Casual Client
Underground Ba Sing Se, the underground arena was filled with spectators who were sitting around a cage: chattering excitedly and loudly. Inside the cage were Korra and Kuvira: both of them naked with only wraps around their fists and ankles. They glared at one another as they stood in the middle of the cage, the cheering washing on them. Their muscular toned bodies were already covered in sweat and their hairy vaginas moist.

‘Ready to get your ass kicked again Avatar?’ Kuvira sneered.

‘As if!’ Korra snarled. ‘You’re going down Kuvira!’

The bell rang and Kuvira kicked Korra in the sides, making Korra gasped in surprise. Korra quickly wrapped her left arm around Kuvira’s leg and slammed her elbow into her knee. Kuvira cried out in pain and withdrew her leg, holding her leg. Korra quickly grabbed Kuvira by the hair and slammed her into the cage, punching her in the face and stomach.

Kuvira gasped as Korra’s fists slammed into her, making her drooled wildly. Korra continued to treat Kuvira like a punching bag before lifting her into the air, her right finger in Kuvira’s crotch while her left hand was on her left breast. Kuvira moaned loudly as Korra fingered her clitoris and mauling her left breast in mid-air. She tried to reach down towards Korra but Korra lifted her higher, pushing her fingers deeper into her crotch.

Kuvira gasped loudly as cum flowed out from her crotch, flowing down Korra’s arm and dropping onto the mat. Korra grinned and threw Kuvira against the cage, making the cage shake violently. Kuvira groaned as she stood up, holding her wet vagina. Korra approached her, getting ready to pull her up. She did not get the chance.

When Korra was closed to her, Kuvira launched an uppercut in Korra’s crotch. Korra screamed and bent down, clutching her vagina tightly. Kuvira stood up and raising her elbow into the air, slammed it on Korra’s back. Korra Screamed as she fell onto the mat, arching her back in pain. She screamed again when Kuvira’s foot slammed into her face, making her fly backwards onto her sides.

Korra was on her back moaning and rubbing her face, Kuvira standing before her. With a grin, Kuvira pinned Korra’s arms down onto the mat and started punching her vagina, hitting right smack on Korra’s urethra as well. As Korra gasped in pain and ecstasy, Kuvira leaned down and licked Korra’s sweaty armpits. Korra moaned loudly as Kuvira’s tongue ran through her armpits, her punches becoming harder and harder. Korra gasped when she started orgasming and urinating onto the mat, wetting Kuvira’s hand.

Kuvira smirked at Korra. ‘Hah! Not only did you cum but you piss yourself! Looks like this is a win for me!’

‘Fuck you!’ Korra snarled.

Korra angrily kneed Kuvira in the crotch, making her gasped in surprise and letting go of Korra’s hands. Korra took this opportunity to roll Kuvira off her and sat on her, urinating and orgasming all over her six-packs. Grabbing Kuvira by the hair, Korra slammed her fist into her face. Kuvira could only cried in pain as Korra’s fist sunk into her cheeks. After dozen of punches, Korra pulled Kuvira up onto her feet and turned her around. She wrapped her arms around Kuvira’s waist and lifting her into the air, brought her crotch down onto her knee in an atomic drop.

Kuvira screamed as she urinated all over Korra’s knee, falling onto her fours. As Kuvira moaned and clutched her exploding vagina, Korra stood up and kicked Kuvira in the vagina again from the rear. Kuvira screamed again as she landed on her back, looking up at Korra. The Avatar pulled her up by her armpits and wrapping her arms around her throat, started choking her in a sleeper hold. Kuvira gagged and gasped for air as korra tightened her hold on her. Slowly and growling through her teeth, Kuvira elbowed Korra in the sides.

Korra gasped in pain and loosed her hold on Kuvira, reaching for her sides, while Kuvira turned around to face. Angrily, she started punching Korra in every part of her body. Korra grunted and can only walked backwards as Kuvira hammered her with punches after punches until her back touched the cage. Then Kuvira grabbed Korra by the hair and slammed her face into the cage. Korra screamed as her face met the cage, trying to fight back.

