms and took up a kickboxing stance, “Come on!”

    “As you wish,” responded Lang, who took up a graceful cat-like wing chun stance of her own. She shifted back and forth with her body positioning in correspondence with her opponent’s footwork.

    “Let’s go, China doll!” Kate freed up her front arm, as if feigning an opponent, bouncing up and down as she glared at her opponent.

    The IRIS mercenary was the first to strike as she fired a hook shot, which Lang blocked. But the blow was strong enough to cause the Petal to lose her footing, which only made it easier for Kate to fire two jabs and an uppercut against Petal’s jaw, which sent the Chinese girl flying through the air.

    THUD! Petal landed on the floor, in pain.

    “Come on. Had enough, already?,” taunted the IRIS Mercenary.

    In response, Lang flew forward and fired off a volley of wing-chun style punches. Kate blocked the first few punches before side stepping the next few. Sensing a counter attack, Lang ducked and shifted to a more traditional Chang Quan kung fu stance, attempting to send a palm strike into her opponent.

    However, Kate simply spun in full circle and countered with a spinning back fist that struck Lang across the face, spinning her in circles as she fell back onto the floor.

    “I should’ve known,” Kate walked over confidently towards Lang, hips swaying powerfully once again. As the Petal lied on the ground in pain, the blonde bombshell pulled Lang by her twin braids, “Didn’t someone tell you Chinese girls that kung fu is useless in a fight?”

    Kate placed a foot on top of Petal and began grinding her thick boot into the Chinese girl’s back, “Modern arts triumph martial arts every time.”


    “You’re right where you belong, girl. On the ground, just like your sisters,” taunted Kate. After several seconds of grinding, Kate shoved her boot into Petal’s face and pushed her away, “Come on. Get up. I’m not finished with you.”

    Wiping some blood from her mouth, Petal attempted to breathe and channel chi through her body. She closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles, shifting back to her Chang Quan stance. When she opened her eyes, she saw an incoming fist from the blonde woman.

    Lang blocked the incoming jabs and crosses before suddenly jump kicking at Kate. But the kick did not connect, simply missing Kate by a hair’s length. Unfortunately for Lang, who was still in the air, Kate fired a kick of her own right into the Petal’s chest. The impact knocked the breath out of the Chinese girl, sending her flying backwards onto the hard floor.

    “Longer legs, China doll,” Kate pointed out, not even looking at the Chinese girl writhing in pain, almost as if bored with the fight. Nonetheless, her statement was true. Along with her sexy, powerful hips, Kate’s legs were, in fact, longer. And indeed it made the difference thus far into the fight.

    Petal attempted to breathe but it was too painful. Having the wind knocked out of her like that expelled all of her chi reserves. She forced herself up on the basis of survival.

    Kate smiled, eager for more torture of the Chinese Petal. She put her hands on her hips, “Awww. Was I too hard on you?”

    Petal did not respond, simply grasping her wounded areas in pain.

    Kate continued speaking, “Now, you know what it’s like to go up against a real IRIS merc. We’re the prettiest and deadliest flowers in the entire world. And no second rate Chinese flower like you is going to stop us.”

    “You really think you’re that pretty?” responded Lang, “All you and your girls really are is a bunch of boobs on a stick walking around where you shouldn’t belong. Certainly, the boys prefer a girl like me over an old hag like you.”

    “OLD?! Who are you calling old, you brat?!” This clearly upset the blonde bombshell, who raced towards Petal.

    Jab-cross-jab-cross-hook-uppercut. Lang dodged all of the blows Kate threw at her before responding with a kick. Still, the furious blonde easily blocked that move just as easily. The two traded blows with one another on equal footing, unable to cause damage to one another.

    But the edge would go to Kate. Seeing this as an opportunity, the Iris pulled out a small reserve pistol that had been strapped to her thigh. She quickly aimed and pulled the trigger. Lang side stepped the first few shots before kicking the gun away. Unfortunately, in the time it took for Lang to knock away the gun, Kate pulled a knife out from her other leg strap, which slashed the front part of Lang’s cheongsam, producing a small scar.

