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Oct 19, 2015
In the arena of Cross Wrestling Federation, CWF, wrestling fans poured into the arena and quickly took their seats. The arena was too bright but as the spectators took their seats, the lights slowly dimmed. The lights hovering above the seats turned off, leaving only the spotlights above the ring on. Already in the ring was a young girl with green hair tied in a ponytail, wearing referee bikini outfit and boots. When everyone was settled in, Asakura Kazumi’s voice boomed across the arena.


Exitting from the backstage was a nineteen year old girl with short pink hair and green eyes. Her body was fair with strong biceps and six-packs showing on her abdominals, glistening with sweat. She was naked except for her black gloves, mauve elbow pads and pink and white boots: showing her pink nipples and pink hairy vagina. Sakura grinned as she ran towards the ring, high-fiving her fans as she passed them. She jumped into the ring and landed onto her feet, slowly rising up. She raised her arms into the air, the crowd cheering for her. The cheering slowly died down as Sakura leaned against the turnbuckle.

Asakura made the next announcement. ‘AND HER OPPONENT, FROM REPUBLIC CITY: KORRA!’

Exitting from the backstage was another nineteen year old girl with short black hair and blue eyes. Her body was dark skinned with strong biceps and six-packs showing on her abdominal, glistening with sweat. She was naked except for the blue boots and wristbands: showing her dark brown nipples and blakc hairy vagina. Korra strode towards the ring, waving and smiling at the cheering fans, before rolling into the ring. As she got onto her feet, she started flexing her biceps and walked around the ring. Crowd continued cheering as Korra lowered her hands and stood in the middle of the ring, Sakura joining her. Both wrestlers studied one another, smiling like predators.

‘Mmmmmm…’Korra grinned. ‘You look good. I’m going to enjoy this fight.’

‘So you’re the Avatar?’ Sakura smiled back. ‘I hope you’re a good challenge like they all said.’

‘I hope you can handle me, pinkie!’


The bell rang and the two girls charged at each other, giving out their war-cries. Their hands clasped as they entered a test of strength, slamming their noses and breasts into one another. They growled and snarled as they tried to push one another back, their hard nipples rubbing against one another. Realising that they were equal in strength, Sakura pulled Korra towards her: surprising the dark skinned girl. Stepping next to her, Sakura locked Korra’s wrist in a wristlock. Korra gasped in pain as Sakura twisted her wrist.

Sakura quickly pushed Korra down, slamming her down into the mat and still applying the wristlock on her. Korra gasped louder but her gasp turned into a growl as she rolled onto her back, bringing Sakura on top of her. Using her free hand, she punched Sakura in her face: sending her opponent off her. Sakura gasped in surprise as she hit the mat, rubbing her face. Korra got up first and angrily grabbed hold of Sakura’s hair before slamming her face into the mat. Sakura screamed as her face was being slammed into the mat, making her too dazed to fight back.

Still holding onto the pink-haired girl’s hair, Korra pulled her up onto her feet. With a roar, Korra threw Sakura into the corner. Sakura gasped as her chest hit the turnbuckle and sweat flying everywhere while Korra quickly wrapped her arms around Sakura from the rear. With a grunt, Korra bend backwards and slammed Sakura into the mat in a German suplex. Sakura cried out in pain as Korra pinned her, their sweaty bodies rubbing into one another. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Sakura immediately kicked out, making both Korra and her to tumble forward. Korra rolled onto her feet and grabbed hold of Sakura’s hair once again, attempting to weaken her for another pin. Before she could do that, Sakura uppercut Korra in the stomach: making the Avatar retched out saliva. The blow came at a surprise that Korra did not have time to counter-attack Sakura’s punches, aiming at every part of her body.

