Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman vs Annie Leonhart

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Oct 19, 2015
First Round A

The Wall Sheena area was where the wealthy and the privileged lived, including the king and other important members of the society. The roads were paved with roads and each houses was built beautifully with gaps in between them. The Military Police patrolled and guard these street, keeping the citizens safe from any titans or internal troubles. Now night has fallen on the city, making the streets empty.

Mikasa Ackerman of the Survey Corps walked through the streets until she found herself in front of an abandoned warehouse, opening the door and walking into it when she was certain no one was following her. She closed the door behind her and despite the darkness, she managed to find herself around the warehouse. Finally, she reached down and brushed away the straws covering the floor: revealing a trapdoor.

Mikasa walked down the stone staircase where it took her down into the basement where unlike upstairs, it was brightly lighted up by candles. Hundred of candles stood around the basement , the hot wax making it stick to the floor or shelves. Standing in the middle of the basement was a girl with blonde hair and yellow eyes, she wore the uniform of the Military Police. Annie Leonhart and Mikasa greeted each other with glares.

‘Glad you came bitch.’ Annie sneered. ‘I thought you wouldn’t come because you might lose to me.’

‘In your dreams slut!’ Mikasa snorted. ‘I can beat you anytime I want! Besides, I think you fear losing to me since you only want to fight in an abandoned warehouse away from prying eyes!’

Annie scowled. ‘Enough talk! It’s time to fight!’

Mikasa nodded. ‘Agreed!’

Both girls began tearing off their uniforms and revealed their nudity, showing their pink nipples and the hairy vaginas. Their Caucasian bodies were slim but muscular with strong biceps and six-packs, covered in sheen of sweat. They placed their clothes in neat piles before circling around the basement, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

Mikasa roared and charged, aiming to kick Annie in the stomach. Annie smirked and caught her rival’s leg, slamming an elbow into her knee. Mikasa gasped in pain but reached out, grabbing hold of Annie’s head. She growled and slammed her knee into Annie’s face. Annie cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, holding her face in pain. With her distracted, Mikasa leapt into the air: drop-kicking her in the chest.

Annie yelped as she landed on her back, arching her back and massaging her breasts. Mikasa smirked and walked towards Annie but before she could grabbed hold of Annie, the blonde woman lifted her leg and slammed her foot into Mikasa’s crotch. Mikasa screamed and fell onto her knees, holding her sore vagina. To her disbelief, it was leaking with cum.

Annie stood up, laughing as she watched Mikasa orgasmed all over the ground. ‘Cumming already? I knew you were such a slut!’

Chuckling, Annie pulled Mikasa up onto her feet and slammed her knee hard in her stomach. Mikasa gasped and shrieked as Annie right hooked her in the face followed by a left uppercut in the jaws. Mikasa’s head flung backwards and she stumbled backwards, dazed from the attack. She swung her fists blindly, hitting only air.

Mikasa gasped again as Annie kicked her in the vagina again and when she bent forward, slammed an elbow into her back. Mikasa yelped and fell face-first onto the ground, her face near Annie’s foot. Annie grinned and kicked Mikasa in the face, making her cried out in pain as she rolled onto her back. Annie sat on Mikasa muscular stomach and punched her in the face, making her groggy.

With Mikasa dazed from her punching, Annie pulled her up onto her feet by her armpits. She then turned Mikasa upside down and licked her wet vagina first before pile driving her head-first into the ground. Mikasa screamed in pain and groaned as Annie held her in the same position, pinning her.

‘1… 2…’

Annie suddenly screamed and stood up, not finishing the pin-fall and holding her vagina. Apparently Mikasa had bitten Annie in her hairy vagina as the short-haired girl grinned and rolled onto her knees, rubbing her sore and bruised body. Annie growled and launched a kick towards Mikasa. Mikasa caught Annie’s foot and uppercut her in between the legs. Annie yelped loudly and to her disbelief, she orgasmed all over Mikasa’s fist. As cum dripped onto the ground, she fell onto her knees: glaring at Mikasa.