    Kate, then, pushed the Petal away with her longer legs once more. The blonde relaxed her stance as Lang picked herself off the ground.

    “Guess your energy dress isn’t protecting you anymore, is it?” asked the mercenary confidently.

    “My ‘energy dress’? Do you mean my chi armor?” Lang responded.

    “Whatever you call it, I am curious where you second rate mercenaries acquired such advanced technology.” Kate began twirling the knife in her hand as she spoke, “For instance, our Iris clothing is made of ballistic microfibers, which protects us from bullets. But I’ve never seen anything like your energy clothing before.”

    “What are you getting at?”

    Kate pointed her knife at Lang, “How about we make a deal, sweetheart? Your clothes are useless now so how about you surrender your armor to us and we’ll call it even. I’ll even let you walk of here alive. Of course, you and your sisters have to walk naked in front of all the farm boys on the way out. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the sight.”

    “That’s not how my chi armor actually works.”

    Kate was confused, “What do you mean?”

    “My armor comes from chi, not the dress.”

    “Chi? What are you talking about?” asked the Westerner, unfamiliar with such a foreign and ancient Eastern concept.

    “It means I’m the one that will take your clothes from you. Not the other way around. And then, you will be the one to walk in front of the farmers.”

    “Why, you little brat. That was your chance to surrender. Now, prepare to be cut up, bitch!”

    Kate charged in, slashing at the Petal with her knife. LEFT-RIGHT-UP-

    – WHACK! Lang spun her braids around, causing the metal rings attached to them to lash out at the IRIS mercenary.


    Lang spun a few more times, causing the Iris to back off from her assault. After one final spin caused Kate to hesitate, Lang followed with a 360 spinning kick which knocked the knife away from the blonde mercenary. And when her attacking leg landed onto the floor, the other leg spun as well, connecting with Kate square in the jaw.

    The blonde spun in mid-air before crashing to the ground.

    “I-I’ll kill you for that,” stated Kate, clutching her jaw. From the floor, she picked up her knife and gun and moved towards Petal.

    BAM-BAM-BAM went the pistol in rapid successions. But Lang had cartwheeled off into a small gap in the temple walls. Kate followed her through the gap, adopting a defensive knife-pistol stance.

    BAM-BAM went the pistol again as Lang flipped in front of Kate, only to run toward another gap. Kate tried to lunge at the Petal with her knife but the Chinese girl dodged and ran off. Slowly maneuvering herself through the narrow gap, the IRIS lieutenant continued her pursuit of Petal.

    A third time, Petal lunged in front of Kate, attacking her with chang quan style strikes. The blonde mercenary blocked all of Petal’s strikes before retaliating with several knife strikes. Still, Lang dodged them again and ran towards another gap, even smaller than before.

    “You brat! Come back here!”

    The IRIS mercenary pursued. With Petal in her reach, Kate attempted to lunge after the Chinese girl with the combat knife. But instead of following through and stabbing the Petal, Kate found herself unable to move. Instead, her curvy figure and large bust made it so she was pinned against the wall.

    The blonde mercenary tried to free herself but to no avail.

    At this point, Petal moved in towards the blonde, who quickly raised her pistol in response.

    BAM! BAM! Lang side stepped and swerved in an attempt to dodge the bullets.

    –CLICK! The pistol was now out of ammo.

    The blonde tried to stab the Petal with her knife but she could not reach her while in this uncomfortable position. In fact, it hurt her boobs trying to squeeze through. And it hurt just as much when she tried backing out as well.

    “Looks like that big chest of yours is holding you back. Maybe you should lose some weight if you want to keep up with me,” mocked Lang.

    “Shut up!” Kate replied angrily. She tried to stab Petal again but Lang easily grabbed the knife from her wrist and tossed it away.

    “Looks like you need help,” exclaimed Petal gripped onto Kate’s long blonde braid while running up the wall, flipping over the IRIS mercenary and landing onto the other side. What occurred was that Lang ended up unlatching Kate from her cramped crevices, pulling the mercenary with her.

