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Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman vs Annie Leonhart

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Sep 24, 2016.


Who should fight next? (2 choices allowed)

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  1. Sakura Haruno vs Ino Yamanaka

  2. Korra vs Kuvira (with farts)

  3. Korra vs Sakura Haruno (With Marriage Proposal)

  4. Hinata Hyuga vs Samui

  5. Rainbow Mika vs Yamato Nadeshiko

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  6. Ryuko Matoi vs Sakura Haruno

  7. Chi-Chi vs Bulma (Milf Fight)

  8. Videl vs Tatsuki (Bleach)

  9. Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Ino Yamanaka & Asami Sato (Tag Team Match)

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  1. Jade1503

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    The Wall Sheena area was where the wealthy and the privileged lived, including the king and other important members of the society. The roads were paved with roads and each houses was built beautifully with gaps in between them. The Military Police patrolled and guard these street, keeping the citizens safe from any titans or internal troubles. Now night has fallen on the city, making the streets empty.

    Mikasa Ackerman of the Survey Corps walked through the streets until she found herself in front of an abandoned warehouse, opening the door and walking into it when she was certain no one was following her. She closed the door behind her and despite the darkness, she managed to find herself around the warehouse. Finally, she reached down and brushed away the straws covering the floor: revealing a trapdoor.

    Mikasa walked down the stone staircase where it took her down into the basement where unlike upstairs, it was brightly lighted up by candles. Hundred of candles stood around the basement , the hot wax making it stick to the floor or shelves. Standing in the middle of the basement was a girl with blonde hair and yellow eyes, she wore the uniform of the Military Police. Annie Leonhart and Mikasa greeted each other with glares.

    ‘Glad you came bitch.’ Annie sneered. ‘I thought you wouldn’t come because you might lose to me.’

    ‘In your dreams slut!’ Mikasa snorted. ‘I can beat you anytime I want! Besides, I think you fear losing to me since you only want to fight in an abandoned warehouse away from prying eyes!’

    Annie scowled. ‘Enough talk! It’s time to fight!’

    Mikasa nodded. ‘Agreed!’

    Both girls began tearing off their uniforms and revealed their nudity, showing their pink nipples and the hairy vaginas. Their Caucasian bodies were slim but muscular with strong biceps and six-packs, covered in sheen of sweat. They placed their clothes in neat piles before circling around the basement, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

    Mikasa roared and charged, aiming to kick Annie in the stomach. Annie smirked and caught her rival’s leg, slamming an elbow into her knee. Mikasa gasped in pain but reached out, grabbing hold of Annie’s head. She growled and slammed her knee into Annie’s face. Annie cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, holding her face in pain. With her distracted, Mikasa leapt into the air: drop-kicking her in the chest.

    Annie yelped as she landed on her back, arching her back and massaging her breasts. Mikasa smirked and walked towards Annie but before she could grabbed hold of Annie, the blonde woman lifted her leg and slammed her foot into Mikasa’s crotch. Mikasa screamed and fell onto her knees, holding her sore vagina. To her disbelief, it was leaking with cum.

    Annie stood up, laughing as she watched Mikasa orgasmed all over the ground. ‘Cumming already? I knew you were such a slut!’

    Chuckling, Annie pulled Mikasa up onto her feet and slammed her knee hard in her stomach. Mikasa gasped and shrieked as Annie right hooked her in the face followed by a left uppercut in the jaws. Mikasa’s head flung backwards and she stumbled backwards, dazed from the attack. She swung her fists blindly, hitting only air.

    Mikasa gasped again as Annie kicked her in the vagina again and when she bent forward, slammed an elbow into her back. Mikasa yelped and fell face-first onto the ground, her face near Annie’s foot. Annie grinned and kicked Mikasa in the face, making her cried out in pain as she rolled onto her back. Annie sat on Mikasa muscular stomach and punched her in the face, making her groggy.

    With Mikasa dazed from her punching, Annie pulled her up onto her feet by her armpits. She then turned Mikasa upside down and licked her wet vagina first before pile driving her head-first into the ground. Mikasa screamed in pain and groaned as Annie held her in the same position, pinning her.