‘You… Bitch!’ she gasped.

Mikasa smirked. ‘Looked like someone is a bigger slut than me.’

Mikasa grabbed Annie by her hair and pulled her head back, slamming her fist into Annie’s stomach and vagina. Annie screamed as Mikasa’s fist drove deeply into her flesh and smashed her crotch, her urethra throbbing. Mikasa drove a powerful punch into Annie’s stomach, making the blonde girl drooled. As Annie moaned, Mikasa pulled her up onto her feet and stepped behind her.

Wrapping her arms around Annie’s sweaty waist, Mikasa grunted as she slammed Annie three times into the ground in a German suplex. Annie yelped every time Mikasa slammed the back of her head into the ground, groaning as Mikasa let her go and falling onto her stomach. Mikasa grinned and pulled Annie up, still on their knees. She opened arm and began licking her sweaty armpit, reaching down and fingering her soaking vagina.

Annie screamed sexually as she felt the soft wet tongue of Mikasa’s sliding up and down her armpit and her sensitive clitoris fingered, arousing her greatly. She gasped as cum gushed out from her vagina, soaking her inner thighs. Mikasa grinned as she moved to the other side of Annie, licking and kissing her other sweaty armpit as she pinched Annie’s urethra. Annie moaned as she gave in to her sexual desire, urinating all over the ground.

Mikasa grinned as she watched her rival orgasmed and urinated onto the ground before pulling her up. She pushed Annie down and wrapped her arms around her wait from behind, their sweaty bodies touching. Mikasa roared and lifted Annie into the air before power bombing her into the ground. Annie screamed in agony as her back felt like it was cracking as Mikasa pinned her, licking her wet vagina as she made the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’ Mikasa grinned and pushed Annie away, the blonde girl groaning as she continued to release her fluids onto the ground. Mikasa placed her foot on Annie’s abdominal and flexed her biceps, grinning. ‘I win! Looks like you’re nothing but a weak slut!’

‘Fuck… You…’ Annie gasped.

Mikasa grinned and grabbed Annie by her hair, shoving her face into her sweaty armpit. ‘Now clean me you slut!’

Annie growled but obeyed, sticking out her tongue as she licked Mikasa’s sweaty armpit. Mikasa moaned as her armpit was covered in saliva, moving Annie to her other armpit. Annie growled but licked Mikasa’s other armpit, making the victor moaned loudly. Then without warning, Mikasa pushed Annie onto her back and shoved her wet vagina into her face. With a grin, Mikasa began urinating all over Annie’s face.

Annie screamed and gagged as her mouth was filling up with urine, forcing her to swallow them. It was too much for her as her urine flowed out from her mouth, spilling onto the ground. Mikasa laughed and slowly stood up, still urinating all over Annie’s body: marking her.

‘Like that bitch?’ Mikasa taunted as she was done urinating. ‘Now you smell like a whore.’

‘Fucking…’ Annie gasped. ‘Bitch…’

Mikasa laughed again. ‘Looks like someone need to lean some manners!’

Mikasa pulled Annie onto her feet by her hair and shot her vagina with knee missiles, smashing her urethra. Annie’s screams filled the basement but she was powerless to stop Mikasa. With a defeated moan, she unleaded cum and urine: flowing down her legs and onto the floor. Mikasa winked at her rival.

‘Good night slut.’

Mikasa then delivered a powerful uppercut into Annie’s jaws, sending the blonde girl flying backwards. No sound came from Annie as she fell onto her back, knocked out from the punch but still releasing her fluids. Mikasa put on her clothes and when she was done dressing, she went to pick up Annie’s uniform. She smirked at the unconscious Annie.

‘That was fun! We should this occasionally Annie.’