    The blonde mercenary screamed as she was painfully pulled through the narrow gap before being slammed into the ground.

    Kate angrily picked herself off the floor. But Petal was not finished.

    The Chinese girl began to drag the blonde woman across the floor by her long braid.

    “Ow! Let go! Stop!” screamed Kate in horror as her bosomy chest was flattened and grinded across the floor.

    “Had enough? Thought so!” stated Lang as she moved in towards her opponent. The Petal latched her leg around Kate’s neck and tied the blonde’s hair around her leg so as to ensure she had maximum grip. Then, she began choking the IRIS mercenary out with her leg.

    “Ack! Aghhh!” Kate choked for air, trying to unlatch the leg and free herself. But every time she attempted to, Lang demonstrated her perfect balance by simply shifting herself to the side so that Kate could not counterattack. The blonde’s vision started to turn blurry.

    Just then, Kate grabbed Lang’s other leg, pulling her up and backwards, causing Petal to completely lose her balance. As a result, the two fighters stumbled before crashing into the wall with a THUD!

    Lang opened her eyes to see two globes in her face, Kate’s bosoms, obstructing her from breathing.

    “Ha! Bet you wish you had these, huh? This is how you choke someone!” stated Kate before shoving her full chest into Lang’s face. “Now, I’ve got you pinned against my wall, you brat.”

    The Petal tried to fight back but Kate simply held her opponent’s arms back against the wall so that she could not resist. Then, the blonde fighter locked her thighs around Petal’s ribs. Lang’s eyes widened as her opponent slowly began to squeeze her insides together. The blonde’s powerful hips and thighs felt like a machine compressing down on the Petal, meanwhile, her enormous breasts blocked off any means of breathing.

    “This is the end,” stated Kate, “good night.”

    Petal struggled but couldn’t find any pocket of air. Her vision started to blur. She had no choice…..

    …but to…

    …close….her eyes……

    Was this the end? Was this how she was going to die?

    At this moment, Petal decided she did not want to die in this place and this way, with a competitor’s bosoms serving as her tomb. Lang forced her legs to kick up. Once, twice, three kicks until she connected with Kate’s head. The kick was enough to send the blonde’s face into the wall.

    Next, Petal positioned her hips and pelvis so that it was able to connect with Kate’s bottom. From here, she started to thrust upwards multiple times, as if engaging in the cowgirl position.


    This pushed Kate away enough that it freed Lang’s face, allowing her to breathe in oxygen. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened. At the same time, Petal regained control of her arms. In a reversal, Petal pulled Kate up by her thighs and twisted her around so that she was the one against the wall.

    Then, Lang shifted her right hand into a spear-like strike technique.

    “SERPENT STRIKE!” announced Petal. She followed her announcement with a painful snake style strike into Kate’s crotch before gripping the blonde’s pussy.

    “OH?! W-WHA-AIIIIIIEEEEEE!” Kate screamed, her eyes widened in shock and horror.

    Lang followed with another snake strike. This time, from behind and clawing at Kate’s thong. From here, the Petal slowly began to lift her opponent up and over her head, giving her an incredibly uncomfortable wedgy. With both hands, she twirled her opponent around before releasing the grip, throwing the powerful blonde mercenary onto the floor.

    A dazed Kate gripped her vagina in pain, noticing a part of her shorts was missing, revealing her tiny black thong beneath. She awkwardly tried to get up before noticing Petal was staring down at her chest. The Chinese girl smiled.

    “Why would I want a pair of cow tits when I already have these?” Lang mocked as she bounced her breasts up and down, Dead or Alive style, and launched them directly into Kate’s larger boobs.

    Though, Lang’s breasts were smaller, they still collided with maximum impact against the massive globes in front of them. The momentum was enough to flatten the blonde mercenary’s chest for a brief moment, drawing a loud grunt from Kate, almost as if to make a statement that Lang’s breasts could indeed bite back just as hard.