Kuvira pulled the Avatar away from the cage and turned her around to face her. She threw Korra’s arm over her shoulder and lifted her into the air, before bringing her down onto the mat. Korra cried out in pain and arched her back before Kuvira pulled her up again. She then kneed Korra in the stomach three times before lifting her up again into the air, bringing her down in another body slam. Korra spat out saliva as her back slammed into the mat, moaning painfully. Kuvira then pulled Korra onto her feet one more time, preparing to lift her into the air.

To her surprise, she could not as Korra locked her leg on hers. With Kuvira’s attack failed, Korra pushed Kuvira away and drilled her right fist into her stomach. Kuvira jumped backwards and spat out saliva, only to grunt as Korra’s left fist slammed into her cheeks followed by another right cross on her breasts. Kuvira backed away and growled, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. With a roar, she charged with a raised fist.

Korra caught Kuvira’s fist and slammed her foot in between Kuvira’s legs, her vagina exploding with cum and urine. Kuvira screamed as she orgasmed and urinated, holding onto her exploding vagina. Korra pushed Kuvira down and wrapped her arms around her waist, lifting her into the air. With a cry, Korra power-bombed Kuvira into the mat. Kuvira gasped and her eyes rolled back, almost falling into unconsciousness. Kuvira was trying to open her eyes, as Korra pinned her: eating her wet vagina. The crowd echoed the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang and Korra stood up, licking the cum off her lips. She pumped her fists into the air, showing her biceps, as a referee made an announcement.


Korra grinned as she celebrated her victory, the crowd cheering and calling her name. Once the cheering died down, Korra smiled as she looked down at the defeated Kuvira. She kicked her legs opened and slammed her wet vagina on Kuvira’s, grinding roughly on her. Kuvira’s eyes widened in shock.


Korra smirked. ‘Time for my reward you cunt. I hope you still got enough energy!’

Kuvira’s screams filled the arena as Korra grinned her clitoris hard and fast, making sweat fly everywhere. Kuvira sexual moans became louder and louder until her vagina exploded with cum and urine, making her screamed loudly as she covered Korra in her juice. Kuvira laid on her back as her clitoris expelled her fluids, panting heavily. Korra, however, was not done yet. Her face covered in cum, Korra pulled Kuvira onto her feet and slammed her into the cage. Kuvira moaned as her vagina touched Korra’s again and her hands pinned against the cage.

Korra smiled. ‘Let’s see how you like you pits licked.’

Korra started licking Kuvira’s sweaty armpits while bumping her crotch into Kuvira’s wet one. Kuvira gasped in disbelief, another climax building up within her just after she expelled her fluids. Korra continued to lick the sweat off her armpits and continued to slam her crotch into Kuvira’s. Drool flowed out from Kuvira’s mouth as she orgasmed and urinated for unbelievably the fourth time in the row. Kuvira moaned loudly as fluid flowed down her legs, unable to stand up straight. Korra smiled and turning her back on her rival, she grabbed hold of her head and hip tossed Kuvira onto her back.

Kuvira cried out in pain as she laid on her back, her vagina wet with cum and urine. Korra smirked and sat on Kuvira’s face, pulling her face deeper into her wet hairy crotch.

‘Here bitch!’ Korra smiled. ‘Drink my piss!’

With a moan, Korra urinated into Kuvira’s mouth, filling it with yellow urine. Kuvira gagged and choked and tried to swallow as much as she could, still overflowing her mouth. Korra looked down at the suffocating Kuvira, releasing her slightly so she could have some air.

‘Kiss my cunt whore.’

Grudgingly, Kuvira kissed Korra’s wet vagina: glaring at her. ‘Fucking… Bitch… You will… Pay… For this…’

Korra laughed as she pulled Kuvira by the hair and onto her shoulders. ‘Yeah, yeah! Now, I’m going to fuck you silly. There’s a strap-on with your name on it Kuvira. I hope you got more juice to spill out.’

Kuvira could only moaned as Korra carried her out of the cage and to somewhere more private, to further humiliate her.