Smiling, Mikasa walked up the staircase and let herself out of the basement: leaving Annie on the ground and alone in the basement. The candles slowly melted until every candles’ wicks were burnt, leaving the basement in darkness.
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Oct 19, 2015
First Round B

Of the four districts within Wall Rose, Shiganshina District remained quiet and peaceful at night: despite the heavy activities of the Survey Corps. Wall Rose was still garrisoned by sentries, looking out for Titans' attacks: although they rarely attack at night. The district's residents were sound asleep despite the fear of Titans and the small groups of the Survey Corps patrolled the street. lt was just another night.

One of the members of a Survey Corp patrol broke ranks and quickly ran into the shadows of a dark alley. The clouds, which were covering the moon, moved and allowed the moon to light up the city. Hiding in the ally was a girl with chin-length black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. Her fit body was covered with the standardized Survey Corps uniform of a short light-brown jacket with the Survey Corp's badges on both shoulders and left side of the jacket. Underneath the jacket was a white shirt matching white pants attached with a brown sash around the waist and dark brown knee-high leather boots. Around her neck was a red scarf.

Mikasa Ackerman, one of the best soldiers in the survey corps, make sure that she was not being followed and continued on deeper into the Shiganshina district. She approached an abandoned warehouse that was strangely between two houses: obviously the architects were rushing when they were designing the district. Mikasa quickly entered the warehouse before anyone could spot her. The inside of the warehouse, the pillars and the support frames were rotting from lack of maintenance and time. There was furniture in the warehouse: a table and two chairs, broken and covered in dust. Empty wooden crates lined up against the wall, covered in dust and cobwebs.

Mikasa strode deeper into the warehouse and kneeled down onto the floor, looking for something. Finally she found it. She reached out and found a latch and pulled it opened: the latch was attached to a trapdoor that led further down the warehouse. Mikasa entered the passage and closed the trapdoor behind her, locking it. Mikasa walked down two flights of steps and she found herself in a chamber.

Compared to the warehouse above, the chamber was clean, well kept and lighted with so many candles on shelves: burning away the wick and melting down the wax. Mikasa sniffed the air and although she rarely goes to the bazaar, she recognized the incense and candles with aphrodisiac properties in their contents: making the chamber not only humid but disorienting. in the middle of the chamber was a big white circle about seventy meters in radius, most likely drawn in white chalk.

Standing in the middle of the circle was a girl with short blonde hair that was tied at the back and her fringe kept on the right side of her head. Her skin was paler than Mikasa's and she had clear blue eyes. She was the
same height and size as Mikaela. She wore a grey hooded sweatshirt accompanied with dark grey pants and brown boots. On her face was a sullen scowl when Mikasa approached her.

'Glad you can make it, Mikasa.' Annie Leonhard greeted her with some enmity. 'I thought you would chicken out or make up some excuse for not coming.'

'As if!' Mikasa snorted. 'I’m surprised that a member of the Military Police Brigade will come to a place like this. It's not like you Annie.'

Annie nodded grudgingly. 'This is the only place that will prevent prying eyes or busybodies from observing what we're going to do here.'

Both girls stared daggers at each other: black and blue eyes bored into one another. Everyone who graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad knew about the rivalry between Mikasa Ackemlan and Annie Leonhart: both being the top ten students from the academy with Mikaela being first and Annie being fourth. During their academy days, Mikasa and Annie would trade blunt and mild insults at each other and would show no mercy even in their sparring matches for both hand-to-hand and arm combat. Even though they went their separate ways after graduation, they still had not settled their rivalry.

'So why did you call me here?' Mikasa asked.

'To settle our rivalry once and for all ' Annie answered. 'I will prove to you that l am a better fighter than you. We're going to have a wrestling match here and now, with some.... sexual elements in it.' Annie added the last four words with a smirk. 'I wonder if you're up to it?'

Mikasa blushed slightly as she knew what Annie was talking about. It was already bad enough that she accepted Annie's challenge and even bought the requested item with what money she had from her meagres pay and now she was asked to do this. However, the smirk on Annie's face was enough for Mikasa to overcome her embarrassment.