    The impact of the blow sent the blonde mercenary stumbling back into the wall.

    In an attempt to fight back, Kate tried to punch at Lang but the Chinese girl blocked every jab-hook-jab-cross combo the blonde could throw. The IRIS mercenary resorted to knee strikes, which Lang defended against by blocking the thighs before they could rise up to hit her. In response, Lang grabbed one of Kate’s legs.

    Noticing Lang had one arm down, the blonde mercenary hooked her fist towards the Chinese girl. However, Lang had anticipated this moment and simply leaned backwards to dodge, moving Kate on top over herself. At the same time, her foot shot a painful kick into Kate’s already aching crotch. The whole sequence caused Kate to fly over and land face down with her ass up.

    Petal walked up to the IRIS mercenary and pulled her up by her long blonde braid, “You give up, yet?”

    In response, Kate tried sneaking an uppercut in Lang’s direction but the Chinese girl dodged it by moving behind her.

    “EAGLE GRASPS EGGS IN HER CLAWS!” stated Lang, announcing her technique.

    From behind, Petal gripped Kate’s boobs and clung to her back, rotating around her around so as to avoid the IRIS mercenary’s wrath. It was comical sight as the furious blonde mercenary tried to spin around and grab the Chinese girl to no avail. Meanwhile, Petal’s iron kung fu grip dug deeper into the blonde bombshell’s chest, producing a deep shrill from the blonde.

    “Perhaps you and your girls belong on the farm with the cows instead,” Petal stated playfully, shaking and squeezing the mercenary’s large chest even tighter, almost as if milking them.

    A red faced Kate angrily threw a wild hook punch which caught the air and nothing else. Nonetheless, the punch shook the Chinese girl off her back.

    As she lost her grip, Lang back flipped backwards to dodge several punches that the blonde woman through at her.

    From the ground Kate noticed and picked up her knife and rushed in to attack. Left-right-up-down-right-left, Lang effortlessly dodged every strike that the mercenary threw at her. Then, the Chinese girl grabbed Kate’s knife and threw it away once again before pulling the blonde fighter inward towards herself by her shirt.

    “So you wanted to know what chi was? Let me show you the power of chi,” stated Lang.

    She rotated her arms and drew in a deep breath before extending her arms forward at Kate, specifically her two enormous bosoms.

    “MOUNTAIN SMASHER LOTUS PALM!” screamed Petal Lang.

    Indeed the technique lived up to its name. Almost as if in slow motion, the palms connected with Kate’s chest, flattening the massive mammaries and sending the IRIS mercenary flying several feet into the air. Meanwhile, every fiber of the blonde woman’s bullet proof clothing slowly tore and ripped apart until they simply exploded off her body. The nude blonde flew mid-air until she crashed into a pillar and fell down onto the floor, her legs and arms in spread eagle position.

    Kate slowly struggled to get up. Completely nude and beaten in combat, she had been embarrassed and humiliated. In front of her were all her defeated comrades, a reminder of the result against one Petal.

    “H-how is this possible?" Kate stared at all her defeated comrades. They were twelve in total, the Huntresses of IRIS, the elite, armed with automatic weapons. And yet, they got beat by one simple Chinese girl, armed with nothing but her fists.

    Kate watched as Petal’s heels clicked on the floor, towards her. The blonde mercenary was now completely naked and down on all fours, kneeling before her conqueror

    “W-who….who are you?” In that moment, Kate’s eyes revealed true fear for the first time.

    “Simple. I’m Petal Lang, a Petal of the Bai Bi Corporation,” stated Petal to her foe, “Remember that the next time you flowers decide to invade Petal territory.”

    With that, Lang turned away from the naked and ashamed IRIS mercenary lieutenant, who simply remained in her position, for fear of retaliation. With tears falling down her face, it was in that moment Kate accepted her surrender and that of her companions to the Petals. They were the superior group, not the Irises.

    By now, Hui had gotten up and gathered her sisters. They were now redressed in their cheongsam dresses.