After landing several punches into Korra’s stomach, Sakura smirked and uppercut Korra in the crotch. Korra screamed and fell onto her knees, clutching her vagina. She only moaned as Sakura pulled her up onto her feet and Irish whipped her towards the ropes. Korra quickly turned around as she rebounded from the ropes, only to be dropkicked by Sakura in the chest. Korra screamed as she fell onto her back, groaning in pain. Sakura grinned at Korra before raising her elbow and slamming onto Korra’s breasts, pinning her immediately. As Korra spat out saliva, the referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

The referee did not had a chance to finish as Korra wrapped her arms around Sakura’s head and slammed her down into the mat in a headlock, crushing her head. Sakura screamed in pain as Korra’s arms tighten on her head. Korra grinned as she forced Sakura’s face into her sweaty armpit, still locking her in a headlock. Sakura moaned at the stench of Korra’s armpit but instread of suffocating, Sakura stuck out her tongue and started licking.

Korra squeled girlishly and pulled away from Sakura, letting her go. Blushing in embarassment, Korra raised her fist into the air and slammed it down onto Sakura’s vagina. Sakura howled and rolled away, clutching her crotch. Both girls stood up, panting heavily. They grinned at each other.

‘You bitch!’ Sakura started. ‘I thought the great “Avatar” don’t fight dirty!’

‘You’re the one to talk!’ Korra smiled. ‘Punching my clit and licking my pits! And I don’t mind fighting dirty with a perverted ninja!’

Sakura growled. ‘Good, you have just given me the green light!’

Sakura and Korra charged again, with Sakura swinging her right fist in a hook. Korra dodged and speared Sakura into the corner, making the pink-hair gasped in pain. Pinning Sakura’s arms onto the ropes, Korra grinned and rammed her knee into Sakura’s vagina. Sakura gasped and screamed as Korra’s knee dug deeper into her clitoris, sweat pouring out from her pores. She screamed loudly as her vagina exploded with cum, covering her thighs and wetting the mat.

Korra smirked and let go of Sakura’s arms, gloating at her opponent’s orgasms. She did not have the chance. Sakura growled and headbutted Korra in the face before throwing her into the same corner she was in. Korra gasped as it was now her turn to be trapped by Sakura. Sakura raised Korra’s right arm and started licking her sweaty armpit, shoving her fingers into Korra’s clitoris. Korra moaned sexually, still dazed from Sakura’s headbutt. Within seconds, Korra orgasmed violently: screaming as her fluids flowed down from her legs and onto the mat.

Korra moaned softly, holding onto her exploding vagina, as Sakura turned her back on her: grabbing Korra’s head. She fell onto her knees and hip tossed Korra onto her back, making the dark-skinned girl groaned in pain. Sakura walked up to Korra and face sit on her, rubbing her wet clitoris all over her face.

‘You wanted this right bitch?’ Sakura screamed as she buried Korra’s face into her vagina. ‘Have a taste of my juice!’

Korra gagged and coughed as she swallowed some of Sakura’s juice before biting on her clitoris, pulling it with her teeth. Sakura screamed and stood up, holding her vagina. She angrily started stomping on Korra’s breasts and face, the Avatar crying out in pain. Finally, she caught Sakura’s foot and twisted her ankle: making the kunoichi to scream as she fell onto the mat. Her screams continued as Korra continued with an ankle lock, twisting her ankle.

‘You’re going to pay for that you cunt!’

Korra then rolled Sakura onto her back and fell onto her knees, slamming her vagina into Sakura’s. Sakura gasped as Korra started grinding roughly onto her vagina, making sweat fly everywhere. Sakura, overcoming her surprise, growled and grinded back: smirking as she heard Korra uttering a gasp too.

‘What’s wrong Avatar? Can’t handle it?’ she teased. ‘I fucked every girl in my village! I’m going to fuck you up!’

‘Whore!’ Korra growled, adding more pressure to her sexual attack. ‘Don’t underestimate me! When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for more!’

They snarled as they rammed their vaginas into one another, clasping hands to add more pressure into their attacks. Their growls turned into moans as they vaginas grinded harder and faster, their bodies become more sweatier and hotter. Their moans turned to screams as it become louder and sexual, both of them reaching their climax. They let out a gasp as both their vaginas exploded with cum, covering both of them in their thick fluids. The crowd cheered as they slowly rose, wrapping their arms around each other waists in a bearhug.