'I’m in!'

To prove it, Mikaela set aside her Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear and the twin blades that came with it. First she unfilrled her red scarf and folded it neatly before pulling out her brown boots and tossing her jackets aside. As she was unbuttoning her shirt, Annie pulled off her sweatshirt and grey pants. She uncovered more of her pale masculine body with firm biceps and eight-packs that was barely visible on her abdominal. She was only clad in a yellow two-piece swimsuit that barely covers her anus and her breasts threatened to pop out from the top.

Annie glanced at Mikasa as she was done undressing: her hardened body with toughened biceps, thighs and her massive eight-packs on her abdominal covered in a swimsuit similar to Annie's but it was red in colour.

Annie smirked at her. I’m surprise you bought that. Are you hoping to show that to Eren one of these nights'?'

Mikasa blushed bashfully at the thought of showing herself in this red swimsuit to her adoptive brother and crush before snapping at Annie. 'At least I've someone to show it to! What about you? Looks like on bought that swimsuit for nothing, unless you only wear it at night like some common prostitute!'

Annie scowled at Mikasa and stepped into the circle, barefooted. Mikaela also joined her, baretboted and her hands on her hips. The two adversaries glared at each other for a minute before Annie got into her signature-tighting stance: two closed fists in front other face and her legs wide apart vertical with her left bot in lion . Mikasa also got into her fighting stance as they stood there and stared at each other, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

Annie fired the first punch at Mikasa left side while Mikasa, being a martial artist in her own rights, caught her Annie's punch and fired her own. Annie also caught it and both girls pushed against each other, equal in strength. Both girls grunted and pushed with all their power, none of them gaining the upper hand and sweat poring out from their bodies.
Then Annie smirked and placed one foot between Mikasa's. Mikasa looked down and cursed under her breath as Annie made a sweeping movement, sweeping Mikasa into the air and then slamming her into the ground: Annie's signature sweeping leg maneuver. Mikasa spat out some saliva as her back hit the ground: hard. Annie must have placed a small wooden platform to increase the effectiveness of throws and slams.

Annie bend forward for the kill but Mikasa lifted her upper body, grabbed Annie by the head and delivered a face buster on her. Annie's face hit the platform and her head flipped back violently. She lay on her back, surprise written on her face before wrapping Mikasa in a body scissor: gluing Mikasa's arms to her body. Mikasa grunted as Annie tightened the hold with her strong thighs. Mikaela twisted and turned, trying to escape from Annie's scissors hold to no avail.

Slowly, Mikasa stood up and she held on to Annie's thighs. Annie's surprise and then horror intensified as Mikaela slowly waddled towards Annie, until Annie was slowly turned face-first to the platform and her hold on Mikasa weakened. Mikaela, still holding onto Annie's legs, sat heavily down on Annie's lower back and pulled both her legs backwards.

Annie tried not to scream as Mikasa pulled her legs closer to her back, Annie tried to reach her with her arms but could not because it will make things worse for her back. Mikaela glanced over her shoulders and saw what Annie was trying to do. She changed tact.

Mikasa released Annie's left leg and slide sideway, her sweaty back rubbing against Annie's sweaty back and wrapped her right muscled arm around Annie's head: applying single Boston crab and camel clutch combo.

This time Annie screamed in pain as her body was bent like the shape of a crescent moon. Mikasa continued the hold, delighted to hear the screams of her nemesis: pulling as hard as she can.

'Do you give up'?' she asked.

Annie eyes were closed as she shouted, 'Never you bitch!'

Mikasa, not surprised at Annie's endurance, released her and stood up before planting both feet onto Annie's back and pulling Annie's right leg and Ieft arm: bending Annie's body into the shape of an arrow, Annie screamed as her back took more torture from Mikasa. Desperately, Annie used her flexibility to maneuver her left leg and raised it into the air. She turned sideway towards Mikaela and brought her left foot down on Mikasa's abdominal.