    “It was tough but you did it, sister,” stated Hui, full of pride.

    “It was nothing, Hui. Any Petal of Bai Bi could accomplish what I just did,” responded Lang.

    “I don’t think so. Those mercenaries were too strong for even us,” said Hui, “but maybe I just need to practice.”

    “I will gladly assist you, my sister.” Lang placed a comforting hand on Hui’s shoulder. They smiled affectionately at one another before Hui glanced at the defeated Irises.

    “Sister, what shall we do with them?” asked Hui.

    “First, let’s make sure to take their clothing. Their ballistic clothing could make for stronger dresses, which would help alongside our chi armor. Then, let’s keep them around for the night. I don’t know about you, my sisters, but I sure could use a play toy to relieve stress after this whole ordeal,” declared Lang.

    “You’re right, sister. All of this adrenaline has upset my chi balance,” stated Hui, “Perhaps we should relax.”

    “Indeed,” responded Lang as she eyed the humiliated Kate, who simply responded back with fear.

    …….And it was said by the local farmers that the sounds of both “Heaven and Hell” could be heard from the Temple of Wu Dao that night…….

    The next day, the farmers toiled themselves in the fields. It was a laborious morning but afternoon had come and they were relaxing when they spotted something in the distance.

    Moving across the field and towards the farmers was a row of naked women, down on all fours. Their heads were cast in shame. Riding on top of them were the Petals of Bai Bi. As if riding their opponents like horses, the Petals began tugging the Irises’s breasts or pulling their hair or spanking their bottoms to get them to move accordingly.

    At the front was Kate, struggling to keep up a pace. On top of her was Lang, who pulled the blonde’s braid to get the IRIS mercenary to slow down.

    The Petals waved to the farmers, who simply cheered and applauded them with great pride and joy. After all, these naughty, haughty IRIS mercenaries had attempted to raid the local temple for treasure that rightfully belonged to them. But it would seem the Petals had already arranged a deal with the farmers. Thus, the side they chose had won.

    “The treasure of Wu Dao is now in good hands,” Petal Lang said to the lead farmer, “We will keep it safely guarded.”

    “Very well. Take care of it,” stated the farmer.

    “Do you wish to keep these prisoners?” asked Lang, as she gave Kate a good smack on the butt, which drew a grunt from the IRIS mercenary, “Perhaps to use as cows, maybe?”

    “No. We do not need them,” responded the farmer, “take them elsewhere so that they do not trouble us any further with their distasteful presence.”

    “Very well, then,” stated Lang.

    In a way, Kate and her mercenaries did not know whether to be insulted or relieved over the rejection. Nonetheless, they were completely devastated and overwhelmed with humiliation, some silent while other sobbed openly.

    IRIS Base Camp. 1700 Hours.

    By sunset, a helicopter landed on top of a small mountain in Wu Dao, where the IRIS base camp was located.

    Christina Hilton, a curvaceous redhead dressed in business attire, descended from the helicopter and began to survey the scene.

    At the camp, not a single person was to be seen.

    “They should’ve been here, by now,” stated Christina to herself. “What is taking them so long?”

    After all, she did work for the best mercenary outfit in the world. They were the Irises. They were elite. Nothing could stop them. They had never been late before so why would they be late now?

    From near the nearby tree line, a sort of low mumbling could be heard. Christina pursued the noise.

    On a pole surrounded by camouflage netting, Christina spotted a white note posted on it.

    “What is this?” asked Christina to herself, as she inspected the note.

    There are only one set of Petals in this valley. You other pretty colored flowers better head someplace else. Otherwise, face the wrath of the Petals.

    Heed this as a warning. –Petal Lang–”

    At that moment, the camouflage netting fell apart and revealed all twelve defeated IRIS mercenaries behind it. All of them were unconscious with their faces down on the floor and their rear ends sticking up in the air. And written on each IRIS mercenary’s buttocks was “白壁” (Bai Bi), as if to declare who had just won this battle.

    Suddenly, a trap sprung and several flying projectiles shot through the air, shredding Christina’s clothes in the process.