‘Damn…’ Korra panted. ‘You’re good pinkie…’

Sakura smiled back. ‘And they were right about you… But I’m not ready to lose that easily…’

‘We shall see about that slut…’

Korra let go of Sakura and right hooked her in the face before punching her in the stomach with her left fist. Sakura gasped but returned an uppercut into Korra’s stomach, making her puke out saliva. When Korra bent forward to hold her stomach, Sakura grabbed her head and DDT her into the mat. Korra screamed as she felt her head cracked open, almost blacking out. She was aware that Sakura had rolled up in a matchbook pin, going for the pin. The referee was about to begin when Korra rolled forward and reverse the pin, now pinning Sakura. The referee stared the count.

‘1… 2…’

To Korra astonishment, Sakura kicked out: pushing the Avatar away. Korra slammed her fist angrily onto the mat and lifting both her closed fists into the air, she brought it down on Sakura’s back. Sakura cried out in pain but punched Korra in her wet crotch, making the dark-skinned girl gasped. Panting and breathing heavily, Sakura and Korra looked at one another and pulling their arms back, swung towards one another. Their fists slammed into each other faces, knocking them onto their sides. Both Korra and Sakura were on their backs, too dazed and exhausted to stand up. The referee took one look at them and began the count.

‘1… 2… 3… 4…’ the referee counted as Sakura covered her face, breathing heavily. ‘5… 6… 7…’ Korra lifted her head, only to drop it onto the mat. ‘8… 9…’ Both contestants groaned before closing their eyes, blacking out temporarily. ’10!’

The referee gave the signal that it was a draw and the bell rang, ending the match. The spectators, obviously having a favourite, started clapping and cheering at a well fought match between two titanesses. At the sound of the cheering and clapping, Sakura moaned as she slowly opend her eyes. Her first thought was that she lost and that Korra was celebrating her victory. Then her vision become clearer and noticed that Korra was on her back, moaning and slowly getting up.

Sakura pushed herself up at the same time as Korra. Wet with sweat and cum, both girls looked at each other: smiling.

‘Nice fight Sakura.’ Korra panted. ‘I’ve never faced an opponent like you before.’

‘Same here.’ Sakura smiled back. ‘Although, I almost had you.’

‘As if!’ Korra snorted and grinned at her opponent. ‘Come here you!’

To Sakura and the crowd’s surprise, Korra pulled Sakura towards her and kissed her deeply on the lips. Sakura, her eyes widened in surprise, kissed back: their tongues wrestling. Whistles and cat-calls came from the crowd as Korra and Sakura made out, now connecting your vaginas into one another. They continue to kiss as they slowly rubbing their clitoris hard and rough, increasing the pace. They moaned with pleasure in each other mouths as their vaginas orgasmed, coating their abdominals and thighs with thick cum. Both girls broke the kiss, panting as they looked at each other in the eyes and their vaginas continued to squirt.

‘That was amazing!’ Korra excalimed. ‘That’s settles it! I’m going to take you as mine!’

‘I’m so glad you said that!’ Sakura giggled. ‘Come on, let’s continue this somewhere more private!’

With a smile, Korra pulled Sakura up onto her feet and carried her into her arms. As the crowd cheered and clapped, Korra jumped out of the ring and landed onto her feet: Sakura still in her arms. The Avatar walked through the cheering crowd and into the backstage, she and Sakura heading back to her apartment. As they left the arena, the spectators started leaving the arena: ending tonight’s event.


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Aug 10, 2015
Nicely done Jade the action was *Hot* in more ways then one, the flow of the story was good and did not get bogged down at any point if this was a real life match I'd pay to watch it, in fact compared to your other stories you seem to be getting better with you characters and your story settings.


Casual Client
Oct 19, 2015

Nicely done Jade the action was *Hot* in more ways then one, the flow of the story was good and did not get bogged down at any point if this was a real life match I'd pay to watch it, in fact compared to your other stories you seem to be getting better with you characters and your story settings.
Thanks Kargan! Vote for the next story please! :)
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