Mikasa grunted, acknowledging the pain in her belly but not willing to release Annie from the hold. Annie slammed her foot down again and forced Mikaela to gasp. Another foot slammed onto Mikasa's abdominals: third time does the trick. Mikasa released Annie and got onto her knees, clutching her belly while Annie got onto her feet: rubbing her sore back. As soon as Mikasa stood up, Annie charged. Mikasa readied her clothesline but Annie ducked, sidestepped until she was behind Mikasa and scooped Mikasa into the air.

Annie brought Mikasa on her back and pulled her down by her crotch and head: bouncing a bit to make the torture rack backbreaker more effective. This time, Mikaela moaned solly as not only her body was being
tormented but also her crotch. Annie grinned when she heard erotic undertones in Mikasa's moans. Balancing Mikasa on her shoulders, Annie reached out with her hands and grabbed Mikasa's red swimsuits: tearing them off and throwing them asides.

Mikasa screamed as she tried to cover her exposed vagina and breasts: realizing that she and Annie were the only ones in the chamber. Annie laughed as she heard her nemesis' feminine side and slammed her down onto the platform. Annie stood up and looked down Mikaela. Mikaela was on the platform moaning in pain as she exposed her popping brown nipples and black trimmed vagina. Her entire body was covered in sweat.

Annie took hold of Mikasa's legs and grinded her foot onto Mikasa's crotch. Annie first inserted her toes into Mikasa's vagina, twirling them in a circle and widening it. Mikaela gave a gasp as she realised she was going
to burst. The gasp did not escape Annie's notice. She lifted her leg slammed the sole of her foot down on Mikasa's vagina, grinding it as hard as she can. Unable to hold it, Mikasa's vagina exploded with cum: covering Annie's foot with it.

Annie stepped off Mikasa as she watched her nemesis holding her leaking vagina while panting heavily. Annie smirked and stepped forward above Mikasa but as she did, Mikasa brought her right knee and slammed it between Annie s legs. Annie eyes watered and she bend down holding onto her crotch: her bikini bottom damp from her cum. As Annie bend forward: Mikasa lifted herself up and wrapped Annie’s head under her left arm. Mikasa brought Annie down with DDT, still trapping Annie under her wet armpit.

As Annie struggled to escape Mikasa brought her right knee into Annie's crotch again: ramming it ten times Annie shrieked in pain and agony as she was to orgasm: making her bottom wet with cum.

Mikasa let her go and slowly stood up. Annie lay facing the platform as she tried to cover her leaking vagina.
Mikasa grabbed Annie's bikini bottom and pulled it up: wedging the material between Annie's legs. Annie screamed as Mikasa continued wedging the bikini bottom onto Annie's vagina Annie moaned as she was forced to orgasm, cum flowing through her bikini bottom and falling onto the platform. Mikasa, still giving Annie a wedgie, violently tore her bikini bottom and unstrapped her bikini top. Mikaela tossed them aside and kicked Annie in her right sides: forcing Annie to yelp in pain and rolled onto her back.

As Annie rubbed her sore side, she exposed her hardened brown nipples and vagina with a trimmed blonde bush. Angered at Mikasa's sexual attacks, Annie locked Mikasa in the belly. Although Mikasa grimaced with pain, she got hold of Annie's attacking leg and slammed Annie's knee joint with an elbow drop. Annie screamed in pain as Mikasa hooked Annie's left leg into the air while she wrapped her legs OD Annie's right leg.

With Annie's wet vagina exposed, Mikasa punched it: making Annie squirt cum at each punch. Annie screamed and tried to reach Mikasa but could not as she was suffering physically and sexually. Mercitiilly, Mikasa stopped: covered in Annie's cum. Annie lay on her back, covered in sweat and cum escaping from her vagina. Annie groaned and looked up at the smirking Mikasa.

'You... Whore!' she gasped.

Mikasa just shrugged. 'You started it, slut.'