    A shocked and frightened Christina rushed back towards her helicopter.

    But instead of finding a safe haven, she saw a wall of Petals waiting for her. That would be the last thing Christina saw before she was knocked unconscious.
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    Intense scenes of fighting here. It's fun to read.
    Take your time for the final part, leeroy.

    BTW, why does Iris think Petal wears energy dress? Or they lack a knowledge about Chi concept? :3
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    Yeah, exactly. They don't know what chi is. They think it's just new technology or the clothes they're wearing (story is sort of told a bit more from their perspective to make Petals more mysterious).

    In that sense, the Irises use technology and "Modern arts" instead of traditional "Martial arts" to get the job done. They're more aligned with Western comic book characters from DC/Marvel (ex. Black Widow, Catwoman, etc). Thus, they use guns and more 'realistic' fighting techniques as opposed to the anime/game/movie style fighting that Petals use.

    I did that to create a very big contrast between both sides. They're opposites in almost every way (tall vs short, East vs. West, modern vs. traditional, arrogant vs. reserved, etc).

    Next part should be up soon.
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    Part II is now up!
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    my god this was pretty good, now i love of your petals which is weird beacause normaly i want my favorite girl(s) loses on a ryona fic but i found myself routing for the chinese girl to win
    anyway great storie dude keep the awesome work, congratulations
    post. is there any chance that you write a small what if scenario where IRIS win?
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah, sure. I can do that. I'll write that for you in a few days. It probably won't be that large compared to Petal's victory but it'll have a few different things.
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    thanks dude i rally appreaciate
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    This is a good piece. Sexy and action? I like XD
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    ALTERNATIVE ENDING (starts off while Kate is smothering Petal):

    Just then, Kate grabbed Lang’s other leg, pulling her up and backwards, causing Petal to completely lose her balance. As a result, the two fighters stumbled before crashing into the wall with a THUD!

    Lang opened her eyes to see two globes in her face, Kate’s bosoms, obstructing her from breathing.

    “Ha! Bet you wish you had these, huh? This is how you choke someone!” stated Kate before shoving her full chest into Lang’s face. “Now, I’ve got you pinned against my wall, you brat.”

    The Petal tried to fight back but Kate simply held her opponent’s arms back against the wall so that she could not resist. Then, the blonde fighter locked her thighs around Petal’s ribs. Lang’s eyes widened as her opponent slowly began to squeeze her insides together. The blonde’s powerful hips and thighs felt like a machine compressing down on the Petal, meanwhile, her enormous breasts blocked off any means of breathing.

    “This is the end,” stated Kate, “good night.”

    Petal struggled but couldn’t find any pocket of air. Her vision started to blur. She had no choice…..

    …but to…

    …close….her eyes……

    Was this the end? Was this how she was going to die?

    But Petal did not get to make that decision.

    In the next moment, Kate pulled the Chinese girl’s head away from her chest by and threw a power packed punch into Petal’s face. The blow sent Petal stammering a few steps before she twirled and fell to the ground.

    “I’ve got a bit of pay back for you,” Kate stated as she walked over to her dazed opponent.

    The IRIS mercenary grabbed Petal by her long braids and began to drag her around. She started off slowly before picking up speed and yelling, treating it as if it were a physical exercise than anything else.

    Petal screamed as her smaller but still sizeable boobs were dragged across the floor. She tried to unlatch herself free but found she could not reach up high enough to grab the blonde’s wrists. Furthermore, any acrobatic martial arts technique was impossible to perform while she was being dragged across the ground.

    After a moment, Kate simply turned and threw Petal into the air by her braids. The Chinese girl landed into a nearby wall with a thud before falling down, clearly aching.

    “Power wins over speed, every time,” stated Kate, “Did you really think your Chinese kung fu bullshit would work against me?”

    Petal forced herself off the floor only to be met with a boot on top of her head holding her down.

    “Now, this is where you belong,” said Kate, “underneath my heel. In comparison to me, you’re just as low as the dirt. Got it?”