    ‘1… 2…’

    Annie suddenly screamed and stood up, not finishing the pin-fall and holding her vagina. Apparently Mikasa had bitten Annie in her hairy vagina as the short-haired girl grinned and rolled onto her knees, rubbing her sore and bruised body. Annie growled and launched a kick towards Mikasa. Mikasa caught Annie’s foot and uppercut her in between the legs. Annie yelped loudly and to her disbelief, she orgasmed all over Mikasa’s fist. As cum dripped onto the ground, she fell onto her knees: glaring at Mikasa.

    ‘You… Bitch!’ she gasped.

    Mikasa smirked. ‘Looked like someone is a bigger slut than me.’

    Mikasa grabbed Annie by her hair and pulled her head back, slamming her fist into Annie’s stomach and vagina. Annie screamed as Mikasa’s fist drove deeply into her flesh and smashed her crotch, her urethra throbbing. Mikasa drove a powerful punch into Annie’s stomach, making the blonde girl drooled. As Annie moaned, Mikasa pulled her up onto her feet and stepped behind her.

    Wrapping her arms around Annie’s sweaty waist, Mikasa grunted as she slammed Annie three times into the ground in a German suplex. Annie yelped every time Mikasa slammed the back of her head into the ground, groaning as Mikasa let her go and falling onto her stomach. Mikasa grinned and pulled Annie up, still on their knees. She opened arm and began licking her sweaty armpit, reaching down and fingering her soaking vagina.

    Annie screamed sexually as she felt the soft wet tongue of Mikasa’s sliding up and down her armpit and her sensitive clitoris fingered, arousing her greatly. She gasped as cum gushed out from her vagina, soaking her inner thighs. Mikasa grinned as she moved to the other side of Annie, licking and kissing her other sweaty armpit as she pinched Annie’s urethra. Annie moaned as she gave in to her sexual desire, urinating all over the ground.

    Mikasa grinned as she watched her rival orgasmed and urinated onto the ground before pulling her up. She pushed Annie down and wrapped her arms around her wait from behind, their sweaty bodies touching. Mikasa roared and lifted Annie into the air before power bombing her into the ground. Annie screamed in agony as her back felt like it was cracking as Mikasa pinned her, licking her wet vagina as she made the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’ Mikasa grinned and pushed Annie away, the blonde girl groaning as she continued to release her fluids onto the ground. Mikasa placed her foot on Annie’s abdominal and flexed her biceps, grinning. ‘I win! Looks like you’re nothing but a weak slut!’

    ‘Fuck… You…’ Annie gasped.

    Mikasa grinned and grabbed Annie by her hair, shoving her face into her sweaty armpit. ‘Now clean me you slut!’

    Annie growled but obeyed, sticking out her tongue as she licked Mikasa’s sweaty armpit. Mikasa moaned as her armpit was covered in saliva, moving Annie to her other armpit. Annie growled but licked Mikasa’s other armpit, making the victor moaned loudly. Then without warning, Mikasa pushed Annie onto her back and shoved her wet vagina into her face. With a grin, Mikasa began urinating all over Annie’s face.

    Annie screamed and gagged as her mouth was filling up with urine, forcing her to swallow them. It was too much for her as her urine flowed out from her mouth, spilling onto the ground. Mikasa laughed and slowly stood up, still urinating all over Annie’s body: marking her.

    ‘Like that bitch?’ Mikasa taunted as she was done urinating. ‘Now you smell like a whore.’

    ‘Fucking…’ Annie gasped. ‘Bitch…’

    Mikasa laughed again. ‘Looks like someone need to lean some manners!’

    Mikasa pulled Annie onto her feet by her hair and shot her vagina with knee missiles, smashing her urethra. Annie’s screams filled the basement but she was powerless to stop Mikasa. With a defeated moan, she unleaded cum and urine: flowing down her legs and onto the floor. Mikasa winked at her rival.

    ‘Good night slut.’

    Mikasa then delivered a powerful uppercut into Annie’s jaws, sending the blonde girl flying backwards. No sound came from Annie as she fell onto her back, knocked out from the punch but still releasing her fluids. Mikasa put on her clothes and when she was done dressing, she went to pick up Annie’s uniform. She smirked at the unconscious Annie.

    ‘That was fun! We should this occasionally Annie.’

    Smiling, Mikasa walked up the staircase and let herself out of the basement: leaving Annie on the ground and alone in the basement. The candles slowly melted until every candles’ wicks were burnt, leaving the basement in darkness.