Mikasa pulled Annie onto her feet, kneed her in the belly and as Annie bend forward, spitting out drool at the impact, Mikasa wrapped her arms around Annie body and lilted her into the air. Then she slammed Annie's
back onto the platform. Annie gasped in pain as Mikasa lifted her legs and slammed Annie's arms down onto the platform: pinning her.

'1... 2...'

Annie kicked out, throwing the surprise Mikasa onto her butt. Annie got onto her feet as Mikasa stood up, They glared at each other and entered a test of strength: clasping each other hands and trying to push with all their might. Annie brought her left foot between Mikasa's legs arid prepared to perform her signature sweeping leg maneuver again.
Mikasa, however, was prepared. She lifted her left knee and allowed Annie's left foot to sweep under hers and stomped on Annie's foot accurately. Annie screamed and released herself from the test of strength: holding onto her left foot and jumping on her right.

Mikasa quickly scooped Annie into the air by her crotch, turned her upside down and body-slammed her onto the platform. Then Mikasa lifted her right leg and leg dropped Annie on the forehead. Although Annie screamed in pain, she quickly grabbed Mikasa's right ankle and rolled onto her belly: forcing Mikasa to fall face-first into the platform. Annie slowly stood as she applied ankle lock while stomping on Mikasa's vagina from behind.

Mikasa groaned in pain and sexually as her vagina soon exploded with cum. Annie then pulled her up and because Mikasa was still dizzy from the attack, Annie delivered a powerful right cross and uppercut into Mikasa's belly. The uppercut made Mikasa spat out more drool as she responded with her own attack: a left and right hook.

Annie managed to block Mikasa's left hook but the right hook penetrated her defences and Annie's left breast was knocked sideway. Annie howled and brought her leg up, only to be blocked by Mikasa. Mikasa went onto
her knees and uppercut Annie between the legs. Annie gasped as she orgasmed again and brought a fist down on Mikasa's head. Mikasa grunted and quickly stood up but as she did, Annie uppercut her in the jaws.

Mikasa flew back and landed on her back. Annie, panting wildly, dropped onto her knees and fell onto Mikasa: pinning her in a schoolgirl's pin.

'1... 2...'

To the surprise and disbelief of Annie, Mikasa kicked out and flung Annie off her. Annie was on her fours while Mikasa took a small breather before standing up. Both girls stood up and faced each other: they were covered in sweat and cum. They panted heavily as they glared at each other.

'Let's finish this you bitch!' Annie declared.

'Yeah, slut!' Mikasa agreed.

Mikasa and Annie charged, this time, their left hands grabbed each other hair as they plunged their right hand's fingers into each other vagina. As their fingers rubbed hard and fast deeply into their womanhood, both girls tried to stay on their feet lest they fall and lose the match. They squirmed, they grunted and they moaned sexually as their fingers do the work. Their faces reddened deeply as more sweat pored out of their bodies' mating the chamber more humid and steams rising from the small pools of fluids on the platform. None were winning. .

Mikasa gave a loud grunt and Annie screwed her face as both girls drove their fingers deeper into one another at the same time. They pulled their hands out of each other vagina at the same time, releasing a torrent of cum
from both vaginas. Mikasa and Annie moaned sexually and with relief as their fluids covered the entire platform and flowed into the ground. They both raised their cum-covered fist and ran at each other once they

'YOU!' they shouted in unison and threw their punches...

In both their faces at the same time. Their bodies shuddered and their head snapped back. They fell backwards and their back slammed onto the platform: creating a loud noise and sending cum flying all over the place.

Mikasa had her right hand nesting on her forehead while her right hand unconsciously covered her leaking vagina while Annie was knocked out in a spread-eagle position and cum flowing out of her vagina. Both their bodies were glazed with sweat and cum. The room became silent saved for the steady breathing from both girls as the flame from the last candle snuffed out and the chamber turned into darkness.

The rivalry between Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart was a draw... For now.
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