    Kate smiled as Lang silently complied. She walked back over to her knife, picking it off the floor and waving it mischievously in front of her face, as if to scare Petal.

    “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill a weakling like you. Remember what I said earlier?”

    With precision, Kate began to slice at Petal’s dress. She cut, dashed, poked, pulled, shoved until the cheongsam resembled nothing more than a pile of ribbons. Then, seeing Petal’s long braids, the IRIS mercenary decided to cut those as well.

    Petal was now stripped, only wearing her panties since she wore no bra beneath her dress.

    “You look so pathetic compared to me, China doll. Are you a little girl or are you a woman?”

    Petal blushed and cast her head down in shame. Not only had she been defeated and stripped in front of her sisters, who soon began to awake, but she had loss her proud braids as well. She had brought great shame by losing like this when the stakes were so high. All she could do was stare at the floor and hope these dangerous women who had defeated her would just walk away and leave.

    But it did not happen that way. The last thing she saw was a massive pair of jugs coming at her, like two comets crashing into her, as Katee shoved her massive mammaries into Petal’s face, effectively silencing the Chinese fighter for good.

    In the morning, the farmers began to gather their tools to work the land when they spotted a bunch of silky silhouettes appearing out of the fog.

    It was Kate and her band of mercenaries. Though they were roughed up and worn out, the Irises still demonstrated a dangerous and sultry look as they moved forward with their breasts and hips swayed from side to side. Again, it was like slow motion. What was most impressive, however, was that each IRIS mercenary carried a bamboo stick (belonging to the Petals) over their shoulders. And attached to each bamboo stick was a single Petal, tied up by their own underwear. In Lang’s case, she was tied up by her own severed braids.

    For the Irises, this was just a morning workout. For the Petals, it signaled the ultimate humiliation.

    The proud Irises stared as the farmers watched the mostly naked Petals struggle to no avail as they were carried off.

    “Now, you know who rules this valley,” boasted Kate to the farmers as she blew them a kiss and continued on her way, her round buttocks clinging to her shorts and moving hypnotically against the sunrise. Over her shoulders was Petal Lang staring backward at the awestruck farmers.

    IRIS Base Camp. 1700 Hours.

    Christina Hitlon descended from her helicopter to find her twelve IRIS comrades waiting in front of her. Once an IRIS field operative herself, the curvy redhead had now found herself working as a business representative for the mercenary corporation.

    “What took you so long?” asked Kate.

    “I had business to deal with,” responded Christina, “Apparently we have new enemies on the horizon.”

    “Oh? Sounds like business as usual,” replied Kate.

    “What about your end?” asked Christina.

    “As usual, we acquired the package and secured the objective. But we found a way to have a little fun along the way as well.”

    “What kind of fun?” Christina was curious, eyeing the twelve Irises’s revealing and tattered clothing.

    “This,” stated Kate as she pulled down a camouflage tarp to reveal the defeated Petals, tied up and gagged around a pile of boxes. Several were passed out while a few stared up at Christina with helplessness in their eyes.

    Christina chuckled to herself, licking her lips in the process. “Great. We could always use some willing servants around the base. Nothing better than Chinese labor.”

    The two IRIS women laughed.

    With her palm, Kate grabbed and shoved at Petal Lang’s head. “Not only that, these brats know about energy based armor that can shield them from projectiles. We can extract information out of them.”

    “Hm. Perhaps we’ll have to forcefully interrogate them when we return to base.”

    Kate licked her lips and stared at the defeated Petals. “Now, that’ll be something to see.” She smiled as she flicked her knife in her hand.

    With that, the Irises declared themselves victorious and took the Petals back to base, where they would be ‘interrogated’ by the various IRIS specialists. With the Petals out of the way, little did the world know that the Irises would soon be able to achieve global domination…..
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    great storie dude a little short maybe but very enjoyable, i only whish that the petals also gets there's ass breaded, whit a "made in china" tattoo but is just a small nitpick about a great storie congratulations